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How To Make Kombucha Tea : How to Strain Kombucha Tea

Alright so that was the cherry ginger what
did you think? It was great. It was very very good. Alright and now if you like some cran-raspberry.
There we go. In the bottling process the fruit and flavors are left in the bottle and while
they are not enedible it don’t necessarily taste good I feel like the kombucha sucks
the life and flavor out those things and so instead of in binding them you can strain
them and you don’t have to worry about dealing with them getting your mouth when your drinking.
But they are not harmful. This is cherry ginger? No this one is cran-raspberry now. And I just
reuse old glass bottles just whatever bottles I have lying about I really enjoy the gt commercial
brands so if your new to kombucha and aren’t sure if you want to make it on your own you
might try going to whole foods and purchasing a bottle and see if it taste good to you.
It is kind of a acquired taste, it seems it seems tart but is grows on your very quickly
and I say listen to your body your body is going to tell you how much it needs and wants
the sicker your body, the more out of balance it is the more it is going to crave and I
say just listen to your body as that is the best guide.

Cesar Sullivan

5 thoughts on “How To Make Kombucha Tea : How to Strain Kombucha Tea

  1. ya its sad to see a video on kombucha and how great it is and then they use a metal whisk to strain it. hello lead poison!

  2. @wanderingmind25 The Kombucha touches the metal for such a small amount of time that it isn't possible to get any kind of poisoning from it (also, whisks aren't made of lead!)

  3. @kombuchakamp its true it only touches for a short period of time but with more and more use it will become easier to leach. As for having no lead, lead is a component of most metals. You could also call it an impurity. Either way you don’t want it in your body if can be helped. I would recommend a cheese cloth to filter it and i personally use a continual brew method and siphon using a medical grade hose.

  4. @wanderingmind25 Great recommendation to use cheesecloth. I don't use metal to strain my KT anymore – if it were stainless steel, no problem but you are right, it is best to avoid contact with any other type of metal. Brew long & pro$per 😉

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