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#IStandUp Against the Harm Caused By Objectification of Women in Advertising

What is a thigh gap? When you’re standing straight up, there’s like a gap in between your thighs. Girls just don’t want their thighs to touch. Nearly a quarter of a million teens had cosmetic surgery last year. No! The Kylie Jenner Challenge has gone viral. Doctors warn it could cause a number of issues. Oh my God! Oh God! Oh my God! We raise our little girls to view their bodies as projects to constantly be improved. Advertising often trivializes battering, sexual assault, and even murder. Cologne continues to speak of up to 1,000 men groping women on New Year’s Eve. A sixteen year old girl learned she was raped only after seeing pictures of her naked, unconscious body being passed around online. She’s a fucking whore. She’s worse than her mother. There’s a societal standard that’s put up in the media, and women try to meet it and then they get criticized. Like there’s no winning. It increases doubt in your self-image and self-worth. It brings me down. It warps your idea of what’s real. These images of women, they aren’t real. People don’t actually look like that. I just think that it’s harming women psychologically, physically, mentally, socially. I just kind of like wanna know, why me? I think that the people that are harmed the most of course are the children. Girls are growing up thinking that how they look is more important than how they feel or who they are and what they can do.

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “#IStandUp Against the Harm Caused By Objectification of Women in Advertising

  1. The reason I don't stand with this video is because it and this channel are only focusing on half the problem. Women aren't the only one yet when men are objectified it's okay, but if it's a women you bet their will be protests.

  2. what about men?
    everything i see in the internet today is about ladies.
    that doesnt mean that girls cant be sexist!
    men have right, equal to women.
    both are equal.
    women aren't better than men nor are men better.

    and you are hearind this from a female.
    dont say that only men say what i just said.
    it soesnt depend on your gender, it depends on your behaviours.

  3. I am creating a series of short films about women who are breaking barriers in traditionally male dominated professions.

  4. this video was such BS, treating women like victims that have no
    control over their own minds and bodies. they also mention rape as a
    problem but ignore importing millions of middle eastern muslim men into
    europe who love raping, and in the video they talk about Germany where
    1000 women were groped by men but didnt mention they were middle eastern
    men doing it, instead they try and paint the picture that german men are doing it.. such bullshit propaganda. i wont stand up for this BS ill sit down and do a big poo on it instead.

  5. I would like to stand up for my sister, friends, mother, and MYSELF!! Thank for this wonderful video. #IStandUp #WomenNotObjects

  6. The media is the problem, not the men. And feminists, who always fail to acknowledge that. Boys are also objectified, you always see muscular guys in commercials. Also they make girls think "If I wear that, I am too hot for most guys". Feminists, stop "womansplaining" (sorry, had to be) and feel like something better with the entitlement to generalize men and deny our struggles. Rape is horrible but blaming all men is not appropriate.

  7. They're complaining about this as if women were being made to do this as if they didn't have a say in the matter like animals being slaughtered for humans to eat(I do eat meat though)…….

  8. Women have suffered for long enough. In order to stand in solidarity with feminism and equality, to end misogyny, we will end sufferage for women nationwide. Together, we can stop sexism and oppression, and end suffering for women, insuring happiness for all women. Together, we can make a difference.

  9. fucking self-righteous bitches. men are also objectified. ads, movies. it's always about their bodies, and their balls, implied things. it's no different ellen has shirtless men on her show all the time for the girls, and no one cares. why can't Fallon have shirtless chicks on HIS show? what's the difference? tell me that

  10. "Thigh gap" who comes up with this shit???
    That's gotta be single stupidest thing I've heard in a while.
    Who says having one is "good" and not having one is "bad"?? If you do have one cool, if you don't cool. Is THAT what we're supposed to be stuck on?? Thanx,but I'm good.
    Whether or not a woman has a "gap" or a "big" this or a "small" that is irrelevant.
    Real men don't care, real men love women for what they are…women. Women should love themselves for the same reason…being you.
    Anyone who says a woman or women in general "have" to look a certain way, can go shit in their hat and pull it down over their ears.
    I'll stand up.

  11. Men are often blamed for sexually objectifying women and rightfully so. Some men can be perverted pigs. But aren't the women who partake in showcasing themselves in these sexualised scenarios also to share the blame?? Aren't they just seeking male attention by showcasing themselves as sexual objects?? I think both parties have to share the blame here – Men for objectifying women and women for self-objectifying themselves. its a two way street.

  12. Why aren't the brands behind all the objectifying adverts named ? I've certainly never seen them before and would like to know exactly which products they are advertising. What is the point of showing these images if you don't' also name and shame the companies who produce them?

  13. Mary Whitehouse warned about this slippery slope into depravity and she was right – all she got at the time was ridicule though.

  14. Although I commit my existence to the pursuit and understanding of visual aesthetics, my choice in partner is predominantly determined by their intellectual ability, not their visual attractiveness.

    I'm enticed by deep meaningful conversation. I'm attracted to profound reasoning. I'm weak-kneed over a beautiful mind.

    So, to those of you who feel you need to be "beautiful" to be loved, you're wrong. There's always someone willing to love you for who you are and that which makes you special.

    We're all different, with different preferences. Find someone who appreciates you for who you are. Don't try be someone who you're not.

    If you're not attractive visually, that's okay. If you're not smart, that's okay. If you try to fake it, you'll never live a fulfilling life. You'll always live in a pit of self-invalidation at the expense of that which truly makes you beautiful.

  15. It's difficult to know how to approach this when there's little else to see in a girl aged between 20-27 other than as incredibly sexually attractive. You may be lucky to meet one of the interesting ones, but it's unlikely. Also, it's all well and good saying things such as "I stand up for my mom" but your mother is very unlikely to be sexually attractive to hardly anyone so she won't be treated as such. The same goes for young girls and even the unborn. I admit it's a bit of a catch 22 (girl is boring because she limits her world view so men objectify her thus re-enforcing her behaviour) but I think there has to be a certain amount of acceptance that there's not much else to a girl of that age, certainly on the surface at least. This sexuality is also a barrier to establishing deeper relationships simply because what comes with her improving her 'object' is an increase on the expected rewards for this 'object'. This explains why porn is so popular, and the whole cycle only turns more and more in on itself.

  16. men are objectified, but nobody seems to care. you don't date men who are under 5 feet tall? objectification. you don't date men who don't have a car? objectification. you don't date men who don't have a job? objectification. he has to make you laugh? objectification.

    it appears that simply having standards leads to objectification. which is acceptable in my book, being that humans are nouns, and nouns are objects. i don't stand against objectification. i definitely don't stand against objectification of women in the absence of standing against objectification of men. holding double standards like that has nothing to do with equality, and everything to do with a female superiority movement.

    my body, my choice. who i find attractive is not for you to decide.

  17. You have seen this video because it's about objectification of women. I don't get why men are wasting their time defending their manhood on this video. This is a video showing women's issues, problems, depression, the feeling of being unworthy and dumb. Maybe go to a video that show problems when it comes to men, and start a complaining-session there. I have not seen women complaining about that men has it tough or they are depressed or whatever. Yes, some stupid-head have said "Stop being a coward", "man up", "Just work it out". And that's not right, but please, stop "getting sick of" hearing about problems being a woman. I don't get sick of hearing about problems being a man – I'm quite interested on that subject. I want everyone to have a good life, but it doesn't work when men and even some women are making fun of it.

    Both genders have problems with:
    Rape, sexual harassment, depression, popularity, public preassure, invisibilty, suicidal, catcalling, etc.

    Why not help eachother out. Women help men, men help women. Let's make love <3

  18. what are they asking here? stand up for women? who is against women? stand up and say rape is bad? besides the assholes in this video no one is in favor of rape.

    I'm not mad or trying to make fun of this video. Truly, I want to know the message. it seems like it's telling women to stop pursuing dumb beauty standards. that's resonable. they were young, the parents of these girls should pay attention to their daughters, right? absolutely they should.

    its an obvious point that is simple to implement. what am I missing?

  19. Ow well,feminists at it again. Yeah tell us how society is against women in western societies…
    Btw the man hating in the comments is alarming…

  20. I wonder when they are going to make a video about how these same girls are the ones who expect the guy to approach them, text them first, ask them out, pay for the date, and refuse to acknowledge anyone who isn't 6ft and up (something people have no control over). What you do with your body is your responsibility. If you want to look good, eat right and exercise just like everyone else who looks good. This video is actual Dogeshit.

  21. Its not attacking men, its talking about how PEOPLE have expectaitions for women , and how women are expected to be good looking in order to achieve great things.

  22. What's worse is the objectification ads like these cause. Political correctness is racist and antiracist. They don't look bad to me.

  23. Objectification is one system only. Activism and religious fanatic. It has nothing to do with anyone but government p.c. scum.

  24. You're not being objectified, you're being ignored. There is a difference. Most attractive women don't mind being objectified because they choose to objectify themselves.

  25. I was shocked at how few of my female friends "got" this. It is feminism 101 and I work with university educated women and I basically got told I was overreacting.

  26. my girl loves it when i let the whole squad hit tho ? and she likes it when i choke her

  27. It harms men equally but many do not realize it. We seeks physical relationships and end up unable to have a real relationship with women. Leads to unhappiness and bigamy. My father had a wife, a mistress and 4 girlfriends. I had a front row seat for the man I did not want to be. He has never had a real relationship with a woman or anyone else for that matter. It has always bothered me. Dont lump me in with the 90%

  28. I'm all about equality, so I'd like to see a good video about how male bodies are objectified. It might not be as popular as women objectification, but it exist. Men are made to think they have to have abs and a big dick to impress us. If not those things then more. And there are some women who create those ads so its not always a mans fault why a woman is harming herself.

    We as women should have willpower to tell a man we don't care how they want us to look, not harm ourselves. It offends me when people say women harm themselves cause they want to look good for men or for whatever dumb reason, cause all I hear from that is we as women are weak minded and can't be bold enough to say fuck you I'll do whatever I want that makes us happy.

  29. Won´t stand up for stupidity… like the girls shown the first 25 seconds – whoever believes he needs to "improve" his body to be more likeable is just retarded. Most of those girls are beatiful by nature and they ruin it. No matter what the media shows, you should still be able to use your brain. Of course the media uses sexy girls and edits photo/video material, you can´t blame them. It´s common knowledge that what you see there is not a realistic role model though. C´mon, no one expects you to be a model, no one tells you to have a surgery,…and even if, you still are able to make a decision on your own. One comment said "men just love to play victim" … well, same for women, this video proofs it.


  31. Its messed up how women want an ideal body and the women who have one wish that they wouldnt be harassed. This is a cycle that must be stopped.

  32. the only ones crying about beautiful advertisement is the ones that looks at all the problems outside of themselves instead of inside themselves.
    if you accept yourself and love yourself as you are, then all the things you see wont matter. Btw, males have body image issues too, getting ripped and muscles etc, taking steroids. Get rekt, stop crying and start accepting yourself instead

  33. What a pathetically passive, cowardice, lazy video.

    What the hell does holding a sign or physically standing up do to change anything? How are these 2 things going to stop the movies, TV, and advertising stop doing?

    This is what's wrong with society. Complete lazy stupidity. Get your thumbs out of your butts and THINK further. WHAT will actually stop them?

  34. I'm glad that all the bullshit women go through is getting more attention. Let's not let the bitter people in the comments section stop our truth.

  35. Modern media created this view on women. Nowadays Internet Porn is destroying completely the image of women. The issue exists.

  36. I don't get this. The companies that make those covers wanna sell their product in showing what it can do, not put a gril on the cover that's not wearing the makeup or whatever they're trying to sell. Or even catch the eye of people passing by or watching the ad by putting someone attractive on it and usually that would be a wamen because girls call each other attractive and it won't make them a lesbian but if a dude says another dude is attractive then that's gay as hell, but if a dude says a gril is attractive then u straight and it's all good…but feminists still be shook

  37. Females perpetuate this industry; go blame them. They aren't victims; they aren't exempt from responsibility.

  38. Both Genders Are Being Objectified But Woman Are Being Objectified More Because They The More Appealing Gender…You Can Actually Notice In A Lot Of Videos That Have A Huge Amount Of Views That The Thumbnail Is Usually a Hot Naked Chick With A Beautiful Body…Because Woman Can Charm Both Genders & All Ages…Even If I Was a Woman If I See a Hot Chick In a Thumbnail I Click It (No Homo Though) For Example If You Applied For A Job that You're Good At & Someone Applied To The Same Job But She/He Sucks At That Job But She/He's Good Looking Then There's The Highest Possibility That They'll Get The Job Because They Attract More People…It's All About Looks Right Now If You're Beautiful You've More Opportunities In Life If You're Ugly You're Ruined. That's Why Woman See That Men Prefer That & Men Prefer This & Women See Those Beautiful Celebrities & Models Making Money & Attracting Men & People(Succeeding In Life) They Think That If They Don't Have The Talent They Should At Least Try To Look Beautiful & Match Men's Expectations Of Their Looks Because No Man Is Saying He Likes Kind Girls Or He Likes Polite Girls…Same With Woman They Want The Guy To Have Money To Be Successful & a Family Guy & The Men Want the Woman To Be Young, Beautiful, Healthy Looking Sexy Or Cute, Blonde, Beautifull Big Eyes, Blond Again😂, Small Face…
    But The Requirements For Men Are Easier Just Get Money I'm Telling You Money Is The Solution
    But For Me I Want A Guy With A Big Ass… Just Tap Dat Ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  39. even though I am against the beauty standarts and I dont dress up by them some men still tend to objectify my body… but why they do that if I am androgyne and asexual and totally out of fashion?? Even if my boobs are hanging they are still staring at me, even if I have love handles they are staring at me… wtf?? I think I look asexual enough… sometimes I even remain homeless people when I go working outside or when I just go to buy something in the next block… so wtf??

  40. if women are so offended by men who see them as sex objects why do they still hang out with MR careless and Mr Masculinity???? not being able to find nice respectful guys show the failure of those women. It reminds me of people who want to fight terrorism and are financing it in secret

  41. How to make men understand?
    Imagine that most men are gay and you are straight, and gay men just look at your ass for fun but they can't help it you know, and then you see gay men spread some straight guys legs everywhere because it sells. And then you have men like you on big posters showing straight guys' body. And the trend is that your clothes should be short and show your skin.

  42. men are biologically wired to see women as a sexual target before any other consideration. Look up some neuroscience without taking my words for true! You'll find, thanks to MRI, that men have 250% more neurons responsible for sex desire than women! the reason why you see so often women in ads is to own males (not females) and make them buy the product. Because they know how our brain works. you are not the victim: you are a spoiled being living in grace thanks to men building everything you use on a daily basis.

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