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How to LSD | “Harm Reduction Guide”

This video is for harm reduction purposes. [I] do not promote the use of illegal or dangerous substances materials need it LSD testing kit music device Pencil and paper a comfortable setting or a safe spot six to [twelve] hours of time a trip sitter optional Step one get LSD I do not promote the use of illegal activity so I am unable to help you procure any illicit substances however google is your friend onions work, [too] Step 2 test, LSD Once obtained you must test your LSD there is a myriad of other Substances going around masquerading as lSD some of these are very dangerous and they could end your life if taken irresponsibly Now the best way to test your LSD is to give one to a friend to take Assuming they have a good time and don’t suffer any negative health consequences Then you know that these tabs are safe for you yourself to take Okay, I’m joking that was a bad joke the best way to test your LSD is with a testing kit You can use the [erlich] testing kit or even the [marquee] touch testing reagent will work Step 3 choose your dosage 100 ug is the staple dose for a beginner now if you’re feeling very anxious you might want to start with only 50 ug as For experienced rippers you’re probably going to want to stick to the 200 to 500 Microgram range At those dosages this high you’re going to really see what LSD has to offer you’re going to get the full package the full trip [this] is really ideal if you want to travel the inner workings of [your] universe step 4 set and setting whatever emotions you’re feeling going into the trip will be amplified by the LSD it is imperative that you go into this with a Positive Mindset now on the other hand if you’re feeling very anxious because say you just lost your [job] You lost a loved one a family mem You’re just really shitty human being you’re probably not going to want a trip right now or maybe ever Setting can be equally as important make sure that you trip in a comfortable and relaxed Preferably familiar place as a rule try not to trip around strangers I mean You can’t really expect to remember who you [are] once the LSD kicks in let alone who other people are if you’re around people you Don’t know very well. They could actually become terrifying Step 5 arrange a Safe spot now if you’re going to trip in public or in nature you really do need to have a Location that you can retreat to if things get a little overwhelming this can be a friend’s house this can even be a vehicle Ideally it needs to be somewhere that you’re at least semi familiar with that you [feel] safe in hence Safe spot [I] can’t stress how important This is enough sometimes things really do get overwhelming especially when you’re out in public And there’s other people around that are sober or especially drunk And you really do need somewhere that you can go to if you get scared step 6 a list of goals some people enjoy LsD just for the adventure [other] people like taking it because you can help them answer hard to answer questions having a list prepared Such as this one with some interesting written questions Such as what is the meaning of life? What is time? Where did we come from [I] left this downstairs and my mother replied to all of these? [this] can be very beneficial for you because you’re going to get some very unorthodox type answers to these questions and even understanding in more detail what death is Say you experienced ego death where you completely lose track of who you are and yourself And you’re just joining the interconnectedness of the universe if you have this experience then carrying on in your daily life Becomes or can become better because the fear of death can be greatly [lessened] and not having this anxiety around Death can allow you to live a more free more I? Don’t know fulfilling life. Yeah. Thank you. [I] freeze [up] when there’s a camera on me step 7 a trip sitter this is optional now a trip sitter is very good if you And you have a lot of anxiety around tripping. It’s also good If say you’re an advanced user and you want to do a dose that you don’t know you can handle like say you? try 500 micrograms Which is a pretty intense dose so even if you’re comfortable with 100 200 once you jump to 500 you might want a trip sitter [a] Trip sitter is preferably somebody who has experienced tripping. This is important because if they have experience with LSD. They will know that if you’re Experiencing ego death you might actually think your physical body is dying they’ll understand that you’re not in any danger and they can help Raise your mood This is done by either taking you to a new location to change the setting or by playing a song for you that you’ve prearranged that will help relax you you’d be amazed how just Changing something so simple as a song can make a bad trip start turning into a good trip This being said sometimes a bad trip is exactly what you need Sometimes the substance will show you what you need to see rather than what you want to see It’s often when you come out of a really intense experience that you show you Demonstrate the most growth as a human being or If you’re a very weak willed [person] an intense trip can cause you to never be the same again and be afraid of everything So you really do need to be cautious what your mental state is going into this step 8 music music can be very beneficial When you’re on LSD sound in general is greatly enhanced. [so] if you’re listening to layered music such as Some techno songs or my favorite is fungal every soundtrack you can hear in such crisp clarity It’s just it can take you to another world It’s beautiful also again if you’re experiencing a tough time a new song can really Transport you from a negative emotion to a positive one step 9 take LSD place the LSD under your tongue Allow [it] to dissolve for 15 to 30 minutes [you] can also swallow your lSD, but allowing it to dissolve sublingually will allow you to trip faster Step 11 trip The Journey can last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours During this time you will experience a range of emotions not low emotions and a range of effects not limited to Once the excursion has ended you may find it difficult to sleep during this time some people report smoking Cannabis can help or if ethanol? Is your thing then that will work too? Now it’s also important to reserve probably one full day after you trip just for recovery time Going undergoing these experiences can [be] very emotionally draining, and you will need a whole day to recuperate Step 12 integrate a lot of users report Spiritual or mystical or religious experiences now in higher doses this can be very probable and integrating back into normal Society afterwards can be quite difficult It’s important to learn that what happens during a trip does have its place, and it does have value But you don’t want that to interfere with the real world because no matter how much you want the world to change It doesn’t look [like] it’s changing anytime soon, [so] integrating back into Society is key There’s a way to take all the benefits of tripping and apply them to your real life [for] example when you have [egodeath] you can translate that into having less of a fear of real death and taking more risks in [life] And you know living a more exciting life. What’s important, though Is that you don’t visit that dimension too often because you can get lost there, and it will really make your life here suffer I will cover more on the benefits of tripping and how to better integrate the experiences [and] the pitfalls of tripping in a later video as For right now that concludes this program. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope that you can [umm] if Anything take from this to start tripping more responsibly and at least test your substances because there really are a lot of bad Substance going around that fit on a blotter, and you don’t want to take them because you could die

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  1. Hello Loved ones,

    I created a music video specifically made for Acidtripscalled "When you truly love something" for people, who are looking for their passion. If plan to trip the next time, please remember going to that video and I advise you, to sit through the whole 18 minutes straight to get the answer you are looking for. Be strong.

    Thank you for reading my comment and enjoy you life.

    You are amazing.

  2. Just my opinion you should do lsd the first time alone that way theirs much less risk or trauma like a sober trip sitter is cool but it's nice too be in nature but for your first time your don't whana change settings much or walk for me I got weak an tired on the comeup after cleaning pool stuff so I layed down an it hit wile watching fear and loathing in Vegas great movie I peaked at some point during the film and I think passed out or just fell asleep from the joy and shit

  3. Take a huge bite of a sheet
    Have lucy in the sky with diamonds blasting in the background while building an empire

  4. You'll thank me later (6:45)

    Spontaneous tactile sensations – The "body high" of LSD can be described as proportionally very intense in comparison to its accompanying visual and cognitive effects. It behaves as a euphoric, fast-moving, sharp and location-specific tingling sensation. For some, it is manifested spontaneously at different unpredictable points throughout the trip, but for most, it maintains a steady presence that rises with the onset and hits its limit once the peak has been reached. At moderate to high doses of LSD, this sensation will usually hit its highest level and become so overwhelming that people find themselves writhing on the floor in complete pleasure.

    Stimulation – In terms of its effects on the physical energy levels of the tripper, LSD is usually considered to be very energetic and stimulating without being forced. For example, when taken in any environment it will usually encourage physical activities such as running, walking, climbing or dancing. In comparison other more commonly used psychedelics such as psilocin are generally sedating and relaxed.

    Nausea – Mild nausea is occasionally reported when consumed in moderate to high dosages and either passes instantly once the tripper has vomited or gradually fades by itself as the peak sets in.

    Tactile enhancement – Feelings of enhanced tactile sensations are consistently present at moderate levels throughout most LSD trips. Once Level 8A geometry is reached, an intense sensation of suddenly becoming aware of and being able to feel every single nerve ending across a person's entire body all at once is consistently present.

    Bodily control enhancement
    Increased heart rate
    Pupil dilation

    Cognitive effects – The cognitive effects of LSD can be broken down into several components all of which progressively intensify proportional to dosage. In comparison to other psychedelics such as Psilocin, LSA and Ayahuasca, LSD is significantly more stimulating and fast-paced in terms of the specific style of thought stream produced and contains a large number of potential effects.

    The most prominent of these cognitive effects generally include:

    Current mind state enhancement
    Thought acceleration
    Novelty enhancement
    Time distortion
    Analysis enhancement – This effect is consistent in its manifestation and introspection dominant.

    Déjà vu
    Multiple thought streams
    Personal bias suppression
    Conceptual thinking
    Immersion enhancement
    Memory suppression
    Personality regression
    Thought loops
    Feelings of interdependent opposites
    Unity and interconnectedness
    Feelings of self-design
    Spirituality enhancement
    Delineation of though
    Simultaneous emotions
    Visual effects

    LSD presents a full and complete array of visual enhancements which generally includes:

    Visual acuity enhancement
    Colour enhancement
    Pattern recognition enhancement

    LSD presents a full and complete array of visual distortions which generally includes:

    Drifting (melting, breathing, morphing and flowing) – In comparison to other psychedelics, this effect can be described as highly detailed yet cartoon in its appearance. The distortions are slow and smooth in motion and fleeting in their appearance.
    After images
    Depth perception distortions
    Symmetrical texture repetition
    Color shifting
    Scenery slicing
    Perspective distortions

    Geometry -The visual geometry that is present throughout this trip can be described as more similar in appearance to that of 2C-B or 2C-I than Psilocin, LSA and DMT. It can be comprehensively described through its variations as primarily intricate in complexity, algorithmic in form, unstructured in organization, brightly lit, colorful in scheme, synthetic in feel, multicolored in scheme, flat in shading, sharp in edges, large in size, fast in speed, smooth in motion, angular in its corners, non-immersive in depth and consistent in intensity. At higher dosages, it consistently results in states of Level 8A visual geometry over Level 8B.

    Hallucinatory states – LSD is capable of producing a full range of low and high-level hallucinatory states in a fashion that is significantly less consistent and reproducible than that of many other commonly used psychedelics. These effects include:

    Internal hallucinations (Autonomous entities, settings, sceneries and landscapes, alterations in scenario and perspective and plots) – Although LSD is technically capable of producing hallucinatory states in a fashion that is on par with psilocin or DMT in its vividness and intensity, these effects are extremely rare and inconsistent in comparison. While traditional psychedelics such as LSA, Ayahuasca, and Mescaline will induce internal hallucinations near consistently level 5 geometry and above, LSD will mostly go straight Level 8A visual geometry. This lack of consistently induced hallucinatory breakthroughs means that for most, LSD is not as deep of an experience as certain other psychedelics. On the rare occasion that they are induced however, they can be comprehensibly described in terms of their variations as lucid in believability, interactive in style, new experiences in content, autonomous in controllability and geometry-based in appearance.

    Auditory effects – The auditory effects of LSD are common in their occurrence and exhibit a full range of effects which commonly includes:

    Multi-sensory effects

  5. Listen from 6:35 to 6:45 in regular speed then relisten to it in .25 speed (slow motion). Crazy shit @psychedsubstance idk if you read comments on old videos but I see what you did there.

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  7. Meanwhile YouTube is restricting PragerU from speaking the truth, while this video is accepted as user and advertiser friendly content right? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. I took 300 ug for my first time and I only tripped for about 4 hours and I didn’t trip super hard should I i up it? I took 150 the other day and it lasted about 4 hrs too but it was a lot less intense should I take a lot more?

  9. I don’t have anxiety medically but I’m a little nervous about tripping just because I’ve heard horror stories so I know the answer to this is probably don’t trip but is there a way to get rid of this anxiety of the unknown because I really want to experience it

  10. You also can buy 1P-LSD completely legal on the internet. Not saying you should do LSD but if you do it better get the legal version that might be a little more costly but comes with quality control

  11. It's my first time and I feel fucking amazing but Im doing it at school and I got laid before school and paid it's such a great day!!!!! Happy Friday guys

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  13. Hey I just wanted to thank you for helping me maybe indirectly but thanks to your videos I’ve been able to finally fight off my sadness and depression and keep it quelled thanks to LSD especially after I was in jail as an innocent it helped me to just eat and not be on edge because I sat and thought about how I want my life to be and I got to sit and think what causes my problems and what can I do to stop them whether it’s that personal slap in the face mentally you give yourself or just watching nature but shrooms have been my main medicine besides marijuana just simply take a few shots of shroom tea and trip safely unlike with some of the lsd I have gotten bad ones albeit any I’ve ever purchased through markets hasn’t been fake but some people just don’t have humanity look at the THC vapes with vitamin E it’s pathetic I’m glad we’re all the same open minded people who just simply want to improve our lives and help save others even if we lost money!

  14. I wouldn't recommend Acid to anyone. Me and my best friend had done it 13 times prior but on our 14th session he went into a psychosis and almost stabbed me to death with a knife in my kitchen. It was a 200ug tab and I took the same one as him without any negative side effects. We've taken higher doses before so it's not that either. I don't care if anyone believes me but psychedelics is definitely nothing to play with, you can't know when and if something like this is gonna happen to you or anyone else you know, because as I said, this was not our first session.

  15. i'm gonna do LSD for the first time tomorrow by myself in my house is it a good or bad idea? Or should i wait to have a tripp sitter?

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