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Injury Prevention Video Series: Episode 5 – Opening the Trailer Doors

After a long day of travel, you’ve finally
made it to our destination. Although one may be eager to, you should not rush to open the
trailer doors. Even though it might be the end of our trip, this is a portion of our
job that should not be rushed. Loads can shift during transportation and
there is no way of telling what is on the other side of the doors. It is very important
to take caution when opening them. Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure there are
no people or objects in your way, or in the trailer doors range of motion. Face the trailer
door. Put one hand on the door and keep your feet apart for stability. Push into the door
with all your weight. Unlatch the door and slowly open it. If you feel weight against
the door chances are the load has shifted during travel and is now leaning against the
door. If you see cargo leaning on the door quickly back away and let it fall. Do not
try to catch it. If you see there is no cargo leaning on the door, continue to open it.
Make sure that you stay out of the doors path as you open it the rest of the way. If it
is windy, the wind may take it. This will ensure that you are out of the way. Do not
try to hold onto the door. This may cause injury to your shoulders, back or other areas.
Repeat this procedure for the other door as well. You are much smaller than a trailer door and
there is no way to predict how the freight has moved or how the door will open. Follow the
proper steps to avoid injury when opening trailer doors.

Cesar Sullivan

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