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Hashinshin: This Game is frustrating… – Streamhighlights

Cesar Sullivan

35 thoughts on “Hashinshin: This Game is frustrating… – Streamhighlights

  1. Watching many hashinshin videos in a row and I noticed the problem is him, I mean, he wants to win with Olaf in s9, it's like trying to win a war with a knife when enemy has guns and maybe bazookas

  2. Maybe just accept your a potatoe at the game and quit like i did now im rank 70 worlds at apex instead of qwer on little kids now i shoot them

  3. here is a thought, why doesnt hash play twisted treeline? its a game mode where most bruisers run the show, its faster paced and you have more potential to carry if your laning mechanics are good (vs relying on the other 4 monkeys on your team). sure there is still jungle pressure but its a lot easier to play around as a laner. idk just a thought

  4. First i thought he had good points and then l watched more videos and realized that he is just mad no matter the matchup and feels that whatever he is against is op, while talking like his words are facts and not opinions. LOL .

  5. You wanna make life steal more relevant in the game? make merc treads reduce healing reduccion as well, or reduce the amount of healing grevious wounds reduces.

  6. so every hashinshin comment is remove the thing from the game that just killed me.remove jungle,remove zoe,remove camping,remove scutle,remove everything except top lane so i can 1v1 a guy who is not playing a mage or adc top,so remove everything…yea remove it…

  7. I think season 2 jungle was most fun with any champ being playable because it cleared fast af.
    I just came back to the game this year.

  8. Hashinshin the olaf one trick
    Sometimes I think he misunderstands when people ask him genuine questions because they seem stupid Lol

  9. Hashinshin should not try Dota 2 where counter pick is 10 times strong. He would bitch about that all day xD

  10. Be Hashinshin
    Does baron
    Stands behind baron
    Which makes him take more damage
    “I am better than all of you twitch chat!”

  11. 5:40 even if riven do require skill, why should she have no counterplay from most other toplane non-ranged carries the only way to win is A) fiora B) range C) tank

  12. I just want to point out that Hashinshin has never done any of the right animation cancels on Riven.

    Still doesn't make her animation cancels hard lmao.

  13. Riven animation cancels are just this

    >Auto Attack
    >then Q

    yeah no, that's auto attacking and Q'ing, not cancelling the animations of both to chain them together faster by about 2 seconds total fucking hash is retarded

  14. I'm kind of glad you're not under Hash tbh. Cuz if you are, we won't get as much freedom to type what we want, some of our comments will be reported.

    I like this guy like everyone else here but he takes things up his bum way too seriously. Give opposing opinion politely? Banned. Ask about something he hates, banned.

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