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How to Survive a Sartorial Emergency – Hacks for Lost or Damaged Clothing

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we’ll discuss how to survive
a sartorial emergency. You probably know how it works, you have this
important event and something gets stained, it gets lost, maybe it doesn’t fit anymore. Not long ago, I flew to Europe with my family
and Delta and KLM lost three out of five checked in pieces of luggage. Now, that was particularly bad because we
were on our way to the wedding of my best friend and of course, I was the best man. With my suitcase gone, KLM told us that they
found it and that it was with a delivery courier and we should get it any day. Turned out it was a lie and something was
wrong in their system. They never located our suitcases even three
months afterward. Unfortunately, we had just a day left, we
were in a small town, and I’m a pretty difficult person to fit off the rack so it was a real
challenge to find a suit or an entire ensemble that I could wear as the best man to the wedding. Fortunately, I always put on nice clothes
when I travel and that turned out to be a lifesaver. I had a safari jacket with many pockets because
it’s practical but a white dress shirt, a pair of seersucker pants, and a nice pair
of dress shoes. That way, I was able to find a jacket and
because it was really hard to find something, I ended up with a jacket from CNA that originally
costs a hundred euros, it was marked down to 29, it was like a navy simple hopsack blazer
and I found a tie with it that was blue and that was my outfit for the wedding. If you know me, you know clothing is a big
deal for me, at the same time, I got over it, enjoyed myself, and had a good time. Of course, that was only until I talked to
Delta and KLM again, let me tell you, what a *****. They really didn’t know where our
luggage was but they kept telling us “oh it’s in Amsterdam, it’s in Frankfurt, we’ll deliver
it” but at the end of the day, that was all wrong. Now we have to go through the claims process
which was even worse, they only want to reimburse us 1500 bucks even though our stuff was worth
10 times that much. They want you to create detailed lists of
all the things that went missing then they want you to submit receipts, what about gifts? Nope, they don’t accept that. what about photo and video proof from our
videos that I own it? No, that’s not enough. What about the things that you don’t have
the receipts anymore, they don’t care. So overall, they lose your stuff, they make
you work for it, and then they pay you a very small amount. So even if I had my receipts from five years
ago, they’d probably be faded by now and illegible. So at least, if you do online shopping, you
can still find your receipt in your inbox very easily. If you work for Delta or KLM, let me tell
you, the way you treat customers whose luggage you lose is really really atrocious. On top of that, I’m a SkyTeam elite member
with gold standards. I wonder what it would be like if I wasn’t
that, probably even worse! After this whole experience which ruined our
experience for a few days, I reflected a little bit and came up with a number of tips that
can help you to survive such sartorial emergencies. First, let’s talk about how to prevent an
emergency in the first place because there are definitely a few things that I could have
done differently. One, evaluate the risk. In my case, we went to a wedding, it was on
Friday. We came in on a Wednesday, that didn’t leave
me much time. I should probably put up my suit in a carry-on
just to be safe. So for you, that means weigh out the importance
of the event that you’re going to attend with the risks that you have when you travel with
checked luggage. Two, always be prepared for common sartorial
issues. For example, a tie can always get stained,
that means you should have backup ties maybe in your car, maybe at your office, or in your
carry-on. It doesn’t take much space and if you roll
it up, it’ll come out and won’t be destroyed but it will save your life in case you need
it for an important business meeting or for a wedding. It’s also great to have some stain removal
wipes in your wallet because they are flat, you can carry them with you and chances are
you have your wallet with you at all times. That being said, if you travel and you have
a limited amount of clothes, maybe avoid the barbecue ribs because chances that you stain
your outfits are a lot higher that way. Also, I suggest to dress a bit more formally
because you can always take your tie off but if you don’t have one but you need one, you
can not just make one up. For example, I dress more formally than 99%
of the people on that plane. If I would have worn a hoodie and sweatpants,
it would have been a terrible disaster at the wedding. Also, it’s really important to wear a versatile
well-fitting pair of shoes. Wearing a jacket that doesn’t fit well makes
you look weird, having shoes that don’t fit well is painful and will cause blisters so
instead of traveling with sneakers, I opted for a burgundy pair of derbies because I knew
I could wear it with a suit, I could wear it with a more casual pair of pants and it
would always look good and it would minimize the number of shoes I had to bring. The burgundy was also dark enough for a formal
event such as a wedding and it really helped that I wore those pairs of shoes. Also, when you travel, make some extra considerations
for clothes and toiletries that you put into your carry-on. If you truly can’t live without a particular
outfit or a tuxedo, travel with it and carry it, it may suck at the moment but it’s a lot
better than being there without it when you really need it. If you have an important thing coming up,
try to fly in a few days early, that gives you an extra buffer to deal with issues. For example, if we would have just come in
last minute. we wouldn’t have had that extra day, I would
have been probably dirty and really inappropriately dressed for that very important moment of
my best friend. Also, I suggest to pick out your outfit three
weeks in advance. That way, if something doesn’t fit anymore
or something is stained or a button is missing, it gives you enough time to get it all fixed
before you need it. That also means you pick out the entire outfit
so you can see if there are any shortcomings or anything that needs changed. Also when you travel, bring a little bit of
laundry detergent powder, it gets you through the TSA and you can always handwash something
in a sink and it can be a lifesaver if you’re just at a hotel for example, and the turnaround
time for dry cleaning is too long. If you fly and you check luggage, try to have
as few connections as possible. In our case, we just had one in Amsterdam
but the flight was delayed so I could even just rented a car in Amsterdam and driven
to my final destination, would have gotten me there earlier. Now, I didn’t want to do that because it was
an international flight. At the end of the day, you have to weigh the
pros and the cons but the lesson I learned from that was that was I go non-stop whenever
possible. Now the entire situation was really stressful
and it really affected my mood negatively and I had to actively let it go, otherwise,
it would have been a poor vacation for all. In order to lessen that pain, I suggest to
invest in luggage insurance, it is quite inexpensive and chances are some of the credit cards you
use especially the travel-focused ones, they already have a luggage insurance built-in. Unfortunately, the Delta Reserve Amex card
that I have does not have luggage insurance so I was on my own, so check your credit card
if it has it or buy it otherwise, it is a good investment. Okay, so these are all things you can do before
an emergency occurs but what if you actually experience a sartorial emergency? First of all, lower your standards. You’re ruining any chance of enjoying yourself
if you can’t just give yourself a break and just accept the situation for what it is. Personally, I was pissed every time I got
off the phone with them and they were telling me a different story but after three days,
I just decided “let’s stop worrying about it and enjoy the time with my family, my friends”
and it was possibly the best thing I could have done. I was there to be the best man and to support
my best friend and I had a wonderful time with the people there. I also tried to laugh about it or make jokes
about it and most people didn’t even notice but it will certainly be a good story to tell
in a few years time. Two, if you’re wronged and no one takes responsibility
for it, move on. I mean it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself,
you didn’t do anything wrong and someone else is taking zero responsibility for it, come
on! Of course, it feels unfair to just let it
go but at the end of the day, you’re not in control so rather focus your energy in something
positive that you can control, Three, do the best with what you have and
be creative and find an inventive solution. If your stuff is stained and you cannot clean
it, well, maybe you can take it off or hide it or get a scarf or find a way around it
so it looks presentable. Four, of course, you can also head to your
nearest store and tell them exactly what you need. The problem is, in other countries, sometimes
they have different opening hours and that may not be an option. Five, it’s really important to understand
that you, personally, probably judge yourself much harsher than other people do. Some people don’t even notice that this was
an emergency outfit I was wearing because they didn’t know I really cared about clothes. In the grand scheme of things, maybe my seersucker
pants were a little loud for a wedding in Germany but I accepted it for what it was. Six, it’s very important to retain your confidence. Obviously, this was not an ideal outfit for
me but I still wore it confidently and people didn’t really notice. If I would have been sorry for myself, they
probably could have seen that and sensed that and I would have looked off or weird to them. Seven, if you really look poorly dressed and
you can’t avoid it, just explain your situation. People will understand, they know your situation,
they will feel sorry for you, and they will accept you and not look at your clothes in
that instance. Finally last but not least, let a sartorial
emergency never ruin your trip or your event or the thing you worked so hard for because
it’s simply not worth it. You’re there to enjoy yourselves. Clothes are a way to express yourselves but
sometimes, it’s just not meant to be. Just accept that and be happy. If you enjoyed this video I trust you know
how to subscribe and in today’s outfit I’m wearing a typical travel outfit that I would
wear during the colder months of the year it consists of a tweed jacket and I choose
tweed because it doesn’t wrinkle very easily I have a sweater vest in wool because it’s
warm and sometimes it can get quite cold on airplanes wearing a tie because if my luggage
doesn’t make it and it’s good to have at least one tie in my repertoire and I don’t have
to carry it on my pocket square pick up the colors of my tie as well as my fair isle sweater
vest thus tying everything together the boutonniere is a special little accessory and here I’m
using the Edelweiss flower which is very travel resistant it doesn’t get crushed as easily
as let’s say a carnation one and because of that it’s great for travel but even if I don’t
have the pocket square it’s always different it’s a conversation starter and just something
I want to have when I travel for my trousers I chose a pair of cotton chinos because they’re
easy to wash and for my socks I’m wearing a pair of shadows striped socks in brown and
beige that tie together the pants and my shoes which are monkstrap shoes which I wear because
they’re very easy to put enough and sometimes at the airport you just have to take off your
shoes so having lace-up boots is not ideal because it takes more time and is more annoying
I also try to travel without cuff links because sometimes that triggers the metal detector
and it takes a while to take them off so instead I just go with a ring here that’s a gold ring
with a bloodstone that picks up the red and green tones from the rest of the outfit

Cesar Sullivan

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