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Scizor that was fucking scissors was that actually scissors it all depends on what you want to see do you want to see more vlogs do you want some more gameplay what do you want to see me just keep bopping kids in for tonight it's whatever you guys want that's all I'm saying oh god this kid's got seven kills just kid my dad is this my dad is just kid my actual dad bro seven kills Jesus Christ are you my dad kid you're my actual father no way literally you only attack me when I'm weak you're so trashed I have no mats like you are so bad oh [Applause] shit so over your place bro you are so bad dude I'm legit getting pushed by a kid playing from the Asian servers I have no mats left you are a cleanup third partying sack of shit since there's a stream sniping I'm convinced lax was awful last night oh no no chess bonds not a single okay we got one chest why is my game feeling weird right now probably just gotten played for a while dude what is this about a proximity grenade launcher what does that even mean what is a proximity grenade launcher can someone anyone care to explain does anyone care to explain what in the heck that means we'll be taking that kill these candy minis let me get up here real quick yeah eat I forgot to pop that slurp what is the new grenade launcher what happened a runescape what do you mean dude like I understand I haven't streamed in a while I haven't played it in like two weeks but I also just didn't play any video games for a week so it's not like I just forgot about runescape I didn't play any video games the past week that out of here grab some of this grab a shotgun we're good to go we'll be seeing them there in that rooftop but there's also someone right there alright nice I hold back sometimes I won't yeah whoa oh no oh no Matz that's a problem I actually picked up these things okay nice nice nice nice let me actually just grab this we'll grab those do some of this pop mom minis oh six kill win or a six kill start oh it's looking pretty good chat again I've been gone for a week plus visiting friends and family I'm so sorry but the daily uploads start tomorrow all right on June 11th we're going every single day and let's see how far we can make it I'm gonna guess I make it you know a month or two of every single day but then I want to start vlogging more and more the more vlogs I do I might be a little inconsistent with the uploads like if I do more vlogs on my upload like four or five times a week instead of seven it all depends on what you want to see do you want to see more vlogs do you want some more gameplay what do you want to see me just keep bopping kids in for tonight it's whatever you guys want that's all I'm saying whatever your little heart desires for every like that this video gets is a day that I'll upload in a row okay 100% 100% definitely not a lie I speak the truth we get 50,000 likes I upload 50,000 days okay anyway movie I actually loved my time back home dude there's actually gonna be a little potential little docu-series about me going home and vlogging with my friends and family from before for tonight if you want to see that do you want to see that I just killed Jack I just killed Kurt no say it ain't so is did I actually kill him again no no no imagine being her JD imagine being that bad at a video game imagine being that much of a bot holy seat holy shit courage JD couldn't be me around – baby oh my god oh my god Jackie that couldn't be me spam in the chat courage JD's couldn't be me oh my good job there's no way that just happened again again again for the second time easiest kill of my life impulse right into my freakin tack shotgun oh my god I don't play for a week I come back and I bop him like it's nothing Oh Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack you had 200 HP he had 50 oh my god imagine saying I had 200 HP when I didn't also he didn't even touch me I didn't lose a single ounce of damage no health lost what a bot there's no way that happening no way it happened again how does that happen again bro literally is this my very first game on no this is my second game on in over a week and that just have my second game on in a week and that just happened oh my the same exact reaction actually how he's making up excuses he's doing this in that saying I third party – bro just don't be a bot don't impulse into my little oh my god around – folks it happened again I was here hog I was here Fogg you guys just witnessed history for the second time live at slash scissors my god Oh amazing oh it's so amazing he's probably fuming right now he's probably so mad came here from Curtis channel cuz he's a bot omegle all courage choke oh my god even his own fans are roasting him yo oh that's good stuff that is just good stuff okay okay I gotta win this game I gotta win this game I gotta win this game he called you his dad before he found out it was you I'm Courage's death I need a watch I need to react to this clip after this game guys get your clips ready go if you haven't already go clip it his reaction I want to see it all after this game get your clips ready I'll watch and react to him dying to your boy dying to yours truly yo Jack and Jack what a duo but I think we can I think we can all agree who's the real Jack now alright how many times does it take it's already been 2 3 4 5 salty pleasant loot you name it I love I love courage food I love the man I really do he's honestly one of my favorite few I wouldn't be shit talking him if he wasn't one of my favorite human beings of all time I wouldn't be talking all this smack if he wasn't one of my favorite human beings of all time all right I wouldn't be saying all this if he wasn't one of my favorite human beings of all time and I mean that so right after you follow him on social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel after you follow his twitter his twitch TV slash courage ad give me one second I'll get through this whole spiel oh god I haven't played in a minute and it shows bro did he watch oh my gosh again after you follow courage JD on all his socials you know got thro the notification my way alright bring that belly no I'm saying Oh let me win this game real quick let me win this game real quick and then I have to react to him I have to react to his reaction of finding out it was me where did this guy go that I was built fighting I literally haven't played in over a week I feel so rusty right now guys you saw the builds they were looking rough boy if you don't boy if you don't all right give me I want that heavy sniper dog he's got a heavy sniper and I want it I want it join his discord oh sorry I'm a little busy playing fortnight Battle Royale something he might not know about they just keep beefing it up dude trying to knock him down they just keep beefing it up hi guys with a circle toxic but I love it again I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't love the guy he's the only one I'll say this stuff about maybe there's a few others we got to go in the circle I'm just gonna go to circle hold up we'll be seeing them we will be seeing them I don't know what to say about that one I really don't know what to say about that one Oh uh-oh all right listen listen we got time we got we got this to rotate with – oh my god this guy's an ass bro he is cheating he's actually cheating there's no way what was he hitting me with was he hitting me with what was that all about all right there's a chug chug way back there I don't know if I'm gonna be able to find it launchpad don't mind if I do oh there's many a penny does I need those give me those give me those give me those shoot let's go let's go let's go I hold up folks hold your horses ladies and gentlemen I got one person there we got four others bet fact trying to land here and I guess we'll just build up you know we got people kind of everywhere we got mats for days I'm not worried I'm not worried what is this fool do what excuse me excuse me shit Oh No what the where is that guy throw like where though I don't see him down there where's that wait what wait what what I just got a kill excuse me who where when why what oh I actually don't know where oh is he right there oh this guy's whiling this guy's widen out you can't be doing all that brother you just simply cannot be doing that okay this guy is so annoying plan is to launch out of here sat in a circle that's in the circle wait is it right right right on the side of the hill right there just right there all right then I don't want this guy to be able to launch with me so I'm just gonna wait as long as possible there's no way he gets back up here to launch it's just no way mate give me that hard ground yeah yeah yeah I'll be taking that all right we've got time we got time okay do I check the replay how did I get that kill let them loose let loose all right this guy I hit him with that Rockets excuse all right if I had him with that rocket this shouldn't be too tough of a game not trying to get too cocky out here look at him he's holding that okay hold on hold on I want to get us nice bro what are you oh he's insane who seriously uses the semi-auto sniper like this this guy's she's crazy yeah you know fifteen kill win guys in the comments in the chat can I get a courage JD couldn't be me let's go baby that's what I'm talking about it's a gg right there almost first game back

Cesar Sullivan



    -DAILY Uploads returning!!
    -I need the BEST creative Maps to Play!!
    -50,000 Likes and I 1v1 Courage.
    -Deathrun 4.0 coming end of the month, what should prize money be and how many people win?
    -TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS on Twitch & YouTube, people are complaining cause they miss it sometimes!
    -I love you <3

  2. CourageJD Couldn't beat him EASY CLAPS 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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