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How To Cut Pineapple Without Waste – Morgane Recipes

I have always seen my family and Laotian people
cut pineapples in the same way. This method gives the pineapple a nice shape
and reduces the waste of its flesh. Observe how the eyes of the pineapples are positioned. The alignment of the eyes forms spirals from
the top to the bottom of the fruit. In this first direction, the alignment of
the eyes is regular, and each spiral has a nice curve. This is the direction in which I will cut
the pineapple. In the opposite direction, the alignment of
the eyes is not regular: the spirals are less curved and they have breaks. I cut the base of the pineapple as straight
as possible so that it can stand vertically Then I cut the top by wasting as little flesh as possible I thinly cut the skin from top to bottom always wasting as little as possible I remove the last green skins left I start to remove the eyes two by two following the chosen direction For this, I give each time 2 cuts: For the first one, I hold the knife straight, for the second, I lean the blade. I continue the cutting following the curve
to the bottom of the pineapple Then I do the same with the next spirals until the end Now I cut the pineapple in quarters I remove the hard part Then I slice each quarter without moving the pieces I skewer each quarter to handle it easily. Then I put back the pineapple on its base I remove the skewers The pineapple is ready, it decorates your table and you can invite your guests to enjoy. Bon appétit! Thank you for watching and sharing my recipe. Rendez-vous in my next homemade dish video.

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “How To Cut Pineapple Without Waste – Morgane Recipes

  1. Anyone can "cut up a pineapple"! This is a demonstration of edible art, and something that can bring a bit of joy to your life… if you're in a hurry for your pineapple, buy it pre-cut, or canned! And this charming lady's accent is very easy on my Southern American ears… Thanks for posting!

  2. I love pinneapple and thats why Im here but after 5 minute of french accent English, I feel like ordering some "baguette avec beurre" :))) I actually enjoy French accent English speakers.

  3. A little bit more time consuming, but it is worth it for something so beautiful and then you also get more of it.

  4. gonna be honest, while a nice guide, in here, we just take the skin and the crown(and the bottom of course), and eat the whole thing, middle and eyes included. dunno if the variety of pineapple we have here has a sweeter core or what it is, but unless its a really dense core, i never cared to remove it either.

  5. I've seen Americans cut off the whole layer (along with the skin) straight down. First, it's such a waste. Second, the meat nearest the skin is the most delicious part. Thank you for sharing an old wisdom with people who waste the best part of the fruit.

  6. all that effort to cut the skin to save flesh, but then you cut the center and throw it away. Give that to me I'll eat it.

  7. I got shit to do lady….props though….thought it was cool how it is diagonal one way and the other not so much….the creator is cool

  8. This is clever but looks extremely tedious and there's still a bit of waste in the strips of pineapple. Why not use the same technique but instead of cutting diagonal strips use a potato de-eyer to remove the deeply rooted "eyes" of the pineapple?

  9. nope this is wrong sorry. theres easier ways. halved the pineapple vertically and slice each half to four slices. its easier to cut off the skin edges. no harm to ur fingers. enjoy ur pineapples in secs

  10. Nice video, thank you for posting it. I’ve never seen this technique, which is very visually appealing.

  11. I've always seen my family simply pull on the spikes, so you end up with a bite size piece of pineapple.

  12. I'm wondering if you can use a potato pealer for the eyes part.. or some kind of light chisel? 😅

  13. I just eat the little bit of eyes that are left over… They won’t hurt you it’s just extra fiber… And that way you don’t waste too much flesh and you don’t waste a shit load of your time

  14. You really want to not waste the flesh, you do as I do. Just skin off half inch and slice the fruit circular/slices for eating. THEN, JUST pass the skin through a juicer or a blender and filter. The filtered pulp is good animal feed and goes into garden soil.. The juice is pretty good with a couple of spoons of sugar.

  15. Thanks. I learned something new. We waste so much it’s unreal. Does take a long time it seems like.

  16. Now this is how you cut a pineapple.

    The other videos of non poc people were just butchering and wasting pineapple.

    Thank you so much.

  17. Even though you have a perfect pronunciation, you also have the most charming accent I've even heard.

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