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Giannis Antetokounmpo is Playing like an MVP BUT WHY?!

First things first rest in peace –
Charles Antetokounmpo Giannis dad who died a couple of weeks ago
let’s have a few seconds of silence now on to the video the question is why is Giannis playing
like an MVP I mean he’s a 6’11 point guard with the wingspan of 7’4 that could play all positions on the basketball court and do
everything on the court besides shoot the three-point shot well he’s a really
hard worker and people around him always rant and rave about how much work he
puts in but that’s not only it here are some of the reasons why that no one is
really talking about the death of his father on September the 30th it was
announced to the NBA world that Giannis dad had died from a sudden heart attack
on Friday September the 29th before news came out the next day
Giannis always overcomes his adversities just a year before he was drafted he was
a street vendor with his brother they would sell stuff like watches, bags
and sunglasses to make money to help support his family to put food on the
table for everyone to survive because his family was really poor
he was also playing basketball at the same time with the Filathlitikos
youth basketball team in Greece until 2012 when he moved to the senior team
for Filathlitikos this was the first time that Giannis played professional
basketball Giannis played for Filathlitikos in
Greece’s second-tier basketball league in the 2012 to 2013 season the Greece
basketball league has different levels of competition within the Greek league
and Giannis played on the second highest level not even the highest level and
he’s a superstar in the NBA today I mean that’s amazing if that’s not amazing to
you I don’t know what is during that season with Filathlitikos he
average 9.5 points per game five rebounds per game one point four assists
per game and one block per game shooting forty six point four percent from the
field and shooting 62.1% from the two point line and 31.3% from the
three-point line shooting 72 percent from the free-throw line playing over 26
games and through the games that he played he played 22.5 minutes per
game he also participated in the Greek league all-star game even though he
wasn’t supposed to play because he wasn’t selected to play but the coaches
let him play to give the fans something to be satisfied for Giannis decided to
declare for the NBA Draft and he was selected 15th in the 2013 NBA Draft he got
drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round when Giannis was a rookie he
didn’t start and his own country Greece didn’t want to have anything to do with
his family until the NBA noticed how much skill and potential Giannis has
Giannis spent a lot of time on the bench behind then Milwaukee Buck Caron Butler
and his Current teammate now Khris Middleton but look at the player that
Giannis has become today he’s currently averaging 31 points per game 1.7 steals
per game 1.4 blocks per game 5 assists per game and nine point nine rebounds
per game Kevin Durant even said that Giannis can be the greatest player of all
time better than even Michael Jordan LeBron was even recently caught saying
that Giannis is on the path to greatness if you think what I said is far-fetched
about him playing like this because of his father’s sudden passing take this
in Michael Jordan won a championship on Father’s Day in 1996 against the Seattle
SuperSonics and he scored 22 points grabbed nine rebounds he dished out 7
assists and had two steals this was the sixth game in the series and Chicago 87
to 75 this was the first championship that Michael Jordan won since his father
was murdered this game was definitely dedicated to his father
this was Jordans 4th championship that he won at the time in his career
Jordan broke down after he won and started crying on the floor Jordan went
on to win the finals MVP as well another player that won a championship on
Father’s Day was Kawhi Leonard they beat the Miami Heat in five games for the
game Kawhi Leonard scored 22 points had one block one steal and two assists he
also went on to win the Finals MVP this was his first and only championship in
his career so far Kawhi never broke down like Michael
Jordan did but this was also definitely dedicated to his father I know that he
was thinking that in his head he definitely had to win this game Kawhi’s
dad was murdered as well Giannis dad never died like how Michael
Jordan and Kawhi Leonard’s dad died but it still hurts
especially losing somebody so suddenly who knows what Giannis will do one day on
Father’s Day if Milwaukee gets to the finals and the
game is scheduled on Father’s Day he will definitely have a great game
because he’s cut from the same cloth as Michael Jordan and Kawhi Leonard and all
those other greats he’s very competitive and doesn’t back
down and takes it upon himself in a big way
when his team doesn’t win he’s called the Greek freak for a reason not for no
reason reason number two the Kobe challenge hashtag
Mamba mentality this past summer Kobe was
sending out challenges to people on Twitter for them to meet his criteria
and to play to the best of their potential but not just for basketball
players other stuff as well and celebrities outside of basketball he
challenged Isaiah Thomas to make the all-nba first team this season he also
challenged demar derozan to rekindle a lost friendship from his youth in
Compton California where DeRozan is from he challenged kendrick lamar’s record
label to revolutionize the music program at Centennial High School where Kendrick
Lamar went to high school he challenged the sprinter Allyson Felix to coach the
sprinters for the upcoming special olympics he also challenged NFL player
Richard Sherman to break the Seattle Seahawks single-season interception
record but there was no challenge for Giannis Antetokounmpo this is how you know
he’s competitive and wants the best for himself I mean who wouldn’t he tweeted
to Kobe still waiting for my challenge and Kobe challenged him to win the MVP
this season this is why he’s also playing like an MVP for Kobe to even put
you on that pedestal is just amazing he’s one of the greatest players of all
time to touch a basketball some even think that he’s the greatest player of
all time that he’s even greater than Michael Jordan I know that if I was
challenged by Kobe I would be playing at a high level myself too and the lastly
final reason is the absence of Jabari Parker don’t get me wrong I’m not
discrediting Giannis here as we all know and can see Giannis Antetokounmpo
improves every year in each statistical category from his rookie season back in
2013 this is more evident by him winning the Most Improved Player of the Year
award from last season last season he averaged career-highs in points, minutes,
field goal percentage, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals per game he averaged
twenty two point nine points per game 1.6 steals per game 1.9 blocks per game
five point four assists per game and eight point eight rebounds per game
shooting 77% from the free-throw line twenty seven point two percent from the
three-point line and fifty two point one percent from the field playing thirty
five point six minutes per game in 80 games he’s the first player in NBA
history to average this stat line he’s also the first player in NBA history to
finish top 20 in every stat category he’s also one of five players in NBA
history to lead their team in each statistical category other players to do
this were Dave Cowen’s in the 1977 to 1978 season Scottie Pippen in the 1994 to 1995 season Kevin Garnett in the 2002 to 2003 season and LeBron James
in the 2008 to 2009 season the NBA began to record blocks and steals in the 1973
to 1974 season and think about it Giannis did this with Jabari Parker playing more
than half the season last season before Jabari tore his ACL for the second time
in his NBA career so there you go I’m not discrediting Giannis we are able to
see his abilities more because Jabari is not there in my opinion Jabari is
Milwaukee’s second-best player and Khris Middleton is Milwaukee’s third best
player and if you look at the amount of points that Jabari scored last season in 51
games that he played he averaged twenty point one points per game on 16 shot
attempts per game and made an efficient 7.8 out of 16 shot attempts last season
Jabari is a player that can create his own shot so a lot of the times the ball
is out of Giannis hands because Giannis is more of a playmaker and a more
all-around player and he’s unselfish he allows his other teammates to create
plays for themselves or create plays for others
Jabari even took more shot attempts than Giannis last season Giannis attempted
fifteen point seven shots per game last season but that’s it for the video guys
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