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Granblue Fantasy 4 Tips Ultimate Arcarum Guide

Hi Koonies, this is Koon. Welcome back to Koon’s channel. I’ll be sharing my Arcarum tips, mistakes
and knowledge with you today. And I guarantee, after watching this video,
you will be able to progress through Arcarum, and get your favourite summons or evokers
at least 30-50% faster than your friends. It is going to help you make sensible decisions,
avoid uncertainties, mistakes while save you’re a lot of time and energy. No matter you are a veteran, or a new player,
I hope you could power through this video with me, because some of its information are
not available online. And I believe, this is the most comprehensive
Arcarum video guide on YouTube or even on the internet so far. Arcarum is one of most important aspects of
GBF, it not only provides you with a lot of resources, but it also offers powerful summons
and evokers for you to increase your damage cap and damage output in the game. Despite all these attractive features, I believe
there is a big portion of players, who feel that Arcarum is too tedious and boring to
play, especially me. I HATE Arcarum. So most players always try to clear Arcarum
in the fastest possible way. And this is where I made my first terrible
mistake. In the beginning, Arcarum came without a skippable
function, which means you must spend a substantial amount of time playing Arcarum every day. Average players like me spend around 4 to
6 minutes to clear one round of Arcarum I usually finish my enemies within one turn,
so players who are still on their way to reach a higher rank, may spend more time than I
do. Not to mention we have circumstances, where
we are limited to use only SR or even R characters. This amount of time may sound normal to someone
who play or practise a musical instrument, but it is very difficult for mobile game players
who are constantly on the go, for example someone like me, to accept this fact. Cygames also realized the problem after they
had launched Arcarum, and so they introduced something called Fast Expedition- a skip button
to ease our pain. Everyone thought that wow finally the nightmare
is over, now we can skip whatever we want, but this is a TRAP. Based on the descriptions, you are promised
to get items and pts even for skipping expeditions. However, there is no chance, or I would say,
zero chance for you to come across any rare monsters, which means you can’t use treasure
hunt or journey drop to increase the drop rate, and there is also no extra Sephira Stones,
Astras and Fragments for you. Most players at my rank have one, two, or
even three fully uncapped Arcarum summons and evokers, but I have none, because I kept
using that skip button for more than 6 months. Doing this will cause you to get very little
materials in long run, probably only 30-40% compared with those who grind through the
stages. My advices, if you have enough time to play
GBF, try not to skip Arcarum, don’t do it like me, because the skip button is not free,
it comes with a hidden cost. I always tell people to listen to and to follow
the voice of their inner self, especially when it comes to gacha games like GBF. However, this theory doesn’t really work well
with Arcarum summons. Basically, Arcarum summons can be separated
into two categories. The first type of summons, give you more damage
and increase your damage cap; Meanwhile, the second type of summons, offer you more HP
and improve your survivability, I would call them ‘DMG summons’ and ‘HP Summons’ respectively
in this video. Anything about damage cap is extremely valuable
in GBF, because we can’t go beyond the damage soft cap without this calculation factor. That’s why I recommend new players to go for
DMG Summons instead of HP Summons, because with that 10% extra damage or damage cap,
they can help you to grind a lot more effectively and progress faster. HP Summons on the other hand are good, they
are very valuable. However, they are more towards the functional
side, not really that necessary. If you only have limited resources, it is
better for you to choose the former ones, because each Summon takes a very long time not to mention hundreds and thousands
of materials to make. You don’t want to stick to some fancy choices,
and then LOL on yourself later. Usefulness comes before face. We can only roughly earn about a few hundred
to 1,500 Arcapoints from playing one round of Arcarum stage, which is very little. Luckily, we can also earn these points, and certain Arcarum items by taking part in different events However, I noticed that there are many players,
especially new players, who tend to use their points to exchange for things that are not
really useful or worth the investment. Their spending pattern creates a big gap between
themselves and other players. You should avoid spending your points. There are only four things that you should
consider buying. First, Sunlight stone is the most valuable
item in Arcarum shop. There are five Sunlight stones in Arcarum
shop at the moment, you should always give priority to this item, when you are capping
the limit of your Arcapoints. Secondly, Monika is an excellent killing machine
for your wind team. If you are short of wind characters, you should
save up your points to recruit Monika asap Thirdly, Sephira stones. Each Summon requires 107 Sephira stones to
be fully uncapped to five stars. This material is widely used or shared between
different summons, so it is the most important and needed material, when you are trying to
craft an Arcarum summon. If you have already bought all the Sunlight
stones and recruited Monika, buying Sephira stones might be your best choice. Finally, Globe of the Starways is also a good
choice when you are focusing on getting a certain Arcarum summon. However, if you are not in a very urgent situation,
try your best to avoid buying this item. Black Rabbit is basically just a decoration
item, it is exactly the same with white rabbit, and Nobiyo is a lot better than these rabbits,
because the later comes with attack bonus. Sephira weapons are fillers, there is no place
for them in weapon grid, once you have completed your magna grid, so there is no point spending
any of your Arcapoints on these weapons. You should focus on Magna weapons, or simply
save up your crystals to spark for Grand weapons. Preparation is very important for Arcarum. But a lot of players do not use Journey Drop
for it, and this is a big mistake. If you want to get as many as items as possible,
you should always use Journey Drop to increase the drop rate, or even bring Richard and Tien
with you. If you have extra materials to spare, you
should also craft one or even a few Storytellers to increase your gains. The lineup of your team should always include
one or two characters with AOE skills, to clear mobs faster. Characters and summons like Yoda, Sarasa,
Bonito, Huang Long etc are all very useful for Arcarum, make sure to bring them if you
want to improve your efficiency. You should also setup a team like this to
maximize your gains when you come across Mimics. The only thing I’m not too sure about Arcarum,
is whether the encounter rate of rare monsters is affected by Belle. It would be greatly appreciated, if someone
could tell me this piece of information. For your convenience, I’ve also included a
Material Tracking List created by Fumika, to help you keep track on your progress. You can find the link in the video description. I hope this video is useful to you, especially
new players, who are still growing. If you have useful tips, which is not covered
in this video, please tell us about it, and leave a message at the comment section below. It would certain help players from all over
the world. Finally, if you want to get notified for Koon’s
new videos, please remember to subscribe and ring the bell below this video, so you won’t
miss anything hot and fresh. Know your game, know yourself, and play like
a pro. This Koon, I will see you again in the next
video. Ciao!

Cesar Sullivan

56 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy 4 Tips Ultimate Arcarum Guide

  1. Regarding the Items i would rather suggest to buy astras on No. 3 just because you would need way more of these in the end rather than Sephira Stones. (i mean you also get them from the event)
    But in the end great video!

  2. If you play the arcarum manually, and always killing all the monster (easy way is using mech,yoda,lunalu,sarasa combo), sephira stone is not a priority anymore, since you can get the thing relatively easy (1 enemy drop or event) while farming for astra, so it's better to spend it on astra instead.

  3. The skipping function is definitely a trap. But nobody knew about the ridiculous astra requirement at the time so it can't be help… Arcarum is sooo boring at the time and I'd have ignored it anyway even without skip function.
    Too much regret after they released evoker thought…

  4. I used the skip button for a while and it definitely hurt my Caim hunting. But I’ve definitely been letting it slide since I got him.

  5. The most useful tip for arc is to skip everything and just slacc evoker as u feel despair about the amount of valor badge u need to get the evolite

  6. I'm just 40 astras away from my 1st evoker. I wish you did this earlier lol.
    P.s always go for astra after securing 1 globe

  7. nearly done with 4th arca chara(borger–just need evolite and expecting to get them in this coming granfest rewards *fingers crossed). IMO, sephira stones are total waste of arcapoints long term if you want charas. Sephira stones at any stage might gate you for a couple weeks, astra can gate you for months. I'd prioritize astra, sunstone(if you need it) and as few globes as possible and use gw for evolite.

  8. Great video as always. I skipped way too much and because of this by this time i've got only Fraux.
    In my opinion, astras most valuable item from arcarum shop, you can get sephira stones at least from mimics, but astras only from rare encounters.
    Here is one tip that my crewmate taught me, for those annoying R/SR only stages – great thing is "Decimate' from Gladiator EX sub skill, and overall very useful. For normal/rare battles i use only one team in 90% cases. Light chrysaor with dual arts, decimate, splitting spirit, song, lunalu, sarasa. Devil bless song for her insta death thing

  9. Hi Koon, I've only cleared the Normal stages of the Arcarum, so this video was definitely helpful! Almost fell into the skip trap haha. Thanks a lot! 😀

  10. Someone actually ran through Arcarum while monitoring the results of the drops. Saphira stone a priority if you're trying to amass SSR versions of the summons, but if you're strictly aiming for characters, then mass buying Astras is your best ticket.

    Most enemies don't really get overly increased drops from most mobs–In terms of Saphira stones, anyways. Special monster encounters have fixed drop rates in terms of drops, with only the Puppets (Dead cultists dudes.) being one of the few enemies you want to TH to get more loot. Along with Chest mimics, Null element enemies. Otherwise, most drops aren't overly boosted by anything more than a Weather Vine.

    This means, you can save a LOT of time and effort in Arcarum farming by skipping TH on most enemies.

    Source: – This reddit thread links to a tweet and contains discussion for everything involved.

    TL:DR-Buy astras if you want the envokers fast. Buy saphira stone if you want multiple summons fast at SSR level.

  11. koon can show the best magna build guide for each elements because lately have too many new weapon been release until i dont know which weapon will optimise the dmg especially a lot high level weapon keep on been introduce…and now lately have another new weapon where will have more dmg if have different types of weapon in the build( this new types is really confuse me)

  12. Hi! I am a player who started on February 2019 who is almost done getting Nier. My tip is that if you need to save as much time as possible, manually play arcarum until you get all of the rare drops (the Arcarum Fragments) that you need. Because these only appear while playing manually, once you get the amount you need you can just fast expedition from then on.

  13. I'm a casual player, I play Arcarum for only one hour a week, and I'm close to getting my 3rd evoker. So, by experience, I can say this in indeed a great guide for everyone on Arcarum.
    Just, as some other people already commented, it's best to use points on astras than sephira stones, but I have spent points on both, depending on my needs. It's just that it's a bit easier to get stones, or is used less, I'm not sure but I always lack astras and not stones. And as said in the video, don't skip any stage, NEVER.
    Thanks as always for the great guide, Koon!

  14. Awesome video! Very helpful for me at least because I’ve been currently doing this! Question though, at what stage would you put the arcarum summon on your team? And I am about to get my devil arcarum to an ssr right now but you recommended to start with an attack cap one, so should I continue the devil or start the other ones to boost my damage cap


  16. how is this most comprehensive guide with all this basic that not even need to study…i was expecting information like monster list that drop astra, sephira stone(most single mobs spot drop it btw), TH workable list(seen study that it affect only on some etc mimic, hence you can save your time on those who don't), gotta say disappointed tbh

  17. My suggestion for some of you who dont have time to play arcarum is just like dont skip every stage, so raise your maximal number of arca ticket to 20, one stage per two days are enought for grind the matrial, and focus to only one point of stage, and now days grind the matrial on hard stage is really easy because it provide 70 BP per stage, I only did this and really usefull to evoke one card.

  18. It is really matter to bring item drop rate for mimic or rare monster? I thought it was fixed amount of drop. and for belle summon I think summon work when you start the battle? since arcarum rare mob appear on the arcarum screen not the battle I guess it's not imo

  19. From what i've experienced. If you don't have enough time to play, its fine to skip but not on the stages like 3-3, 6-3 and 9-3. On the last arcarum update they increase the chances of encountering rare monster on those stages.
    I had fraux now and just waiting for the next gw to get evolite for Nier.
    Just have patience and you will get the characters you want .

  20. as a person who has 4 evokers, i personally never use skip
    what a shit feature lmao
    astras are more worth to trade than sephira stone, and globe of starways should always be kept at least 1, it's the most crucial item to get an evoker because by changing the boss, you can get more astras and also sometimes you will be short on ideans which is a total pain in the ass, which makes you had to get either be lucky, or get to stage 9 which is a waste if you're focusing on other evokers

  21. I wonder if anyone datamined if the world is gonna be a summons with an evoker. Tbh sounds like you would need all of the evokers to get him

  22. Wish I had these types of facts a when I first started but I do now have two evokers! Definitely don't skip and play the rounds all manually. I for one started a month or two behind my other friends but I think I beat them both to a second evoker. Nier and Lobelia are home and next up is Estariolla. oh yeah also have to mention if you are trying to collect evokers, best thing to do is to stay on one single Route so even if you don't get the astras or mats for who you are going for you'll have mats later on for the others, if you decide to get them.

  23. I'm only 10 months in the game but Justits and Maria are my frist summon and Evoker lololol. Waifu above all. But I'm already near to recuit Katzelia and I can technically FLB The Moon too.

  24. Tbh, I wouldn't buy Sephira Stone at all because it's way easier now to get rare monster and even single monster has chance to drop it. The Astra however is the real deal

  25. I personally prefer more Globe than Sephira Stones if you're in the high end :
    1. You can focus your grind with Globe
    2. You can get 2-5 Astras for a fraction of the cost of the Globe
    3. I farm on Celsus, therefore, Globe is essential for me to only get The Star specifically that I farmed for months.
    4. Complements Astra Farming

  26. I agree with a lot of this video, but I try to recruit my favorite evokers first rather than going for damage summons first, as much as I want Sun summon.

  27. Heya. Recently ended up getting Nier ~7 months after just starting.

    I didn't skip anything, and that definitely secures the maximum stuff you can get. Using Bounty on any enemy that aren't the ones that drop Fragments also increase your chance of getting Astra after the update, which was a huge help.

    This might be different depending on the Evoker you get, but I found that it was the Astra that took me the longest due to the Puppets prioritizing Tetra Elements over Light and Dark yields. I only needed a couple of Sephira Stones from the shop, otherwise the Box Events usually take care of that no problem.

    So simply, stock up on points and get the Sunlight Stone if you don't have one already. If you're close to a distribution that will most likely give out a free Sunlight Stone, just save the points for Astra specifically. Those take the longest to acquire.

  28. Lunalu is really good to use with sarasa, since she can copy ground zero, some mob team of 2 can't be kill with just a single ground zero

  29. I think skipping stages not 3,6,9 is fine because the solo monsters and rare encounter rate not on 3,6,9 is pretty low, so the cost for losing out on potential rare encounters is negligible. Also, most of the mob monsters that come in groups are weak to death, so song/tweyen is pretty good to breeze through arcarum, though most of the solo monsters are immune to death.

  30. ngl, that skip button situation got me bad too, when i was grinding for fraux. now everytime i play arca, i never go for skipping button since some monsters drop astras that i need (like fire astras that i need for alaanan)

  31. Great tips i just only disagree with use point for Sephira because you actually need 200+ astra if you want to unlock Evoker which at that point you will have more than enough sephira to burn.
    Another thing is if you are lucky enough to get 4 Disparia (dark jeanne gacha weapon) you could FLB then use it's awaken ability instead of Sarasa. With 35k hp grid you could deal around 800k which kill almost every multiple monster mobs except fire element which have hippo with 1.2m hp.
    And because arcarum mob give really good exp and rank point you should always use exp/rp journey drop before you start arcarum. Great place to farm ULB character to lv100 and EMP.
    Last for any low tier grid try to setup Mechanic ougi team for each element with SSR/SR/R version. Because bonito or huanglong won't have enough damage to 1 shot those single monster in arcarum.

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