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GI Kill Bad Meetings

hello I'm Kevin hall CEO of global integration and I'm Alan Hall and we're the authors of the book and training program kill bad meetings meetings are essential to collaboration and decision-making but our training participants in hundreds of the world's leading organizations tell us they spend an average of two days to week in meetings and half of its wasted this book and program will help you win back that wasted day a week and transform your collaboration and decision-making will do this by cutting out half of the face-to-face and virtual meetings that don't need to happen and radically improving the ones that remain our approach focuses on three main areas dealing with the business and corporate cultural challenges in changing the way that we meet cutting out the unnecessary topics and participants that make up 50% of today's meetings and finally designing and running much better meetings with more relevant content clearer decisions and actions and much higher levels of participation as an experienced CEO and consultants working with many leading companies I spend a lot of time trying to get things done quicker and more effectively and as a young manager working in one of the largest global companies I spent a lot of time in meetings believing there were better ways of using technology and creating a more participative experience for our attendees as we wrote the book we found a lot of common ground but also had some disagreements based on our different experiences this allowed us to create some new ways of working that can radically improve both face-to-face and virtual meetings throughout the book you'll find lots of practical tools and examples on how to improve everything from your regular team calls to management meetings web conferences global meetings and big events our objective is to first help you kill the half of meetings that don't need to have it at all and then to radically improve the ones that remain to improve collaboration decision-making and engagement in addition to the book we offer a range of face-to-face and virtual workshops consulting services webinars and online learning that you can use to apply these techniques to your team or organization we can also provide you with a free survey you can use to quickly identify the costs and challenges with meetings in your organization and see how you compare with others if you would like to use this survey please contact us now through our website thank you and good luck

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