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Hospital Associated Disability | Aging Matters | NPT Reports

(soft music) – [Narrator] NPT Reports, Aging Matters. – It’s nice to meet you, I’m Dr. Dabrowski How do you do. – [Dr. Powers] Coming into the hospital is a new environment for an older person, by being in hospital, they are exposed to a lot of risks, falls are increased, the possibility of the adverse reactions to multiple medications, the inability to sleep, to rest, all impacts the person’s recovering. – [Dr. Landefeld] We’ve
all had the experience, of our proverbial aunt Mary,
who comes into the hospital with pneumonia or a
urinary tract infection, we give her the right antibiotics, everything seems to be better, the pneumonia is better, but she goes home and she’s not walking or talking the same. A lot of the time that’s probably
the unintended consequence of how we do things in the hospital. – [Dr. Flood] Although
adults are at increased risk of developing new confusion or delirium or having a decline in
their functional status about a third of older
adults will lose function in the hospital, in the
traditional hospital model. It’s really more, how are
they aging physiologically, so if I am 72 and I’m still running 5Ks, then will tolerate a pneumonia better than if am 55 and I’m
bed ridden from a stroke. – Now let’s start walking
towards the doorway. – [Dr. Powers] Once they
are in the hospital, if we can avoid those complications by designing the environment,
educating the staff who care for these individuals, and also trying to
minimize the interventions we go a long way to improving that hospital experience for the patient.

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