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how many people can we kill in the vehicle so we've got three vehicles or well four vehicles lined up we got a plane back there too plus we've got a bunch of boosters and platforms to test this out we've got a bunch of cool people here they're all for my discord server make sure you join my discord server link in the description to be able to join a video and yeah let's get started with a shopping cart now honestly I don't really expect very much and also these are some low speed boosts so these will give us a low impulse those will give us a medium and those a high but I wanted to see if we can actually kill someone with this object guard I mean you probably can if you're like flying around and stuff but can you with a boost here we go here we go oh my god I actually killed three people okay apparently if you run into people with a shopping cart you will kill them but you will need a speed boost though properly I don't know let's try that again there we go here we go here we go Oh oh my god we actually killed a whole lot of people there what right now fYI everybody does have one health so technically I'm only doing damage but the fun thing is the vehicle keeps going the vehicle doesn't stop so it penetrates through plenty of people but guys good job good job for it for one quick experiment stand in the middle of here please in the middle of here yeah see if we do it without the speed boost I feel like we're not gonna do very much damage can we kill people with a shopping cart without Oh speed boost Oh oh my god we actually got to you crybabies can go tell your mama that you died of a shopping cart all right how about we try this 80k all right this is a bit interesting everybody get back on the speed boost line all right are you ready are you ready ho ho ho yo people are about to die three two one let's go one two three the ATK is just as good or bad as a shopping cart what how does that make sense that doesn't make any sense in my brain so if you want a vehicle to kill people you might as well take your shopping cart guys letting you know now let's try that one more time here we go here we go here we go one two three I think three or four I don't know three or four all right without the speed boost watch you we got we got to hit nobody expected I was coming from the back Hey please move up I will kill you I'm telling you I can kill people think Oh Shh all right what about this thing interesting thing about this one it's got a boost so we can either try without the boost first and then with the boost all right here we go speed boost boom what three people that's crazy and we just got a fourth one over there this one seems a little bit stronger than the ATK all right what about with the rocket alright we're gonna try the rocket out on the back here we go here we go only two probably because the rocket kind of sends us into the air you know we just flew over the remaining people all right let's try it on here let's try it on here jeez three people again Oh at a fourth one alright well that was the low impulse speed booster how about we step it up a notch this one will send us twice as fast towards our victims I'm sorry guys you're all having to die today I know all right I'm gonna wait for the remaining people to come back and then we're gonna try out the shopping cart again to see how many people we can kill with a little bit faster of a speed boost here we go here we go incoming dah I killed four yo that does a lot that makes a lot of difference nice what about the ATK will we'll be able to kill more people than the shopping cart I feel like the shopping cart was stronger their previous rounds so let's get let's have a look here we go here we go mediums we boost we only kill two people the shopping cart is stronger than the ATK isn't that ridiculous that's absolutely ridiculous I did not know that I was always using the 8 2 k to pubs to people but looks like I'd rather use a shopping cart now or maybe I'd rather use the quad crusher I don't know we're about to figure this out speed boost guys we've already tried the know speed boost without the rocket first without the rocket no three people okay just as bad as the ATK but again this thing seems to fly in the air all the time I don't understand it this time with the rocket go three again feel like I feel like the rocket just ruins it because we just fly off let's try that one more time oh oh there we got four there we got four but it's definitely limited because the rocket makes you goes so ridiculously quick they just fly away I can definitely tell you that the medium impulse speed boost definitely did a lot more than the low one so does that mean we might be able to kill everyone with number three the best speed boost in the game all right everybody line up we're gonna get a shopping cart ready here we go here we go you guys ready to die oh my god we only killed two but I feel like the shopping cart flew a mile alright we gotta try that one again though we gotta try that one again okay steer and tap and tap its people Oh someone was in my way but I killed four or five where did my shopping cart go by the way Oh how does it end up here what silly shopping cart here we go here we go alright 57 boom okay I killed three I killed three I'll get a little bit disappointed see you later shopping cart I'm gonna have to kill you fly shopping cart 80k what can you do on the fastest speed boost in the game in three two one okay here we go ATK we only killed one and then all of a sudden when I was standing still I kill I got – how does that make any sense guys maybe for the ATK we need a little bit more room how about you all start standing from here okay so the first block nobody stands here everybody back up behind this line alright so now that there's a little bit more space between the speed boost and the first platform or the first people maybe the ATK will be able to get a little bit more speed before it starts killing them oh here we go here we go here we go boom only do this thing sucks the shopping cart is so much better wow I am disappointed in the ATK here we go here we go we just killed four we killed four with that yo that is really good alright so I'm curious to see if we can do better with a rocket you know what I think we will this is gonna be it the fastest speed boost and a rocket on the quad Roger oh jeez gosh that was fast but only two people what how does it make any sense so here's the thing I think we have figured out by now that if you want to kill people with a vehicle that is not a plane because that will s what we're doing after don't use the rocket or do you did I just killed for did I just kill for what I have no idea here we go here we go top speed quad crusher with rocket for again okay that's definitely the limit that is definitely the limit those were the three driving vehicles how about we move to that juicy thing that goes in the sky alright so before we try that with the boosters how about everybody come to the runway alright everyone getting really close to each other I see there's some space here I'm gonna get a plane and I'm gonna like land it here and then I'm gonna fly straight through you and I want to see how many people I can kill with that here we go are you guys ready to die I missed here we go we only got one how does that make any sense are you kidding me this is out playing ladies and gentlemen this is a plane you got to kill more people with that maybe we try it with a boost guys maybe we try it with the put the boost on the plane I killed four I killed four oh my god and that was so easy I felt like I could kill the last people too because the plane with the boost doesn't stop that's the big difference here the quad launcher if you use the boost on it and people get in the way the quite launcher will stop but the plane doesn't the plane never stops alright jelly is incoming I make sure I don't touch the floor I got this ja ja I think I just killed seven six or seven at least okay all right Wow four well that was epic anyway here we go here we go only one oh that sucked only one again here we go without rocket speed boost number three the plane is so inconsistent and with killing it's ridiculous boom oh whoa whoa whoa see I said I mean I think I just killed seven so ridiculously inconsistent I don't understand what's going on alright can we take out everyone alright ladies and gentlemen I think it's pretty safe to say that the quad crusher it's probably the best vehicle if you want to kill someone after that I would say the shopping cart believe it or not the ATK is kind of weak I don't know why and yeah my least favorite is definitely the plane it's so inconsistent it's got a rocket on it that like boost you up and it's strange and I don't even know what's going on well ladies and gentlemen I want to leave it there for this video if you enjoyed it leave a like on it and I'll catch you in the next one haha thank you guys so much for 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  1. Hi jelly I am your biggest fan I wanted to use code jelly but I can't download it because i don't have anything big to download it and I will never use slogo or kops

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