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Hastings Direct Insurance ‘Accident’ Advert – March 2013

Oooh, this is a bit awkward Yes it is. Beautiful day eh? Yes. Some cracking birds. Yes…er, I mean, no… You are such a lad. Quietly making things right when there’s been
an accident. Just one of the reasons we were voted Car Insurance Provider of the Year. Refreshingly straightforward insurance.
0800 00 1066 Hastings Direct. Refreshingly straightforward
insurance. All gone. 0-8-0-0 0-0 1-0 6-6 Still awkward. Yeah

Cesar Sullivan

12 thoughts on “Hastings Direct Insurance ‘Accident’ Advert – March 2013

  1. These sicko bastards are currently floating an Ad in The independent on the news vid of a man being hit by a car in Brighton.  How low can you get?

  2. Ohhh Eight Hundred Double Oh, Ten Sixty Six.Should actually be Zero Eight Hundrer Double Zero, Ten Sixty Six… not got the same ring though

  3. That is just the start of years and years of nice cold callers asking you for a if you need to do make a no win no fee claim THEY SELL YOUR PHONE NUMBER

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