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How to Eliminate Concussion Symptoms Naturally

Hello, my name is Dr Ed Carlton. If you, or someone you know is suffering with chronic concussion symptoms, I`d like to welcome you. The next few minutes could be very important! Most people know that physical trauma can cause actual changes in the human brain. Injuries such as those shown on this MRI right here. What most people aren`t aware of, is these brain injuries can be permanent. If you, or someone you know is suffering with symptoms as a result of a traumatic brain injury, you know all too well that this is true. Just like you can cut your skin, and leave yourself with a bad scar, these types of injuries, even minor ones, can sometimes leave permanent, long standing scars on the brain itself. Up to now, there`s really been only two ways of treating these. Number one: You can simply live with it. Or, if the symptoms are severe enough, you go to a medical doctor, and they prescribe medications or drugs to help deal with the symptoms themselves. I`d like to offer another solution: Neurofeedback Training Now, neurofeedback training can help heal your brain naturally, without drugs, or medications of any kind. Let me explain: To begin, this is an example of an injured person`s brain Electro-encephalogram. An electro-encephalogram is a tool where we can measure the brain wave patterns in real time for someone`s brain. Now this one, as you can see, the waves are very uneven and erratic. As you can imagine, the person with this type of brainwave patterns may have challenges with focus, may have challenges with concentration, memory, maybe anxiety, depression possibly, if it`s severe enough, even personality changes as a result of the injury itself. And, these symptoms, as you know, can last a very, very long time. Here, on the other hand, is an example of a healthy brain electro-encephalogram. As you can see, the waves are much calmer and smoother, aren`t they? This person`s probably not suffering with those types of symptoms. How do you go from an unhealthy EEG to one like this, a healthy electro-encephalogram? First, in our office, we would do what`s called a quality electro-encephalogram. Now, this is also known as a “Brain Map” A brain map in our office can actually show areas of injury, and provides me with the data needed to provide an individual training protocol to help your brain heal these areas over time. Imagine neurofeedback training as “Gym for Your Brain” Cause that`s kinda what it is However, unlike going to the gym, neurofeedback training is a very pleasant activity. There`s no pain, no stress, all you have to do, is watch a movie. If you can watch a movie, you can improve how your brain works with neurofeedback training. Imagine it like this: If you were to go to a personal trainer, and they were to check you out, then say, over the next six months, do this set of exercises. And, if you were to do it, Over six months later, they come back, and take a look at your body. Do you think your body would be healthier? Sure it would! The same thing is true with your brain with neurofeedback training. Over time, your brain actually heals the areas of injury. Now, how does that actually happen? This individual is undergoing neurofeedback training. As you can see, he`s wearing a set of glasses he`s got headphones on, and although you can`t see it, he`s actually got sensors on his scalp that are measuring his brain wave output in real time. If, you`re in our office, your “brain map” would already be in our equipment. The sensors, in real time, provide this information back to the Clearmind Neurointegrator in our office, and it compares your brainwaves againt what we want them to be – what would be considered normal, or optimal brain wave performance. If your brainwaves are within normal parameters, The movie you`re watching stays clear, and clean. If, on the other hand, Your brain does what it typically does, wanders off, you start having difficulty focusing, the movie goes dim, the sound goes a little bit quiet. It provides an impetus for your brain to focus once again back on the movie. So, this happens hudreds of times a minute. And over time, your brain actually learns how to stay within the normal parameters on it`s own. Just like if you were to go in and lift weights, your muscles would get stronger, healthier, and more able to do what you`re training them to do. Are there any side effects to neurofeeedback training? I`m pleased to say, no. First used in 1972 to treat epileptic seizures, in the 40 plus years neurofeedback training has been used, there has never been a reported case of side effects. How long do the benefits last? And this is key! And one of the best parts of neurofeedback training. Just like riding a bike, The memory of riding a bike stays with you, doesn`t it? Once you learn how, even 20 years later, if you ever learned, you can probably do it again, can`t you? Maybe not a s well as you did when you were a kid, but you can still do it. Just like that, once your brain will continue to use, retain and improve on the new brainwave patterns you will receive as a result of the neurofeedback training. You`ll just keep getting better, and better, as your brain consolidates your gains over time. Neurofeedback training is currently in use to train some of the best athletes and premiere soldiers in the world. NASA, the United States Olympic Team, the Navy Seals, even the cadets at West Point Academy use neurofeedback training to optimize and enhance their performance. So, for yourself. Are you ready to think better? How about feel better? And, most importantly of all, just be better? If your answer is yes, Come discover this new, revolutionary technology for yourself. I offer a free initial evaluation in my office for everyone. There are no obligations, no strings. Takes about 30 minutes. So if you`re ready to feel better, give my office a call. I`d love the chance to help you. Have a great day!

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