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Halo 5: Let's Play With the Assault Rifle

what's up guys it's skip you skip here back with another let's play with and today we are visiting halo 5 Guardians and as of right now I don't know what this let's play with is going to be quite about I don't know if it's gonna be about you know your typical it's gonna be about the assault rifle the battle rifle or what today we're just going to be using one weapon and maybe different variants of the weapon so just one weapon today oh you already know what weapon it is since it's in the title I don't know weapon it is so we're gonna go ahead and check it out ok let's make a decision right here right now we're using the assault rifle in today's video so let's see let's take a look at the salt rifle so the assault rifle is has three six bullets unlike previous version of it it and act but the original version which comes from halo combat Evolved that version had that version had 60 bullets that seems like a bit too much for a for a weapon but oh whatever so we got regular iron sights we're gonna go ahead and do the longshot see what happens here so you see you get an attachment and wow it it really is ooh it really should so yeah that's one thing about this yeah whether or not you have an attachment or not I think the previous versions of the assault rifle were very much inaccurate which is uh I'm sorry they weren't inaccurate they're actually still pretty I guess once the it does make you mad is that cannot stay zoomed in one taken fire halo 4 however at it where the fire was bisous so yeah and I died and turned into a paper shredder alright so check out your target okay that's pretty cool zoom level to Rex available okay that's cool that's cool I'd actually like to get one with a little bit of a different function so there's a you know there's there's different versions of this there's it's gonna check out this and so we have a long shot ar so again it's got the same scope I'm not too sure what this version of the assault rifles I like how it kills but oh my word look at him it's it's a sergeant Carter from Missoula Pyle USMC no I'm just kidding from Halo Reach but no I'm also just kidding cuz he's dead he died away before halo 5 takes place so what's up with that I always know what's up against run teeth out here okay let's go take care of them yeahö do this boys and girls so remember we're just using this I don't care if it whatever we just want to show off this play so as you can see this variant of the assault rifle will make people dissing it if they die so that is a very cool oh dear oh dear this bad yet yeah that was definitely a bad idea my bad might be everybody Bobby yeah don't worry we're okay we're okay we're about four and a half minutes into this we're okay so yeah so I my opinion man I don't like this scope but I do like the the the way you know he extra death thing that goes so yeah I forgot to analyze how fast it take to do a partial refund thousand won so about one and a half of two seconds I'm gonna for reload will check that out right now so two seconds that so I'm gonna take this baby out as fast as we can oh wow they are really targeting me today yes I know that's how he named me but they targeted me not you me can I choose any other complete that's good I'm usually better at this just because I'm using other weapons and just the assault rifle here but you gotta match so you should I do it on this too now it's probably I was just saving for different video if I ever get around to it that is wait wait can I choose a different I have to be the rank 4 for Rex okay nope I can't and even if I could oh hey hey hey yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo hey get over here come on guys Let Me In oh oh oh do this get in there through the fight oh no no no no no this ain't happening today please help I'm sorry to the person whose vehicle I just wasted you probably paid 50 bucks for some loot crate's so by bad okay this looks like complete disaster right now but that's okay that is a-ok there there are other attachments and you get for the assault rifle let's go check out this yes let's check out this yeah so it's kind of like what you'd the BIR Zeit that you would have for the jackals carbine or even you know well it's not just a jacket you know the carbine right that's so I guess that's one attachment for this it's not like mega zoomed in this is assault right okay do you don't need something that's like incredibly okay got him oh I got an assist on that come on let's go yeah that's bogus yeah I got a little work they can get with oh man everybody's coming out from everywhere three good great that side again you really can't check the other cameras you know there are people doing their thing but whatever whatever so um so yeah that's I guess so oh I forgot it right I'm gonna check out that rack all right so from the looks of it yeah it's just normal iron sight one whoa okay okay okay chillax I don't want to get the gun to this I don't Oh Bobo okay oh we got the wardens here I see I see how it is the wardens let me add it to bosses to kill we got four and a half minutes to do so oh boy oh boy so I get this skin now remember all right I got the skin on the weapon oh whatever I didn't loot crate oh yeah do this I don't know what's so special about this disability you might just go back to the other carbine no boy I could die here I'm gonna March that oh I was expecting a token to see what kills me but I can't check that out sadly I see people using mantises right now like oh my goodness gracious what I need to do is get some friends on this game if I have to you know and that's that's a surprising thing I have any friends and I mean the test out weapons and vehicles in private matches and stuff like that that would be cool all I forgot to change I various but the assault right whatever we'll just stick to this on foot thing going on right here lies lies is over there okay they do this right we can do it right yeah we could do this boy I got to take down everybody gets to take down for a legendary character you know a boss or not yeah let's go ahead and get this diverse change our access to Breck systems but around this one all right around lemonade all the Covenant bosses let's do this okay go there where can I go nowhere okay okay okay there's gonna be a little bit of a trip you know you're not using any vehicle thing sadly oh yeah this is gonna be a little while yeah maybe should just done a campaign mission instead of this to show off the assault rifle whatever I'm here now right I got no grenades right this time right the best I can do is just shoot the big brunt oh boy they're coming after me oh maybe not I was going to try to compound its brunt but that didn't turn out so good and I did it you know what looks going I think this yeah this one's a not entirely sure don't quote me on this but I think that this one is the most is the more powerful of the barians I think like I mean it does more damage I'm not entirely sure got a super zoomed up thing I don't want to get close assault rifle wait to see that oh whatever yeah wait there's more are you kidding me right now are you kidding me yeah okay every so we got these two bosses to kill in less than two minutes that does not sound that possible so peanut is especially when they're spawning in units okay well maybe it does some possibly all we just do to watch the firefight community and its eliminated so that was let's play with the assault rifle in halo 5 Guardians when we recap from this it's got 36 bullets instead of 30 to 460 and I am NOT very good at all yeah so that that just concludes this today I do thank you guys for watching and I hope you all leave a subscribe you hit that like button comment something about what you hated about me and you all have a great day bye guys yeah I guess this is a bye bye so old frontier supply me some good Wi-Fi

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