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How to STOP “Food Aggression”/ Resource Guarding in Dogs- WITHOUT FORCE

Cesar Sullivan

39 thoughts on “How to STOP “Food Aggression”/ Resource Guarding in Dogs- WITHOUT FORCE

  1. Yesterday, we took in a 1 yr old, 6 pound Maltese Yorkie mix, who is very malnourished and was abused. He gets very viscious with his food and bone. My husband and teenaged son have been bitten already, and my husband is sure we can fix this behavior if our whole family works together! Thanks for the video! My Yorkie is very jealous, so we will check your other videos too!

  2. My dog has a serious bone guarding problem, I cannot get her attention or give her something more valuable because her bone is the most valuable thing she has. So how can I stop her problem?

  3. This was VERY helpful i have a Jack Russell mix who is VERY food possessive. And often bites me and draws blood in the process. Whenever i've decided he's had enough of whatever it is he's eating. This distraction method seems useful and i'm going too try it with him. He also doesn't like his butt touched or anywhere near his mouth. Meaning i can't brush his teeth so i have too rely on the Oravet dental bars which seem too do a good job. We got him as a rescue and have had him for 3yrs now. Hes going on 5yrs old. His previous living situation wasn't the best as he was living with an old woman who was a bit of a recluse so right their he hasn't had much "socialization" with people or other dogs. We believe or so we were told that the old woman kept him indoors a lot as a companion animal for her. Then she went into hospice care and decided too leave her dog with one of her kids who obviously had a family of their own with their own kids. I believe he bit one of the kids and that pretty much sealed the deal for him and instead of doing the right thing and surrendering him. They booted him and he spent quite a bit of time wandering the city streets by himself. He was quite literally on death row until the foster organization came too his rescue and then we found him on petfinder and the rest is history. We've had him trained in house because our trainer who is excellent feels he does better one on one then being overwhelmed in a group training session. His good traits are he has excellent recall, crates up when told, announces when he has too go out to do potty. And is fairly good around other dogs I.E. non aggressive unless they go too far with sniffing his butt etc…His downfalls are the food aggression biting, not being able too touch him all over his body, not being able too brush his teeth, does NOT like visitors or contract workers coming into the house we usually crate him during these times because he barks and follows the workers around if we don't he doesn't bite them though. And even though we are a house of 3 my mother, father, and myself he does "play favorites" and enjoy my dads company the most out of the 3 of us. Even though i've tried everything i can too make friends with him it's almost as if he has too force himself too enjoy our time together which saddens me. Because we got him solely as a companion ESA or Emotional Support Animal for me. Our trainer has already told us that if she had known us beforehand she would NOT have recommended him as an ESA dog for me given all of the issues he does have. But i will say when i am with him one on one for months on end when my folks go down too Florida for the winter. He is absolutely perfect with me. But once they come home everything we've worked on together completely changes back too him loving my dad and giving me a cold shoulder at times. We have no intentions on re-homing him as we love him no matter his faults and we've all been bitten by him more then once. Which was probably our faults too begin with not being able too read his "body language". Were seriously considering getting another dog as our trainer thought it might be a good way for him too learn from observing another dog and too have a friend. And it wouldn't be a large dog as Jamie is only 20lbs he's mixed with Jack Russell, Long Haired Chihuahua, Pekingese, and Pomeranian. Picture a Jack Russell body with a Chihuahua head. He constantly gets the adorable comments until i tell folks when i'm walking with him how much of a terror he can be at times. Anyway if you have any advice for me i would GREATLY appreciate it. I'm just trying too better my relationship with him. And also trying too understand why he plays favorites while my folks are at home but when he's with me alone he's a gem. When i have him out walking and i need to wipe his butt or clean up after him he doesn't mind me touching him but at home he'd snap at me for even trying too do the same thing. It's very odd behavior indeed but perhaps you can help me figure out why he's exhibiting in some places or time and not all the time…? Any help you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you. Tom

  4. when the dog is a corgi you don't need much courage but try this with a mastiff or other large breeds 😂

  5. Edit: I should also add that my dog bites my foot even if she isn't protecting something and It happens to get too close to her.

    My dog has possession agression but only when it involves my foot being close to the thing she's protecting.
    For instance, Once she was chewing on a bone and I was walking across the yard and happened to get too close to her (though I wasn't doing this on purpose) and she bit my foot- Hard. Thank goodness I was wearing shoes or my foot would be done for.
    What would you recommend for that? I've had this problem for a while and I don't know how to fix it

  6. I’m not an expert obviously. No where close.. but why would you want to train your dog and kind of give him a mind set to only be obedient when treats are around ? Don’t you want a dog that doesn’t do good cause of treats but because he was trained well enough to respect you to not act so possessive or maybe gaining his trust and making him feel like you’re the alpha

  7. Wow! Thanks for this. I have a shi-chi and the chihuahua food aggression is strong in my little boy.

  8. I’ve been pet sitting and walking for almost 4 years in my area and this is the number 1 issue I come across and have been bitten during interviews when the owner was simply showing me where the food was located. Thank you so much! Is this also the technique used if your dog is protective of a certain space in the home like a certain room or the couch?

  9. My dog recently started that behavior
    She was never like that we were so good for a year and now she's so protective of anything she claims as hers
    Like she has smth in her mouth and when I try to take it out ( I always do that every once in a while to show her okay now it's over I end it)
    She just
    Growls and tries to really bite me
    She's a shepherd so I'm kinda nervous ngl

  10. I'm having trouble with my dogs learning not to get in each others personal space (when eating, playing or generally)

  11. I have a labrador and after 2 years now… He has become very protective of everything. Including his body. He used to be very touchy types. But now if you touch him and he doesn't like he will bite you. I find it very hard to trust him now. I guess this behavior started with his food bowl. I am still thinking what I need to do to address this. I hope I manage to tame his aggression down a lil bit.

  12. Can you do a video on two dogs having food territory issues. Having problems with one older dog 🐕, and a younger puppy. The puppy finishes his food first then wants to go play. But it’s tiring to separate them all the time. Anybody have an idea ??

  13. I have a much bigger dog with this problem and its
    A few time she really attacked me (i was luck to wear shoes or she would have ripped my leg..)
    I started working with her and shes much better
    Ill try this with her too hope it works…

  14. That dog is claiming the bone but isn't aggressive, he's actually playing with Zak. I'd be interested to see this technique with an actual aggressive dog

  15. I dint even give my dog a choice, I have husky and I just fight him, I dont hurt him just push him and pull it away or just open his mouth by grabbing it and opening it then taking it and running off then as soon as he is being nice I give it back to him…. rinse and repeat and now he not a jerk

  16. I love your videos. Especially with our new puppy. My new 13 week old puppy only has food aggression towards other dogs not me. Can you do a video on that? Thanks

  17. Sorry in my opinion this looks terribly ineffective. If pancake is never punished for biting, he will continue to bite. Zak makes it seem like giving pancake ham is rewarding him for not guarding the bone, but to pancake, he’s just getting free ham for being distracted. He never unguarded the bone, he just left the bone to get some ham.
    Look how many times zack almost got bit throughout the video.

    Imagine doing this method to a dog that is much larger than pancake. Your hand will get torn to shreds lmao

    If there is a video that shows pancakes guarding completely gone, I’ll change my mind

  18. How do you stop a dog from being resource aggressive with another dog? Our beagle/hound mix is fine with people, but has gone after both a shitzhu and a golden retriever/corgi.

  19. This is nice and all but my dog, 10 months old 100lbs, will come, sit, lay down, leave it and stay if he thinks he is getting a treat 100% of the time. He does it maybe half the time without treats. If he likes something he gets extremely aggressive and goes into attack mode. This dog is just playing compared to my dog. My dog has drawn blood and full on attacks when he gets obsessed with something. I've had to punch, kick and grab him by his head and neck and hold him down with the same amount of force he is using. Never to hurt him. He is a big and powerful dog so I don't have the option to pussy foot around him when this happens. I just have to find a way to teach him that nothing is his without him putting holes in my hands and arms. He is a very nice and loving dog to everyone when he's not obsessing over something.

  20. My puppy guards my hands, if he's biting me and I pull my hands he bites my hand even harder. He's a dick but so cute I can't be mad at him.

  21. Hi zak, my dog get very protective over his toys, treats, food, etc. but never towards me. It towards other people. How would I get him to stop being so protective and aggressive towards other people?

  22. So how do you do this when they dont mind you touching their toys…but they get mad when another dog takes their toys… or food

  23. I have a one year old king poodle which was so calm and friendly but suddenly yesterday just run away and today we bought him very delicious Bone and he started to be aggressive if we go close to him and then we tried to take the bone as punishment and he wanted to bit us and act that we strangers I'm so sad I wrote maybe because of the female digs who ate in their period and hormone made him like this I'm so worry can you please answer me ?

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