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I’m a wuss

heyoooo so I’m kind of a huge baby you might even say i’m a.. scaredy cat *ba dum tss* let’s talk about that! ♫ Intro Music (info & links in the description!) ♫ When I was a little kid a lil babby i’d hang out with my older brother and the
cool kid from next door if you went through our back yard and up the stairs and climbed over the wall there was a wood, like a little forest a wood where the people who lived along it would throw their rubbish their rubbish that was too big to fit in the
bin and they were too lazy to bring to the skip because apparently dragging it up over the
wall and dumping it in the forest is less effort? its a bit sad, but for us it was actually pretty cool ‘cuz
we had the most epic treasure hunts once we found a lawnmower which could have gone very wrong now that
I’m thinking about it luckily we apparently found the lawnmower
kinda boring because we left it alone we also once found pieces of a china plate
scattered throughout the forest but we didn’t have any glue so we used sellotape
to stick them all together we actually made a whole plate though which
was pretty cool one day we were treasure hunting and I saw a shard of thick glass poking out
of the ground I thought it looked cool it had, like, 3D parts on it so I tried digging it out while my brother and our cool neighbour planned
out where to build the next secret hideout I’d almost uncovered it when I noticed something red out of the corner
of my eye it was my hand I had cut my hand open the thing is it didn’t hurt but the just the fact that I’d cut myself
was too much for ‘lil ol’ me but you know I was a little babby it’s pretty normal to be scared by seeing
your hand covered in blood at that age but I feel like some of this irrational worry
stuck with me even into adulthood not that I, like, burst into tears from stubbing my toe or something but I have the tendency to avoid doing certain
things if there’s even a small chance of it going
wrong. it’s annoying because some things I can do absolutely fearlessly the first example that comes to my head is in Germany whereilivebythewayifyoudidn’tcatchthatlalready there’s this stuff called Mett it’s essentially raw pork and people over here eat it on a bread roll
for breakfast if you’ve never heard of this you’re probably
going to have one of two reactions: “huh, cool.” or “WHAT THE FU-” Because it’s raw meat, you know, stuff that’s supposed to be kinda super
poisonous but to me it’s like.. if it wouldn’t be safe to eat it wouldn’t be sold ready to eat in supermarkets and consumed all across the country for breakfast so I’ll happily eat this stuff without even a touch of doubt that it won’t
poison me yet I’m afraid to cross a street not at
a zebra crossing even though I can clearly see there’s no
cars and I’m scared to cut a roll while holding
it in my hand I guess it’s like, if I’m able to convince myself there’s absolutely
no risk I’m fine but if there’s a small chance it could go
wrong I get anxious about it? So close to my friend’s house is this canal and we go there for walks at, like, 2am every
now and then it’s a very safe area and there’s cool
fish and stuff in the water right at the end of the canal there are these
two bodies of water one of them has these big reeds growing out
of it but there’s a little bridge of stone in
between them which you can actually walk along to get to
the other side the water is incredibly shallow it’s maybe like… 1 foot deep? (about 30cm) So even if you fell in it’d be a bit gross but that’s about it but I don’t know something is always holding me back telling me not to go even though all my friends did it even though there’s essentially no risk just in case huh.

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “I’m a wuss

  1. 1:40 one day when I was 8 or 9 I had a bloody nose while I was sleeping so my hands got covered in blood but I didn't even freak out I just got up, washed my hands, and tried to figure out what happened. Although my mom would be gone for longer than she said and I'd bawl my eyes out.

  2. Ses fous il y a pas de français bon je lui donne un challenge fais une vidéo française maisi tu lira pas se message bisou

  3. yor not a wuss… if you were a wus you wouldn't show this video so your not a wuss you are artistic like me. not to say im better im just saying i can draw too and also… ok i will shut up.

  4. 2:30
    if chiropractors are unsafe, why do they have jobs?
    there is ALWAYS an unsafe possibility.

    am i more of a wuss?
    me, probs. i hate bikes too.

  5. When I was younger I wasn't a baby and I have a tiny scar on my hand from when I was six and my parents said I fell on a rock and there was a lot of blood but I didn't cry but now I would probably cry lol xD

  6. Nice nice very nice very nice very nice but still really I mean I'm not saying that it's bad it's just why I love your videos and I hope you get this

  7. Hi, I just started a youtube channel, and I really want to get into animation. So I was wondering what program you use?

  8. Wow, I've just discovered this channel at this episode and I love this channel already, the animation is so smooth, it's amazing

  9. Maybe like 4-6 years ago, when I was 9-7 years old, I was at my mother's cousin's place. They had 3 big dogs, when we were going to leave, one of them were laying on a pair of headphones that I had. I tried to push it off, and reasonably, it barked. However, when it barked, it's head jerked forwards. I was able to get my left arm out of the range of the dog's mouth, but not my right. So the dog's tooth peirce my arm, and my arm was bleeding badly. The wound was about the size of possibly a nickle. So we had cleaned the wound, and slapped a big band aid on it. We did this for a long period of time, until it finally healed. So that explains my irrational fear of normal or big dogs. Some of this might be wrong, because I don't have the best memory.

  10. I really like the animations of the dark clip! You made it very good! I didn't expect that, but I was happily suprised. ^^ First I thought "Another art style?", but it always looks great and if you want to change it, it's up to you. The new animations are like always great and I think even smoother then before. Great video! C:

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