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How to Work Out Properly : Hamstring Stability Ball Lift Exercise

Hi I’m Amy McCauley and I’m going to demonstrate
how to do a hamstring lift. Hamstring lifts target the hamstrings and the backs of the
legs as well as the gluts. You will feel a little bit of pressure in the inner thighs
which is a good thing. The size of the ball, if you are between 5’4″ and under you are
going to want to have a ball size of about 55 centimeters. If you are 5’5″ to about 5’7″,
5’8″ it is going to be about 65 centimeters and anything taller than that try a 75 centimeter
ball. We are going to flip over so that you are on your back. If you feel like you are
all over the place and your ball is moving too much push the ball against the wall so
you have support, chest is open, shoulders down the spine and we are just simply lifting
up and then we are coming down. Try not to touch your back completely on the floor but
you don’t want to ease up on those muscles. You want to keep that muscle really strong
lifting up and down. Reps go to fatigue. Take a break for two to three seconds and then
repeat it again two to three sets. You want to challenge it. Keep the foot on the ball,
opposite foot goes in the air and we are just putting a little bit more pressure on one
leg at a time. This is going to help build that muscle mass up if one leg is a little
bit weaker than the other. Try to do a little bit more reps on that leg to get the strength
equal. So you can go back and forth doing one leg at a time, inhale as you go down and
exhale as you lift up to your contraction and that is how we do our hamstring lift targeting
the hamstrings and the gluts.

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