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I Built The Most Irish Castle I Could In Minecraft

Top of the mornin’ minecrafts and welcome back to Minecraft! Check it out! check it out! What’s up Sam how’s it going? How are you? Are you good Do I have food for you? No I do not, I actually cleaned out my inventory I moved some of the chests and everything uhmmm Wait Sam I can give yo- I can give you some of these. Here. GOOD BOIIII! {cute boi too}/ Good boy Sam, the best Sam, is Shamus still in here? Shamus are you okay? Yep, I hear ya! Hi Shamus hahahaha Shamus: Hello Human. I need to find another fox for Shamus, people were telling me that I need to find two foxes I have to make them *punches fists together * do-, fight each other Ahh, in the most loving way possible and then a little baby comes out! and then if I- if I feed them at night time in close proximity to each other, they’ll make a baby and den dat baby I can put a leash on and dat baby will imprint upon me kind of like Jacob did to… what was her name, Renesmee? in Twilight I only know dat from the Internet I don’t like Twilight *NERVIOUS BOI* Uh but I did some cool stuff! Wait till you see! We.. We did some stuff in here, I moved this I had like the little trap door here I moved it to over here Okay! Watch! I wanna show you guys- *cave noises* what it’s all about you come out here after a long day of trekking through the forests and everything you can come down here and you can go through my subnautica door which, apparently this is how doors work? they leave a little pocket of air… which I didn’t realize I could just bring a door with me underwater and prop a door anywhere and then I’ll get infinite air under the water but whatever I opened up this, subnautica style and then I come in here to my lovely walls that I spend a lot of time and actually use some of my stone to do it’s a little drippy in here ahh but there’s still some work to be done come in, and then you go over here and you can just go up here and go straight into this area and that’s pretty cool! I like that I’m very proud of that But den you can also come out through here and go into the water elevator the is where the other place was remember? you can come up here and you can get out and go into my bedroom, Hi Sam! which is pretty D.O.P.E. Close that. then you can also come ALL the way down here and you can open up this special door and come into the minecraft! shaft okay, I don’t have my cart with me right now *but* I made a little rail and then you can come in and go all the way down here one step at time pop-pop-pop-pop-pop and then this is gonna be my mineshaft, my minecraft down here i’m gonna build out all of this And I’m gonna strip mine the entire thing and I’m gonna try and find diamonds… So this whole area is gonna be a giant bat cave for myself and we’re gonna build some cool stuff down here Ahh and we’re gonna have a minecart that goes down through it! And then, it’s gonna be powered! It’s gonna have a bunch of stuff! And then you come over this side and that’s where my stuff leading down there has always been Remember, I made steps all the way down there? It’s gonna be fricking awesome guys! I wanna build some really cool stuff! And then when you get up here, you can just go straight up 😉 It’s lovely. And then you can come in, close the doors, and come back up And get all my stuff… It’s AWESOME! I spent like two hours last night doing all of this; it takes a lot of time to do anything in Minecraft. BUT…the mission continues! To find some green! Which I am gonna head this way this time and try and figure it out Ooo! I wanted to do a thing as well. People were also pointing out that I- I should probably put… Can I…? Ooo! I can put torches on this! Ok! Hup! Put it right there. Put some right here Hey villager! What’s up? Where’s your alpacas? Where’s your llamas? What’re your selling me? A bucket of tropical fish for five emeralds? An oak sapling for five emeralds? Glow stone; I can get all this stuff myself WHATEVER! Guy… I put my two ominous banners here. Ho! And people told me that I got a raid in that village last time because I killed a bannermen. When I was out and about; those guys didn’t attack me- Oh there it is. Hello llama! Alpaca! Can I put a- Don’t you dare- don’t you dare spit at me Wait can I put a saddle on an alpaca? I have a saddle. Um…I got raided because I killed one of the villagers- Or the- the bannermen that I got this from and then I went to a village and then they decided to attack the village.’s not MY fault! I didn’t know what I was doing! I’m still just a- a derpy derp when it comes to this. I’m puttin’..these everywhere- eh that’s kind of pointless.. Putting these everywhere so things don’t spawn right at my base. ‘Cause they like to spawn at my base and try and destroy all my things. And I’m not really a fan of that. So I’m just gonna stop them from doing this. Also gonna put some next to my gates. Just so I know where the gates are cause I keep being like “Wait is this the gate? Is that the gate?” One thing that I realized last time was that…where is it? Uh..I made orange dye? I had red and- was it red and- yeah red and yellow dye I put together and it made orange dye. I just had them in my inventory and suddenly was like- *GASP* I CAN MAKE ORANGE DYE?! Um and then people were like “make yellow and blue dye together to make green dye.” That doesn’t work; apparently.. and yellow makes orange but…yellow and blue does not make green. Because Minecraft ladies and gentlemen. So I have some orange dye which I want to use to dye two of my sheep. I didn’t know I could dye my sheep…to be certain colors. Is it getting night time? Ok maybe I should make my expedition. ‘Scuse me! ‘Scuse me! ‘Scuse me! Ok. Oh my god! Oh my god I have little orange sheepies! That’s so cute! I love that! Ok, I’m gonna go off and I’m- I’m finding desert this time. I’m going in the complete opposite direction.. And we’re gonna find desert- the journey for desert continues this episode everybody. And it’s gonna be epic! Put those there so I know where the gate is and just so you guys don’t get assulted by anything. Um…I really should just take your orange wool right now shouldn’t I? Der we go! Yes! Alright. THIS EPISODE IS GONNA BE ALL ABOUT FLAGS I’m making Ireland Ireland. I just saw a creeper; I’m running away. People were pointing out as well that I’m a fake Irishmen cause I keep saying that it’s green, white, and gold for the flag. Ok, that’s what it is! That’s what Irish people say! A lot of Irish people say green, white, and gold; it’s- it’s technically orange? And I know that and I was saying that. I wanted to make it orange but I didn’t have any orange dye, And I thought that I could make it green, white, and gold at least. And then I was gonna switch it out for orange afterwords; I’m not a fake Irishmen guys! I know! I feel the plight But I didn’t have any orange, so I’m gonna change ALL of this later on. People in songs and poems say “green, white, and gold”, but it’s not actually gold it’s- it’s orange Green, white, and gold just sounds nicer in poetry and songs, cause nothing rhymes with orange. What are ya gonna sing in a song? “The lovely color orange,” “It makes me really…” *thinking* “blorange!” Nothing rhymes with orange. Does anything actually rhyme with orange? I don’t think so . Alright. We’ve slept. We’ve slept an amazing sleep! And that makes Jack very happy. A good day. A good time. A good morning. Oh wait, before I get in my boat, it’s- it’s the start of the day. *Rings bell* Top of morning! *rings bell* IRELAND! * Irish Noises INTENSIFY * Alright. Let’s get in our boat. Oooooo we! We’re going out THIS way. We’re going out and around and we’re going dat way. I’m going straight in dat direction. I went dat way a little bit before, but I didn’t go very far. Now I’ve went very far in that direction, and kind of in that direction, and kind of in dat direction; I did not find a desert! So people told me to just go in this direction and I’ll probably find one. *laughs* I guess that’s how logic in Minecraft works! You go three directions, just go the fourth one! Drive by! *dodges* Aw I missed him. Dang it! I increased my view distance a little as well. I think I had it on like…actually I don’t know what I had it on. I increased it to about half; increasing it all the way to the end probably a little too far to be able to see. Dolphin! Ooo! Boat ship! Boat par-! Pirate ship! *Imitates water gargling sounds* Down we go! Leather tunic. Ok I only got poison potato; I’ll take it anyway. Wait…and the paper and the gun powder. Don’t die. Don’t die! Don’t die! AAA! AAA! EH! ..ok. I didn’t die. I got a little- I got a little hurty..but that’s fine. Here fish! You can have the poison potatoes- Wooooah! What is this? Oooh! Is this another boat? Ooo! Treasure! *tsk* My God! You really are a big lover of paper aren’t ya? Really Minecraft?! *laughs* This feels like cheating. Is there anymore- oop! Another chest in there. Ok. Minecraft tip! If you go to the bottom of the water; if you actually try and like stand on the bottom, you can acts fast (?) Plays Minecraft for a week; knows everything about it. *laughs* WOAH! DIAMOND! HECK YEAH! AW that was SO worth it! Ok. Go! Go! Go! *Gasps for air* *Laughing* This is ridiculous. Just bring- who needs scuba gear? Just bring a bunch of doors with you, and you’ll be fine. Woah this is spooky. This really does feel like playing Subnautica; all of a sudden. Woah; look at all the flowers! Flower island! And another pirate ship treasure! What do you got? Got spooked- a rabbit! Hi rabbit! No rabbit I’m a friend; come here! He- he didn’t come here. I had to teach him. What are you? A pink tulip. Cute. Are you serious?! Orange tulips?! Now right after I discovered that I can do multiple colored things and make different dyes I already got that guys! Gosh dang it. Now you tell me. Ok I need to get the treasure. *tsk* All you’ve got is wheat and paper. God people have a fascination with paper. And some suspicious stew; I don’t wanna get some suspicious stew. I do have TNT now though; which I’ve never used in the game. *Gasp* another rabbit! Ok, I’ll let you live this time rabbit! Alright? Live on Hopper! Live on! Alright let’s use a TNT near him. There. *laughs* I did it. Alright I’ll hold on to you; I think I need flint and steel to be able to do it so I won’t use you just yet. But- this is pretty cool! Now I know where to come if I wanna get all the colors that I need! There’s so many! Maybe this is the Nether; maybe this is the Netherlands cause there’s so many tulips around! That’s a- that’s a European joke; I’m sorry for you people who don’t get it. You gotta have BIG BRAIN! *laughs* Oh my god look at all the orange tulips! Ahh~ See? It’s deceiving! It plays this lovely music saying like, “Oh, it’s peaceful night time.” But- *dolphin call* hi. Night time in Minecraft is the scariest time; it’s when everything I wants to kill you! This music does not fit. *dolphin jumps out of the water* WOAH! He did a heckin’ jump! Oh my god! The dolphins grab your treasure? Hi! Hi! You wanna be my friend? Aw I really want one of you guys as a pet. I really wanna- I wanna bring one of them home! I dropped my shovel by accident cause I hit Q as I was flying along; you know, as you do. But he- he tried to pick it up for me! Dolphins are the best people! Oh my god! Oh my god; is this desert? OH MY GOD! I DID IT! I FOUND IT! YEAH! CACTI! WOOOO! *Laughs at his excitement* I’ve never been more excited about anything in this game! Oh my god it wasn’t even that far away from my base; what was I doing all this time?! Searchin’ in the wrong locals; LOOK! *Excitedly breaks cactus* YES! Ow! Oh I got- I got prickled by a cactus Ok, don’t do that; hi! hwop!

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “I Built The Most Irish Castle I Could In Minecraft

  1. 33:50

    The Tuatha De Danaan successfully defeats the native Fir Bolgs on the country of Ireland, (colorized, 2800 B.C.E)

  2. Jack: gives tips on how to play Minecraft
    Also jack: makes one of the most rookie mistakes
    Me: well that happened

  3. How bout he builds a wall or fence around the perimeter of his land so they can't get anywhere near him and his stuff

  4. Hey Jack, if you move your entrance, sleeping room, Sam's room, material room, forge, the foxes room, your cattle, sheep, and Finnbar into the ocean and put glass blocks around the areas for all of these things listed above, and build a fence around your castle, you won't have to worry about creepers blowing up your MINECRAFT and only worry about the castle ( which should not be a problem considering cobblestone and wool is not hard to come by) needing minor repairs. Just be sure to include doors. Enjoy and it works.

  5. Jack: Finally i make green dye

    few min later

    Jack: Noooo i lost my emeralds and diamonds

    Also jack: completely forgets about what he came to get in the desert

    Jack: Uses green dye to dye sheep


  6. Jack's sheep have a lot of space and he says: I gotta kill them to make space.
    Meanwhile Felix's is almost exploding from how close in proximity they are and he's like: they're fine continues to feed them xD

  7. 15:42 – 15:47 made me laugh a little because i am here like "oh i know what the pressure plate dose."
    Jack:' i am gonna fall down and land directly on this pressure plate. "
    dessert temple: i am gonna end his life in this game now

  8. Hey Jack! About Dolphin buddies:
    Swimming with them grants you a speed buff called "Dolphin's Grace".
    Dolphins are lured by dropped items, knocking them around and chasing them.‌
    If the player or other mob hits a dolphin, the whole pod retaliates, just like wolves and zombie pigmen attack as a pack.
    Feeding dolphins fish improves their "trust" in the player, depending on the amount of fish fed, increasing their interactions with the player.
    When dolphins are fed raw cod or *raw salmon*, they swim to the nearest shipwreck or ocean ruins. Because they are locating the chest in the structures rather than the structures themselves, breaking the chests causes the dolphin to locate a new structure with intact chests.

    Hope this helped! Ready for the next adventure!!

  9. mate I will make a very short poem for you so you can know what rhymes with orange
    The colour orange makes me feel to eat porridge. Idiot

  10. 7:26
    I'm so very Orange
    So I eat my Porridge
    In my little Cottage
    Forgetting about College
    Because the wooorld is so Orange.

  11. Jack: Okay we gotta build our way down….
    Me: okay good start. Now just-
    Jack: (jumps down)
    Me: could just one person get it right? Sheesh

  12. To not worry about your animals getting out with a gate. Put carpet on top of a fence and you can jump on and over it but the animals and mobs can’t

  13. Also to save resources you should hollow out the pint. You want it filled to the brim with that sweet Irish nectar

  14. If u get a name tag from fishing if u put it in the anvil and type jeb_ then click on a sheep the sheep changes colour

  15. Jack:* likes twilight*

    Me: * screams louder then bella when jasper through her across the heavens, but in a good way*

  16. Sean: 'I only know that from the internet. I don't like Twighlight.'
    Me: (Notices a Twightlight poster in the background.)

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