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Homemade Hair Treatment for Frizzy, Dry and Damaged Hair

Inadequate brushing, using industrial dyes,
certain hair treatments, chemicals used in straightening, and constantly using a flat
iron are just a few of the things that make your hair frizz. When your hair gets very dry and begins to
look frizzy and damaged, you might have a long and expensive process ahead of you to
correct it. However, there is a natural way to fight frizzy
hair. It’s a capillary mask made from corn starch
that restores damaged hair, by giving it volume and nourishing the fibers. This mask can be applied to any type of hair,
and works for both curly hair and straight hair. Look at how simple this recipe is: Ingredients 2 tablespoons corn starch
1 teaspoon pure honey 3/4 liter of filtered water
1 strainer 1 tablespoon of oil (either almond, argan,
olive or coconut oil) 1 tablespoon of natural conditioner (whatever
you have at home) Instructions Stir the corn starch until dissolved. Then lower the heat and stir until it thickens. Turn off the heat and wait for it to cool
down. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well
to form a smooth cream. Apply to dry, unwashed hair. Massage the entire length of the hair. Make sure you apply it to the scalp too. Cover you head with a shower cap. Apply this mask before bedtime. Wash your hair as normal the next day. It’s important to remember that those with
an oily scalp shouldn’t apply the cream to their scalp. They should simply put the cream on their
hair. Use this treatment once a week. You can also use this recipe as a regular
hair conditioner. This capillary mask also works well as a massage
cream for your hair. Just apply the mask to the hair and leave
it for 25 minutes. Finally, wash it out with a little shampoo. If you’d like quicker results, use the cream
three times a week. Now that you know how to make your own treatment
for damaged hair, take advantage of the corn starch and moisturize your hair with this
home remedy.

Cesar Sullivan

34 thoughts on “Homemade Hair Treatment for Frizzy, Dry and Damaged Hair

  1. i would like to translate the program into Arabic in order to benefit from the good information

  2. السلام عليكم ..ال جاء ترجمة المقاطع الاخيره إلى العربية ولكم جزيل الشكر 🌹🌹🌹

  3. I really like Argan Life Shampoo. Good price for natural shampoo! Doesn't leave residue in my hair like a lot of other shampoos.

  4. Hey so I have naturally curly hair and for whatever reason it's also naturally dry and because I dye it, it's damaged, yay! haha. But I swear by Jojoba oil! Has anyone here tried it?

  5. why would you have a video and only photos and then don't show after effect of the treatment either in a video the girl, your hair nice hair or picture or anything

  6. I would love to try it out BT I don't know if this works on kinky afro 4c hair like mine. My hair is soon thick n kinky I need treatment that cn soften ma hair a DIY type …

  7. it does not matter what u use for the conditioner u want to boil for 7min. on med. i mixed all the ingredinents and put it on the stove.

  8. So a little back story of mine…. Recently i went to a lady to get my hair permed. She overprocessed my hair and ended up frying it. I did all kinds of deep conditioning treatments and went to every salon i could think of and nothing worked my hair kept falling out. I ended up having to get almost all of my hair cut off. Its been growing but not as fast as it used to. My hair was still dry and very exposed to breaking just by running my fingers through it.. But this mask ive been using for a while and it has really been helping my hair. And im very thankful for it. So to answer questions yes it works and its so worth it.

  9. Thought I would give this a try and it is really good. Yes 750mls is alot of water, but cook the starch over heat adding only about half a cup at first, then another half, and so forth. If you get my drift. The consistency is like silk… feels like silk in your hair and on your scalp. I overprocessed my hair with keratin straightening so hope to put some moisture back in this way. Lets see how it moves and looks after I've washed it and styled it.

  10. I have used it three times. In a month. It does reduce the frizz upto 90% right from the first use. But it has increased the dandruff and my scalp started itching so I am not doing it anymore. Hence I recommend you to not apply it to the scalp. Also it does dry the hair. You must do the hair moisturizing treatment like oiling the hair regularly otherwise it dries your hair and damages it a lot more than it was before using this treatment.

  11. No way…use canola oil some vitamin e capsules and egg. 1 cup oil…2 capsules e and 1 egg…whip together well……leave on however long you like I go overnight. You're welcome😄 I use two or three drops pure Rosemary oil to this mix.

  12. Tried it. Feel like it conditioned my hair feels soft but didnt help me with the frizz… dont hurt to try maybe it will help someone else.

  13. Dose it also work for bleached hair? I recently got my hair bleached and ever since it's been breaking off very badly. I have 3 inches of my hair broken off now. I'm looking for something that can help put moisture back into my hair because right now it's very dry and no matter how much oil and conditioner i put into it it's not working.

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