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How to Repair Damaged Deck Boards | Mitre 10 Easy As

Cesar Sullivan

28 thoughts on “How to Repair Damaged Deck Boards | Mitre 10 Easy As

  1. Guide block is a good tip so you don't have to look for the line of nails and re-orient yourself. Also good idea to screw the block in place instead of going in at 45 degrees. I wasn't comfortable with doing that either. Think I'll be using that. Great tips! Thanks! 🙂

  2. From not so suuny and dry England… If you use cross head screws with a Dewalt Impact driver, you can replace the whole piece in 10 mins.  This Dewalt will screw a 4" screw, in , . less than 5 secs.  Great vids, but USE SCREWS !!!!!!!!

  3. The one thing I was waiting for you to mention was the different sides to the decking timber. Make sure the timber is replaced the correct way to match the existing timber!

  4. Nice video but why not seal the two end grains of the replacement board with a product like Anchor Seal to stop splitting and checking before installing it?

  5. Do video on how to repAir or replace a fence made of wire, namely window , not the chainlink wiring. Wire used to just keep in small pets. Thank you.

  6. Plans from the Stodoys site perfect for beginners and advanced people will find something for themselves.

  7. Thanks for the tip. Could you help me, please? I bought a 14' long deck plank to replace one that rotten in our deck. It got rained on bad. It's water treated/pressurized whatever that means. How soon can I cut it with a circular saw? Is there a certain dry out time? Thanks.

  8. Yeah…us poor boys don't have all those fancy tools, aussie. You need to make a video that relates to people with just common tools like a hammer and nails. Not this fancy powertool shit.

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