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How to Fix a Penile Fracture | Fairbanks Urology | Dr Tony Nimeh Urologist

so I wasn’t planning on making a video
about penile fractures but I just said oh you know it would be too painful to
watch or too painful to listen to but I think it’s good to do it because you
know if you ever know somebody that eventually gets a penile fracture you’ll
know what happened and you know what to do to to help them out so what
does penile fracture the name is sort of a little bit misleading because
usually we think of fracture as something broken like a bone is broken
and certainly the penis when it’s in an erection is definitely hard
almost as hard as a bone so how can you break
an erect penis well it’s not exactly broken
it’s ruptured they should have called a penile rupture basically one
the way this happens is when a man is in a full erection and then typically what
happens is they’re having intercourse with the woman on top and then the
pelvis of the woman is basically the bone against which this thing is going
to come crashing and bending the penis the wrong way and then there’s so much
pressure inside the penis and there’s nowhere for the blood to go and then
sort of in a flash so then the corpora which is the you know the
envelope of the penis that tears and when it tears the blood comes gushing
through and penis starts looking like basically they call it an eggplant sign
which is it’s a big round eggplant that’s actually purple so it’s usually
you know a big swollen penis and it’s important to seek medical care rather
quickly not because you’re gonna die of this thing but rather because there have
been studies that show that repair within 24 hours has better outcomes than waiting and the major risk of not
having this thing get fixed is permanent erectile dysfunction so you know in
order to get an interaction the blood has to come through the penis and there
is a mechanism through which the blood gets trapped into the penis and there is
such a high pressure and inside the this envelope of the connective tissue of the
penis that the penis gets very very rigid well if there is a rupture in this
envelope well you’re never going to be able to get an erection again because
the blood will leak anytime you have an erection you will
not be able to mount a high enough pressure in order to have an erection so
that’s why it’s important to fix it if someone has permanent erectile
dysfunction from a penile rupture there is a solution to that and it is the
insertion of a penile prosthesis and which it’s basically you can imagine
a bicycle tire while a penile prosthesis is basically the air chamber that’s
inside the bicycle tire and if you put an air chamber inside a bicycle tire and
inflate the air chamber then the whole tire will be hard
and rigid and this is exactly what happens with a penile prosthesis you’re
basically inserting a a chamber of not air but water or saline or so there’s a
liquid and this liquid okay it’s actually so it’s water and the water is
basically fills up the prosthetic which is a small balloon and because of this
filling up then the whole penis from the outside gets rigid because now there’s
something compressing it from the inside out just like an air chamber
compresses the bicycle tire from the inside out
that’s how penile prosthesis works but we’ll talk about penile
prosthesis in a different video for now suffice it to
say that penile fractures are going to happen because of a tear
in the envelope of the penis the corpora and the way the to fix it is
to re-stitch up this tear that way it heals up and and
continues to be water types of that blood and can be trapped inside at a
high pressure

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