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If I’m rear ended, should I immediately hire a car accident attorney? Kelly Law Team

– So, I wanted to talk
about if you’re rear-ended whether you should
immediately hire a car accident attorney. The answer is that
you most definitely at least wanna talk
to an injury attorney. The worst thing you could do is get on the phone and
start talkin’ with the insurance companies. So, if you’re in a
rear-end accident, first of all, the thing
you wanna do is make sure you cooperate with police,
tell em what happened. You wanna make sure that
if you’re injured bad, you wanna get your
medical treatment. But after that, you don’t
wanna make any more calls unless you talk to a
personal injury attorney. There’s several
things that we can do to make sure that you’re
maximizing your compensation. The insurance
companies, they wanna use your words and
typically twist them and use them against you often. So, the first thing we
can do is prevent that from happening. We also wanna look
at what avenues you may have for compensation, what ways you can
get compensated that you may not
have known about. So, you may not have
realized that if you document your missed work
properly, you can get compensated for that. You may not realize that
your property damage, anything broken in
the vehicle can be compensated for. You may not know what
doctors you can go to and which ones work
on a lien basis so, there’s just a lot of
things that we can start helping you through the process to make sure that
you’re not making any initial mistakes that
you’ll regret later on. So, in the least, you
wanna make a phone call, talk to an attorney
about your situation and make sure that
you’re not on the phone talking to any
insurance companies.

Cesar Sullivan

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