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HOW TO WIN | Aggressive Tips and Tricks (Fortnite Battle Royale)

you know what we haven't done a tilt of towers we ever done until the towers commentary alright yes this is gonna be a tilted towers educational commentary I don't think I've done tilted Towers yet I might have Oh for anybody who subscribed or donated last game I'll read your notifications after this game okay my bet I forgot to do that I was too busy eating yeah Butler that's fine that's fine man all right guys we're gonna go down right here this first house and there's a big shield over here there's a shield actually underneath go ahead and open that some minis let's fully shield up this guy was just trying to take away some of our shields and not really work out for him too well so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna loot the rest of this place before pushing out Tilted is a very like hectic hectic area one thing you can do to ensure that you're actually gonna make it out of Tilted is to not rush it so much almost you trying to like break a world record yeah I already answered but I said yeah that's fine once you try to break like a world record or something then you can just go on over and rush but right now we're gonna play it slow you got a good loadout I'm gonna go ahead and break from over here she's down inside I could throw a grenade that will probably bounce in there another one instead go ahead and quickly come down here old scar in poster Nate's medic it will leave the medic it there for now I'll cover this up just remember there's a med kit that we left person shooting over here not sure if he's down or on top but we're gonna first thing check this area actually he's down he's down so I'm gonna I'm gonna try to come over the top of him right here I think I think this is his grandpa yeah this is one good shot and three good shots needs that we just had to find him we did and we had to high ground advantage over him so we were able to get back easy two shots with a pump the chests over here have eluded so three kills so far we're still alive tilted towers the thing is like if you take tilts of towers like step by step it's not too difficult to get out of it alive you just won't come out with like 15 kills if you don't rush alright so we're gonna go underneath I don't like going underneath the bridge because if somebody's on top they can easily drop down on you but there's always good loot down here like there's minis right up here these will come in handy also a chest right here just like a risk/reward type of situation okay so I hear somebody in there what I'm gonna do so I'm gonna get up on top completely on top try to make this jump and with these wood oh is he down underneath oh he's actually is actually a guy on top right here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna double ramp to protect myself put a wall up over here I'm kind of messed up but I'm ramping out there we go the double ramp is so that he can't look over the edge and shoot us I think somebody else is building up here or coming up here but since we built this in a very weird way we're actually we're actually right here and he can't see us he can't see us we were able to edit so because because of our screw up he wasn't actually able to use the ramps that we made to get up so I dressed I just dropped down and I was able to finish him off very easily there and he had some good loot I'll take that he does have a hunting rifle do I want the hunting rifles I'm actually gonna keep the impulse ignites for now hunting rifle will be more useful once they fix it and make it not they're gonna make it 100 percent accurate instead of having bloom like it currently does so once they make once they make that change the hunting rifle will be like more useful my opinion so we got the kills you know we got we're still library we have good shield and stuff we don't have a lot of materials that's one bad thing about Tilted is there's not a whole lot of material farming involved mainly you just killing people for the materials and whatever materials you get out of chess sometimes you get good amount of wood from the pallets but this this time somebody already uh it's all ready to use them the idea is that even though the hunting rifle is accurate you can't have randomness attached to a rifle so at longer range the the randomness of the rifle like there's a little bit of randomness involved there's a little bit of bloom spread on the shot that can cause you to miss crucial headshots that usually you would hit with a regular sniper so when that's gonna be removed and that will make it a better gun to use in most situations so yeah alright so since we're low on wood might as well cut these trees down but not before we finished eluding this area so there was a lot of people here like we've laid there's a lot of people who landed in tilted but we took it one step at a time we come out with five kills and for the last person alive and we killed most people for most people we killed you know had some loot to offer us gonna go ahead and cut some of these trees down and I'm gonna move up north I think that's where I'm gonna head after this hopefully we can use these impulse your needs kind of want to show some cool stuff with them okay now we can leave we have enough materials for at least one or two fights and we'll play aggressive if you play too defensive with too little materials you'll you'll get you'll burn all your materials playing defensive and then you'll probably get killed I left a medkit behind but I don't really need to make it I'm just gonna run with the shields and said this is an educational commentary if you're just tuning in which is why I'm not really looking at chat too much trying to focus on the commentary and focus on giving as many tips as I can during this video so bear with me alright we're going up north I want to see where the circles taking us I see a ramp up here maybe we can take the high ground I think it's a good idea I think taking the high ground here seeing where the circle takes us and then trying to hunt people down from the high ground try to locate them someone definitely came up here but I don't know if this is old or if it's new most likely it's old but maybe they're camping up here and they are so this guy was hiding in the bush he was very easy to spot honestly is very very easy to spot what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna pop this shield actually gonna pop the shield and I'm gonna come over here and drop the shield right here I'm gonna cover it take the mic it's there's two met gifts instead of one and I'm gonna leave and I'll remember that there's a shield over here just in case I need to use it now there's shots down in the valley I think or further ahead I see the guy over there so we weakened some guy and as a result he died this guy right here was fighting him he's probably weak – he hasn't peaked yet most likely hiding behind that tree popping some minis or shielding up what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna try to get as close as I can I'm an impulse grenade and post grenade was brewing I'm still gonna impose your name you know impulse cannons people usually don't expect it like you really catch a lot of people off-guard by doing that we got a free shock and shine on him and we were able to finish them off with the AR fly it after this shot we have one more impulse at this point I'm probably just gonna throw this impulse away and I'll take the grenade launcher it's at that point it's gonna they're gonna launch is gonna give me more value for my impulse and if I got hit right there by the way if I took a lot of damage I would have went back up and used that shield better left over there so we're gonna keep moving forward we're gonna keep moving forward and try to hunt down some more people there's 18 people left we got seven kills so far Pleasant Park might have some people and anywhere actually probably a lot people won't be coming towards from the anarchy area so we're gonna move around keep our ears open and as soon as we hear some shots or somebody shoots at us that will be your next target we have to jump pads we have six traps got to use those jump pads wisely both jump pads can be used both offensively and defensively it can take you out of a tricky situation put you in a more advantage situation and bench it is advantage advances I can't say the word advances fuck I don't even know what word I'm trying to say either ways um you can push you in a better situation advantageous I'm gonna edit this part out actually I'm not gonna edit it's not because I don't edit these videos because there's supposed to be a full commentary from beginning to end Inc I'm gonna go ahead and call up some tutors get some English tutoring okay so I think I spotted a one by one tower right here it's on a mote hour it's a one by one on the top of this building it is in the safe zone potentially somebody's hiding up there I don't see any movement through the wood not yet at least it takes one quick shot very accurate with my grenade launcher usually a little higher nobody's there I just know it's the one who wastes too much with too many materials pushing him Arizona be there I see somebody actually over there so we do see somebody taking some shots and he's dead I mean I was aiming I just got the entire time but bloom was not in my favorite even with the gold scar but we did kill him he was very weak which means he probably just got into a fight which hopefully means he has the materials for us because I need more materials especially we run into a good player you don't wanna be run around like this okay coast seems clear on this area we'll push forward and around and back towards the safe zone not too many people left school is important indeed I'm sure bloom is something that won't really be in the game for a very very long time but it's gonna take some experimenting and some tests and eventually they'll change we discuss knife in the back solid where that site come came from he's actually pretty close by he's ramping up see if we can get some shots on him hit him once at him twice he has no shields whatsoever cuz we're just 32 36 + 72 I know math at least seems like he has a rocket launcher she's gonna build stay calm stay calm stay calm go higher fill their side he's shielding us I noticed he was shielding up I immediately shot over the roof and now he is that I'm actually not gonna take the rocket launcher by the way reason being is the rocket launcher usually it makes the game a little easier especially one against people who can't build so I'd rather like show you guys like more mechanical skill I'm not saying it doesn't take skill to hit shots with the rocket or it's a position yourself to use the rocket appropriately however one you're not always gonna have a rocket launcher and two I can show you more mechanical skill and more mechanical positioning with the with the shotgun and you know hey our sniper acabo instead of mixing in the rocket there so I'm gonna leave it behind I'm gonna get I'm gonna get to all the donations and subscriptions right after this game please remind me guys I hate falling behind in donations and subscriptions I really do appreciate the support I hope nobody feels offended if I if I don't read their donation immediately or subscription it's not that I don't appreciate it it's just that I want to keep the commentary clean and about the gameplay and then you know once we stop doing the commentaries I'm gonna go back and just read the donations and subscriptions and read all of them okay right now we got on top of this hill this is one of the last areas of high ground usually late-game you can notice where the last area of high ground is and you might find people there who are trying to set base up there or just looking for other people to fight so I'm gonna get up here and I'm gonna try to find somebody if I don't find somebody I'm actually gonna use my jump pad and use it to push somebody else we're gonna play a little bit aggressive here so alright let's see what's going on don't see anybody up here don't see any pushing either however last game we were up on the last high ground and somebody actually pushed oh is that two people fighting each other over there it is I might be able to you might be able to get a shot all right this guy just scared me but luckily we reacted in time and we shot him in the face I'm gonna pop this one mini we have we have a lot of minions might as well pop one ludis loot this guy and I'm gonna push the other guy all right so this person over there missed the shot that's okay I do one I'm gonna back up a little bit little high and we're going over to this guy and pay him a visit hopefully we don't get gunned down he put some spikes down gotta keep keep our eyes on that I think he got killed he got killed by somebody who went up here this person who went up here is probably gonna try to gun me down to this person who's ramping up I'm gonna cover his ramp get on top of her shoot you shoot you shoot gonna drop down with her then build up higher stay on top stay on top stay on top there we go that's our son we stayed on top but at the same time don't be a don't be completely afraid of giving up some high ground if it means pursuing her like like if we stayed up where we were she would have been able to she would have been able to escape or box herself up and and and heal up so you want to keep high ground like you want to keep high ground at all cost but you don't want to be that player who just focuses so much on high ground that you give them the opportunity to run away so we stayed high ground but at the same time we also made sure that we we drop down when needed to pursue the chase so even when we dropped we were only dropped for a little bit and we immediately like followed up with some hits okay so there's actually one person over there I'm gonna push that guy he's being shot at actually he's being shot I don't know by who but he's not he's a little weak easy kill right there who's not paying attention missed that shot a little unfortunate she's gonna tutor ar-raqqa at me I need you to get the rocket so I immediately start getting ready to just shoot her with the AR I need I need to hit these headshots okay so she's actually in there right now I have killed so many people in this house I know exactly how to go about this what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go right here and I'm gonna peek through this window she's starting to be hiding right here she's not hiding right here spend me hanging that room right hiding over here nope alright so what we do is we come over the top build build build block this off see she's hiding in here nope build build build okay we're being pushed by somebody right now okay at this point we do have to we have to let her go it's late let her go and push this guy but okay I got a clean shot on me I'm gonna cover up I'm gonna pop these mini shields he's pushing I won't allow him I won't allow him I'm just gonna deny him to push that's all I wanna do right here go have a campfire I do my time he gets to me I've already have all my shields back and he did a terrible job of trying to double ramp he did one ramp right here he didn't double ramp but I was able to get a headshot on him so I stayed calm I was paying attention to what he was doing I wasn't just focusing on trying to heal myself I was also paying attention to what he was doing and when I saw that he was trying to ramp up towards me I denied him the ramp which delayed him which allowed me to pop too many shields and put up fire camp down and on top of that as he as he was coming up this angle was very easy for me to land a shot on him so right wing shot I believe it was from was it from where we originally were I'm not sure I want to find out where this guy's shooting me from and I'm gonna use my jump pad to pursue him oh I see where he is she's dead don't know if you guys have headsets on or not but she's dead and the other person is actually down here he's that he's right down here I might be able to uh I got a clean shot on him seventy seven ninety-nine at this point this guy is pretty much dead doesn't know I don't think he knows what he's doing so we're gonna push every I try to shot him and we got him GG that's that's the great educational commentary I think you guys will really like that one I mean I mean you just watch this I I hope you guys really like that one GG that was a good one that was a really good commentary right there

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31 thoughts on “HOW TO WIN | Aggressive Tips and Tricks (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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    PUMP! SADNESS ๐Ÿ˜ข 1:50

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