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How to pack a wound

I’m Lisa Hollister, the director of trauma and acute care surgery for Parkview Health. Today I’m going to show you how to stop the bleed. Stop the bleed is very simple. Three steps. The first one is pressure,
then wound packing, then a tourniquet. So let’s start with pressure. If you come upon a bleeding patient that has a wound the first step you’re gonna do is put pressure on it. If it’s a large wound, you’re gonna put your entire palm of your hand and all of your weight on the wound. We’re going to put a lot of pressure and hopefully that stops the bleed. If it stops the bleed you need to maintain the pressure on the wound until help arrives. If that doesn’t stop the bleed, we’re gonna move to packing the wound with gauze. And typically, we can use
a hemostatic gauze or any gauze or you could use a shirt if you have nothing available. So we’re gonna take the gauze and we’re going to pack it inside the wound until you can’t pack it anymore. And that’s getting to the source of the bleeding. So we’re going to just keep packing more and more and more and it could be a deep wound, so don’t be afraid. So once we’ve gotten this completely packed, hopefully we can put some pressure on it
and that will stop the bleed. So if you’re all by yourself,
and you need to apply a tourniquet, Just put the tourniquet on. We’re going to tighten it as much as possible. It’s a velcro, so super super tight, Then we’re gonna take the handle we’re gonna twist it until The bleeding source is stopped. And then we’re gonna place it into the handle We’re gonna take the velcro and close it. And we’re going to write the time. For courses in our area go to and search “Stop the Bleed.”

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