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Getting Legal Advice After a Car Accident

I represented a man who was in the
sheriff’s office in a local county and he was involved in an auto accident. He was hit from behind in his truck and he was hit pretty hard and he thought it was a
whiplash-type injury. He had neck pain and he went to a chiropractor, he went to
his medical provider and there wasn’t any broken bones or anything,
he didn’t think he was hurt that bad. They offered him $2,500 and he was about to take it. He came to me for a second opinion. I just advised him that if you’re
not feeling 100%, then he should keep treating and make sure that you get the
proper diagnostics to make sure that you’re okay. He went and got an MRI and the MRI revealed that he had a bulging or herniated disc. He ended up, six
months later, getting surgery for that injury. So, he might have settled the case
for $2,500, we settled the case for a substantial amount, over six figures. I really felt like I helped him in that case. Most people that have been in an auto accident don’t need to hire a layer. If
they’re not seriously injured, if they get better in a few days, they probably
can handle it themselves. But a lot of people have questions about the relative
rights and a lot of people don’t trust the insurance company or even their
medical providers to give them the straight shot. We can help you. We can
answer the questions that you have at no obligation. If you want to come in and
talk to us, we’d be happy to take the call.

Cesar Sullivan

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