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Holmes caused far more financial harm than Shkreli: Judge Napolitano

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Holmes caused far more financial harm than Shkreli: Judge Napolitano

  1. And NO ONE thought to ask for patents? Proof that this works? No one? She settled the case? No jail time corn fraud?

  2. Yes, Judge Napolitano, in America you have the right to be a jerk. Our president is the prime example.

  3. She knew how to play the game better rather than this sexist rant- – And it’s definitely not true that jerks are not punished more harshly on judgement day

  4. Elizabeth Holmes defrauded Rupert Murdoch and his business criminal buddies , tbh they had it coming when they didn't do their do diligence in investing in Theranos , she personally didn't sell a single share in the company and hence cannot be said to have profited massively from it .

  5. She's a cute blonde who probably said, oops, I Didn't know the technology was not going to work, And got off Scot free that way…gee whiz..

  6. What can I say. You have to be/do the following to avoid any consequences:
    1. Be a female.
    2. Be a blond.
    3. Get a set of puppy eyes.

    And you're golden!

  7. Another proof that American justice system is a sham. A bogus sham.
    Even president Trump is being hounded by the so-called "DOJ". Manafort is going to jail for a crime he committed 12 years ago, which half of all lobbyists in DC also committed. Hillary walks free while someone else who committed less serious crimes than she did served time. Shkrelli's crime was much less than Elizabeth Holmes'. But guess who is serving time?

  8. Marissa Mayer – destroyed Yahoo

    Susan Wojcicki – destroyed Youtube

    Amy Pascal – destroyed Sony Films

    Kathleen Kennedy – destroyed Lucasfilm

    Sheryl Sandberg – deadbeat at Facebook

    Carly Fiorina – destroyed HP

    Elizabeth Holmes – Silicon Valley fraud

  9. She has the 'dynasty pass' as she belongs to the lineage one of the richest families in America (in the past).

  10. It’s a phial of blood. This ignoramus pronounces it as if it’s a vile of blood. On reflection, that’s hardly surprising…he is American.

  11. The comparison between Holmes and Shkreli has the tenuous common thread of medical products, when Holmes never delivered a medical product. While Shkreli was a jerk and ripped people off, he did not promise a product and then not deliver it. That is why this comparison fails so miserably.

    A better and more accurate comparison would be Holmes and Madoff.

    Bernie Madoff learned what happens when a man screws over the wealthy.

    Holmes is learning what does and does not happen when a woman screws over the wealthy.

    The reason why Holmes has been getting away with this scam is because of our Age of Listen and Believe, and METOO. The idea behind this is to ALWAYS believe a woman, for women do not lie.

    Even worse is the method of pushing women into areas where they may not belong. There is no difference between a man of the 1950s telling women what they CANNOT do, and women of our modern times telling other women what they MUST do.

    There are actually investors out there right now who want to believe in Holmes so badly that they still want to invest with her. They still trust her. They still like her. They want it to be real so badly.

    I'm sure there could be a woman out there who may be the next Steve Jobs. Holmes is not it, and is being forced into that mold after she did some character study to put herself in that role.

    Because of our times, where our system and culture engages in "Soft Sexism" toward women, not only will Holmes be able to commit more scams, but more women will surface and be ready to scam those who have been indoctrinated into The Cult of Woman.

    This is not to say that women cannot achieve. Certainly, they can. While many people would vote for a woman, it was no excuse to vote for Clinton. And while many people wish to invest in female entrepreneurs, Holmes is not the right choice.

    They're investing in Holmes because of her gender, and not because she has an actual product. I hope that they all pay for it dearly and lose their shirts, because maybe then we can shake this cult-like support of women, no matter what.

    As a man who considers women to be equal to men, I prove it by treating them like men, including having the same expectations of them that I would have of a man. If a man did what Holmes has done, then he would be looking at a lifetime in prison.

    If there is ONE thing you do not do in America, it is defrauding the wealthy. For the embodiment of power in America is neither male nor female, and the color of true power and privilege is not white.

    It is green.

    For now, women do not get treated like men in the court of law. This must change, sooner rather than later. Funny how Feminists do not speak up about soft sexism, because they benefit from it.

  12. Are you kidding me!!! "He shouldn't go to jail because he's a jerk!???" That's NOT why he went to jail- he went to jail because he was convicted of a crime! And fine for a Billionaire is insulting! Disgusting!!

  13. Holmes is a younger version of the CAnklePuss and like Cankles was given a feather bed instead of the iron rack No justice in America, anywhere. Cankles = Hillary Rotten Clinton.
    Eddie Munster (Napolitano) has a real cackle.

  14. She screwed a lot of riches for their dumb money. It is OK, it won't change the life style of those riches a bit. Like the mouse trap, the greedy gets taken.
    But, Arizona consumers is different story.

  15. Silly convo based on misunderstanding. Criminal investigation of Holmes was underway; criminal charges simply hadn't been brought yet.

  16. Not entirely sure it's just a question of gender. Holmes humiliated a lot of household names with her scam. My opinion is: punchable smirking face vs. Big unblinking babyblues.

  17. Shkreli took every wrong turn that he can take in the eye of the public. And the sociopath Holmes did everything right. That’s why she got away for so long…

    If Shkreli hasn’t gone on national TV and bragged about that price hike with that smug face, nothing would have happened to him. Period.

  18. There is MASSIVE corruption in Silicon Valley and they act like "Oh God she did what?! Why would.." WAKE UP! YOU'RE ALL F'ING CORRUPT IN Silicon Valley

  19. So she lied and committed fraud and became a billionaire but only fined 500k? So she gets to stay a billionaire? Wtf?

  20. Theranos never even had their own instrument. They tried to use other people’s equipment and pass it off as their own. Fuck this lying cunt.

  21. How is the harm she did so much worse, they both endangered people’s health with their actions. If you get an accurate blood test and then can’t afford the medication for your illness you’re still in mortal danger

  22. But why SHOULD women be held accountable the same as men??
    They are GODS in America!!! They can do ANYTHING they want!!!

  23. So… a smart person would simply take a Theranos test then simultaneously do a real blood work test then compare results and expose the whole stoopid scam… right…???

  24. Elizabeth Holmes lost $500k.. She lives in a home in Los Altos Hills… $500k is a penalty one of the engineers in the bay area can pay. How is this justice!?

  25. liberal female here: that bitch needs to be in jail. there are no excuses for her.
    (full disclosure: I'm a lab tech.)
    integrity has nothing to do with gender, Holmes could've killed someone, and she clearly didn't care. let her rot in gen pop.

  26. 20 years for Holmes is the least they could do. She is going to wear an orange turtleneck jumpsuit in prison. That would be the first! (in prison).

  27. It's not about sex; it's about money. She came from big money. Her father was a VP at Enron (telling) who went on to serve in positions within government agencies, her mother was a congressional committee staffer, while her grandfather was a founder of Fleischmann's Yeast.

  28. Such a shame. She got a free pass for being a female Stanford dropout (The judge might be thinking that she’s super smart and just a bit too optimistic about her product).

  29. People could've died because of what she did. One distinguished scientist who worked for her committed suicide because of how he was treated by Theranos . She should be behind bars.

  30. Framing the story this way is just bizarre. What the heck does Shkreli's case have to do with Holmes's? Basically, nothing. They are not even the same types of cases. This seems like a tortured attempt by Fox News to make it seem like Holmes enjoys some kind of female privilege. That is just ridiculous.

  31. Wow. This report completely didn't mention that there is a separate criminal investigation going on with Holmes. How do you compare when the punishments haven't been determined yet?

  32. Martin was an outspoken conservative with some "radical" ideas about limited government, Elizabeth was a liberal Politically Correct champion of the Left.

  33. I live in Phoenix Arizona, I am also uninsured had I not known better I would’ve tried Theranos for labs, glad I didn’t makes you think what the government approves for your health and things that go under radar

  34. Holmes lied about Theranos Testing for 10 years defrauding investors Including Walgreens, Larry Ellison and dozens of others out of $900M!!!  Shkreli's crimes pale in comparison.  Female privilege at its best.  Holmes should be doing serious jail time.

  35. How can blood testing devices be secret? Any technology that involves medical, health, or safety has to be made public.

  36. But she is a young white rich women, she cant go to jail, she would get beat up. We just need to give her a time out and beg her to be a good girl.

  37. i just read this story within minutes I have a theory . this points to shill company,hiding in plain site,perhaps to "redirect" those investments. . Since tax laws changed forcing banks to disclose accounts abroad to IRS They chose her,groomed,and guaranteed her immunity and short punishment. She was used,judges are owned at highest level. simple case.

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