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Happy Accident Using Wallpaper Remover EXPERIMENT

disclaimer this video is for my own
experiment purposes you can try it at your own will but this is not considered
to be archive quality methods I had to redo most the audio because I received a
copyright notice from YouTube I had Pandora playing in the background
duh so I’m getting started with the black
color and I’m going to basically paint the whole canvas black and right now I
am speeding it up. Speedy Gonzales we’re going to speed up this video see this is
what happens when I have to dub over my voice you know I get kind of crazy like
that wow this guy can really paint you can see Pandora playing in the
background that’s not a good thing so I’ll have to watch that so the black is
dry and I’m going to go to the next step so here’s where I’m showing the
wallpaper stripper mix. So I used DIF gel wallpaper stripper by Zinsser by the
way I loved that shot with my new light kit
oh and that cost about five bucks at Walmart the wallpaper stripper it’s not
expensive so I start out on one corner and the
reason why is I was actually wanting to float some of the paint like it would
float on top like kind of like resin because when I originally started this
piece I was going to do resin but when I pulled out my resin it was all clumpy
and nasty and I just threw it in the trash so I’m talking about how I I’m not
sure how the wallpaper stripper will dry and all that it really turned out great
you’ll see in the end I went ahead and cut out the parts where I was blowing it
with a straw to kind of get a certain effect just because I look like an idiot
and I didn’t want to show that part it didn’t work I put the paint in these little squeeze
tubes because I wanted to direct the paint more instead of just splashing it
on the canvas like a regular pour so in other words I was trying to be really
neat with it but again that didn’t work out so I went with the old “Swipenator”
I just started swiping you know when you fall flat on your face
just star swiping this is where I’m showing the DIF gel like it’s some big
top-secret thing it’s top-secret stuff people this guy needs to swipe a lot
faster actually that’s pretty fast don’t worry I won’t dub in any music
right here I can’t believe youtube dinged me for a copyright violation when
I have the music really low but their computer really picks it up so right now
I’m just trying to fill in all the gel on the canvas and then that’s when I
turn into swipe inator and start swiping it all over the place if people have
commented on the video that I did post that it kind of looked like aspen trees
or something I had a little too much gel on so I had
to take some off great my wife is blending something in
the next room oh you gotta love it so after taking off a lot of the gel
hopefully I’ll get to the swiping soon alright here comes some paint action so
this light tan color was really hard to mix it always is it wants to clump up so
I had to mix it really well normally I don’t have a problem with paints
clumping up because I use a lot of metallics and I don’t seem to have a
problem with the metallics its these regular pastel colors that I always seem
to get clumps on them so right now I’m talking about little cells starting to
bubble up even though I didn’t add any silicone to the paint at all and by the
way I did add float all to the glue a lot of it because oh I’m sorry not the
glue the wallpaper stripper I had to add a lot of floetrol because it was real
thick like super thick im getting really creative here just splash and
paint everywhere I guess you can call that creative or not shake it get out laying down some gold color so the real
beauty of the project starts to happen once I start swiping of course why I
start with this little tiny tool I don’t know why I was trying to kind of mimic a
project that I had noticed online but there was no way I was going to get
anywhere remote the look that I wanted but I was already committed and I was
like what the heck a lot of times when I feel committed to a project I just go
ahead and make it my own right now it’s bubbling up little tiny
cells but nothing spectacular in the end it actually looked a little bit spotty
like kind of like a salt and pepper look on the canvas I should have pulled out my big swipe
tool or palette knife for those of you that don’t know what a swipe tool means right now I’m kind of frustrated because
I think it just looks like a mess which it does so I get out the the cake tool
the icing spreader and I start to go to town look at that I’m just jamming now I really love this cake icing spreader
that I got from JOANN fabric store it really makes things a lot easier I like
how it levels the levels everything out and just the way it feels
to you I’m putting a little bit more color on there just because in this
swipe process I lost some of the color it kind of blends it in a little bit too
much so I’m having to actually push the gold down a little bit and the gel
is kind of getting sticky it starts to set up a little bit although it dries
really slow it kind of sets up on you almost like a glue wood all right my wife’s blending stuff in
the kitchen again one of these days I’m going to get a
soundproof studio so when I’m trying to even everything
out so that I get a nice pattern layout so I’m hitting it with the embossing
tool which is like a heat torch or a heat gun but smaller and you can direct
the heat really fast I flash I use like a flash heat to bring out the cells but
on this it didn’t really have cells that just created little bubbles everywhere but this is so different from what I had
in mind I mean 100% different I like how the microphones attached to
you know the middle of my chest that’s a really nice look for me and fade to
black here is the piece while it is still wet
and as you can see it still has that blue cast to it which comes from the
wallpaper stripper because it’s blue in the bottle but it ends up drying clear
which is really cool and it made some great effects and I know I did a lot of
swiping on this one and I mixed some of the colors in too much but in the end
it turned out really nice and I love the final product okay so I just taped off
this right here into a perfect square I didn’t record that part because I
figured you would think … would be boring so now I want to take some
black which I’m almost out of black here this is liquitex… see if I can get some
more out there that should be enough I guess I don’t need a ton and I hope to
take it and I’m gonna put some black on the
sides here I’m almost thinking I would like to come back with some sand oh and
the reason I’m doing it this way I don’t want to push into the tape I want it to
be a nice perfect straight line and any piece that I see over here that could
use it don’t get it and one reason I’m doing this it will
really give it a nice clean look make sure you get that in there right looks like I still have some over here
they can get hit with some black I was listening to Ziggy Marley on a
beach in Hawaii I can’t wait to go back to Hawaii my wife and I went this year
and it was really fun we had a good time how can you not have a good time in
Hawaii? okay got that going on… I think I’m gonna take off the tape now
did you see what it looks like then that way I can show you guys it’s
too bad the main video didn’t turn out very good on this one when I was pouring
it I went and looked at it….. very nice love it I
think I’m gonna leave it Let’s see what it looks like another studio lights oh
yeah it looks really good I’m just loving this one it just looks like it’s
really nicely done I love the reflections and the colors
that salt and pepper kind of look there that’s going on right in with all the
colors on there and the gold to alright so here is this piece hanging
up on the wall and I’m just really loving in I love the metallics in it and the way
it just the border really set it off it cleaned it up so nice let me get back
here just a little bit if I don’t fall over anything yeah that looks nice really nice I sure hope you guys are
inspired to do something like this as well and just try out some new and
different things

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Happy Accident Using Wallpaper Remover EXPERIMENT

  1. Love the art, and also your commentary. But my favorite part is your facial expressions as you watch what is happening and make decisions about what comes next. Very focused. Thanks a million.

  2. An original idea and work with a new material, another excellent piece, I love these colors, exactly to my apartment…thank you for this video!!!

  3. Omg that was a journey!!! Lol .. Ended up nice… For pretty much the whole video I was wondering what the frick was Going on.. But ya got there in the end!

  4. Hi Carl, know You, what maybe the equivalent for Wallpaper Remover gel?,…for this structure…it´ s very nice, thanks.

  5. Carl, I love the outcome of this piece and how you got there. Can I ask what was the inspiration / reason for using wallpaper paste? I would never have thought of using it. Keep up the great videos, I love them. Thank you so much for sharing. xxx

  6. YEP ! You're completely right it's really nice and the black tape around the frame matches perfectly. I have a special request for you. could you please try to pour some nail varnish with some acrylic on using the fluid painting technique. it would be interesting to see how the nail varnish interacts with the acrylic. Your job is terrific, i love it, thanks xxx.

  7. That turned out great!!! I use fabric softener and water as a wallpaper remover. I wonder how fabric softener would work instead of the store bought wallpaper remover…..???? Maybe a project for another time.

  8. I didn’t super love how it looked as you were in the process of making it but wow does it look extremely beautiful and expensive. Great job! ❤️

  9. I have just started watching your videos and learning about acrylic pours. I really love this, to me it looks like wood. I can see this done on some kitchen cabinets to give the look of faux wood. Maybe even a small coffee table, end tables for the bedroom for the western theme look. I even have some small iron type stars to add to the end tables and or coffee table.

  10. Pesce and blessings.your mistake is beautiful. When you turn it around looks like Bayou trees in Louisiana. Ps. You did not need to swipe…you needed a trowel.ha ha. Enjoyed your video. 2/3/18. 11:43 PM. SUPERBOWL EVE YEAH!!!!.

  11. Thanks for the experiment cool that's so weird about your music almost every tutorial I watch not necessarily art tutorials a lot of makeup tutorials all those women have background music wonder how they get away with it just curious thanks

  12. That so sucks about YouTube pinging you for copyright! I'm surprised YouTube didn't know the type of blender your wife was using and copyright you for that name brand, haha!

  13. This was a very funny Video and I had a good laugh. Didn't expect any result at all. But it turned out great. Congratulations.! May I admit that you should hang the Picture the other way round. It looks like birch trees. Do you know the Viennese painter Gustav Klimt? He definitely used other materials but his birche paintings are great.

  14. That`s cool and you did a good job. How about trying Crackel paint on a pour, and do you have a Dollar Tree were you live. you can get anything for a dollar like brushes, knives for cakes, rubber spatulas for cleaning out cups and scraping up things, wood sticks. Well so much you could use.even paint.

  15. But, why wallpaper stripper? What properties does it have that you are looking for and what outcome do you expect?

  16. What do you do with all the pieces you make? Do you have a gallery or sell online or live in a huge house with your art on every wall?

  17. When I use any squeeze bottles, I put vaseline on a tiny dowel rod or little solid stir stick then insert into nozzle of squeeze bottle so my product doesn't dry out. It has saved me more than once. I really enjoyed your vid!

  18. OMG This is Beautiful… Although i prefer it landscape as it looks like a beautiful woodland of silver birch trees with the golden rays of the sun hitting them..
    Can't wait to see what you next painting is…..

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  20. So the stuff your spreading on the black is the same stuff in the spray bottle (DIF gel) did you mix it with something? It looks liquidity in the spray bottle but when your spreading it it looks too think for a spray bottle.. Did i miss something?

  21. You should do a pour with your wife – that would be awesome. You pour your way (using whatever colors and additives you want) on your half and she pours her way (using whatever colors and additives) on her half and see how the two pours meet up in the middle. The painting came out great – looks like a forest full of dense trees with golden bark.

  22. Love your voice… you are the new Bob Ross in my book. Very relaxing and entices me to experiment! Great pic.

  23. This is Fabulous! May I ask what you used the glue for/in. Was the Floetrol the only product you mixed in with the Wallpaper remover? I also saw a tan/cream colored paint. Was that what you mixed with the white? Thanks so much in advance..

  24. If you hang the picture in the other direction, if may give an impression of birch trees. Adding more white colors may help intensive that impression. It is nice you do not have to add knot holes to the trees. I have been thinking about doing a birch tree painting then adding metallic butterflies and colorful birds.


  26. tIME HAS GONE BY SINCE you first did this. How has the wallpaper remover stand up to time. is there any pros or cons for using it? ss caps

  27. Wow…this really turned out well! Wasn't sure where you were going with it but turned out beautiful. Better than a pour. I like your painted border, too. Nice effect.

  28. what was the reason for using the wallpaper striper ? At first I thought you were replacing Floetrol. But then you added Floetrol to the stripper ?

  29. Tried it with equal parts DIF and Floetrol on a deep red background. Used various gold and silver metallics, a raspberry metallic and a frog hair of black. Also a weird cream made up of pour runoff that I had saved. Added silicone to all but background and the mediums. Did the swipe and then added a few judicious lines for highlight with a popsicle stick. It is drying very smooth – not done yet, but it has the same finish as yours. I love it. The background is peeking thru where the medium dried clear. Cool. Thanks for the video! Great Inspiration. A riot of interesting cells.

  30. I'm impressed how your able to paint at your desk!! I swear when i paint that whole area would be a mess lol great job, love your videos 🙂

  31. The painting was, to say different. Did you keep it? I don't know if you saw it' but when it was horizontal, it looked like the was a little man with a white beard and hair standing in the middle of the woods behind the trees. Name that painting, "THE MAN OF THE FOREST"

  32. You always come away with a great painting Carl. Since i had my knee replaced and lots of therapy I’ve not been keeping up the videos. Think our back pain sucks try knee replacement. It never quits hurting. Just 9 more months and its supposed to be better. Lol.

  33. Your voice is so relaxing I swear you would be so good at asmr videos lol. Or one of those people that intentionally puts people to sleep. Love this piece, I was like what is he doing?! Then at the end it's like oooh, ahhhhhh. So beautiful. Great job. Thanks for being such a great teacher 😊

  34. Hey Carl, just for future ref if you aren't going to be using your resin for a while, put it in the fridge just watch for freezing… Another Artist told me about that… You do cool stuff my friend…

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