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How to Apply Special Effects Makeup Bruises : Makeup Supplies for Fake Bruises

Hi! I’m Erin and you’re watching Expert Village.
Today, we’re going to be working on how to do a bruise. Before we start our bruise, we’re
going to have to identify all of our tools. Normally, when we do a bruise, we would use
a cream based makeup. Today, we’re going to be a little inventive and I’m going to show
you a way to do that so you don’t have to go out and buy the bruise kit cream based
makeup. Basically, what I did was I shaved a little bit of the eye shadow pallet onto
here. What you want is a navy blue here right here and a maroon color. You’re also going
to need a little bit of moisturizer. You’re going to need your stipple sponge. You will
also need a regular cosmetic wedge sponge. You might need a little tiny, tiny, tiny brush.
Maybe a little synthetic hair. It doesn’t matter. Just to maybe do a little bit of spotting.
Here are our tools. Let’s get ready to make some bruises.

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