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How to make BOMBAY SUN by Alexandr Skubach WHO&WHY/Kiev

Cesar Sullivan

44 thoughts on “How to make BOMBAY SUN by Alexandr Skubach WHO&WHY/Kiev

  1. Beautiful video my man!! Can you please make a video also to explain how to make that kind of "foam mix"?? Becouse I'm really interested about that to use at my work place… (my boss doesn't buy egg whites any more😥🤦‍♂️)

  2. hi mr tolmach i’ve been watching your videos and i learned a lot of things from you as a bartender and i was really inspired by your dedication to your work and videos ! I’m also planning to start a youtube channel where i can share some of my knowledge when it comes to bar ! Thank you keep inspiring people !

  3. Mr tolmach thank you for the bartending videos i hope you keep uploading in the future your videos makes me happy much love mr tolmach 🍸🥃

  4. Почему ушел из ситий спейса?Ответь пожалуйста ,интересно очень.

  5. Sir Iam from TAMILNADU ……sir plz updates more videos helpful for me now Iam studying BARTENDER sir more cocktail recipes and it's volume update for my notes… also sir Iam trying your recipes in my class practical they are all asking me were u learn

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