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Hashinshin: More DMG than the whole Team combined! | Why Aatrox is frustrating!

these games have been truly incredible to check these have honest-to-god and the worst teams I have had in like the past week and a half these have consistently been the worst teams I've ever had I think the only feasible way I could carry these games is by being Jax and just simply Auto attacking everyone on their team to death even if I play a trots even if I'm a super ridiculously fucking fed aatrox right it still doesn't matter I truly believe this system is basically forcing me to have losses at this stage there's no other way that these teams could even be remotely equal it I don't think I'm ever gonna win another game again I feel like I'm continuously playing better and better and my teams to compensate are actually just getting worse every game I kind of want to wing it and just go with the cuz I'm flying a bit for the I have bone plating so I'm playing a bit cheesy early game here bone plating is particularly good into Jax I think we're having as hunter ugh scales but revitalizes revitalize bone plating is fine too I'd say Jax's laning phase is weak enough that longsword isn't even that like scary of a start my favorite thing is when you do this when he's like unsheathing his sword and he like bugs out the animation and he starts just twirling it on his back as I said Jax's laning phase is so weak I'm pretty sure that I can just do a long sword start and be perfectly fine but I think I actually die here oh I'm not gonna give the assist to Hector I'm flashing away I was in toppling fun everybody hecarim sit stop hecarim sit stop hecarim sit stop hecarim sit stop hecarim is still afk top oh wait hecarim is actually a higher level than me remember touched ed it's totally okay because it makes the LCS more exciting I got zero Loki oh hey teen teen you were sterile all killed by that do you mean I didn't use my resources because I didn't want him to get the assist I like literally explain like why I'm gonna let myself die and you guys are like you guys see although kill dad didn't yeah yeah I'm actually just gonna be beaten here he's just gotten so much free shit from the jungle is on each team I don't like jokes is trolling I think that he's just not used to an a trucks who actually knows how to counter his initiation so he's just kind of running up he doesn't understand that I can counter his initiation and win so he's just leap striking up because he's confused and he's hurting himself to shed he's hurting himself in his confusion oh shit I thought that would heal me enough I didn't think I'd have to whack out goddammit he's playing so stupid it's like actually beating me because it's like such stupidity that I'm not like mentally prepared for him to be this much of a fucking idiot you know like I'm like like I'm playing as if he's gonna be smarter let's put it that way and it's just blowing my mind I guess I've just Dee ranked that fucking heart at this point I just have to play as if he's a fucking NPC and then this will be really easy as I said – except I just treat him like an NPC that should be pretty easy see that's the thing I don't expect him to just run up and die like an idiot cuz why would someone just run up and die like an idiot since I favorite comp and T of T diamond blade master H arcs calm though I never make a Chuck Sakaki I used to but not anymore the jacks with Trinity TM I just run down my team I killed their most fed player and thought oh boy this is going well and then the fucking jacks just ran down my team he's gonna be very fucking close to spear Scioscia now okay okay we're doing pretty good here too it shit we're doing pretty good oh my god fuck off turret we okay let's just back we don't have enough Caitlyn with us for some reason God's sake why didn't that queue kripp man right at the end I did the backwards second queue and it didn't crit I saw it there dick kaitland that long to take an inhibitor it's been like 20 minutes only fucking God that's our aftershock is super useful twitch chat that's why I think that as a company right needs to ensure that bruisers on average are lower frustration than other classes to compensate for the fact that they have high frustration aspects to them already put in by the fact that most breweries are drain tanks by the fact that most bruisers have conqueror bruisers already have frustrating as bigs in their kitchen so ride should ensure that bruisers don't get any more frustrating aspects in their kit for you the non bruiser players it's probably not fun to fight aatrox to fight jacks to fight Renekton to fight darius okay is us the bruiser players there's nothing more fun than pulling off the 1v2 being at low HP heeling just enough HP to keep your health up however that's really frustrating to fight that's why I advocate removing the revive from a trucks it's probably the most frustrating aspect of his kit one of the things I actually dislike about a trucks and pull us up here if you look at the damage from his passive see how like if you go from level 11 to level 18 see how like even though that's a very huge fucking big gap level 1 to level 11 happens in what the first 15 minutes then the next 15 minutes is to level 11 so in the first 15 minutes your your passive damage nearly doubles in the next 15 minutes your passive damage goes up by like 25% I think what they should do for a trucks remove the revive from his ultimate entirely in return make his passive scale a bit harder at the later levels to like 15% maybe maybe 14 14 15 percent he'd like as of late game right now he does fall off a good chunk another thing I think they could potentially do is remove the revive from his ultimate and then make it scale harder so at 10 12 14 seconds so that in late-game team fights when potentially you can be fighting a tank who might take a while to die or fighting like the ume ad carry who you need to get like three combos in to finally kill thing is the reviving blood well as a trucks identity no it's fucking not I've never thought to myself boy I want to play aatrox because of the revive and blood well you guys always act like no we must preserve the history of aatrox his old identity must be preserved I don't give a shit I would rather have a more fun and balanced champion especially one that frustrates the community less let me let me actually show you this dirge it let me actually show this you again there is a very wide gulf on these two champions really let's say these three champions railed in fact let's say these four champions in fact fuck it let's say every do you not notice how someone like most of the champions that have the high band rate aren't actually the broken champions the only champion that's broken is moored with a high band rate do you know and I'm not talking about all ranks okay we're talking a Platinum Plus I mean let's go down to like gold look low elo can barely even fucking play eight rocks and they're still banning him often ban rate does not correlate to overpowered that's why I don't like that websites will often use banned rates to put champions into higher tiers look at look at Darius okay Darius is a very high pick rate a very high banned rate in an average win rate because of that he's an S Plus tier I don't like that the website uses it Darius doesn't get banned because he's overpowered Darius goods banned because mother fuckers get 1v2 by him and go yeah yeah I mean let's look at Diamond Plus okay even into diamond Plus who gets banned the most drain tank drain tank drain tank drain tank Yasuo even in diamond plus there's a tendency to hate on drain tanks and let's look at the zig s you look at who is winning the most games in diamond plus Riven has the highest win rate and the highest pick rate in diamond plus and yet her ban rate is not that high I mean correlate here the only champion with a massive win rate who also gets a high ban rate is Mort arguably tahm Kench but really not that high you have till I go down to here 16 and 17th highest win rate to find other than Mord massive ban rates

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44 thoughts on “Hashinshin: More DMG than the whole Team combined! | Why Aatrox is frustrating!

  1. He start to sound like he use twitch and youtube for a substitute of an "SOLOQ Psychologist".

    blah blah is too strong, tralala too weak… League of Legends Hashinshinostoteles XD. What if we told him that there are players who would beat his ass in top regardless of matchup. PRO like khan or cuvee would stomp him with a fking ad janna, without any jg itervence.

  2. I feel the exact same way! Since 1-2 weeks my teammates dropped to a new level of retardation! Feeding all the time, like 0/8 before minute 10! Everyone!

  3. as an ad main those are my bans: rengar (invis one shot), eve (invis oneshot), talon (invis oneshot), kha (invis oneshot) kayn (blue form midgame) and possibly morgana if my sup is pyke/thresh.
    i actually like fighting aatrox/darius/illaoi etc when im playing ad, because its a game of kiting and chasing that takes more than 0.3 seconds. you get rewarded for dodging skill shots and you can actually evade their engages, because they cant run through walls or jump over and you can actually see them

  4. gets ganked once
    "Jungler sitting in my lane"
    classic pre-bitching
    great example of this man never willing to admit he never respects opponent and that he can also get killed for trying to look macho

  5. I liked hashinshin for a while.

    But you just a big bitch man. You hate this game so much but you aint brave enough to play anything else just purely out of income.

    Do anything else at this point man you cry too much for a big man like yourself.

  6. can someone make a compilation of hashinshin flaming HIS jungle for not camping top, then flaming the enemy jungle for camping top? anyone else notice his summoner name?

  7. the state of jax is just depressing, that guy just went all-in every time he saw an enemy and still ended up with a 1k bounty

  8. 1:56 How was he sitting top? That was the first gank. I actually can’t watch this idiot bitch about everything

  9. E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away E's in E's away

  10. I am like hashinshin when I just started just complain about unfavorable match ups to the champ I like and jg ganks.

  11. He’s actually right. I’m a master hardstuck. I made a smurf account and it was actually hard to get out of bronze cause my whole team would just int so hard almost every game

  12. I think aatrox should not deal bonus damage on his Q if it hits the sweet spot. Only knock up. in late game it hits harder than an adc's crit at 200 AD

  13. I like how, despite sometimes being sarcastic, he actually gives insights on how the game should work and how it could improve and stuff
    I like this guy and always will, more so than other streamers

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