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Highest Damage I've seen in World of Tanks!

Cesar Sullivan

30 thoughts on “Highest Damage I've seen in World of Tanks!

  1. Endless pens against the front of heavy tanks and yet manages to bounce the side of a BC25t … Welcome to WoT

  2. Hello Quickybaby,

    I have found another follower of you who also uses cheats to win, so that he cannot do without it, you can do it, tomaszwisniewski336 [TRAGE] who has played only 24,726 games but has brought in 155 tank ace again, this again thanks to your promoted cheat program that you of course also use to show these lies-like videos, right?

  3. yeah..i'm not so imptessed….i mean thats a lot of damage..but he spamed a lot of gold and the enemy heavyes were usless so…..nope…next one…it was just lucky

  4. These guys have so much money to spend with this game that they have more gold ammo loaded than normal ammo. LoL.
    No wonder why these guys have 3 mark barrels and do so much damage compared to non newbie players.

  5. I suck at this game so much, it's why I quit, retarded mechanics. The way artillery works is also stupid.

  6. Hello Quickybabe,

    How much do you get paid from wot to complete this shit?

    it is remarkable that you first say that wot is on the way things are going in the last year, now you are all talking nonsense to mislead your followers, just like wot does with the players!

    Stop lying and cheating, this game is despicable and nauseous, it has nothing to do with gaming anymore, just for the money, just as you seem to be bribable to get all kinds of lies out of the closet for wot, to get this to promote rotten!

  7. Hey QB for me IS-7 still do better into that position. because of its turret. you know what i mean haha. love from PHILIPPINES🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭❤️

  8. The enemies just letting them self getting sniped. Im not saying this is a bad player or anything. But looks like the enemies are retarded 😂

  9. I don't get why so much people complain about using premium shells. It is player's choice, isn't it? If you have money and you can afford it, you may carry a lot of premiums. If you don't, then carry more standards. What is the freakin reason of complain?

  10. And im here wondering what the hell the 121 is for it's literally a worse version of the 113 and the 113 is a worse version of the WZ-111 5A.

  11. Any noob can push the 2 key and blast away at idiots that wont use force of numbers to overwhelm a lone enemy. My best is only a touch over 4K screaming around the map doing everything in my power to make damn sure my team wins.

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