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How to Apply Special Effects Makeup Bruises : How to Stipple a Swollen Bruise with Makeup

Hi! I’m Erin and you’re watching Expert Village.
Today, we’re going to be working on how to do a bruise. Next thing you want to do when
you do a swollen bruised area, you want to cover it with a similar skin tone, which we’re
going to do right now. I’ve got a little bit of a lighter skin tone here, a liquid foundation.
We’re going to paint right over this baby. Blend it in. Get right on top of that. Make
sure you cover all around the cracks and stuff. This is pretty close to her natural skin color.
We’re just going to work with that right now since I’m just showing you an example. You’ve
got the added bruise area, or swollen area. Now we’re just going to add some stipple.

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