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Inside the World of Outlander | ‘Do No Harm’ Ep. 2 BTS Clip | Season 4

♪ -Episode 402: “Do No Harm”
-Yes. It’s our first foray
into a colonial plantation and Claire and Jamie have
to deal with slavery firsthand. We wanted to play it
as accurate as possible. This is not your business. Claire, as a doctor, having an oath to heal
and do no harm, in trying to save
this slave’s life, they actually were potentially
making him suffer even more. I know there was a debate at
having Rufus say, “kill me.” But that takes all
the dilemma out for Claire. She has to make ultimately
this decision of the lesser of two evils. Is she breaking her oath, is she doing the least
amount of harm? It was also for
Claire and Jamie, if we wanted to do
something, could we? It’s two people
against the world. There would be repercussions. Obviously they’re
way ahead of their time. You kind of realize
it’s a lose/lose situation. It is a splendid estate, indeed. River Run is amazing. We found an estate
that had been landscaped. and it is in Scotland. And they had
a serpentine pond running in front
of this property and it looks like
a slow moving river. We fell in love with it,
00:01:16,618 –>00:01:18,161
so we built a working facade, so it has a porch and you can
kind of go in and out, and then here on stage, we built the interior. It’s very large,
it has multiple rooms, parlors, dining rooms,
full staircase, bedrooms. So much detail. And we have so many
artisans on our crew and it is those little details that take it from a set
to an actual environment. The food on the plates. We have a chef come in when
there’s big dinner scenes and he prepares
all night long. It’s very
historically accurate, it’s food you would
have eaten at that time. Absolutely. That’s what
elevates Outlander, is attention
to the smallest detail.

Cesar Sullivan

14 thoughts on “Inside the World of Outlander | ‘Do No Harm’ Ep. 2 BTS Clip | Season 4

  1. Hasta ahora lo que he visto de esta 4ta temporada es fantástico! Ansiosa por ver la llegada al Cerro de Fraser y las aventuras y encuentros que nos esperan esta temporada!!!

  2. Everything about Outlander is sooo good! & I don't even mind that it's only 13 episodes cause a LOT happens in that 1 hour (or close to an hour) episode!💕👌👌 can't wait for the next episode now

  3. J'adore retrouver les commentaires du dernier épisode car ils nous montrent des détails qui ont pu nous échapper et c'est incroyable de voir à quel point les réalisateurs de la série sont detaillistes et ont poussé loin tout cela! C'est un plaisir de découvrir tout cela semaine après semaine!

  4. I'vd read Written In My Own Heart's Blood. I can tell you that there are more complex situations ahead and Claire and Jamie don't get many breathers. I wonder if Starz will go as far as this book.

  5. They took 6 pages of the book and made half an episode, it was ridiculous. They made Claire appear stupid. She knew slavery for what it was and yet they made her look ignorant. She knew they were going to kill Rufus, so why would she put him through a very painful surgery?? Sometimes they try to improve on Diana Gabaldon’s work, it can’t be done!

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