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You ready for this? Oh yeah Lets do it. Dark Souls has trained us well. I know right? It looks like they made the game easier so casual players can play. -WHOA!
-WHOA! HOLY SHI- Is this “too easy” for you? You know, I actually think the game seems pretty challenging. I’ll see you later. OK Hello, I’m Pate. I’m your friend maybe maybe not. This dude is giving off a really bad vibe so I think we should kill him. wait wait wait wait wait wait He gave us a Soap Stone Solaire gave us a Soap Stone So this guy is like the new Solaire You know? Yea… You’re probably right. …i will kill you later on. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH YEEEEEEEEAAAAAA!! YES YES YES YES YES YES Lightning is the best! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Try thrusting… Ambush behind Amazing che- Woman in short for the- Try tongue but Horse but? WHAT?!?! Check it out, I’m a baby bird! That’s-That’s pretty good! BUDDY We run and we explode! I’m gonna blow up! You think you can handle my spells? You know, you sound a lot like our old friend Frampt. Yeah! He does sound like Frampt. I… don’t know what you’re talking about. Here Eat this. Well, I’m not really hungry- It IS Frampt! Oh, it’s good to see you, Frampt! You wish to guard the bell? Yea, that sounds really lame so I think we’re gonna pass… You’re gonna regret that! Blood Fart? And Rotten Sausage? Alright, it’s two on two it’s a fair fight. What’s this? Alright, it’s two on one it’s gonna be an uphill but I- I’m sorry… Very good… Hey, do you know ghow to beat this boss? Yea, I’ve beaten him before. Just follow my lead. Sounds good. BE FREE, MY MASTER! Find some cover! We gotta move up! Alright, let me in. I don’t think there’s enough room for three people in here. Alright, very funny now make some room. No, seriously, look how tight this walls are! Yeah, you gotta find another spot. I would, but I don’t have enough time. If you leave now… You’ll probably have enough time. I’ve beaten him and I’m telling you that I don’t. Really, we’d let you in but there’s just no room! I disagree. Now let me in! You gotta find another spot! No time. Just find another spot. NO TIME! Just find another s- I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TI- I just wanted the souls… Hey, this place looks really cool. I wonder if there’s gonna be a- Buddy? Buddy? Moving box! WHAT THE HECK?? You can turn into a box? That’s amazing! Hello. May I share with you
the lore of this land? Uh… yeah, let’s hear it. I know it’s hard to believe but we’re actually standing in an- -WHOA!
-WHOA! Why did you do that? Ungh… No, that was my fault. Please, leave a bad player review on my name so I may learn from my mistakes. You know, I actually feel kind of bad… You should! He was just trying to tell us the lore of the land! Well, I didn’t know that- You fuh- big fat stinking green jerk!. Hey! That’s my physical appearance! That hurts really bad! Ooooooh my goooooooood! YOU WILL NOT PROCEEED!! GANDARF! NO!!! Oh, geez… It’s two on one, pal. Give it up. I think we’re lost. Look, when I hit the tree
it makes a funny noise. Can you not hit that tree? Why is everyone stabbing me in the back? Coz it’s easy. And it does a lotta damage. Thank you for saving me! No problem. I don’t have anything with me but if you meet me in my house… I’VE GOT BOSS WEAPONS! Did you say -boss weapons?
-boss weapons? Boss weapons! Where do you live? Right down the road. Can’t miss it. Right down the road. Right down the road. Guess we’ll see you there- YEP! Right down the road. Right down the road… Right down the road… Right down- bye bye! AAAAYYY!!! A GUY!!! UN FORASTERO! Detras de ti! Detras de ti!! Oh, oh, its hot! Oh, it’s really hot! You gotta be more careful buddy. You don’t suppose that’s just a regular frog… We gotta get outta here! I like seeing giant bones of creatures… Cuz then you can, like picture what it was like before it turned into giant bones… You phrased that really weird… But I know exactly what you’re talking about. There’s a giant hole here… What is this yellow goo? It smells so bad! Aw, come on! Please tell me this is the end… I did not like that place… Everything hurts! What’s that? This… is what we have been waiting for! PRAISE THE SUN!! [T]/ Oh, this must be where that giant bird lives. Let’s check it out. It’s not a bird, it’s actually a dragon. What do we do? Maybe we can sneak around it. NOPE! That doesn’t work. I think we should get outta here. Yes, please, I don’t wanna fight any more dragons. Let’s go. Do you think it’s gonna follow us? Just calmly walk away. Brave Undeads You have proven yourself to me… Now… be one with the dar- LIGHTNING!!! We… We beat it! Oh, that wasn’t too bad. OUR SOULS ARE FREE! Why are you being so dramatic? I don’t know, I just feel like that took a really long time. Yeah, I guess so… What do we do now? Wanna play through again?

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “HAPPY SOULS

  1. I love how when the Carriage Boss battle when he rides by he’s blasting the theme song..
    Had me laughin my ass off..

  2. At 1:58 i'm like 80% sure it's a parody from a game i used to play on an arcade emulator when i was maybe 8 or 9.

    That was 14 years ago. Can anyone tell me what it's parodying?

  3. I'm not kidding when I say this, this is the first time I've seen this video (06/10/2019). I love it to bits.

  4. Whenever someone uses an exploit to cheese out wins or spams an OP move in fighting games, I always say "cuz it's easy, and it does a lot of damage"

  5. This dude could have made another one on dark souls 3 instead of letting everyone else copy him and wouldve gotten that many more views. Guess he dont care, either way i seen this video countless times and the jokes never wear off.

  6. I actually watched this video before playing the second game and boy nothing made sense until I did and lemme tell you, everything is true

  7. Dude make another one of these from the perspective of bLoodFaRt97! And xXR0tt3nSaWsageXx! Doesn't have to be as long or anything.

  8. I love how this is genuinely funny, regardless of whether or not you've ever played DS2. This actually made me go back and play it, then watch again and say YEP to pretty much everything XD

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