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Have Clients Given You Their Self-Harm Supplies Before?!? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

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44 thoughts on “Have Clients Given You Their Self-Harm Supplies Before?!? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

  1. Thank you for answering my Twitter question, Kati! I wasn't sure if it was normal for my urges to go away or not. They've gone away previously, but now it's happened again, and I'm feel like I'm missing a part of me. I saw that video (can't remember the title) where you talked about this subject, so I understand that it's not a bad thing that I miss my urges

  2. I actually recorded myself throwing a bunch of my old blades that I kept and showed it to my therapist! She was so proud of me and so was I! 🙂 I have been clean for about 3 weeks! It's not a lot of time but I have been a self harmer for 4 years! soo yay to 3 weeks so far! 😀 woohoo!

  3. I like your shirt Kati 🙂 I have given self-harm tools in the past to a therapist and it was helpful and a bit healing because I didn't feel judged, and yet cared for. (3 years self-harm free except once 🙂 Church activities have helped me a lot. Especially because I don't have supportive family around and I could find support spiritually and socially there. 

  4. This vlog was particularly helpful to me. Thank you. Looking at spirituality and also encouraging us to get out and have fun really rang true to me. Also, the negative voice was at a really bad point tonight and I'm going to talk back to it.

  5. Fan bloody tastic!!! I had small funny turns yesterday in a shop & mum & youngest sister were horrible towards me so I felt " I deserve this always, freak, I don't deserve anyone"!!! Excuse me bullshit….time of the month apparently, feel like death! But I ain't into pushing up daisies yet! I know I've got to talk back more, when I dissociate I become weaker! So I can't say anything at the time to people. I am going to end it. Cause my thyroid is up the shoot I can sort that out & fingers crossed more energy!

  6. Ok so mediation is ok is what u are saying what is one thing that u think might help me overcome this grief I have tried so much and just at a serious loss for words 🙁

  7. Spirituality is what has saved my life. I started going to church right after my 2nd suicide attempt. I made so many friends and mentors. I have such a huge support system around me. They won't let me slip back into my old ways. I would encourage everyone to find somewhere where they feel loved and accepted. It could be church or a youth center, sports team or club. I even confided in teachers and professors. Open up, people do care. Kati, I hope you have an awesome time on the slopes!

  8. My therapist suggested she hold onto my razors… Although I was hesitant, I agreed and she said she'd keep them in her desk and I can always have them back if I wanted… That was like 4ish maybe 5ish years ago… I honestly never asked her for them back… I had cut after that but never as deep because I didn't have good razors but by the time I could have gotten them back I probably would have been calmed down enough not to want them… It was so great for me.

  9. I'm a Christopagan myself and I believe in past lives, however, I'm kind of worried that my belief in past lives and that psychic abilities are real (unfortunately in the past I've come in contact with frauds)…are basically messing with my head. I'm worried some of my beliefs may steming from a mental illness. What should I do? I can't find good answers to it or anything.

  10. To answer question three:
    I'm constantly talking about my church/former church and my talk therapy appointments. should I say you will in fact, one of my biggest coping skills is to talk about my pastor and his family.  He makes me feel safe. and germs of how you can incorporate your face/spirituality into recovery I would I would say that you build a support system with people that hold be the same beliefs as well as feel free to talk about your beliefs and therapy. 🙂

  11. I used to go to a charity for support and counselling and I actually gave them anything I had on me at the time which I could use to hurt myself! It got to the point where I just left my ''kit' there and never thought about it again. Then before I had to leave for university, my support worker asked me what she should go with them. So she came with me while we finished off my therapy by getting rid of the kit!!!

  12. Hiya Katie, I have a question, How do you talk yourself out of a suicide plan? When you have focused on the set date for a long time and don't see yourself living past that date, you don't see any way of not carrying out your plan. Do you have any advice for this? Thanks in advance, p.s. please answer this! x

  13. Hey Kati, I've been kind of down lately. I stopped watching your vids for a while, the I came back, Imstopped watching again and yet, here I am again. I feel like I just cannot let go of my ED. I've been OK for over half a year already, but lately I have lost, let's say XX pounds, which puts me back in the underweight region. Also have I picked up my self-harm again. I would like to go in therapy again, but would it be most advisable to go to a different therapist or should I go see one of my previous therapists? Because I feel like when I was in therapy I made a lot of progress, but as soon as I get out I always seem to relapse and this is the 4th time I have actually went to a therapist. Thanks in advance, Nicole

  14. I'm hoping that you can respond to this I doln't understand  the whole google thing. But I was wondering If you could answer a question on bipolor? What is it? how do the mood sings work and what's the best treatment

  15. What can you do if you have a sexual abuse past with more than one person and you can't stand to be touched by anyone in your life, I can be touched by my best friend but that's different because I've told her everything and how I don't like being touvhed so she'll like rest her head on my shoulder sometimes and grab my hand, but then if anyone else touches me I want to break down crying, even if its my mom, how can I help this? I'm also 14 so I'm afraid to tell a adult about my sexual abuse past

  16. To the person who asked question 4: I SAID THE EXACT SAME THING!! NO JOKE! And you know what? I am in Las Vegas celebrating my 21st birthday!!! I never ever thought I would live to see my 18th, but here I am. It hasn't been easy, but with HELP, I've made it and it has okay! I'm GETTING THERE! Please, I promise that you CAN do it!!! <3

  17. This is similar to question four, but different enough that I thought I'd ask anyway.
    I'm not in recovery, but I'm nearing a birthday I was sure I wouldn't reach. I know my death would be devastating to my parents but I feel like I can't reach this age. Other than seeing a therapist and talking to my parents is there any advice you can give me? Thanks.

  18. i saw a shrink weekly when i was like 15 and he asked me if he could see my knife. i was worried but i let him see it, and after he looked at it for a while he gave it back.

  19. As of this September I will have 10 years with no SI, and honestly it's really tough right now and I don't know why right now. I don't know if the urges ever completely go away once and for all, but it can be mage manageable.

    I quit when I went inpatient even though I had opportunities to improvise a sharp edge, I was tired of cutting to cope- partly because I had a fresh 10" slice down my arm from the night before I got help (that I still can't hide). I decided I didn't want any more of those, and if I couldn't stop wile inpatient there was no way I could manage when I got out, so I spent a lot of time talking to the staff about it.

    Later I found a 12-step style support group for substance abuse that took me in. I found peer support for substance abuse and peer support for mood disorders and SI is almost identical.

  20. I had a counselor years ago who forced me to show her my cuts when I cut. It was embarrassing but made me think twice before I cut. Is it normal for a therapist to ask you to show them your cuts? How can I get my current therapist to look at my new cuts? I feel like it will really make me think twice about cutting like I did before.

  21. I asked my therapist if I brought her my "tools" if she would dispose of them after I left, as I can't bring myself to do it, nor ask anyone else. She said she couldn't have contraband at the clinic, so please know that not every therapist will hold or throw away self harm material.

  22. I used to cut with a piece of plastic during sessions. She’d sometimes ask for it but she’d always give it back after sessions. She didn’t want me cutting during sessions, but she really wasn’t concerned with me cutting outside of sessions.

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