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How to Make Jelly & Jam : Strain Fruit for Jelly

Hi my name is Rachel Deon on Expert Village.
We can see that fruits have dissolved in the water. We’re going to close the fire now it
has been 20 minutes for since we started simmering it and were going to strain the fruit. I just
want to mention that if you use cheese cloth you should use double layer either if you
use cheese cloth or jelly bags these 2 should be double layer to have bigger holes. We’re
going to take it off the fire and start pouring it, I’m not going to pour the whole thing
leave it to strain. You shouldn’t press the mixture at all cause that might make it cloudy
you just let it strain by itself. To show you see the juices coming out it takes a while
don’t try to help it if you want a nice clear jelly at the end. You can see if after we
strain it through the cloth it became clear liquid.

Cesar Sullivan

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