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Sorry. Great. im gay and i like tuna watching porn I will immediately disassemble the tuna. 1. 2. GO Wait a minute. It’s 58kg of tuna captured in Nagasaki. It’s 58kg of tuna. First cut the tail. It is usually hidden. It opens when changing the direction. This is the Primary dorsal fin. This is the second dorsal fin. This is pectoral fin. Did you take pictures? There are lots of fins, this is the pelvic fin. This is also hidden. There are fins here. Although it is my recommendation,
it’s limited to 30 sets. First from the tail… tail cut. Because the bones are hard… Hard…
use a saw. Cut. It’s a cross section of a tuna tail that I caught in Nagasaki today. It disassembles from the hard part, it is from the fins. Here is belly… Ah… buttocks fin. We will dismantle hard parts more quickly. This is the primary dorsal fin. This is hard. Hard. Next, cut the pectoral fin. With this fin… I can’t make a phone call with a fin. I will cut more and more. The part that I am cutting now is a chin. We say “AGO” in Japanese. It’s a chin. This is the chin. Tuna’s heart is here. What does the heart say in English? I’m not good at English. Tuna’s heart. I found it here but I took it. All right! I took it!!! It’s the head of 58kg of tuna captured in Nagasaki. Please take a picture. I’m a tuna man! Japanese Tuna Market

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Japanese Street Food – BLUEFIN TUNA CUTTING SHOW & SUSHI / SASHIMI MEAL

  1. 0:37 "I'm gay and I like watching tuna porn". Seriously this is what the subtitles were. Turn on subtitles. Enough internet for today

  2. اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك علا نبينا محمد وعلا اله وصحبه اجمعين

  3. Người nhật giàu có ăn toàn thức ăn cao cấp, mấy cái dạt ra Việt Nam qua hốt về bán cho dân Việt Nam ăn

  4. Кажется не только мы нихуя не понимаем и те кто снимают на видос тоже 😂

  5. Entonces nosotros también ponemos nuestra confianza en el MASHÍAJ YAHSHÚA y nos volvemos fieles a
    Él, para que podamos ser declarados
    justificados por la confianza en la
    llenura de fe del MASHÍAJ y no
    basado en la observancia legalista [Obras de la Ley] de los mandamientos de la Toráh.
    Por cuanto basado en la observancia legalista [Obras de la Ley] de los
    mandamientos de la Toráh nadie será declarado justificado. 'Pero si en
    nuestra búsqueda por ser declarados justificados por YAHWEH, por medio de nuestra unión con el MASHÍAJ, nosotros mismos somos hallados
    pecadores, entonces ¿es el MASHÍAJ
    un instigador y cómplice del pecado? ¡YAHWEH
    no lo permita!  En verdad, si yo reedifico otra vez la esclavitud legalista que ya
    destruí, realmente me estoy haciendo un transgresor.

  6. Mã tấu kiếm nhật người ta xẻ thịt cá.gặp trẻ trâu việt nam chắc nó cầm đi chém lộn rồi

  7. Pero lo cortó mal, como venía nomás. No respetó ni un corte del pescado. No importa los Cortes grasos o los Cortes magros. Mezcló puchero y caracú con matambre y vacío. Total todo va pa'l sushi como salga nomás.
    Son de terror los Ponja estos!

  8. Mano vai tomar no cu, o cara usa uma espada hahaha e vai tomar no cu mais uma vez esse cara de vermelho é chato pra Caralho

  9. After you see these fish being caught in The Atlantic by the thousands and slaughtered – it makes you think about the sustainability of this fish and everything that depends on them – including all these jobs.

  10. Tinha um brasileiro falando prar filmar o cara cortando o peixe 🐟.Os brasileiros tão em todos os quantos desse planeta 🌍 incrível 😉

  11. Молодцы япошки. Никого не корми, не рости. Поймал в море, вот такого поросёна и отлично. А мы сами коров, овец, свиней…. кормим, ухаживаем. Время, деньги тратим.

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