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Inside the Controversial World of Medically Assisted Sex | Slutever

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Inside the Controversial World of Medically Assisted Sex | Slutever

  1. Idk why they try to change and hide voice the girls identity during the bed room scene.Where you can obviously tell it's Lexi at 13:30. Same necklace and bracelets. You guys need to do better Lol

  2. اين مننا الاسلام؟
    اين الالتزام؟
    ام اننا بلا عقول هاءمين في الظلام

  3. This guy has more insight into himself, who he is as a human being, I wish more humans would have that insight, including myself.

  4. I want to know if there are dating sites for people on the Asexual spectrum now. Everyone should have someone to be with if they want to. I have some disabilities myself and I’m on that Asexual spectrum but I just want to find someone.

  5. If women would fuck like they are suppose to then this issue would be resolved. Women withholding sex is the root of all suffering for men. Maybe we should do the same to them.

  6. Charging them! Oh that's taking advantage of the disabled! Those women need to be in prison and labeled as sex offender! They should have their boobs cut out!


  8. If that human rights activist "sex coach" truly felt that this work needed to be done then she would do it at no charge. This is all about women's sexual needs. Women can only orgasm when they are getting paid for it.

  9. Escorts with a noble cause. I really don't know how to feel about this but I'm pretty sure the disabled patrons are happy and that's important.

  10. Sex is not a human right. It is not water ,food or shelter. This is dangerous and peole who are rejected can then claim anyone who says no to them is infringing on their human rights.

  11. I have to say, sex and sensuality is not a RIGHT, its just something that consenting people do. While its a nice thing to do, it is prostitution, and I dont have a issue with that, but call it what it is. There is a reason that some people are not generally attractive to others, its natures way to reduce the offspring of bad genes. Call it harsh, say bad things about me, but Im pretty sure that is a fact. if he can pay someone for sexual acts, go for it, but as I said, call it what it is.

  12. You can't put a price on these sessions. Obviously you can and I'm sure these huge hearted ladies charge huge amounts of money for their services.

  13. I understand and support this 100%….just wondering if they have for females who are disabled they have feelings too…I have always wonder about the disabled ppl and their feelings….. Learn something new everyday

  14. I got no issues with the disabled but…. darwinism. Sex isnt just about feeling good, its an act of mating. This is how our gene pool became the way it is. Natural selection. Cant have sex? Cant pass bad genes on

  15. well its very good. but i just hope that poor disabled guy doesnt fall in love with that woman and get hurt…..but other than that its a great service

  16. people with disability spread their genes. genes corrupted by their corporate's and government's diates and vaccines….

  17. I feel like this is an incredible and extremely underrated service that provides those with disabilities to be able to be involved in sexual activity like anyone else.

    My one problem though – sex isn't a 'right'. That implies that anyone is entitled to it as it's a basic human need. That sort of thinking is what goes through the minds of those who commit rape, particularly marital rape, and other forms of sexual assault or those in toxic communities such as the incel community. Sex is not a right but an act of pleasure that should be available to anyone given consent.

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  19. so you're telling me, as a disabled person, prostitution is legal, but as an average citizen it isn't? keep in mind I'm not against the fact that disabled people have needs, but rather as a whole, if I'm not in a extreme disabled situation can I also call the the same nurses to assist me? I think not, and I think that probably imposes a problem on multiple levels. I'm not against the sexuality of disabled individuals, but you're not going to tell me that the United States government, and even state-level governments, think that because you can't use your legs you can pay for sex. and if the people that can use their legs, aren't allowed to pay for sex, That's an entire Crock-Pot, an entire homeless civilization, being fed by the local Jesus house, an entire Crock-Pot, filled by all these separate organizations, full of bullshit. we can all pay for sex, or none of us can. I mean it's simple as that.

  20. I agree with just about everything except for the statement that sex is a right.

    It most certainly is not. You are not entitled to sex, no one owes you sex. You dont owe anyone sex. and others aren't entitled to sex. STOP. there is a fine line between being able to experience sexuality, and being entitled to sex. Stop saying its okay, cause its not.

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  23. It this a joke?? WTF is that? Disabled people have right to have a sex life? So everybody have right to have sex life? And all the normal people that doesn't have sex life because don't found someone istead?? It's so ridicolous this service.

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  25. Taking money from a disabled guy that way! Ooh you are going to hell! Sex workers have no shame. They should have to register as sex offenders then be put into cages.

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  27. First and foremost this is a great video, however I have to address the elephant in the room. When the Interviewer walked up those stairs……. I thanked God for creating her….. Carry on

  28. This really opened up my mind to the subject of sex and disability. Really makes you stop and think. Great video 👍😊

  29. As a mother with a disabled child, this has always been a concern I’ve thought about. You worry that your child won’t be able to experience love and sex like everyone else and that’s a really sad thought. You want your child to be as independent and live a life that’s as normal as possible.

  30. This is definitely one of many reasons professional sex work should be %100 legal.

    I believe there would be alot less violence towards women . Allow it to be legal and stiffen all sex crimes penalties too the max.

    There shouldnt be any excuses regardless but if it was legal could easily justify the lengthy sentences imposed on all sex crimes.

  31. Yeah I just got picked up the other day for soliciting a sensual care coach and possession of my schedule 1 medications lol 😉

  32. Not only a great service, but the commet, "after I left the corp world, I was answering phones at an escort service. " Love!

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