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GODDESS OF THE SKY | Warframe: Built to Destroy

now I know you've been wondering for a while how can I be more like my favorite youtuber jay-ar Jericho well pull up a seat plug in your headphones and listen closely I'm going to teach you how to be a professional of all you survey my name is jr. and this is warframe destroy hey what's up pups episode 4 coming up – you're live because Saturday night well I hope it's Saturday night and and this this isn't live it's pre-recorded audio game either way doesn't matter now as you could probably tell my voice sounds a bit different than it does normally and it's not just because I'm recording with my new headset it's also because my voice is utterly destroyed so regardless of the fact that my throat is fucked up I'm still recording so I showed you how much dedication I had to the series anyway I was thinking myself what can I do next for built to destroy I've done a melee weapon a secondary weapon and a primary weapon what else is there then it hit me it's in the title of the game for prices but the question is poof so here we are me on your computer screen you sitting there with a little tablet major Brian that used for gaming because you're poor and I'm about to reveal one of my many secrets to you so hold on because there's a lethal torrent on the rise and it's raging at terminal velocity and her name is zephyr before we get into it there are a few things I just want to get out of the way real quick I have been waiting for the Zephyr deluxe skin for about a year and five months now skimming through dead streams forum post update notes and website post trying to get as much info on those effort aloft as I could I am still waiting for the Zephyr deluxe and I'm getting very anxious so to help solve this I'm just going to slide this little watermark into the bottom left hand corner but screen for the remainder of the video there we go it's entirely up to you if you feel like tweeting something at the official warfarin twitter at play warframe it's entirely up to you there seems to be some confusion as to what gender Zephyr is don't know why but I have seen some people call her him / he as a proud Zephyr lover I feel like I should have dressed this Zephyr is in fact female but she has feathers covering her upper bits and various doodads covering her floor with it so it isn't immediately obvious unfortunately this bird doesn't seem to be thick enough on the surface but you never know anyway Zephyr is a very neglected and forgotten poor thing I'll say about right away today what is the point of built to destroy to bring out the potential of the neglected and forgotten ball Zephyr may well be the very definition of that I have confidence in saying that she is one of the least-used or friends or the receive girlfriend however she is easily my favorite warfarin her abilities may not be as effective as say cromoz nighta two Valkyries or any of the other immortals but they are super fun her abilities are super fun she looks amazing the wind elemental aspect of her is very apparent at least to me and I love birds I absolutely love difference but don't try look for rule 34 of her because there is very little I mean probably I wouldn't know I guess people aren't really into looting birds coincidentally poppy is best girl for monster this way anyway let's let's just get to the technical stuff zephyr is a very unique warframe in more than a few aspects instead of having a balance of health shields and armor lots of shields for average health and armor or a lot of health and armor with barely any or even no shields Zephyr instead has a ton of shield and a ton of health with little armor with a max redirection vitality and prime trigger zephyr has a whopping 1440 shield and health but we'll get back to those deaths later maybe at rank thirties effor has 450 health and shields but 15 armor and 150 energy while she does not have very much Harmar making it so she did not reduce damage on her health very much this can be solved with the Aviator mod which reduces incoming damage by 40% while airborne I mean when are you not going to be in the air that's fucking perfect as for her mobility aspects she has an above average speed of 1.15 and a neat little package really will use to segue into talking about her ability numbers Hasson girl beat is lightly this gives decreased gravity on Zephyr and her alone this allows for longer airtime that helps it the part that she's supposed to be a bird on top of a window elemental in addition she was also much easier to control in the air than we had for her first ability is tailoring this is what allows us or to fly for a quote if you do some exams for talons on the ground Zephyr flies up twelve point five meters into the air with difference increasing with calibrations and also those are my new amount of damage of 250 impact damage when you initially launch and then use it in midair speaking of when you've emitter Zephyr flies in the direction you are looking regardless of current XY and V chord much like the a missile launch whenever you come within 2 meters of an enemy you will deal 250 Splash Damage that also much like the initial launch the distance traveled can be increased with power duration laws such as continuity the radius of the launch black and wind tunnel around Zephyr when using tailwind can be increased with power range increasing mods such as stretch her second ability is dive-bomb this ability is typically used in conjunction with her first ability the reason behind that being that dive-bomb rockets efforts toward the ground feeling a minimum of 250 impact damage to anyone within 7 meter radius of the initial impact I say minimum because the longer Zephyr dives for the more damage the impact with you the formula being 0.2 times the high activated times 250 250 being the base minimum dimers as an example if you activate a dive bomb without damage or duration increasing mods at the apex of your mocs from tailwind die bomb would instead deals 625 impact damage 375 more than the base 250 of course the damage of false dive bomb and kalynn can be increased with power strength increasing mods such as intensifying and the damage dealt by the impacts of zyre bombs does not have damage fall-off this means at the impact maximum distance it does the same amount of damage as it did at the epicenter however dive bomb can also be combo'd with the heavy impact Excellus mods to do even more damage every impact adding a bonus 300 impact damage at max rank with radius of 6 meters one less than dive bomb space range you need to be moving at least 16 meters a second for heavy impact to activate upon touching the ground however the faster you're going the more damage you do at slice to speed you deal twice damage double mass Zephyrs third ability is turbulent this is her survivability when used Zephyr generates a strong wind current around herself to redirect any incoming projectile thus causing them to deal no damage there is a chance that the bullets or lasers will still hit you however and explosive projectiles such as rockets or the weird fireball things that may prompt you do still have a chance of deflecting into the ground in front of you dealing the AoE damage that comes with it turbulence has a base duration of 20 seconds and a base range of 6 meters you both can be increased with their respective mods however there is one thing that no one seems to remember other than me turbulence is chance to redirect a shot can in fact be increased using power strength laws we'll simply intensify on your chance to redirect us off is raised to or damn near close to 100% making it so you pretty much never get it increasing the range on turbulence can also benefit your teammates because anyone standing within range is protected by the wind current as well including defense objectives and 1000 operatives the reference for stability is tornado never forms for tornados within a base radius of 25 meters that violently pull enemies two of them helping them around every which way each deal of base damage is 120 magnetic damage but the element of the tornadoes can be changed by shooting them or hitting them with a weapon that has a specific elemental damage type of clip on it the damage range and duration of the tornadoes can be increased with their respective mods but they do have damage fall-off meaning they do less damage the further their target is away from the epicenter power strength mods also increase the initial damage multiplier which has a base that of two times at rank 30 however the wiki had no other information on this multiplier so I'm not entirely sure how it works as for augment mods the turbulence augment Jetstream is helpful ish because it gives effer in any other 10 oh and range a speed boost so long disturbance is active although it isn't helpful enough to warrant getting rid of some mod to fit it into your build the other augments are useless so I'm not even gonna bother telling you about now on to my actual build for starters I of course have redirections vitality and primed vigor equipped to raise the first health and shields to 1440 as that is her thing I then have flow equipped to increase our energy to 300 you can also put on prime flow to increase our energy to 450 in addition I have intensified streamlined and Prime continuity equipped as strength and duration affects all four abilities and more efficiency means that I can fly more often and finally I have the two mods I mentioned earlier aviator and heavy impact to reduce incoming damage and make that bomb a bit more effective Zephyrs abilities may not be able to kill at high levels but she is amazing at locking down an area she is also the goddess of interception interception missions are cakewalk with effort all you have to do is some tornadoes on the most troublesome point so that enemies can't get near the console to hack the hardpoint and then fly between the other three with ease this obviously being more efficient in open air tileset so to finish off I'll show you what Zephyrs abilities can do against five high-level moles anyway that'll wrap up this episode of built to destroy if you enjoyed this video consider dropping it alike and make sure to hit that subscribe button to become a pop if you haven't already my name is jr. and I'll see you guys in the next one oh and remember hash tag we want Zephyr deluxe you

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6 thoughts on “GODDESS OF THE SKY | Warframe: Built to Destroy

  1. How curious vitality redirection and vigor to up her health and shield…. I don't have any of those equipped but I have duration mods in its place and I just always have her turbulence on and I never take damage… But that's is another way of doing it… May try this "tankier" build later and see how it compares :0

  2. Imo she needs a rework it's kinda stupid how ZEPHYR you know the the bird frame can't fly and fairy princess frame can #wingsoutforzephyr

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