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– It's destroyed. She's broken the front. You've broke it! – [Mom] Well you broke my salmon! – I broke your salmon,
yeah, but your salmon's not the last gold fidget
spinner that's left! (energetic upbeat music) I'm gonna give you guys
five seconds to guess what I'm gonna be doing in today's video. (crickets chirping) If you guessed pranking my mum, then you're correct. Lets face it though, that's all I ever do to be honest. (beep) Anyway, I've just woke up and right now I'm gonna go get a bath. I love baths, because they help me wash away all my sadness and depression, I mean get a good start
to the day, of course. (sexy, romantic music) Have you ever seen a better light in your entire life? (dramatic music) – [SpongeBob Narrator]
A few moments later. (beep) – One bath later. – I'm not really too sure what that intro was, but anyway. Hello guys, and welcome
back to another video. Today, literally, I'm just
gonna be annoying my mum. Yes, for the entire video, I'm just gonna be annoying my mum. Wow, I am a really, really bad son. And the way I'm gonna be annoying her is with these bad boys down here, my brand-new metal fidget spinners. (deep guttural screaming) Yeah. These are my metal fidget spinners that I just brung out a few days ago, and I'm gonna be using these to annoy her in this video. You may be thinking, how
can you annoy someone with a Morgz fidget spinner, I mean they're just so cool. I doubt any of you are
actually thinking that, but anyway, let me demonstrate. (mysterious, sneaky music) – [Mom] No, no, no, not while I'm getting ready darling,
that's not acceptable. I absolutely mean it. (laughing) – That was a pretty funny start. (beep) And if you're new to my channel, when my mum gets angry, it is so funny. So get ready, this videos
gonna be hilarious. Now you may know a while back I brung out these fidget spinners. These are the plastic ones. And I brung these out and
they sold out instantly. So I decided to bring out some new ones, new and improved. So if we do a comparison right here. These are the old ones, these are the new ones. And these are fully metal. And yeah, these ones are
just so much better built. They spin for longer, they're faster. Now there's one problem guys these metal fidget spinners have actually been out for a like a few days. I released them early from my Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, since they're like the loyal gang who have got me on all of them. And they're already selling super fast. These gold ones have
actually already sold out and the rest of them are selling
out really, really quick. So if you want some of these
brand-new fidget spinners, then click the link in the description or just go on my shop,
which is And get one quick, because I suspect in a few days they'll be gone forever. With my T-shirts and stuff
we have unlimited stock, but with these, once
they're gone they're gone. So you gotta act fast guys. Now just before we get
back to the video guys, there's one thing, there's one thing I need to do. I just have one question for you. Are you ready? Three, two, one. Roll the cinematics! (dramatic, energetic music) And also guys, I haven't actually said. If you're new to my channel and you haven't seen my videos before, please go down below and
subscribe to my channel, because I've set myself a goal to reach two million subscribers
before my birthday. And we are getting so close, so please go down there
and subscribe right now. It means so much to… Okay, it would mean a lot to me though. (beep) And also guys, something that I haven't done in absolutely ages, kind of like a Morgz channel tradition, is set a super high like goal. I think that I've been underestimating you guys a little bit, and just setting really small ones, so I'm about to step
up the game right now. Ladies and gentlemen, can we smash 30,000 likes on this video, right now. It's been ages since I've
set a like goal that high, so I'm interested to see if you guys have still got it. Can you do it? I think you guys can, Team Morgz is super strong. Leave a like right now,
subscribe to my channel. And also, turn on my post notifications by clicking the little bell, so you can be first to my
videos and never miss one. Well guys, right now I'm gonna go off and I'm gonna, I'm just
gonna prank my mum again, just why the hell not. And I'm gonna do it with the green. The green fidget, ooh, yes baby. Okay ladies and gentlemen,
here goes nothing. I think she's still upstairs. Dun dun, dun dun,
– No! – [Morgan] dun dun dun
dun dun dun dun dun! (screaming and laughing) She's, she's taken it. – [SpongeBob Narrator] Two hours later. – [Morgan] Mum come here! – Just give me two seconds, Morgan. (loud, scary bang)
Yeah, what'd you want? – [Morgan] What the,
where'd you come from? – Up there. – [Morgan] Oh, okay. So mum, since I've got you down here, take a look at these here. Which one's,
(gasping) which one's your favourite? Go with fingers, right, the fingers. With this green one right here, if you give this one, hold on, give it a big spin for
me, spin it really fast. That's it, and then the
thing with this one, if you just hold still… – What are you doing? You're not meant to do that with them. I did it wrong, okay, spin it again, I did it wrong, I did it wrong. Just get a big spin. If you just hold your nose still, there's a little thing you can do with you nose while you just do that. (laughing)
– You so stupid, aren't– (beep) – [Morgan] Now the thing is, right, this is the pink one,
I know you like pink. This one is a special
one for you, because it– – Don't do it on my
– Spin it for me, – nose again
– spin it for me. So right, if you just, if you look at it, just stare into it real good. Just stare, you have to stare into it. – Yeah, oh my god, it's like three.. (laughing) – Just stop it now! (beep) – [Morgan] Come now Mum, please come back. I wanna show you one more
thing, one more thing. So this right here is the plastic one. These are gone now, these have all been sold out, right. But if you look at this right here, this silver one
– That's nice, I like that one. – [Morgan] Give this one a spin for me. And basically, if you turn your back, this one'll make a different noise, but you gotta be turned your back. – Not gonna touch me? – I promise.
– Promise? – I promise.
– Don't. (laughing) – You're crazy. (beep) – [Morgan] Mum, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Mum. Well there's one more
thing I gotta show you. This fidget spinner right here. (laughing) – Morgan, go on out while I get ready. Come on, I've hardly got the time now– – Oh my god (laughing) Yo, oh she's getting
mad, I can already tell, she's getting mad! Now one thing you guys
may not know about my mum, is she gets really, really stressed. Well, actually, I think
you probably do know that. I think you probably do
know that about her by now. But yeah. More specifically, when
she's preparing tea or when she's doing jobs,
and I try and ruin it, she gets so upset, I'm
talking like, so upset. So what I'm gonna do, is right now I'm gonna get some fidget spinners, I'm gonna go downstairs, and while she's doing tea, I'm just gonna keep poke, I'm just gonna keep poking
her and prodding her and just kind of messing
about with her tea. Because I'm not hungry, so I mean I can wait hours. She probably starving right now. I'm honestly so mean,
but it's gonna be funny. Actually, what I'm gonna
do is hide this camera and do it like hidden camera style so she doesn't know I'm recording. I can't believe I didn't think of doing it with a hidden camera, I've gotta try and be
careful with this though. Mum. Do you like this fidget spinner there? – Honestly, Mor, they're gorgeous. I think they're absolutely gorgeous. Yeah, Morgan! Would you stop it! Morgan! Morgan. Drop it. Morgan. Through now on, go to you basket, look what you've done. Basket! Basket! (dog barking) Honestly I've, you've done
something wrong with ben-you too. Morgan, do you think this is a bit silly? Morgan! Don't do that again. Why would you do that to me every time you want me to do that, right! – [Morgan] What are you– – Every time you hit me with that, I'm gonna hit you back with some food. – [Morgan] Drop the onion, drop the onion! (dog barking over voices) – [Mom] Don't it. – I wanted to test out on
the durability of them. And I had to think
what's the hardest thing. And you know if you think about it, it's the human skull. (laughing) Wah, wah, wah, wah. I was filming, I was filming. – For god's sake. – [Morgan] I was filming! – If you, do not touch me with that again! I mean it Morgan, I'm
bothered whose watching. (dramatic music) Go on out, I'm annoyed. Get upstairs. – [Morgan] Mum, it's only salmon. – [Mom] Go upstairs! – [Morgan] It's only salmon. – [Mom] Go upstairs now. – Right, so Mum's in
her bedroom right now, probably cleaning herself up. I'm just thinking, is too far to go up and just fidget spinner her? I was having a long hard think, is it too far? And then I came to the conclusion: it's never too far, baby, lets do this. Oh god, I'm such a bad son. (beep) Mum.
– What are you doing? – [Morgan] Mum, I just wanted
to give you a little present. Give you the fidget spinner. No no, it's genuine, I just
wanted to give it to you. So Mum, right,
– Morgan. – [Morgan] No, just let me finish– – I thought I said that, Morgan! – What?
– Morgan. Now go out.
– You're right. – I'm gonna give you one chance. Take this and go out, otherwise you're not getting it back. – [Morgan] Okay, give it here then. That's genuinely the last gold one. – And it's nice, go.
– Okay. I'm going now, I'm going. (dramatic music) – [Mom] For god sakes!
(laughing) – [Morgan] No, no don't. You're joking me. Mum, that's my last gold one. That's the last, the gold sold out.
– Morgan, I said stop it. – [Morgan] Mum, that's the last– – [Mom] Well I'm sorry Morgan. – Mum, what the. It's just a joke, its just a joke! That's my last gold one! Do you not understand that I haven't got, I haven't got any other gold ones! Well you've taken it too far! – [Mom] No, I haven't. You should've calmed down, like I said, and said, Mum I'm sorry.
– It's just a joke! It's just a prank! It's a video!
– Some salmon! – It's a frickin' video, you don't have to destroy my gold one. – Morgan! – [Morgan] Oh my, oh my god. Oh my god, where the. Oh my, oh no. It's destroyed, she's broken the front. I can't believe it. The front bits genuinely gone. It's just, she's broken it. She's broken my last gold
fidget spinner, my last one. Every other one's sold out. I'm, I'm… Oh my fuh-ing god. Mum, you've broke it! – [Mom] Well you broke my salmon! – I broke your salmon,
yeah, but your salmon's not the last gold fidget
spinner that's left! I'm actually mad, I'm actually mad. I don't think she understands
what's gonna hit her soon. She's broken the last, I don't think you understand guys. The gold ones are the
ones that have sold out. They've gone, they're all gone. I have one left and now it's broken. I'm genuinely mad, I'm genuinely super, I'm genuinely really mad right now. So Mum, this 100% serious right now. And you know it's serious, 'cause I'm choosing to talk
to you through the vlog, rather than just go in and
speaking to you right now. I'm gonna let you watch this back. This wasn't supposed to be a proper prank, this was supposed to be just a joke. And you took it over the line. You broke my golden fidget spinner. The last one. Now I'm gonna have to message my manager and see if there's any way
we can make another one. But Mum, you crossed the line. Yes, you could say that putting salmon in her face was a little bit mean, and to be honest, it probably was. But it doesn't change the fact that that's a fidget spinner
I can never get back. You can mess with me, you can break me, But you can't break my
fidget spinners, Mum. Prank wars, baby. It's on, it's still on, don't you think I've forgotten. I'm a get you back fro this Mum, I'm a get you back for this. Watch your back, you
better watch your back. Every day you wake up, you
better watch your back. Because I've got lots of pranks in mind. And I'm coming for you Mum. You better be ready (fake growls). Yeah, that's right, (fake growls). Coming for you Mum. Watch out. (dramatic music)

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