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Havildar Bhanbhagta Gurung's Knife Wielding WWII Assault

Cesar Sullivan

30 thoughts on “Havildar Bhanbhagta Gurung's Knife Wielding WWII Assault

  1. Keep your mind sharp by watching this video about The Curious Case of the Gun Knife

  2. It's called a Kukri not a machete. Simon, as a Brit you should know that. The Queen has Gurkhas as bodyguards when she gives medals, honours etc..An Argentinian I worked with had been told they were mercenaries during the Falklands war. I explained they were part of the British army.

  3. Respect to the Gurkhas. My mother's side has a family line of Gurkhas. Proud to have Nepalese mother and a Japanese.

  4. It’s called a “khukuri”. I have a whole collection of them. Greetings from 🇳🇵 ❤️✌️

  5. How well were these Gurkhas decorated? I know of one Gurkha who was the recipient of two VC's, that is to say, he was awarded a bar for his second VC. They are indeed fearless, yet gentle natured, and I have been privileged to have met a few. Hundreds would apply for service, but few would be accepted because of requirements. The rejection was a family shame and quite a few would commit suicide on their trek home. The Gurkhas are the best of the best displaying fearless courage, yet humility and a humble demeanour. I have met British officers from the Gurkhas and they are dedicated to their regiment. Gurkhas served Britain with pride, it's a pity that some of our soldiers are lacking in that department. During one tour of Northern Ireland, I was almost shot by the idiot next to me whilst unloading our SMG's, I took pleasure in kicking the shit out of him. I mention this only to show the occasional disparity in soldiering in the army.

  6. Jai Mahakali! Ayo Gurkhaali! Along with the Sikhs, Dogras, Kumaonis, Jats and the Marathas, the Gurkhas form the mean fighting machines of the Indian Armed Forces! Thank you my Gurkha brothers for maintaining the integrity of my nation and the reputation of my armed forces as one of the best professional and ethical armies in the world! Love you Gurkhas ❤️❤️❤️❤️!

  7. Not all Nepalese are Gurkhas, only those people who served the British & Indian Army are Gurkhas, Majority of Magars, Gurung, Rai, Limbu, Chettris peoples has been originals ones before WW2.

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