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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Is The Warriors Dynasty Officially Over?

hey good evening this is the star report
on a Friday night how are you how are you come on in um do you see the glow
first and foremost you know the glow on my face the money glow the glow of life
a really really good day and I’m gonna share some things with you about myself
but I do want to talk business and entertainment as well first let’s say
congratulations to the Toronto Raptors hmm put it down last night they earned
it let’s not talk about what would have happened if so-and-so didn’t get hurt
yada yada yada I all that the Raptors put it in put the work in and Drake
going apeshit up on the ground did you see him and I don’t know if we should
really make it about Drake I mean Drake’s
you know he’s a big celebrity you know great artists I like his music but dumb
he’s got no handle when it comes to basketball he looks horrible shooting
for those of you who know saw videos of Drake you know tryin to play basketball
but um my topic tonight or one of my topics pardon me is the Warriors dynasty
officially over is it over there’s people that may not come back
next year and I want you guys to you know give me the breakdowns you know
those of you claim to know basketball um and also let me just say early I don’t
know anything about draymond greens contract but I want him out of here I’m
sorry I’m just I’m sick of him I think he’s cancer I watched the game last
night in its entirety and I just I was annoyed by him again all right phone
lines open um and other things want to talk about little Dirk rapper Lil Durk
out of Chicago in case not to speed down here in Atlanta he’s being held with no
bond bail denied with regards to his shooting they got him in Fulton County
and he’s been denying any involvement for quite some time in
a shooting that they now claim the detectives they have video footage of
him ripping a shot out of a block got him on that see motive shit you know for
those of you know see murder from No Limit Records back in the days and he
does have a Co Co conspire er alleged conspire
well lo Dirk cooperate with the authorities will he tell now I don’t
know if he’s still gang-related he’s been claiming not to be and I forget
whether he’s Gangster Disciples folk advocate well he’s you know denouncing
but uh he is a was official tissue once upon a time but I do need someone who’s
much younger to call and educate me because I’ve not kept up with lo Dirk
last I heard and the song that I really like from him was um with them days loaf
ma Beyonce loved that song I think it’s like close to 70 million views on
YouTube alright anyway um good evening in the
live chat how you guys doing we should be okay in terms of a no spam and crazy
shit I think I figured it out keep me posted alright good evening good evening
I see a couple people in the okay filthy Frank what’s poppin okay somebody’s
talking about Wendy Williams I’m not at the speed but I did speak with Steve the
Dean Williams earlier and we may try and get together tomorrow on a show to
determine if Wendy Williams is now a homewrecker because the young guy that
she you know is hanging out with supposedly he’s got a girlfriend who’s
kind of hated up on Instagram I think somebody mentioned that on my
show or the other day okay okay tonight folks I want to be a little silly a
little sloppy please join the party but let me just say right now to those of
you who are news intense are you up to speed today the New York Times June the
14th the case gay reparations I say again today New
York Times the case for gay reparations I don’t want to have the discussion
tonight but here’s the article for those of you you know you need to see it in
black and white it’s real huh black folk have been squabbling students a
perpetual doubt naysayers downward thinkers now black people don’t deserve
nothing how would you distribute it how would
you break it up yada yada yada well now we’ve got the case for gay reparations
and let me just say in case you don’t know the the gay rights movement
community made the New York Police Department apologized last week did you
catch that one may the Commissioner made him apologize for the 1969 Stonewall
riots I’ve spoken to you about that before I spoke about that years ago
anyway all right give me a second guys I’m coming to the phone lines cash at
super chat Friday night feeling good all right oh and my shorty checked in did I
mention that MA she hit me today and I said looked at bonus oh oh I said hey
she said hey I said what’s going on she said um you coming through now that’s
that’s a code for you know her job I said I thought you curved me she said
now I had to handle something I’d say yeah I’m coming through I went through
I’m not gonna talk to reckless because you know her job is a job I don’t want
to make nothing to happen to a job long story short you may have seen me some of
you today driving a BMW truck down the highway with a whole lot of shit in the
back so I just wanted to say salute to shorty she’s back on her grizzly all
right sugar Shea are you checking in why am i yelling sugar Shea who did indeed
move she wants to call in tonight early let’s get to sipping and turn up on some
silly shit tonight and I want to ask you guys a question sugar che asked me could she come stay
with me for 30 days while she walls she looks for a place here in Atlanta now
she wants to move to Atlanta I need for you to tell me whether that’s a good or
bad idea but let’s go to the phone lines let’s talk about tonight Friday night
turned up on the dumb shit good evening 6 1 0 we’re talking about a few things
tonight good evening hey you yes sir good evening okay okay
can you get off the speakerphone or just come closer because it sounds like
you’re in a tunnel if you want to talk bass to boil I want
to hear everything you have to say please much better yes sir go ahead you
have the floor yeah but I’m gonna break it down real simple you asked the
question if the Warriors dynasty oh yes sir it was never a dynasty he’s not
worth dying Stan but break it down like this because they record they made it to
the finals five straight years and that’s coolest nice it’s cute but the
only one three out of those five right you look at Kobe and Shaq work that’s a
dynasty they had see all sorts and three people
and that’s impressive yes this whole Warriors really just a UH
it was a cesspool of fuck you got the big man DeMarcus Cousins he came to the
Warriors for a free reign man got injured twice and it’s now by to
be traded it’s a clown show he was no to me this is not real basketball because
look you got to think right this is the first time in history a team has ever
had five all stores you starving on the floor at the same time and y’all lost
nothing bearishness number dynasty okay that’s some bandwagon you know New Age
circle jerk bullshit you know what I mean okay so hang on a second because
you sell like a man who knows basketball so let me just ask you this so March
Jackson is not hating he knows what he’s talking about because Mark Jackson said
last night during the game the Warriors did not belong there
did you catch that that’s a fact though that’s a fact
that’s a fact it’s not only they didn’t belong there dishes they didn’t belong
in the last three years I’ll break it down so sweet how come my last two
championships that when it’s because I’m an ama just keep it real this is this is
real basketball salt the last two champions should spend one star alive to
since they’re 1 there was somebody on the court that was injured severely that
helped them get to that point last year it was Chris Paul and Chris
Paul didn’t go down the juicer rocket would have been in the Western
Conference but it would have been in the NBA championship you can ask any NBA
analyst year before that why Leonard went down with their with
the ankle injury and there was a 3-1 so every if you look at some of the last
three championships wanted it’s a fluke there’s a food ain’t no fucking dynasty
minutes it seemed that ran into some lunch and
then after they got lucky and went out and acquired five all-star some bullshit
can I ask were you calling from Sur you sound like a fucking hater my type of
guy are you coming from Oakland for Philly matter SEC I’m all called a homer
youth or used to be slumming above net all the way up Nakamura county and city
don’t sauce nation please don’t start snitchin thank you ok so ok alright ok
Friday night feeling good I’m sippin behind the scenes here you know none of
that drinking on camera shit okay how we doing in the live chat guys that all
that spam and you know porno shit get the fuck out of there lucky was popping
homie I see lucky in there dope action Stallone okay big lon okay
so far we look okay mister uh ethics am I saying your name I ethics 100 okay
okay we should be okay alright back to the phone lines and I want
I want to talk about a few things also hold on a sec where’s my pen Ronnie who
has called into the show from time to time
Ronnie’s talking that fly shit about God of War and her and I may at some point
hold a God of War Tournament on one of her channels I’m not going to say which
channel just yet but she’s talking that fly shit I got some some PlayStation
stuff over here so we may talk about that as well all right I’ll keep you
posted go to area code 301 good evening is the
warriors dynasty officially over bill 1 hey how are you I think it’s over I
think it’s over and let me break it down KD is out with torn Achilles that that
injury writer can take at least a year to recover ok and then you got klay
Thompson with a torn ACL so that’s also a year so they’re not gonna be playing
next season you have the Rockets at or creepin up they’ve been creeping up on
the Warriors for like two years now so if you take that into consideration next
year and then want these cousins he’s out so really all you have is that’s and
currently was gonna be trying to fight it out by himself I don’t think they’re
gonna do it I don’t think they’re getting back to the NBA Finals anytime
soon so I think it’s over for them okay now I’m just asking the question and
respect though you weren’t those people who always you know comments and calls
in and says star you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about with regards
to basketball yes I’m asking you for real details before I jump out the
fucking window you say it’s over it’s a rat they’re out of there yes
yeah okay yeah yeah before I let you go can you tell me
about draymond greens contract is he still gonna be there or can they get rid
of him I want him out draymond Green is still on his contract
he’s good but he’s not due for a max deal
like everybody else okay so he’s gonna he can’t stay and you can stay in but
his contract isn’t due for I think another two years he’s not a free agent
this summer so I appreciate the call and let me just say you know if you find
time New York Times today the case for gay reparations okay all right
thank you okay okay listen I’m just a dumb dropout I’m not trying to you know
educate nobody but you know it’s uh it’s going down and and I don’t want to
discuss it tonight I don’t want to get into that discussion
you know sue detail I called Daniel with the data I called mo you know maybe
we’ll talk about it tomorrow breathing nine one seven is the Warriors
dynasty officially over I won senator yes
Jojo what I’m sorry all right oh it’s definitely a wrap okay good good good
listen grandma green do I wanted to reach through the TV and smack ya this
dude was outta control nobody in the other two we have come
before the whole city you know it’s definitely a rapper gonna shake now
draymond Green was going to happiness thoughts if a baby doesn’t sign and klay
Thompson they don’t give him the money they’ll give the money to draymond Green
what if they have to give the money for klay Thompson and KP they’re gonna get
that ball Master you the fuck up out of there because they don’t need well sir I
want you to educate me tonight because if I start you know saying this and
saying that asked I don’t know what you’re talking about
so I put you to educate me now to my knowledge last night and the reason why
I’m saying I’m fucking sick of draymond Green last night I think he had all six
technicals and if he got one more technical he could have been suspended
for a game seven if there was a game seven I mean listen I watched that game
so fucking intensely last name and then he kept arguing and barking at the reps
and I said why is he so stupid to still risk of fucking a technical that would
sit him down for a Game seven I think he’s cancer I’ll give you a last
word no you’re right he was slipping my paulista thinkers he was panting them
dude and when I kept saying will fall get up the jacks for stop complaining to
the rest and stop getting your number 43 path just be happen lose your fucking
job and shut the fuck up yeah good night talk thank you sir thank you all right
I’m coming to the phone lines super Chad just give me a second guys
before I bring in sugar sharing some other folks I just I feel like rambling
and just talking here you know I’m getting my drink on drinking off-camera we’re not showing you what I’m drinking
I should say um what a second did I say salute to offset yet and amigos I’ve got
a pop my collar right now I I got a I got a do me I got a pop my collar
because you know some of you laughed and that’s why I want you to laugh at me I’m
an older guy you know and from time to time when I was on everyday trash or
everyday struggle pardon me good people let me not do that good people and I
said ain’t no pimp like a country pen a lot of people didn’t understand that but
can I get some real country niggas right now to feel what I’m saying cardi B was
up on the gram yesterday or day before I forget is at the wind and she put up
of her swollen feet now a lot of people looked at the picture and said hello her
feet is disgusting and it was swollen her ankles or her
cankles swollen I looked at that picture and I said salute to that country Pam
got her out there with swollen feet get in the bag she just pushed out a baby
now she’s got swollen feet getting a bag you see that was the problem with Meek
Mill he could not push Nikki to be better than what she is did am I making
sense here I just want to ramble just give me a second I’m sipping ain’t no
pimp like a country pimp the country man of the country Pam pushes his woman to
the point of I’ll just say push me I don’t get too too graphic pushes her
bless her heart up on the gram with her feet swollen
looking alive Tennessee if you guys know what I’m talking about huh did you see
it mmm squeaky G said pimpin ain’t dead solute right Mike Brown says what the
fuck start talkin about you wouldn’t understand young man you wouldn’t you’re
probably too young you too young country nigga gotta out their swollen ankles
feet all fucked up and still getting that bag what I want to say it’s only
saying some of you you won’t understand that but it’s okay I just I got to put a
speck on his name let’s go to area code 9 zero nine
good evening 909 we’re talking about a few things well a little Dirk cooperate
with authorities they got him thank God Hey good evening yes I’m here who’s this
can you hear me hey looking hey you filming
good evening I’m good I’m good I’m not your brother Luke Andy was played well I wanna the Warriors Scotty B and
ladies cable quick please so the Warriors I think they’re back
here something down here for them and I’m not a warriors fan okay but I think
that they gonna be okay the data dynasty’s not over this is why
Stefan carry Stefan carry the best players on the contract in here Twenty
twenty one twenty twenty-two thanks luck okay you got one no it
klay Thompson former you can I get a five-year that’s for sure draymond Green
is confidence on that season Department releases that now they have dad to
review to resent their bench this is what they can do they have Andre
Iguodala is scheduled to make almost eighty million dollars next season they
can waive him under the amnesty rule so which means that exciting eighty million
dollars are not gonna tell to get the chat you sound like you know what you’re
talking about Luke any but I have to ask you respectfully can you play basketball
you’re from the Congo you you came here when you were 18 and I would I would
imagine you imagine you grew up playing soccer on dirt roads yeah football
football you may know we have a new NBA champion daddies from Congo we played
yesterday so we do play basketball now as far as
Kevin Durant bacon because he has a player option you
can pick up the player option for thirty one point five million dollars for the whole season the Warriors can
use the medical exemption which will now means that you not gonna turn against
the camp and we can Oh on the contrary and the deal which means that they’re
gonna have money to find better bench players
knocks out for the season after that Kevin Durant is back healthy great
confidence back healthy and the best players seven carries last until 2021
2022 so Mark Jackson will give hating because he got fired
yeah Mark Jackson is talking real reckless
oh he’s drunker reckless Hey in sport there’s nothing there’s no such thing as
deserve you take advantage of what you follow you write injuries happen so you
yourself Luke a knee you do have a jump shot or you can do a layup I mean right
now I would imagine you play a soccer better
though yeah I don’t play soccer because I was recording but I mean for the
better part of your normative use you were you know practicing you know a
soccer kick you know kicking rocks and shit like that practising on boulders that’s what I
meant to say part of me part of me alright I’m a little silly listen I
appreciate you know so Luke a knee stick with me man
if you have time respectfully because I do want to get your opinion on them if
we do a show tomorrow or or Monday the case for gay reparations
New York Times Luke a knee hang on Luke and can you stay right there if you want
to talk about lady shit I want to get her on the line I don’t want you to talk
without her being here can you hold on all right
I hold on sugar Shay are you on the line I see a 203 in the dashboard let me see
it that che I don’t want people just you know taking shots at change she’s not
there hold on a second ah this might be her
sugar Shay’s at you 203 okay hey outside hey how you feeling good he voice oh
great yeah okay so hey Lukey knees on the line
he’s the guy from the Congo he wanted to address you and I don’t want you know
just let him talk reckless Luke a knee there Sugar Shane was poppin how you
doing hey so I mean congratulation are you moving
but I heard start saying that that you wanted to move to Elena
I mean as a fan I just don’t understand what’s all along you know like you know
just like just like that what happens your job well I mean not the time games
the job you can always get another job you know especially if it’s not paying
the salary that you you want the cost of living is more cost-effective in the
South in the truth yeah I think it’d be closer to my friend start I think that
you know you smart girl and I think that you should you know
take baby steps you know you know build your career you know in a job did a new
job but it was your period because you could have a degree you know and yeah
I people with a good education being uh you know found online and whatever you
know that so I just to speak to your career and just I’m not getting well
hang on a second Luke a knee because now if you if you’re taking this shot at my
platform hang on a second Oh sugar k if you want a holler at Shea behind the
scenes please do so means she just asked if she could you know say it my place
for thirty days to look for another place I’m not clowning shave her and I
spoke behind the scenes but if you want to help her in her current situation I
ain’t trying to block nothing yeah I do I just wanted to say that people focus
bigger shit but but lady said the reason people stop think it’s because you’re
popping alright Luke any simpler a Friday night pay attention okay once you
shoot Sugar Shane email Shane can you give him your email so I can get to
other callers lady say fhd a two three six six at say how you feel
funny night are you sipping what’s going on
I’m very good I love doing the waves a little bit you know not too much you
know it’s nice you know you you’re in a transition you’re not really staying
where you used to stay and you know fit is a little different now yeah yeah
little different now so a bit to here is temporary so have to make a decision
quickly so you’re no longer on the couch are you now on an air mattress or are
you on an actual Matros respectfully I really start really really talk to the people shams
and apologia talk to the people is a similar situation how about them and the
similar situation in our previously words and we serve different location
because I think it about that area okay but you did not make a lateral move you
made a move an upward move yeah okay hey also she I’m gonna take some more calls
and I’m gonna talk about some other things are you up to speed on a rapper
little Dirk down here in Atlanta I think they got him in Fulton County denied
bond they say they had video footage of him discharging a firearm shooting
another man attempted robbery something to do with 30 racks and a gold King up
to speed if not just say no che don’t don’t start you know get nervous if not
just say no oh okay okay don’t worry about it I’ll come back to
you okay okay taking these shades now you see a lot going on let me go to arm
cash out good evening folks thank you for your support Sandman open
Omega a my sing a name right pimpin is about to evolve okay and evolving a
bitch thank you sir and listen I got your other cash jobs earlier today thank
you so much Sandman Omega from sing your name right salute to you homie okay
thank you for the cash app it’s mojo for who’s this mojo did you send in a cash
app mojo who are you man I don’t just like to read you know a bunch of fucking
emails man I mean we see if he sends in a cash
okay okay Sandman Omega says another cache yet you got a bitch moving across
country nigga Pam been so that’s what you call cross-country pimpin
thank you for your cash at Paul good evening Paul Paul says fuck curry LeBron
is the goat wow that was kind of random thank you sir for your cash yeah
let’s go to area code somebody said they were on six one eight were oh yeah did I
pick them up already go to area code seven eight
good evening several name is the Warriors dynasty officially over seven
eight you hey good evening well what it do sir I’ve another fucking
with you from back in the day my nigga I’ve been called in it’s my first time
calling in let me let me just get this out to a saloon so G you already know
what it is I mean you’re cooking right now trying to get my hole right so I’m
just finish off the motherfucking dumbass for calling the timeout with no
timeouts water new Chris lever you dumb fuck dumb fuck dumb fuck do it dumb fuck
you talkin to a negative play ball you know I mean play ball all my life high
school fuck money for my a co-op so that fucked up my scholarship okay so you’re
saying the guy who I just spoke to was a dumb fuck he didn’t know he was talking
about I’m confused yeah listen this I can’t talk soccer to
you cuz I don’t play soccer okay right right right right you’re saying right
show me come on I don’t play tennis I love ass but I don’t play tennis Trey I
can’t I can’t comment on he’s a good guy so I let him speak but do me a favor
please please don’t you know disrespect him he spends grow up less less let’s be
real about this let’s be real about this much now second of all you right ain’t
nothing like a concert here get that right so first of all and
another thing is because I’m not I’m I like I said I’m cooking you here the
fine in the back you know I mean like I trying to be a pillow or hits long song
say sound like you want that elephants awesome so my fam with you easy to keep
me not get too graphic so listen let’s not get too grand oh fuck you say
buckles you don’t don’t don’t get out here so are you calling from the New
York tri-state area I see seven one eight seven eight yes yeah Brooklyn all
day one one two or five you already know with it okay hang on can’t can we just
keep this shit real for a minute a lot of New York niggas keep it funky a lot
of New York niggas be funky fucked it up down here in Atlanta for other people
and I’m little Dirk is from Chicago but you know bro New York niggas came down
here in the late 80s back with that whole Bobby Brown Keith Sweat wave fuck
this place up the whole run down here you know running from the police up in
the north the police down here don’t okay let me give you a chance I’ll give
you a chance exact without did all that I’ve been super savvy a what is he
talking about come on I want some towers we going
there’s NBA right we’re not doing that now now we’re talking about yeah come on
man come on let’s try out the Norfolk Street baby
so not mean like sausage but I already know what it is then I was in the
Commonwealth stage not doable only some common tools and they about same money
very theory now you talking about cottage with the smaller ankles yeah I
salute that nigger put it’ll work yes bingo for none knows know what else
is good for Oh what else did she go for Oh what else
she can’t ride a beat let’s let’s talk about let’s go let’s go what is she
doing at the cardi because she’s an artist Brooklyn nigga spittin facts pay
attention actually about to be erratic if we can go back because I want to get
more colors on okay so so the Warriors dynasty is it officially over you Sonic
a man who knows basketball yes no no fan wife said it was a dynasty magic and
magic and bird and all them tools that was a tiny speech your and then the ball
that was a dynasty say when everybody talking this goal shit like Oh greatest
of all child bill Russell’s the greatest of all time you got eleven rings yeah
okay and he got and he got one why he was coaching and playing in the same
season right one discussion right done discussion I’m 46 brought I’ve been
around for many the next day won a championship since the yeah I was born I
already know what it is yeah I’ll play it is Hillary I’m later children I think
the next didn’t win since there was a gas shortage in America right yeah a gas
shortage 72 73 is that’s what I’m saying I don’t you Superfly The Godfather
niggas couldn’t even pick right because they couldn’t get they can’t right hey
thank you for the cold flu Thank You Man thank you no no okay
Brooklyn ago calling and keeping it thorough oh hey speaking of Brooklyn
hold on a second Oh shame shook the same hole in a second King stay right there
yeah I’m here stay right there I gotta call her grimy
well not cold I got I got a check grimy Brooklyn there go I love him to death
buck wild you know buck doesn’t call me when you know when he needs something he
just calls to see what’s happened he and I have been texting the last couple of
days he got himself another Obama phone and he wanted to call in tonight hold on
a second do you want to call the show now because he called in the other day and
then he oh he he won the holiday kiss okay Shay um anything else we want to
talk about Shay and um again if you’re not the speed on certain things just say
no I don’t want you to scrambling and getting nervous New York Times today
Shay genuine I’m sorry June the 14th let me slow down 2019 the case for gay
reparations I get the speech a little bit you know and just now I don’t want
to discuss it tonight I’m just wanna know if you’re up to
speed you saw they say I’m here catching up yeah I’m catching up good feet nice
yeah yeah I want to talk about this in the next day or so I want to get Dana
with the data mall and a couple of other folks so the gays are going for
reparations now so I’m gonna say hey also Shay uh so Ronnie and I have been
talking she’s got skills so she says with them God of War and she
wants to want to play me I can’t play God of War do you play God of War I’m
sure no I don’t play that avoid you know that like I only like fighting games and
I only like you know you know takes the games like GTA and stuff I don’t know
what God words I would be interested to see with this but I’ve never played it
have you been practicing Mortal Kombat because no truthfully sure you know I
beat you like a Virginia slave in your trash on ps4 because first of all I
wanted trash I’ll let you call me that one time tonight
without is because I didn’t even know how to catch the smoke like Ivan got so
far on those this story line a thief and story line
I’m already beat me I never lost all characters and I’ll be playing the only
thing I don’t do is play online but I’ll be playing you’ll get back to me it’s
gonna area code two one five good evening we’re talking about little Dirk
they got him down here in our Fulton County denied bond and we’re also
talking about the other warriors dynasty is it over area code two and five good
evening Corey G’s in South Philly listen man a fucking dynasty is over and my my
personal opinion is the chickens that came on the roof now Mark Jackson he
made that team right they fuck hard Jackson over David to the
white boy he got all the credit in all the championships that shit was wrong
Clay fucked in the knee up the wraps up his ankle up it’s over man over the bank
fees over run like my man said previously it probably was a little
dialect Peter to go with okay stay with me sir you sound like you know
basketball more than me stay with me now I’m 40 years old okay I’ll say you know
I’ll say you know better than me now Mark Jackson ringless never got a ring
never got a ring anyway if you ask me too much of a player hater and the
Warriors did the right thing by getting him out of there because he was too much
of a hater on Steph Curry Mark Jackson was never the quality of player that
Steph Curry is and I think they did the right here if I can just finish my point
so I’ll let you have the last word I think they did the right thing by
getting him away from Steph Curry so that Steph Curry could continue
blossoming he’s won he’s great but I think Mark Johnson is a real a ringless
fucking hater go yeah he that’s what they were saying behind scenes he was a
hater and all that well I mean he could have been so much of a hater he built
their team I mean if I’m not could be he’s responsible for drafting
stuff and clay I mean they don’t attend through the dress except for the likes
of the ring so you may have a point but I don’t think my Jackson was that much
of a hater he certainly knew what he was doing he broke that fucking thing for
sure and I think he kind of got the short end of the stick there’s my
opinion okay so here’s the question here’s the question is it over for the
Warriors over it’s all over okay welcome thank you sir hey stop
what’s that thank you so much your brother thank you so much thank you so
much brother please stop that dumb shit please in the name of Jesus see baez
good evening sir sending in a super chat shame on you boss nigga for even
thinking about taking in a stray put that smut and then he calls you up by
the b-word she I’m not gonna refer to you as that put that smut be in a Home
Depot shed and keep her and keep running yo hold on a second hold on a second
give me a minute we reckless right now see Baez shame on you boss nigga for even
thinking about taking in a stray put that smut be in a Home Depot shed and
keep her dog bowl empty until she shows she’s worth something come on respond
shake come on clap back at him I’ll be talking that we’ve taught you 30 and we
talkin crazy to me like that you know no me like that even saying yeah I’m
hungry but my dog better be full you feel me
because I’m I know awesome bring something to people I don’t know yeah
yeah yeah I’m not going to talk to it because I don’t know who you watch but
don’t call him this motherfucker cause if he’s Harley I’m calling because I
forgive you that slope yeah buy it I’ll be your area code is alright hang
on a second Shay damping the live chat talking about fatality haters pimp-juice
jr. on the check can be a super chat Raptors was not the better team
they were the healthier team fuck hoe ass Canada and whoever’s riding with
whoever’s riding with them I hear you man and I don’t have to disagree with
what you’re saying but I don’t know I just I think that it was destiny
you know it’s destiny you know thank you for your donation Gemstar on the check
and says yes tour a move Shay in with you because if she fucks around and
kills you it’s what you deserve for forcing that bum upon your supporters
for three years oh okay okay he bought the he troll baby
1000 says yo my nigga star but you trying to talk about video okay but you
trying to talk about video games as almost as bad as that one time Floyd
Maeva Floyd Mayweather was talking about hair products so I’ve been you know
working behind the scenes you know understanding the functionality of
certain things you know and I’m here in Atlanta now because I had to get here
for business reasons Ronnie says she’s got skills on God of War so yeah I’m
talking that fly shit again I got my fucking uh the camera for the ps4 got the LD coalition is this stealth 300
amplified stereo headset let’s see the fuck Ronnie’s talking about and guys be
patient Ronnie if you have her IG page please holler at her direct and not me
please don’t send me emails about the upcoming possible upcoming God of War
Tournament I want Ronnie to put an emotion if she’s gonna do it at all so
get a banner and she’ll promote it and we’ll go from there all right but thank
you troll baby mrs. Park : sends in a super Chet Van Vleet came through last
night he did my man did 22 points within 30 minutes
hashtag bet on yourself hashtag eight one five stand up hashtag to Rasik Park
hashtag Raptors yeah thank you somebody’s saying they were on area code
301 who’s this did I missed your call I think I missed some shit 301 pardon me
I’m moving kind of slow here area code 301 who is that Dave Dave pardon me man
I’m I’m moving kind of slow I think he’s out of the queue now area code 301 I
don’t see you sir I’m mr. Cohen all right Ryan Ryan says NBA been whack
since Dallas won a ring is Colin Kapernick playing next NFL season watch
tomorrow I want to see that nigga get out there and get injured first game mm
real fuckin hey no Sugar Shane any information on Colin Kaepernick playing
in the NFL if not just say no okay you’re a shame
mm-hmm you know come online just reading get out of the lime – hey don’t look in
the live chatter right here’s the last super chat for right now um JG says why
the hell is no one talking about the fact that today another NYPD member took
their own life that’s three police officers within the
past nine days what do you mean why is nobody talking about it sir we have
YouTube you can talk about it what are we supposed to say you know I mean it’s
it’s a sad thing are we supposed to like you know make that the focus of the show
you sent in a super chat I appreciate that you’ve mentioned it
hey did you see the on the cop in Columbus Ohio sucked out the sock that
guy in his shit I did hated mrs. nothing huh Columbus Ohio was poppin with y’all
now that wake up punch the guy with it with the locks and he shit bow and you
had a ratchet bitch she was carrying a baby she was talking on that fly shit
before you know I cop said hey get back and she said what then the guy jumped I
said what what what and copy over bow I think Henrik said baby in a lavender 1c
on the floor I think Henrik sent me the email thank
you 10 makes a loop are you saying hey I saw a black woman coming out of her
slides not like the thong flip-flops you know the one that’s been between us
she came out like the fly the next thing I know there was flies in the middle of
the street you know the baby was on the floor yeah he left the baby on the floor
dancer but I just was like in all the image it’s a lot going on and our whole
situation it was it was crazy yeah Anthony yeah where is Anthony you say
you want to talk about God of War I don’t see you in the
in the CUSO area code 905 for I’ll give you a second let me see who’s all right
here area code eight four five good evening April 5 Rollo Dirk cooperate
with the authorities they got him down here in Fulton County what say you man
he’s looking at a lot of time right after he might have to you know I mean
he might have to handle his handle but it’s crazy that you put yourself in that
situation I was shocked to see that but you know it’s a common game where your
body’s no just fat man you got some on camera were you calling from sorry every
20.5 is that young nigga young nigga no fucker free complaint hey so you know um
little Dirk and days loaf one of my favorite songs in the last you know five
five years I’ve given that song came out you know uh my Beyonce has he had any
big hair okay any big hits since then yeah um I mean softer the street he was
kind of cool you know I mean that’s a couple of bangers on their habits is
kind of hold on there okay um and it’s another one that I can’t think of top of
my head that’s really not an artist I listen to and I mean but he’s cool Oh
too much water tool for my taste I thought what do you like you’re 24 I
forget how old you again yeah 24 24 okay are we seeing the fall of them are we
seeing the fall of the drill rappers because Rondo number nine recently
paperwork came out Rolando well no no no hang on hang on
hater misses nothing paperwork just recently came out yeah paperwork just
came out alluding to the fact that Rondo was trying to pin the shooting or a
shooting on his co-defendant and you know do you think that low Dirk is gonna
you know go down that path I mean to get out and keep making his
money do whatever is necessary you know I mean but then it’s just like you you
live in that life so if you you know what’s gonna happen I mean so
can’t rap you’re gonna have to hold – take that 40 come on nigga
that’s okay okay little Reese getting beat half to death shitting on himself
right yeah fucking nigger fuck nigga hey – misses nothing
Hey haha look Thank You Man thank you okay that’s young nigga in there
checking damn shame I know all this monkey shit
you know so they recode 9:08 they’ve been a hole
for a while good evening 908 we’re talking about Lil Durk the warriors the
dynasty is it over no hey what’s going on yes bo hey what’s up Minho you okay
though yes sir good evening Grady Peele yeah
yeah the dynasty is definitely over on clay you know import AC owned and anyone
who knows that one knows that home you’re not really yourself even within
six months he’s not gonna be himself he probably won’t be himself within a year
so he’s done then you know you got um KD you know his injury that’s guaranteed he
gonna be out for a year or more then he won’t be he will be the same KD so
that’s that that’s already a done deal they haven’t grown up on the bench
you got ink without love who’s aging aging you he ain’t gonna be a big breath
anything you got dream on even the next contract I don’t know the girls on
monopoly he’s gonna be a liability because I agree with you he almost got
seven technicals I don’t think he realized you put his team in jeopardy
yeah nor down I was annoyed like you knock it the fuck all help the team I
was really knowing last night oh yeah really annoying one thing that people
didn’t mention was that Steph Curry as great of a player he is he finds it hard
to make those big shots in the finals right yeah he’s a great player but when
it for the finals he he always affirmed his
problems to make those important shots at the last minute overall that night he
it’s done but they said it’s over man should I let sugar che with me for 30
days to find a place in Atlanta I know you know I know I know you don’t believe
in a fan I understand the fuck a fan I get that but how are you living
are you living the house right now are in a pieman yeah I’m good I’m living a
nice bedroom apart me exactly and how many kids do you have
notice yeah okay okay not a fucking art degree look I don’t have a fucking art
degree in Fresno don’t have a home you have a master’s degree but you don’t
even have a home you have an apartment you’re not fucking with you what kind of
car you how do you know I don’t have a job yeah I don’t have a job I probably
got more money and thing do I Drive a 20-18 feelings anymore questions
a TLX oh you mean a Honda Honda so Honda Acura it
Honda with an A on it it’s a Honda with an A on it but go ahead you got any more
questions your honor with a hey on it a luxury Honda would a two-bedroom
apartment that you’re probably not even spending more than 1,200 a month on you
can use home don’t act like you’re coming up here like you boil it out
don’t sit up here and call me no bum you don’t know me from a can of her own okay
nine away I appreciate the call man thank you for the cash absolute sir
salute thank you fucking bottom all right thank you
Friday night folks me and I turn up silly shit I will not be talking about
the case for gay reparations tonight New York Times came out today but Lord Jesus
please get up to speed you see this is why when that data comes down the pipe
from Yvette Cornell and tone talks you have to pay attention Danny Glover and
John John Legend ya know they out there you know grandstanding I’m talking that
celebrity shit but you know I assure you let me just say this I assure you that
the case for gay reparations will be spearheaded by lawyers and economists that’s all I want to say tonight we’ll
come back to it the article itself hold on a second pages and pages and pages it’s not a fucking game right but we’re
not gonna discuss it tonight hang on a second Anthony says I’m on the line area
code nine five four he wants to talk about God of War oh shit hold on a
second gravy nine five four you want to talk about God of War sir yes yes grave
nning how are you yes sir good good say wait so do you play God of War do
you have you no experience with this game because what Ronnie’s talking that
rah-rah shit and I listen if she’s got skills I want us to have a God of War
Tournament I want to use my face you know I’m here to be used and we want to
you know try and make you pop what say you sir whenever you do it I need you to
try to make it right I need you to try to make it live I’m gonna tell you
something about that game I’m actually have a friend that any time ago in New
York I wash it off in Washington for years of just played our study the
storyline and I could tell you something about that game you see things in that
game that you probably like oh it’s just me that that game is by real the
characters even the Giants and that you know that game is one of the realest
game that game is reserved poker game I love watching them play that game okay
but I don’t need to go let’s go you know kill their own good enjoy your got pound
charge again say that again you know Cuba Cuba we can come back to stay with
me on this god of war for a second because I’ve never played this game you
know and I’m sure Ronnie is gonna give me that work but you know can we have a
tournament is that one of those tournament games or just is it just a
game that you play with like you know yourself or one of the person is it a
tournament type of game but it’s powerful man you just like I remember
when I got old Jesus told me about it and I remember when he first told me
about it I was in New York and then when I like ELISA I just sit for hours and
watch the games cause if that game is on a next level and like I said the
storyline is straight from the books that they took out of the Bible let me
just as you know that it’s real just put more that really real I don’t
mean let me let me say something say something you know I’ve heard you
mention Hannibal I’ll come back in the winter time you had a show on and you
mentioned Hannibal and nobody didn’t either respond to you I know you dick
and I know you dig these and you need to call before the flood and I just asked
and I was like yo this food a huge percent of his audience don’t even own
it on his level sir I respect my audience
I talk to them I respect them I would never ever try and talk down to people
that support me but now what you’re talking what you’re talking about
I hear you no way I hear you and I appreciate you but at the same time you
know certain things just pop into my head and I remember things you just
mentioned the Bible with regards to God of War so I’m already thinking about
King James the first you know who was you know he spoke about sorcery and
things of that nature before even revising the Bible so somehow deepest
does this game go talking about a book like The Book of Enoch I’m not talking
about those I’m talking about like a book like Enoch a book I live in okay
that’s what I’m talking about and an other book like a book of Jasher
okay it looks like that but those books I’m talking about bro this is like the
game is very very very powerful if you get into the game it’s like you could
have an audience what it’s okay I’m gonna check it out but now can I ask you
a question do you think that Ronnie and I want to say this respectfully she may
be watching do you think that a female such as Ronnie for her to be into this
type game do you think that she has some type
of demonic Center to be into this type of game no no no because I’ve been
listening and Ileana Rani has knowledge and wisdom so I’ll listen to her speak
and she’s open some things and like I said people that play this game they
know some may think it’s a fantasy but it’s real it’s a real game and it’s real
it’s one of the realest okay okay so let’s you mentioned the Book of Enoch
are you also familiar with demonology written by King James the first before
he revised the Bible demonology to be real with you I do not it makes it makes
some urgent but why I would have any interest in it because I know I know
where it came from see what I’m saying I know where the
knowledge came from so what he’s writing about you as ever if it’s the right
forever men in this earth man to know the third one I know it operates it
you’re right you got to know both rules you got to understand that that’s just
what it is simple thing it’s real I know it like I said I always whistle for you
men and I laughs I respect you you know I respect you as well like I said you
got crazy discernment you got crazy discernment you see what I’m saying
that’s why I say thank you that’s what you really appreciate have the name alright yes thank you okay okay
sounds like one of my old shower Posse uh buddies from back in the day
sugar states it tight I’m coming to you share I want to go to UM super chats
hang on a second Parker Lin says a super chat you did not receive it okay hang on
a second parkland I tried to get to everything hold on
I’m sitting here sipping you sent in a super chat that said VanFleet came
through last night my man did 22 points within 30 min I read that one Hey
take bet on yourself hashtag eight one five stand up hashtag Jurassic Park
hashtag Raptors I read that let me scroll back and see if I missed one folks I’m sitting here sipping the hater
takes the time to read your cash abs and your super chest me respect to you know
other people but a lot of shows don’t even read them
Thank You par : I just read it okay did you did you catch that should be another
email to say yes or no who is it somebody says uh okay six one
eight where is six honey did you send in a a cash app hole in his second I don’t
see six one eight somebody says what’s up with mojo with mojo six way were you
mojo sitting here sipping man what the fuck I’m still in the line I don’t see
it man I’ll come back to you Oh Joel oh that’s that’s the home he says drill
wrap washed color your hair and put a dress on mm yeah
little Dirk he’s he dyed his hair blond the real left-hander says I’m doing an
interview right now okay I’m a check-in with you if you still aren’t yeah yeah
well listen left-hander holla my nigga holler that’s too homey he says I’m
doing an interview right now he wants to call her and talk about the game last
night you know his psyche L says uh don’t support the homeless ho hustle huh okay hang on a sec Shay I think he’s
talking to you he says don’t support their homeless ho
hustle it’s not using yeah he’s saying he’s saying it’s hustle pretty much like
I’m trying listen I’m doing wonderful cheaper than talking about me they’ll
give me my praise for ten seconds I’m doing that people are going to talk to
fit about me talk shit about me you know you know when you pop in like this you
know oh you got it happy like this you don’t ask where will
you go what Shh sound geeked up pay attention
hang on che let me go to a Merc Merc Shenzhen a super chat saying did che
just say that’s a Honda with an A on it question mark doesn’t Honda already have
an A on it question mark Jay you know no first of all everybody
knows that Honda Acura is made by Honda it’s the luxury version of a Honda dummy
that’s why I said a Honda wouldn’t hate you on it learn about your car bent Remy bet Remy sends in a super jet
six dollars and sixty six cents please tell Shea if you can’t afford the
bullets for a Mossberg give me a second bent Remy says via super jet please tell
Shea if you can’t afford the bullets for a Mossberg just jump off the bridge
you’re living under now it’s a lot met it’s a lot less messy way to go shit are you there Shane
no I’m right back young boy 12 sends in 6.66 cents crazy story 2.0 goes hard as
fuck but is self stitching at is finesse
hashtag wheel it hashtag god of war is a one person game okay young boy are you
on the line so did I speak too soon to Ronnie about
a tournament or does Ronnie not know what she’s talking about let’s bring an area code 202 cleaving –
OH – we’re talking about a little Dirk will he cooperate with the authorities
and the UH the Warriors dynasty is it over – OH – what else
how are you sir yeah a caller their calls not so long ago I don’t believe
the dynasty is over I think that all you know injuries man I can’t believe I’m in
Toronto one but I can’t really give all credit for being over a really her team
are no injuries is a part of the game but they’re claiming me to get her last
night able to win Game seven automatically I know I would have but
you know at the end of the day if something is so many players there’s
gonna be free agent maybe got Jimmy but we got a couple of dudes and they can
come there and win so why would they want to come here I mean they’re not
gonna get max money but they’ll still come to the words because they saw that
dream aren’t they still get this it’s got a nice little scene in the draft has
come in I mean you know clays gonna be out for a while you’re ever gonna be out
for a while but they still got a team okay so you know I don’t know man and
that’s a little dirt I don’t know how you can spit on anybody or name alleged
you got a heartache stay with me stay with me I’m so glad you bro
little dirk um now here’s the thing supposedly they have him on surveillance
footage shooting the gun that shot the guy that
was robbed for 30 racks in the gold chain this is all alleged but this is
what the detectives now are saying in Fulton County here in Atlanta and there
is a codefendant so I’m just asking will he cooperate and what I mean by we
cooperate will he will he tell on somebody else somebody bigger a bigger
fish will he tell who owns where he got the gun of course and are there other
guns coming through that particular you know system maybe there’s a lot of ways
to know somebody tell you know what I’m saying that to to get less time to talk
to the prosecution the DA’s office to try and lighten your sentence not that
they can guarantee anything but you know it’s all you know heya your honor
he’s cooperating yada yada yada so I’m just asking the question because they
say they’ve got him on camera yeah it’s hard to tell with that one cuz I’m not a
little dirt but I mean I guess they put the paper front is facing is going
reduces crime I mean that’s where most of them these days are doing these days
what would stop them from doing my Beyonce well I ask you a question off of
course I don’t talked about it a while ago but what do you think about that
punk from from that show so I don’t want to talk about anybody else’s platforms
and I’m not looking for you know people to become reporting videos daddy Arianna
I’ll talk about rabbit Addison huh no Robert Addison Beauty be back I’m so
over superhero films right now a couple of people sent me emails and you know
not that I’m trying to be you know right but I think the new cat
in America the Falcon he’s gonna be bisexual now I’m just I’m over I’m over transcendent music sends in a super jet
star I think the last super chat was insinuating that certain NYP officers
are being knocked off they’re probably good ones they seem too much okay I
don’t know I’m not up to speed on that particular story you know I go to the
New York Post and The New York Daily News websites every day but you know
it’s really it’s depressing you know all that you know this one was
killed and that one was you know the throat was slit yada yadi honest it’s
depressing and I’ve never been depressed in my life but thank you for the
clarification transcendent music dirt dog says knock it off boss nigga when
you talk dynasty it’s Lakers Celtics Bulls Spurs then white skin niggers the
Warriors got that work period frock out of here okay okay
transcendent music sends in another super jet saying star look up YouTube
clips of god of war gameplay star okay that game is savage with that it’s a
savage game Kratos the main character is fire okay I
have no idea this is Kratos I’ve I’ve never played God of War
I’m gonna check into it though Ryan Ryan says Dirk changed his image of the gang
gang shit to making songs for the ladies with dyed blond hair
he knew he fucked up okay Thank You Ryan hmm my Beyonce see buyers see bias says shame on you
for even thinking about taking a stray part me taking in astray maybe that
again see bias says shame on you for even thinking about taking in a stray
put that did I read this one and put that chick in a Home Depot shed and keep
her dog bowl empty until until she shows that was hard
that was a hot fucking I think I think Jason is on like Jason’s that used to
five six one Jason homie min great great Friday man great show say I love how you
check that dude on the Acura use an occupy baby girl that was all you
Congrats I love it put that bitch in his place so Jason hang on a second you know
gaming you are a ps4 professional Xbox all that’s life in Ronnie
I sent has got a warrant two hours boss hogg I finished it in two hours the
multiplayer games and single ferrets Kratos is pretty much the son of Zeus
according to Greek mythology but God of War is also based on north mythology
like they cover the faster world warriors I’m a huge fan you want gaming
that you’re speaking to the right one it can’t be in tournaments Boss Hogg it
cannot be unless you and Ronnie are gonna test each other who completes the
game the fastest which will take you took me at least two hours but it’ll
take you both at least a day each yeah that’s the only way you can go on a
tournament basis you want tournament we’re talking mortal combat sports if
Ronnie because I don’t know how many games Ronnie plays so hang on a second
Jason slow down slow so I’m the one that said to Ronnie I said hey you know if
you got skills like that then we should maybe do it
and she didn’t necessarily say yeah let’s go to me she just she entertained
what I was saying but now you’re saying it’s not a tournament type of game God
of War Boss Hogg if you can do a tournament on that I will never come on
the show again I stand by my word I’ve never lied you know that that’s why I
know vatsnik isn’t on the fucking lines anymore
I’ve always been right I never lied I’ll just know that I may have Conte so I
don’t know if you lie now what do you talk about you took the shot at Nomad
Nick I don’t see you for one v in the dashboard but if he calls in I’m gonna
put him on the line you know no badge all right no that’s Nick bring him up
like I said but beeps before but by the way hater why did you make that show
private can I get an unlisted link please to that Kevin Durant ruin the
Warriors show where you pitched him off I never saw what happened I came late
for that show if I have to pay I will fucking pay you know that it’s all about
can you just shoot me an email Jason I don’t know what you’re talking about
right now and I don’t talk business out in the open what’s show you talking
about Shuchi Lincoln I don’t know I don’t know if there is a link I have to
check with Amy and Alexei listen I had people that can’t handle this stuff
because you know I just it’s a lot man I’m 55 I thought you always asking for
is the unlisted link I’ll send money I don’t know if there is an unlisted I
don’t know I don’t know pretty god there is I missed the best show of my life
were you bitched out Nick I missed it I don’t know what there’s a link slow down
slow down please stop taking shots at me he’s not here to defend himself
I really but you know just shoot me an email I’ll I’ll check with Amy Alyson
know what you know yeah sure let’s go back to the topic like I said God of War
is not a tournament game sports game FIFA NBA 2k Madden NHL
UFC I can keep going these are all games I’ve worked on these are tournament
games even Smash Bros if you like Mario Kart that’s the tournament respect to
Ronnie I don’t think she knew and nothing in as disrespectfully it is not
a tournament game it is a single solo game that somebody takes their own suite
to play the story incomplete okay listen Jason I will keep you posted I’ll keep
you posted again I just threw that out there as
well now one light bulb about to be switched off and it’s that are you want
to talk about the Golden State Warriors yes Jason Morris yeah absolutely
that dynasty whenever any hater if we’re talking realistically and I always come
with a fax klay Thompson mark my words we’ll be back in February Duran will be
bastards my cousins right before playoffs that time you see will not end
they have a very smart general manager che quick questions this is the general
manager the Warriors since you’re co-hosting 20 bucks if you get it right he’s a great general manager he’s always
a build great team they will not die if they have too much money and people will
always go to them because they have Steph Curry one of the greatest shooters
it really couldn’t carry the team but what could you do not one man shhh if
you want more basketball fast you can always meet me and put me back on hold
boss ah they’ll be here all right well I’ll put you on hold and I’ll come back
to you all right can we do that salute Thank You Mai hang on a second we put
Jason on mute for a second oh and I think I’m gonna take a break and come
back and continue the show I’m gonna talking mood tonight I’m gonna talk to
you let me see if I can find my banner I’m always promoting other people’s
banners when I get ready for a break in about five minutes
hold on a second okay somebody’s somebody says you’ll pick up haricots
401 all right sir I don’t pick up for a dollar
thank you for your cash fuck I look like dalla snowman 9 1 9
says I no mo I know mo weighs 300 plus Dana a club rat mmm sentence scroller
gotta read it psych L says Ronny like demonic thug
dick I don’t know sir thank you for the cash yet
Sandman says hold an MK 11 or 2k for the scroller God of War is one player star
Ryan doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking okay Thank You Sandman I’ll
check out Ronnie and again guys I just mentioned that it wasn’t like she said I
mentioned that all right Oh Joel oh I don’t know who less washed Shea panties
or the Warriors mmm oh cool oh going ten toes down thank you sir Jason that’s
Jason’s email okay just give me a second guys you know just stoned in a glass
house says we’ll 5,000th it shade down forever 5,000 get her out of here for six months
guarantee chuckles hey there really six months it’s not a long time
fire domed in a glass just asked me if he sent in five rocks when I sit you
down for everyone I saw sit down for six months so he sent in five racks outfit
out for six months not on Fridays I got to be able to come on the show on Friday
you just normally do well no this man sitting in five racks you’re out of here
for six months I gotta respect the dollar but that’s a
long time school oh hang on a second El Cholo sends in another cash app he says
little Dirk looking to snitch on your mama block that hashtag and it just says
block that hashtag thank you Oh chill Oh star checkout stock symbol okay okay sir
I can’t read a stock message on the show here because that could be a charge you
know some type of insider trading violation
thank you for your cash appetite I don’t want to go there
Antonio thank you so much for your cash at I don’t know if I want to mention
that man on the in the show if I’m misunderstanding you send me an email
the hater one nine six four if you’re talking about something with
regards to radio hit me behind the scenes we can talk more as a matter of
fact shaking your hang on a second stay right there if you are talking radio I
am in seek of a radio point person I’ll just say that because it took me a
minute to get get down here to Atlanta and I’ve got some opportunities and I do
need somewhat of a manager slash agent if I understand your cash app if I don’t
then no harm done but I don’t want to reference that if you’re talking about
you know in terms of trading but thank you for your cash Shep okay you said
guys okay so he’s now saying equals money train okay listen thank you again
Antonio are you talking about insider trading or you’re talking about
something different it should be an email because that you sent two
donations I appreciate that I don’t only you know misinterpret what it is that
you’re saying but thank you for your cash yep okay hey sugar sham I’m gonna
take a break stretch my legs turn the AC up a little
bit it’s a little too cold and we’ll come back you good yeah I’m good
okay be back you let’s take a four minute break all right oh they’re good
yeah okay all right all right hang on a second guys let me find the the banner
for my homie Cedric Muhammad let me try promote his platform and anybody else
that wants your banner on the live stream or the rebroadcast shoot me an
email the hater one nine six for
I’ll be back in four minutes you okay I’m back in the building all right
Friday night this is the star report whole silly tonight but we are
discussing some topics mm I do want to address earlier today and then I got
twisted around but all right shame coming right back to you just give me a
second when I make sure I am checked off some of these things lil Durk did I say
salute to Diddy yet JD good guy good guy last time we spoke I think it was 2012
he called in to my morning show on 100.3 the beat we had a great conversation but
supposedly his ex-girlfriend cassie is now pregnant and Diddy wishes her well I
forget how many years they were together and I just want to say you know um from
an older man’s perspective and I mean no disrespect to to Cassie sometimes an
older guy can can can tell if a woman’s gonna be trouble later on in life no
matter how hot she maybe he can tell he gets a sense of her true nature now
again I’m not dumping on her but I’ve had some some physically beautiful
girlfriends in my day beautiful physically beautiful not
necessarily beautiful inside but I will mention no names and I just I knew so
you know this bitch was she’s gonna be a problem in a decade from now or if I if
I give her a baby if I or if I put a ring on it you know it’s bitch to be a
fucking problem and I think that’s what may have happened with Diddy and cassia
yeah I’m just I’m just guessing I don’t know for certain but um you know he was
sure the best and I think that’s a classy thing to do sometimes you just
you know you know it’ll be trouble down the road you know
should we show you there any um any knowledge what cigars to Diddy Cassie
Cassie’s Leslie having a baby or so climbing a baby yeah I came across that
on on a newsfeed a couple new scenes he congratulated her and her doom and you
know on their expected baby you know I think that’s pretty much all you can do
it if they congratulations and keep moving it he’s got a whole squad of his
own so it’s not like he you know you know I don’t know I really don’t know
how to respond to that but it’s kind of tricky with X’s people move on maybe
certain lives they have children with you know evidently the right person that
was for them and that’s kind of what it sounds like Cassie did you know or maybe
the coochie was trashed no I don’t think I don’t think a few hit
the mold for what she said the look for what did he want it but I don’t think
she fits the mold as far as like the woman that he wanted her to be that’s
why she left someone wasn’t willing to bend maybe you let her go because maybe
you let her go yeah because the man is supposed to leave so more than likely he
was like coffee and getting it ain’t catching on gotta get rid of her ass no
no you’re not hearing me maybe he let her go and just said hey I’ll just let
her find her way to wherever you know couch is trash she’s gonna be a problem
in a decade she’s self-centered vain you know family
you’re ungrateful no bad disposition you know never mind
and attitude problem because as I’ve always said an attitude can be adjusted
but when you have a woman that has a bad disposition Kendra in about that that’s
just that’s who she is yeah let the next man have that bitch
and that headache well one man’s trash is one man’s treasure I guess whenever
you code six zero – good evening 602 were talking about little Dirk tonight
cooperating with the authorities what will he mean that’s the question
will he and also the other warriors is the dynasty officially over 602 how you
doing man good evening sir yeah when it comes to a little dirt on oh man all
trust long bitches okay there I know but uh it comes to the Warriors I say that
the lawyers they’re not done with no they’re not over with I mean it takes
one free agent if they keep job is gonna have they keep Craig and then they have
one free agent come over through a free agency or something like that does he
write back in the mix but the same time for everybody who went through the
grinds or the struggles in life and get this smile when silver spoon said
motherfuckers fall I respect LeBron James
Ron James she went through what he gained he went to a Cleveland you know
he was from Cleveland Harvey’s gonna have a father once yours don’t grind and
everything like that and then one okay more Hanes
everybody hate them but their staff calm is blue eyes you know blue eyes
throughout the blue eyes connection he no such thing I’m just saying at the
same time it’s like damn they’re like you got a kind of smile when people who
had everything fall because Seth Curry his father was in the NBA he was sitting
on the sidelines at the all-star game with NBA all-star players when he’s
three four years old I don’t know the exact thing it doesn’t matter
hey LeBron II had a other players don’t have dad Michael John you have any cave
in South Carolina and uh same thing with clay Thompson he had Michael Thompson
who was a champion with the Lakers I’m like okay I know this is actually
like people to kind of smile look in their hearts a little bit but at the
same so I don’t I don’t like people to get injured and fall like that because I
like this sir can I jump in and say that this sounds very personal for you it’s
very personal no not personal at all no not personal
it’s just I just get tired it’s not personal but I mean I’m somebody who
came up for the green grind myself and I’m not african-american
I’m you can say Caucasian but I mean I’m not Caucasian I I don’t know what the
fuck these races are anymore it really doesn’t you’re a mix mutt and you’re
hating on the high yellow basketball players keep it real it’s personal
personal there’s no hate like white on white heat sir black on black crime does
not compare to white on white hate this is my parent no even the white oh why
hey I’m just saying the money I’m talking green now white on light that
they’re very light-skinned so you hate them because you know they are you know
similar in complexion to you similar it bothers you yes right but I don’t say
that you know I mean I know I go through the gray goo I didn’t actually want to
talk like skin that infants ride I mean you can fool a lot of players then blue
I mean Shawn Marion I bet you even come silver spoon fed you know how to deal
with Blacky but though but again somebody that’s
high yella you haven’t you have enough rope an even deeper issue yes no that’s
not where I come from just who I got to come no and I could sense grind a little
bit but don’t is wrong I know defeat people all the time but I like people
who hardship sure the white man has much hate for each other that they sit
around and they they think of the different ways to kill in in mass
numbers you familiar with the Manhattan Project yes yes can you tell these
people about the Manhattan Project you’re Caucasian come on come on no sir
no sir I had no nose not gonna fine I’m not gonna lie to you at all I have no
but I should shake can you google the Manhattan Project sugar shake okay so
I’ll let you finish up my diet yeah I I knew it in you
I hear the Caucasian hatred in you but the head okay yeah yeah no and I just
want to say shut out the shape at the same time I know she’s been I’m shown
I’ve been listening to a while and I’m like okay yeah lots of character and
everything like that but at the same time I heard that other cash after
somebody said anything that just take a bowl third party you put her in a dog
Lori Hall open she’ll be fed all night thank you for
your Caucasian hatred tonight thank you so much thank you I think you’ve said enough though
honestly you’ve said enough you sent another shake did you google
the Manhattan Project I’ve asked you this before Shane let’s take our time so
the media and practic was a research and development undertaking during the world
war ii that produced the first nuclear weapons it was led by the United States
with the support of the UK in Canada this start is like around in 1949
39 through the night for raid huh 1942 to 1946 the project was under the
direction of Major General Leslie groves of the US Army Corp of Engineers nuclear
physicist Robert often Oppenheimer was the director of the Los Alamos
laboratory that designed the actual bomb and then the army component of the
project was designed by the Manhattan district and Hatton generally supersedes
the official did you learn about that in the college’s you went to Shane
yes briefly we you know I really didn’t I found out there in lectures but yeah
white man sat around thinking of different ways to kill thousands
millions perhaps hang on a sec hey hey stay right here let’s go to a cash app
good evening – Theo Theo says star you can’t be Shea’s father figure cut it out
I’m nobody’s whoa I have young people that claim they are my children
you know but don’t know I’m not gonna be Shay’s father figure no sir but thank
you for your cash Shep deal also Theo says Jason gets your uh what is it
Macaulay Culkin ass out of here bitch boy oh shit
Theo coming for Jason’s neck black Freeman good evening sir white boy Jason
sound crazy it’s over Golden State Warriors okay he says it’s over cause it
was okay psych L I’m saying your name right sir
let’s shake clap her ass on the MARTA pimp hard star Thank You chef they kept
Carlos good evening he says for a donation thank you sir I
do not see a message but thank you Carlos you are appreciated
white star GB for support thank you okay okay left hand it is on the line hold on
a second where are you sir 302 oh shit okay let’s talk about it
left-handed good evening sir good evening sir God’s earth tone or style
establish a was to do say a question real quick something’s on my mind is
bothering me what school did you graduate from and where did you get your
degree in I got my degree in business and an accounting and marketing
those are my concentration and how is there a private school in Connecticut so
the University I rather not say because I don’t want to you know to any chances
of getting any type of endorsements or whatever from in the future you know school that you graduated from come on now okay Shay hang on a second I want to
hear about the Golden State Warriors from left handed please hang on Shane
Warriors came last night the scepter that I never saw before star
you know how they always say the game is not over till it’s over the game was
actually over when it was over and the still was going on Serano did what they
had to do I want to pop my collar I did say to run over six I see your rocket
the Toronto Raptors have you grown with the winner I see you always always as
far as nations concern go to statements they got dealt a crazy blow last night
with klay Thompson with down with the 20s
yeah yeah crazy night I’m saying but for all the people out there is talking
about it was a Willis Reed Nicki please knock that shit the fuck off please cuz
Willis Reed was not expected to even play clay Thompson had to come back out
to the strip the free throws so come on man
they’re not saying I’m hyped to charge you think you’re taking it too far back
when you say real is Willis Reed for some of the younger people who don’t
know we’re referring to okay Willis Reed captain individual
Knicks you know we would say the championship series way back in the day
against the Los Angeles Lakers he had got hurt he came to the – okay – came
out the tunnel nobody really expected him play he came to kill came up the
tunnels warm-ups and did his thing so I really don’t even see the comparison to
that you know but you know these cats they you know they don’t say anything to
get retweets and likes or whatever but that’s theirs then but um anyway as far
as the future to go to State Warriors this concern is really a nose up in the
air right now man you know the Cragen whole staff might be left out on the
Highland by yourself when I knew about a cure they move it to a new arena
she in San Francisco downtown San Francisco I didn’t know that I didn’t
know they were moving by yeah they’re more but that was the last during Oracle
star that’s the last game okay the last game ever is Allah cool um
Andre Iguodala Shaun Livingston retired last night so that’s true off the roster
round then you got go with the rent in our clay situation up in the air um
really Steve Kerr the coach that you know that’s such a that whole situation
I go to shit do you think he’s coming back is he still under contract yeah championship run that he could kind of
fall back or let you live for couples because what you did you know prior
years or whatever Mark Jackson hating well Jackson hating yeah I mean but you
know what though star I think that you know he’s within his rights man okay
with that because that’s just him he’s gonna be watching this team get those
championship earrings and all those accolades and things of that nature but
I think you know what Jackson he’s a man of skill he spoke his mind and I think
that got him in trouble with them with the ownership out there I mean I can ask
you a question left-hander why is it more Jackson coaching another team what
wouldn’t I think because again you know your reputation precedes you because I’m
saying so if you know he made those statements in regards to you know
certain situations are certain you know certain people with certain cultures and
it wasn’t accepted by that ownership so I know that news travels fast nobody
else to be bothered with that no chance of him coaching the New York Knicks ever
Mark Johnson I wouldn’t be mad at me nice I wouldn’t be mad at Mark Jackson
and I’ve said it a couple years you know couple years ago there would be like to
have Mark Jackson you know as an assistant or the
coach I wouldn’t be mad at that low I would say head coach did I say head
coach okay okay I agree with you I agree with
you and I wouldn’t be mad at that at all he has to catch a you rip the st. John’s
you know I mean playing for the Knicks so I would be mad at that law but on the
Golden State Warriors man I think there is there an heir in the wild situation
right now man what do you want do you know are they gonna pay these guys
Durant has an option so the red can either you know opt in we go to state
which means they could pay him for next year just to basically sit on the bench
and cry Thompson’s in the same situation because the great Thompson was about to
be a free agent as well okay we’ve spoken about Golden State
Warriors enough account can you just tell me the rafters will they will they
be a strong contender again next year or was this a fluke for them if you already
know my god we talked about it all studio off the air whatever and my thing
was I said this and I said this on my shows and everything this particular
this path Indian season right now they’re just fat last night with a tax
write-off okay yeah it’s a tax write-off season we got a tax write-off champion
it’s as simple of that meaning meaning rocker is offering Kawhi Leonard you
know are free nearly they are free mention and all this craziness is to get
in the state here I think that’s a done deal okay
I don’t think the Toronto Raptors are gonna be able to be the tune that they
were this season so to answer your question I just think that you know the
Raptors are just you know take it you know filling up a space right now there
are tax write-offs European tax right I’ll seize it now you could take that
out if you want to take it it’s nothing new but I think there’s definitely no
champion in 2020 Wow well left and a good to talk to you man thank you for
checking in and then if you wanna mention about your upcoming show oh man
listen um Monday night’s California radio what
about their game from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. I got a show that I do with rock this
monster helter skelter is sports day Queen Amina shout-out to the
Queen pieces of Queenie and Miss know better we do that on Monday nights of
eight to nine we talk about sports culture whatever’s going on we chop it
up turns days after further review 2.0 eighty eight a song on pass it goes down
actually be our network Tuesday night’s eight to ten
it’s a Coleman show I pop my collar out doing my things Wednesdays I got on
Chris Nuttal radio that syndicated out on Miami Florida
Saturday’s have scratched our DJ scratch with the sports to the show and I’m a
writer too so I write for validated magazine after magazine home by Eric
sermon I got a dope article in there this is no issue that’s the issue with
the Western or the cover I’m doing my thing there Thank You Man no saying and
I appreciate you for coming let me rock that’s they should be that man
fight night men we finish smoking his weed out who he broke you down as he
always does as she always does all right sugar show you there sugar sugar sugar
shake shake shake I think I didn’t get to say goodbye Dan left-handed all right
hang on shake I want to go to soon subjecting cash yep stay right there
okay Oh chill oh and the check in good evening sir he says little Dirk blonde
wig about to go sell to sell an ATL okay okay
Sandman says uh Didius sucker ain’t no bitch a pimp
can’t be fix okay I hear you but no we don’t know up did he’s a pimp you know I
don’t say that to be disrespectful maybe he’s just a great businessman great
entertainer you know maybe he said hey man his brother’s gonna be trouble I can
respect that if that’s what he ultimately decided you know everybody’s
not a pimp just because you got money doesn’t mean you know you’re pimping you
know but thank you for your cash at black Freeman sends in another cash app
he says black black crime don’t compare to a white on
white hate judge Somali Prince you haven’t read my last who’s super chats
today and the African reparation episode was I talking too explicit ok where are
you Somali Prince hold on a sec let me see if I can find you I’m going through
cash apps I do not see a super chat from you today Somali Prince did you send it
to a different channel I’m scrolling back Somali Prince I don’t see that name
Somali Prince I’m scrolling back to the last Somali Prince I see was on the 11th
where you say I’ll pay reparations after your sweet Italian mama oh talking about
my mother admits what they did admits what they did he’s talking about
Italians my mother’s Italian Neapolitan and Somalia in the late 1800s mmm we
wasn’t enslaved but still colonized do the research so that was from about the
11th okay thank you Somali Prince what else
did you send you another one I don’t see it man
give me a second give me a second guys che hang on a second this man spending
scroller okay that’s all I see Somali Prince okay here’s another one
if you’re willing to stand with with ghetto
tampon odor from lady che che do you hear this this is Somali Prince from the
sex wait what he says to me if you’re
willing to withstand ghetto tampon odor from lady che then the answer is yes for
30 days you’ll be lucky to last two weeks with the hood rat shit you know you have to answer I’m just
meaning meaning if you agree for 30 days you probably would end up giving me an
extension because they’d be like she’s a bit through me ever what it would be a
roommate I mean I got a back room and you know it’s hot down here to sleep in
the bathroom all right hang on a second che let me go to some more these super
chats did I miss this one for here from dirt dolled knock off balls nigga when
you – ok I think I read that one pardon me transcended music nothing like super
chat was in ok crazy story I got but that one that Remy I read that when you
– ok YouTube’s algorithm says fu star you better have that Vaseline ready next
time I catch you slipping because I’m gonna get deep in that ok something
really crazy really crazy ok thank you for the superjet polo 1200 says you
claim that’s your ride or sugar shave let your flunky stay with you and clean
the house like a servant I don’t need anybody to clean up my house I mean you
know my mother raised me to be very very you know clean and spacious you know I
everything’s in order here you know i don’t i don’t have dishes and shit like
that I always have plastic utensils paper plates I just I throw shit out and
I take everything to the garbage the same day so there’s nothing here for
sugar Shea to clean up but thank you for your super jab polo 1200 CE Baez Oh
che holy shit he’s talking reckless again you ready yeah ok see by ascend
superjet saying put a five o’clock shadow on that bigfoot monkey and
advertise her as a tranny then make that hole walk a hole in her soul judge and
he said judge not me he said judge did you get that yeah I heard it loud and
clear when a five o’clock shadow on that
Bigfoot monkey and advertised her as a tranny then make that hole walk a hole
in her soul judge might be there not but not big I’m tall so I think I’m welcome
portion to myself thank you very much and I don’t look like a tranny I could
pass for a tranny okay I have very beautiful features as a
woman okay thank you are you going live tonight shade you want to promote you’re
on your Instagram page no no no no I can’t go live is no I can’t I can’t go
live here okay Ramon you okay hang on chef be right
back let me go back to super chat Toronto Rangers says have you heard
Tyler’s new album Igor yet question mark never thought I liked bisexual RMB but
here we are it’s on site and you don’t know shit about sports okay so listen
again I am so grateful to Tyler the Creator for shutting down DJ Khaled and
stopping him from getting the number-one position on Billboard and as I said I’m
gonna be listening to Igor this weekend I’m gonna I’m gonna purchase it I’m
gonna listen to it because I appreciate it
I appreciate how the Creator stopping the Coltrane thank you for your superjet
Ben tremie says Ashley Shay eat the fucking Mossberg instead there won’t be
that much brains to clean up don’t want to waste tax money dragging this
whoa dragging this swamp free for your carcass whoa he said he or she bent Remy
sent in six dollars and sixty six cents Wow stretching out trannies sends in a super
jet fuck you start O’Shea that I have a room booked for her at the Hard Rock in
the Dominican Republic it’s all you can drink from the minibar oels nice that
was nice mrs. Parr : sends in a super chat lil
Durk in Fulton County rolling over on El Cholo for his outstanding child support
warrants in exchange for a lesser sentence that was nice
see Baez I care about that one for me hb2 it on the check-in them okay HB 2n
says the man your woman leaves you for is often the man you introduced her to
Ryan Leslie introduces Diddy and did he introduces the personal trainer hmm
Shadid Ryan Leslie introduced Cassie to Diddy is that what this person is saying
hb2 n do you know I think that is what HP 2n is saying and he might be correct
because I think she was put on like did he didn’t find her she was introduced
and then they have a mile is me if I think she was being it whatever happened
to him Ryan Leslie know what happened I don’t know you know he’s still in New
York if I’m nothing he had a lot of good music I don’t know he’s behind the
scenes but he hasn’t I don’t know where he is
you know I enjoyed his music last time I saw him he had like a gray beard it
looked like you know he’s living a life of stress I know that he somebody stole
his laptop and then he promised to give that person a million dollars and then
the person said okay here’s your piece-of-shit laptop let me get the
million and then I think he renamed and then that person sued him I think he
lost the case last I heard last I heard yeah he’s not gonna be poppin anymore I
don’t know like I said he thought it looks like he’s overseas you know
talking and stuff doing music overseas but yeah that’s hilarious I know that
saying about the laptop hang on a second El Cholo sends in another kept saying I
saw a little C’s dressed in a blue wig after they blew what’s he talking a
little sees what is that about I’m confused
Oh little ceases to homie good guy haven’t seen him in years good guy and
he and little Kevin just had a great makeup what’s up Shane I was gonna say
little fetus kind of reminds me of meek Mill’s as far as like rappers so did you
hear that big no lost 200,000 change from a bet from last night’s game hang
on a second two to eight all day what’s good star okay uh two to a let me see if
I can find two to eight where are you I don’t see you in the the queue just yet
I’ll come back to you in a second let’s go to area code six four six in the
meantime good evening six for six we’re talking about um lil Durk locked up
Fulton County no bail I’m no bond and the Warriors what say you yeah the
Warriors are done every everybody has their chance to win you know the time is
done I want to say one thing about Shane man exact you on your Instagram yeah I’m sorry the god damn sir can we ask where you’re calling from
area code six four six Shan Shan hold on we go on some things okay put it put it
one time trailer parks man no well liver yeah like you felt like you got our
dirty socks right now nigga like you felt like you drink hot dog water can
you give us your ID sir so the trolls can be the judge of how you look can you
give me your ID hang on sir can you give us your ID please hang on Shay yeah yeah
it’s easy eight one again easy eight one easy eight the number eight one
yes any a that’s why eight one hey can you check out his IG right now
while he’s on the line Shay hold on so stay right there stay right there are you there shit are you private are
you putting it are you professor are you private sir
oh yeah yeah I can’t see can you make your public sir this’n I’ll put you on
hold hold on hold on let’s stop arguing please please okay sir can you can you
put it on public and won’t come back to you I’m gonna put your holder right put
your page on public come right back all right all right let me put them all for
a second no sense to be yelling let me put him on hold six for six
and I think Elvis the chef Rosenberg good evening sir he sends in a donation
you are appreciated and we have Otis’s on the check in two to eight good
evening Otis Hawaii so we’re talking about a few things on a Friday are you
there by it what girl Farooq John my name was
a man she budget cool man oh yeah go to safe they done mail Kate you should
never play think it’s already hurt now he just fucked up a whole chance to make
sure he that killeth that’s on deck as puppies holding small
Fenway swim with her he worried about Kate I think she may have been trouble
you know I think did he hung in there as long as he could you know smashing that
low-mileage coochie and then ultimately he said you know this bitch’s trouble
she’s gonna be trouble I’m gonna let the next man have her so
we don’t know that please don’t say something to get me into a low so we
don’t know that let’s not do that please let’s not do
that okay it’s not even a legend let’s not do that there’s not there’s no need
to go in that direction with we don’t know nothing about that but here’s the
thing how old are you hold you oh okay you’re
very young respect for the poor okay so now have you ever you know smash to
check for you know a length of time and then just said hey you know just I’m
tired of this I I can’t I can’t I can’t wake up to this force we know moving in
I’m saying about you know she I mean yeah I think you clone somber man me
first proof oh no you know I think I think you okay Otis I appreciate you now
you called from the South particular you call from the South we come from know me
I’m up in Chicago mammals in Chicago or wait a minute hold on stay with me
stay with me stay with me so so it’s a little Dirk I’m sure you know a little
Dirk is you from chiraq they got him down here in Fulton County they claiming
they got him on video ripping a shot out of a Glock this is
what they claiming now and he’s got a co-defendant you do you think he’s gonna
do some talking if they have a video of him he’s facing a attempted murder and a
couple of other charges man’s voice man I I don’t know I really
can’t I really can’t say what I’m saying man the stitches are and when he was in
the courtroom I keep mine you didn’t like a little food you look like a pig
while I pulled out the old a old man the call was like hey hey but still fingers
on the whole operation it’s all bad because no way I’m looking like this
mine he making all this money a disco ball these drivers I think you’re not
really taking all this much they wanted to see what they fill today I’m breaking
you off so fuck them right papa really and break you off your leg don’t shoot
they don’t be dumb then get the war say cheese I could hear like that stuff man
figure out the way so it doesn’t oh thank you for calling man thank you for
your cash absolute thank you sir all right yes okay oldest on the check-in um
your sugar sure I think that guy hung up 646 I didn’t hang up on him show you
there he hung up because because he hung up because the ugliest fuck he looked
like he looked like oh my god like he had to be trolling and I’m not I’m not
take a screenshot che hurry up we’ll play makes it private
take a screenshot bent Remy says don’t miss my second
super chat for che have more have more life at
is her boss nigga okay let me look for bent Remy I’ve been reading your super
chats bent Remy yes I have you maybe this may be an old email I’m just now
I did read this one you said actually Shea eat the Mossberg instead there
won’t be that much brains to clean up I read that one and the other one you sent
was up please tell shape she can’t afford the bullets for Mossberg jump off
the bridge I read that one as well I’ll up to speed I’m up to speed
okay um a few more that I’m out of here guys getting late I’m I’m trying to go
ice skating tomorrow trying I I don’t know for certain but uh that’s my um my
goal tomorrow to ice skating not rollerskating ice skating right Brian
sends in a two-hour cash shop thank you sir we don’t need two other cash shops
but you will appreciate it okay okay this is someone else here this is not a
yeah okay I think that’s it for cash yep okay sugar say we’re done we’re gonna
shut it down anything else you want to say before we
close out or you know what’s going on with you good I mean follow me on my
social media platforms be on the lookout because I you know eventually going to
go live and hopefully it’ll be it it stars back room all right Shane good
good to me around tonight you want to chop it up later what yeah yeah yeah
I’ll be around yeah we call I hate you Beckham and a
half now yeah but half now yep okay take care of Shay all right
should we Fionna check him that’s it for tonight I appreciate you
guys hanging in there with us we were a
little sloppy for a while but you know Friday nights are dedicated to the dumb
ship um well so you need to mention your whole in a second
Oh in case you’re just now joining the show you’re joining the show you join
the showing you caught the tail end of me speaking about the New York Times
this came out today June the 14th the case for gay reparations it’s a very
very long story it’s very real as well and again I don’t want to get into it
tonight but I would like to have the discussion about this upcoming reality
if you ask me possibly tomorrow or maybe even air about Sunday’s Sundays Father’s
Day but um keep me posted and I think thank you for um you know keeping me up
to speed on certain articles and things of that nature okay I will see you guys
tomorrow I think there’s a fight tomorrow
it’s Tyson Fury fighting someone’s boxing tomorrow I think I wanna maybe
stream live okay hey have a good night be safe and thank you for your time you

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Is The Warriors Dynasty Officially Over?

  1. If Shea can't swing $800 in CT for an apt, she's in for a RUDE AWAKENING when she arrives Atl. $800 will get you a 30 year old apt with a fresh coat of paint in Clayton County somewhere with nightly gun shots and roaches. The days of a nice, spacious apt in a nice area for $800 are over. For something nice in a nice area you're spending $1300/mo MINIMUM.

  2. Bro u dont want anyone stayin with you . especially ya rider sugar shay . havin people in your personal space be fuckin up friendships for real

  3. Da Yardi Dat called about god of war. He's , PRIME EXAMPLE, Of how da crakkka put his, MENTAL TAKE OVER game down. On the slaves dumped in the Caribbean. Sad shit. ERRBODY know dat Bible is a bunch of BS, its a MAP!

  4. Star know damn well he ain't gonna let Shea goof ass bunk with him for a whole month.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣


  6. As for Cassie, it could also be that she got tired of being a concubine. Maybe she raised her standards. Maybe she wanted more than Diddy was willing to give her and SHE walked away. Now she's with someone who might actually be faithful and a little one on the way. Good for her.

  7. 00:00
    Didn't Shae say she had money in the bank this show???
    Once an employer hears the show, they cant hire her…and im speaking from HR experience, she would be a distraction to productivity, hearing her biological clock ticking and eggs hardening!!
    Every second of it, just, "TICK! TICK! TICK!! TICK!!! TICK! TICK!?? BREED!!! TICK!!!

  8. And you're considering letting Shea stay w/ you rent free..?

    Shea doesn't need to be enabled in 2019..

    She needs to get on the D and sell that πŸ‘, even then pu$$y ain't worth more than $250 a month. What you gon do for the next $350 Shea? (the least it cost renting a room) That mouth better get to work… #SummerSausageOnSale 🌭|😲

  9. At 6:45 STAR says Lady Shea asks if she could stay with him in ATL for thirty days until she finds a place.After thirty days she would become a squatter…and hard to put out. "Sounds like a plan".

  10. Yo that super chat @ 43:00 was fucking vicious!!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. HOME WRECKER WENDY⁉️ YAAASSS‼️ HOW YOU DOING β‰οΈπŸ‘±πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ΄πŸ’―

  12. You know Shae is a bum because she’s trying to shit on a man for having somewhere to live and car and she’s asking to stay with someone with no job. Wtf?


  14. Shay living in atl lol 30 days will turn into yrs check them squatters laws In Atlanta before you agree

  15. 1:19 Jason come on the line kissing ass, Star "Jason, I don't know you like that" "What are you talking about?" Haha

  16. GAYson is always stroking his c**k when he gets on the line. His lips are stuck to Star's ass. Its annoying.

  17. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE RAPTORS ‼️ GO TORONTO ‼️#NBACHAMPIONS 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9οΈβƒ£πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ¦– πŸ΅πŸ†βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨

  18. Shay sounds so desperate she’s really thirsty for star tryna stay at his house lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  20. 30 days is just enough time to legally be a tenant. Let her come down smash and have Shea kick rocks on day 3!!

  21. Star πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ gives no fuck he was rocking the warrior's a few shows ago true negro who doesn't give a fuck respect gangsta πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  22. Draymond dropped a triple double, and he the heart of that squad. put some respeck on his name Star! lol

  23. Hell yea hes gonna fold….not built for this real shit….all the sudden he care bout his kids and family….internet thug…

  24. PS

    NO!! JUST NO!!
    she can be adopted at any animal rescue like most pitbulls oN you can find her a nice home on PITTBULLS AND PAROLEES

  25. The Warriors need to get rid of DeMarcus Cousins he is straight trash on defense and as a rim protector. At least with Zaza Pachulia and Javale McGee they gave the Warriors quality minutes. Serge Ibaka and Pascal siakam wouldn't have had as Easy A Time inside as they did

  26. The caller at 7:30 might be the biggest ho I've ever heard on this shit. Acting like jealous little;e bitch saying the Warriors didn't deserve to be in the Finals last 3 years cuz someones hurt. Well how the fuck you think the Raptors got there dummy, they wouldn't even have got passed the 76ers if Embiid was 100% if we are using his logic.Β 
    PLUS Durant Torn Achilles, Klay torn ACL, Curry playing with badly sprained ankle and broken finger, Iguodala injuried Hamstring, Cousins Torn Achilles and torn Quad.
    Thats there top 5 players and they still almost won the championship. This is why i can't go on no forums or watch ESPN an shit all you fuckin absolute retards jealous weirdos and just regurgitate what someone on First Take said. ITS Creepy

  27. No the warriors are not done.
    It's a team sport and you can't win it all.
    Next year they move to San Francisco.
    A new stadium a new city.
    Those billionaires will over Klay and Kevin a lot in there future.

  28. C- Biaez is it?.. 43:00 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ lmao made my fkn day..! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  29. HATER OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  30. Warriors never had a dynasty they crybabied there way to those winning seasons. Crybabies in the NBA whine and fart now when shit doesn't go there way. Just remember the NBA hasn't been the same since Silver stepped in ever since those vetos of the Lakers back in the day every crybaby in the league his where the want. The Lakers still to this day will be the most dominant franchise ever. The warriors have to win 40 straight yrs and the Lakers never win for that to happen. The Celtics aren't what they once were but will always be in the top two dynasties this era of basketball doesn't really matter to true basketball fans. 2019 is the "FUCKBOY ERA"

  31. Star gonna be killin that box for 2 minutes if Shea move in, and she ain't gonna leave πŸ’―πŸ€£πŸ€

  32. Green is stupid but he is the heart of the team and the Warriors record without Green is bad they loss almost all the games he missed

  33. Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA right now hands down. Two championship rings Plus two MVP trophies from two different teams. He has everything going on defense Steele's offense is crazy blocks is off the Richter 98% free throw shooter legs damn near every single free throw has an awesome left hand dunk that nobody can stop and he's not even a left- handed he's right that's what you call Amber dextrous he's stronger than anybody else in the NBA he plows through anybody in front of him so I'm just going to end it with Kawhi Leonard greatest player in the game right now LeBron who… It's all about Kawhi Leonard now the quiet assassin he's the truthπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  34. Lady Shea is a whole old bum. Shes 33+ making decisions i made at 21-22. Settle down, stay still…GET IT TOGETHER

  35. Not going to bad mouth Shea because I respect her hustle. I will say that she has a serious crush or maybe loves Star. Looks like she moving to ATL to be close to Star. Her and Star under the same roof on a drunken night?? Who knows what can happen.

  36. I need to call in live during these hoop talks.. Star letting these clown dudes gas him up who dont know hoop from their butthole

  37. The Columbus cop is not white and does not identify as such. He's bi-racial & went to a hood school. LOL.

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