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*GYM INJURY* PAINFUL Neck Motion Helped with Gonstead Chiropractic

(gentle upbeat music) – You’re having, basically, like, you can’t move your neck
in, which direction was it that you can’t move it? – Almost all directions. – Almost all directions? – Yeah, it’s very stiff here. At morning, I was not able to move at all. Last couple of hours. Maybe because I took the entire day rest. – Okay. – And it will move a little
bit, but that’s very limited. – Okay. – Like this much maximum,
and this is my zone. – Okay, got it. What about bending your
head over to the side, and bringing your head over this way? – Yeah, that’s it. – Okay, and the other side? – So, I came here yesterday afternoon. It was that point, also, it was okay. I slept, and then in the morning, I could not pick up at all. Like I was not able to get up off the bed. – Oh, man. – So, all these muscles,
so my wife has to help me– – Oh my gosh.
– Getting up, yeah. – Okay.
– So then I slept again, I just took rest the entire afternoon, and it got little better. So, at least I can move little bit. – (laughs) Okay, little
bit more than before? – Yeah, yeah.
– Okay, got it. Okay, and is there anything
that you’ve been doing that’s made it better or worse? Or it’s just kind of–
– I think I just rested. – Okay.
– I just rested, but even like once I slept for getting up, I was not able to get up. So, I had to kind of go on my side, hold something, and just slowly get up. So, that’s fine. – So, you said any direction
is really bad, right? – Yeah.
– Okay. So, actually, let’s
actually have you sit– – When I try to do that, the pain is not only on neck, it’s lower neck, so like upper back. – Yeah.
– So, this portion here. – That’s actually what I wanna
check, test out right now. – Yeah, yeah. – So, I’m gonna have you
scoot forward a little bit so that your back is in here. So, I want you to try to
turn your head to the right. You start feeling it there? – Yeah, I feel it little. – What about to the left? – I start feeling it here.
– Right there? Okay, I want you to bring your head over, so bend your head to
this side, that’s right. That’s pretty much it there? – Yeah.
– Okay. What about the left side? – I feel it right there.
– Okay, fine. So look straight–
– I could go a little more, but–
– Uncomfortable, yeah, yeah, okay. Well, let’s have you and
I’ll tell you to move back. So now that you’re relaxed over here, so now I want you to
look over to your right. It’s a little bit more, right? – Yeah, a little bit more. – What about the left side? – Same or a little better. – Now let’s have you bring
your head over to this side. – Like this?
– Yeah. – (mumbles) Sideways.
– Left. – So basically what you were telling me about the upper back, like
it’s also the upper back area? – Yeah. – So basically that’s why I had you sit, like, I had to compare you sitting forward versus sitting there
because I actually think that we’re gonna have
an issue going over here because your rotation got better. – Yeah, I can understand that. Also, upper back more on the right side. – More on the right side. Okay, got it. – Through the intensity
of the pain, if I (coughs) cough a little bit then that
triggers pain right here. – Okay, over here?
– So, for, like coughing, drinking water, even if I go for a pee, that pressure also can make it– – Really, okay. – Actually it goes like
this in the morning. – Okay, got it. Right there you have a break. Take one up here, we got
a big reading to the left. Yeah, we got something over here. – Yeah.
– okay, you feel that over there, too, right?
– Yeah. – [Doctor] Yeah. Yeah, we have a reading,
it starts swinging to the left right there. Right there it swings over, yeah. – I feel a swing there.
– Okay. – Lower back is okay. So is this more sore right
here or this right there? First one here. Second one here. – The second one.
– Second one here? – Yeah.
– Okay. There’s a lot of swelling here, too. – Yeah.
– I can feel it, yeah. – So when you’re pressing it now, I don’t feel anything in the neck. – Yeah. – But, neck is stiff, like I showed you, I’m not able to move my neck. – Exactly, yeah. So what actually I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna adjust this one here and I’m gonna actually see if it helps the neck with the rotation. – Oh, okay.
– Okay? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Take a big breath in. All the way out, all the way out, let your stomach drop. (paper crinkles)
(patient grunts) Good. That was a lot. – Yeah.
– You okay? – Yeah.
– (mumbles) out to here. Lean back, got you about right? – Yeah. (chuckles) (doctor laughs) – Let’s have you turn your head this way. Oh, that’s a lot better! – Yeah. – That’s a lot better. (laughs) – Yeah.
– That’s good. And, turn your head to the left. A little bit, little bit less on the left. – Yeah, yeah.
– Okay, got it. Will you actually turn here one more time. That’s still more than
you were doing before. – Yeah.
– Okay, that’s good, okay. – But I think the right side was more– – Yeah, yeah definitely, yeah. Okay, so, now let’s have
you bring your head over, bend it this way. Little bit better. And the left side? You still have a little bit of restriction going side to side. – Yeah, yeah. – But your rotation is definitely better. – Yeah.
– Okay. For the last thing I’m gonna
adjust your neck, okay? – Okay. – So, I’m gonna be a little
more gentle with this one just ’cause I know it’s a lot of pain. You got a lot of rotation
out of this adjustment here. We’re gonna do this one,
and then we’re gonna leave you at that, okay? (chair clatters)
Good. That was good. You okay?
– Yeah. (background speech
drowns out conversation) – [Doctor] So if you’d come back and sit down.
– Yeah. – I’m just gonna check it out. Just one more time let’s have
you turn to the right side. That’s better there, good. And the left side. Oh, that’s much better. – Yeah.
– That’s much better there. – At this point I start pain– – Yeah, but that, yeah, but before you were like right here. – Yes, yes. – All right now let’s have
you come over to this side. A little bit, a little catches there, but it’s a little bit better. This side. Yeah, still a little bit there, okay. Okay, basically the best
that we’re gonna do, so at this point we’re not
gonna adjust you anymore. Just because we want this
to kind of settle down. – Okay.
– Okay? So you had a good adjustment
because you’ve immediately just got some rotation back as well. – Right, right.
– Basically what we did is I adjusted this top one here and I adjusted this one down here. So I adjusted over here and this helped a little bit more with
that left rotation there. – Yeah. – Then that’s one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, yeah. So this right here, starting here it starts to give your curve going over here, so this transition area is really important.
– Yeah. – For, basically, the neck motion. – Good.
– Okay. So I adjusted this one forward and I adjusted this one going down, okay? So you’re already feeling better. Just at this point, it’s the
first adjustment basically so you got some good results but definitely we’re
gonna keep working on it just to make sure that we
get that all off of there. I would just kind of
rest it a little bit– – For sure, yeah.
– Yeah, put some ice on it. All right, any questions?
– Thank you so much. – No problem, my pleasure. (gentle melodic music)

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