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James No. 5 Engine ♦ Lost Tender Story ♦ Accidents will Happen Thomas and Friends – Play&Learn #26

So, did you behave well? All aboard then! Oooooh! Whooooo do we have here as our guest?? Ah! This must be James!! But what’s wroooong with him? aaaaw!! It seems like he has lost his tender! We have to help James find it!! Oh! Look! James has found a GREEN tender!! But, NOOOO!! James’s tender is not supposed to be green! Maybe blue one? What??! Noooo! Blue color is definitely not for JAMES! And here’s a YELLOW tender Noooo!- nooo -nooo! I don’t think so!! Yellow tender does not fit James too! Check this out!! Here is a RED tender! And this is the right color for James!! That’s right!! Look how many wagons James has brought us!! Let’s count them all! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! This is correct! 5 wagons!! Do you know how the digit 5 looks like? Actually, this digit is drawn on James’s tender! And now I will tell you in secret that there are also FIVE letters in James’s name!! Here they are in the wagons! Let us take them out of there! J – A-M-E-S! James! And now let’s find out how fast James is! Start is given and the trains shot off at full steam to the victory! Now we will see how well they are prepared for today’s race! Henry is shooting ahead and it looks like James can only count on his opponent’s mistake and then he’s gonna explode! Henry is gaining up speed aaand…. It’s unbelievable! At the very last turn Henry has stopped! Well, this race was full of surprises!! It only remains for us to congratulate James with an incredible win!! Now let’s check out how strong James is! Let’s go! Good luck, James! And here’s this difficult ramp! James is going up, dangerous turn, aaand… James has successfully made it!
Good job! But James doesnt wanna stop here and he’s asking for one more wagon! 1-2-3-4! Whooping four wagons filled with candies!! Hm… Let’s see if James can do it this time!! And here’s the ramp! Aaaand…. James has stuck on the very top! What is he gonna do? And here’s Samson!
This strong guy can easily help James! What? It seems like Samson has forgotten to have a breakfast today! Diesel, stop right there! Where are you going to? Have you also decided to help? Hold on! Be careful! Don’t hurry up! Oh-oh! James has derailed! Well, James is definitely not the strongest train —– but you can’t call him weak either!!! That is awesome! We’ve played just fine today and have learnt so much interesting and useful stuff!! Show this video to your friends, put your likes and subscribe to our channel! Thanks for watching and we’ll see you later!!! Don’t worry! No trains were harm in the making of this video!

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