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I helped a 10 Year Old Girl DESTROY TOXIC BULLIES in Playground

I think I I knocked one of them I mean I didn't lock them but I what's up jokesters it's me Jogi and as you can see I'm in the fort night playground now I like to join playground mode feel a fair bit of the time to practice my building and 1v1 fights and it's also cool to get on and just mess around and have fun every now and again however occasionally as you guys probably know you get some toxic players who don't quite understand the meaning of playground anyway in this game I got in a lobby with two guys and a ten year old girl the two guys knew who I was and they were fanboying pretty hard at the start but while this was happening they started killing the girl over and over while she was just trying to have fun and pretty much do our own thing now I don't mind meeting fans in playground and I'm usually friendly to them however these guys were just briefing this girl so I decided to team up with her and help her fight back it didn't take long until these guys turned on me pretty funny how fast they went from fanboys to haters if you enjoy the video please give it a like this is how it went down get it Oh what's up crazy babe hey amazing azalea my name's ophelia black Azealia holy crap what did I say what did I say you guys how many gears I don't like Michael in front of my name tell me how to say it one more time because I missed it the first four times as Ilya Ilya why why black I know my mom just wanted me to do it black you can just call me black as an Lea how did you stop playing for tonight again I just know my mom playing it a lot on her computer so I thought oh you thought you'd give it an hallow do you hey hey stealing my loot boundary anybody taking it all you stole Laurie and that is one rule that I said not to do she did say that at the start oh but it's so good yummy oh well guess while I'm gone over to look like and I'm not coming back all right let's go to live like boys do needy need a manager I'll actually be a manager man what's everybody getting like star high oh you think I'm not you think I'm not cool now Julius you're actually really mean how I actually don't respect you am i main is a Azealia guy yes thanks do you know that thing you put in the front of your intro like it's like the dancing that's a big gay okay one of the default I'm gonna kill and I'm gonna get my shotgun back couldn't I talk about my shotgun nice dealing late I'm about to leave this game because everybody's just killing all my weapons and I have no weapon at all I'll help you I've no weapons I'm going back to tilt it out but everybody is just annoying stop shooting at me all of these are just being really mean and annoying I'm not the top of Trump and I'm doing again all right I'm coming out because we're teammates yeah and someone shoots me because I'm hmm oh my god oh my god I'm going to lathe Darla shoots me dine lathe I'll help you I will people don't stop shooting yeah oh my god stop shooting hey guys I'm even got my weapon and now somebody's taking all my weapons Oh fancy that Azalea to do these trash what do you mean how can you chill when you can't you waiting the game won't even let you pick up at sky high tonight what's up I'm aware thank you by cooking it in on someone crushing yep girlfriend Julie what's your thoughts in the black community I'm gonna leave now I said any racing you guys are just annoying huh shooting me when I haven't even bought a gun and I'm not even doing anything I'm just running around trying to find shame on bro I'm getting so stressed out and I'm just like just running around trying to find a gun yeah I know they're annoying yeah are you gonna cry you're gonna cry no I'm leaving azalea don't leave fly to me I freakin hate everybody apart from jogging yeah this is a psyche you write your weed yeah he's really weird yes because I play for at night for a living it sounds very weird any sounds where you guys are hiding I can't even hear this random kid with speakers got onto the game and then it started watching yeah I know he's also got he's also got the worst mic and speakers I blame in some American guy last time and it was like cuz I had my represent uh please get out of here please get out okay what did you just call that it's black Azalea be what he did this place for it not I know what them guys are trying to do they're trying to make me cry make it so I'm just gonna leave the guy Oh Giggy what do you do besides place fortnight pussy what are you talking about that's not me bye buddy Judy this is all you do if your life oh my god Shuggie enemas I'll get him yeah this guy oh did he run away he's scared but this jerky has rights you should live with your mother I live my spend most my time with your mom oh yeah that was hilarious hey good idea dreamt a dream day by Getty stuff that's our stuff now a face camera oh that's probably true bye-bye oh my god yes great Union lunch but yeah I don't worry they're just they're just mad cuz what ironing them I can't eat you of your $2.00 Mike I can't hear your voice over that baby to make sure that you're watching how am i fat because no you must be lucky oh my dog is so good Jesus white flaming star routed yogi cuz they're getting ironed and they don't like it imagine getting owned by a ten-year-old oh yes because the 10 euro go has among my kills a few moments later oh right the sky and Frank he just got owned by the gal that had never that you said never killed you she just put you to sleep you know so much now I wear the dream team Azealia okay they're not even speaking now we got now white people in this game white people yep what is skin color have to do with anything exactly a lot actually I oh I can hear em getting shot I'm not even a three year old I'm attention yeah even count a good one you tried the trash they're coming they're coming shoot him now why are you so annoying your little newborn haha you just gonna go to newborn pretty much correct yes I'm jealous hey that I'm the I'd be jealous of someone who couldn't raid you literally can't read don't even know what my name is now I can't read I don't think okay my fans hate me they pretend to like your videos but they don't why would anyone pretend to like someone here I'm gonna tie this rift so when them two losers try and take us out oh you just call me fat and saying I do it saying I do nothing except play fortnight I mean it it go but that is true though yeah so what if it's true doesn't mean he's fat have you guys had a win before because doesn't seem like you would have had one yeah I've only been keeping a mess for two months now you actually haven't had a win don't you and you're out here calling me bad often that I haven't good you bad actually do these trash you tried the trash Oh kill him I'll kill him oh you're so cringe snap your neck what are you saying I know I knew who was shooting at but I'm just racing wherever good plan nice one trash oh oh yeah who's trash now brother because it let me build yes alright I was the game's fault was it oh wait how I tape asking me all these personal questions with ie IJ you go you're trash oh my god yeah so what if I'm trash you're telling a ten-year-old go to get out of your game listen to you GE you're like 19 and you still play for a night when you get older bro what's your job gonna be actually that no yet yeah okay we'll have fun line-breaks your life exactly meanwhile made as a li are gonna be the pride you a fortnight taping window thousands maybe millions he almost got a oh well saying if I can same with my super cold snapper three years old she's 10 cookie he actually Incheon derechos or something like why cuz I'm talking to it cuz I'm talking to a ten-year-old like they're a normal human being by the way Jersey student is at home with his parents they've just left black because weather with we've got control of tilted sitting behind a tree like sitting ducks laying egg I bet they both lay eggs actually it's so funny to you jeez I think we went as a Lea we win they didn't even come back to to to they were legitimate scared they shooting us now it's too late we've already won we own – – let's go get them they're scared Oh Taiki stop take his stuff yeah I got it I got it I think I I knocked one of them I mean I didn't knocked him but I this way this way this way I fear I fear he's dazed falling down she got you again it's over it's over it's over it's over it's only right sighs ah Oh drain tane tight me in the plane is Ilia get us outta ya fly off into the distance did you jump fly up fly so hey it's Annie Oakley later suckers I'm gonna pose in a plane oh my god come to Mays daily a quick that's RI way why hide yogi might have to send me a friend request all right bye

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28 thoughts on “I helped a 10 Year Old Girl DESTROY TOXIC BULLIES in Playground

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  2. He says that joogie plays fortnite for a living and that's why he's fat and that's because he literally said in the beginning when he was talking to joogie HE plays fortnite for a living

  3. im 11 and shes 10 omg shes like my sister were both girls AND THIS IS MEST UP the poor girl thats no way to treat a girl

  4. Most of what the 10 year old was saying gave me more brain cells than i lost cause of the braindead toxic guys
    Like you know this became funny when the 10 year old made more sense than those two losers.

  5. Yo we’re practicing your 1 v 1s, and they came over here hating. I think this vid needs a like

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