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How to Apply Special Effects Makeup Bruises : How to Age Fake Bruises with Makeup

Hi! I’m Erin and you’re watching Expert Village.
Today, we’re going to be working on how to do a bruise. Also, I wanted to go ahead and
talk about aging of bruises as well. We’ll get to that later, but I’m just going to go
ahead and point out the fact that once again, we are working with lighter skin color today.
I wish we did have darker so I could compare the two, but we do not. This is what we’re
doing. We’re going to start out with the darker blue and then the maroon. Once it ages, the
blue and the maroon almost into like an olivey greenish yellowish. I’m sure you know if you’ve
had a bruise before. The more and more it goes away, the yellower it turns. For Caucasian,
that would be the case. If you have darker skin, you’re going to start out probably using
the same colors but you darken them. You can darken them with maybe a black tint. Just
a touch of black. Maybe a dark brown can darken it as well. When you get into the old aging,
you can can’t really see in their skin too much, depending on how dark it is. If it were
a Latin person, it would be a larger yellow area. You would want to go a little bit darker
just so it would show up. An African American is a little bit more difficult to do. You
can do that, but still like I said, the pigment of their skin is a little bit too deep to
hold the yellow. Let’s get started to punching Jamie in the face.

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