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I CAUGHT AND KILLED BIGFOOT! – Finding Bigfoot Gameplay #2

my name is Russell Creek they they they used to call me a legend but then I got my shit kicked in by a Bigfoot but wait ha ha was I a chick well goddamn good goddamn Russell Crowe you're looking good my hey yeah I'm good well but anyway once again Russell cream wants to be a legend so Russell Craig needs Redemption Russell Craig needs to kill a Bigfoot g'day g'day fellas welcome back to Finding Bigfoot with Russell Craig yeah you fellas love the first hunt I know something about me cowering in fear is that enjoyable to you why do you enjoy my pain but this time around Lance Russell Craig knows what he's doing I'm gonna grab the traps grab the rifle grab the night visions I'm gonna grab the alcohol to drink away the pain I grab the cameras grab all of those grab some meat sweet with it we're good we're good to go oh boy hunt begins again poor boy this time me and Russell already I've got two knives let's grab the signal flares I'm not gonna waste them this time no Russell knows how to use them now don't you worry grab them grab some of these tracking bullets apparently I didn't use these last time if you use those correctly you can find out where he goes to after you shoot him but the problem is you have to swap between the regular bullets and the tracking bullets and the tracking bullets don't do damage it's all it's all way too confusing for Russell Creek Russell Creek drop down to kindergarten he's a fucking idiot we have the entire first day to set up for Bigfoot eh let's take a look at the map let's let's head to the swamp I'll be putting the traps in some pretty similar sports I've just got to remember to reset them when he steps in him you know he is a good sport is easy special area I'll set up trap put some meat in it grab some branches from somewhere whoo yeah grab the branches take him back cover up the trap oh he's gonna step in that let's let's set up a camera where oh where oh this is that cabin I saw the dead body at last time I hope I don't find the tourists again I don't want it I don't want to see a dead body please no dead body please no no dead body no dead body I can't see a dead body I can't see no dead bodies yes we're not solving any crimes this time because who gives two shits about those those tourists I've got another trap set up at this sport well that'll get him another camera pull up that there I don't know maybe this is his house let's pop a camera there we can watch him sleep now I'm creeping on Bigfoot yeah the first day is kind of an event for cos he's nowhere to be seen he doesn't come out until night time this time Russ is gonna be ready cuz we learnt last time I can scare him away with the flare so if I swap quickly I fucking just got done saying you don't come out till nighttime you fat hairy fuck yeah but if I'm i if I'm quick enough I can shoot him twice swap to the flare swap back and that way I won't get hit at all and I won't lose health I'm gonna put another trap on the bridge like I did last time get some branches get some wrenches let's just hope he actually uses bridges like people I know you might just jump across it he's fucking Bigfoot after all alright that's the sun's going down the real challenge is just beginning he could be anywhere but that gorillas gonna die stab him with double knives the Bigfoot comes out to feed oh he can't resist the taste of Russell Krieg no he can't that boys coming you know I'm ready Russell Buckman ready I had to warn my neighbors that if they hear any male screams there is not a murder going on it's just me playing a video game I have to tell them how much of a pussy I was I don't want them calling the cops all right where are you boy there's my trap I'm just gonna patrol Gettys ass oh there I seem going oh I gotta reload oh we got one hit on him we got one hit on him Russell's come to play I see him oh I got him again and again oh I got a boy don't step in the trap Russell hey hey none of that shit again I did better than I expected I expected lays baby completely peers himself I mean I still did but I also got him well got a listen for his cries he's hurt Russell smells tears Russell eats tears whoa ah fuck the lightnings back that was perfect oh I got him I'm on the trail I've got anymore there he is through there boys fuck he got close to me that time though good way he got close but I think he ran down this mountain it's a game of cat and mouse now believe her a lot Russell's the cat I thought he was a mouse before he was the mouse before but now he's brave well I think one of my traps going yes traps you legends actually it might be a good idea use the tracking shots so that way I can track him from now on I think I just found a dead body because that's the sound that it makes but I'm not stopping I don't care about solving murders Russell isn't a cop Russell is a hunter in fact he may have killed that guy I don't fucking know Russell does some which doesn't weed shit this is laser beam walks in a forest simulator 2017 it's fucking amazing in that I'm doing literally nothing but waiting to get my arse pumped where is it get him and then sure you mister track and bullet I think I'll go to him I think I'll go to him oh I can see where he's running we're on the hunt boys let's get him come on Russell keep it up boy keep those legs moving you're a literally tracking Bigfoot right now he's right there boys there is fuckin headshot him the track and bullets work boys get him I'm reloading oh don't worry I ain't giving up on this hunt it's daytime here boy oh it looks like we're not damaged him again he he loses the tracking all areas again you think I'm done hunting boy can you say I'm in a swamp anywhere no I think I lost him boys oh god damn it's get the shit he's just a deer so track and bullets do work pretty good we got him like half half and why not Russell Craig's gonna turn that boy into a carpet rug I'm gonna skin him I'm gonna carry out his guts then I'm gonna put him on my floor as a rug all right I will check the cameras once they owe it was that trap near the swamp well that makes sense he likes hanging around that dummy let's check all the cameras Oh apparently I got a deer he hasn't checked into these house yet oh you can see me well Russell Craig's lookin sexy yeah just take a break for sick that was intense I absolutely pooped in place oh yeah a deer killed it voice you notice something it's getting dark I think Bigfoot's getting ready to play again still fucking terrifying a like just waiting to get attacked oh my god dead body don't care don't care Russell didn't do it Russell don't wanna die fuck I'm like halfway to solving the whole mystery of the missing tourists I don't want to do that touch little cakey there he is boys swish the flare I got him Tim we're after him lads swiggity swoogity Bigfoot I'm coming for you birdie going in look how low it is I don't think I'm done with you sweetheart he still hasn't hit me trackies blood you went this way oh fucking Jesus that gets me every time that well I wish I could be a horror youtuber just for easy views but like this is why I can't do it alright I know he's coming and I still bitch yet oh there he is boys get him a couple times and fun hard to play the game again he tees off reload and chase get him get him holy shit he's like one hit from death you fuckin kiddin cake chasing Russell oh he's so low I got him wait got him Russell let's go jump me my buddy there is oh my god oh look at it quick time up catch him before he gets up oh look there he is oh my fucking god he's so ugly he doesn't have eyeballs he doesn't sound like he's dead so where's the we're gonna head this way we're gonna get back to the camp of amber he's still breathing which terrifies me but if we get him back alive circus attraction yes right we can turn him into a circus attraction Russell and well let's get him in there yes oh he's moving shut the fuck up let's fire a flare in there how didn't work firing on clarinet let's let's terrorize this poor animal all right hit enter to end the game you caught one but others will come no I am done with this game I am leaving a champion thank you very much praise be to Russell belt the like button check out this video cuz I'm done fucking up fuck all y'all

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  1. Lazar you should just lay a bunch of traps and meat inside of the cage or near your camper so you don’t have to go far

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