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Domestic Violence and Abuse

JAY-Z Will Become Part Owner of NFL Team

allow me to reintroduce myself my name
is Hove eight to the Oh v/o a boss move went down again Brooklyn where are you
at good evening this is the star report aka the gun show I’m not gonna show up
tonight Oh some body builders got tight sending me also to just you know uh
emails yo if you really want to get brolic you know holla at me all right
good evening good evening um look on the screen folks I saw the
story bleacher report jay-z will become part owner of NFL team let me
just say off the RIP motherfuck Colin Kaepernick fuck that hi Jelena gay if he
didn’t have a game plan I can’t sit back in support I’ll play your hater I’m not
gonna disrespect his girlfriend but but where’s her ring
why didn’t he wafer let’s talk tonight I’m charged got a protein shake right
here hang on a second and go ape shit tonight huh
Ronnie sit tight I see Nick you okay boss shit Ronnie yeah we’re gonna talk
tonight folks bigger man if you haven’t read the story
don’t worry but I just need some real New York niggas preferably Brooklyn to
call in and say fuck these niggas hating on jay-z huh I’ll sit back and let you
go ape shit yeah man everybody’s not a boss
some people are workers everybody’s not a partner well jay-z had partners he
threw his partners under the bus but you know everybody’s not built to last huh
dig a man he’s gonna become part owner of an NFL team that’s the trending
goddamn story and talk about an upper cut on a Friday
holy shit at first I thought it was fake news that’s is this real call Ronnie hey
can you double check this before you know we go on tonight um also I want to
make a few few personal announcements you know I’m here in Atlanta this Sunday
I will be at the Brunner Brothers convention International Beauty
Show I’m going to try to be there tomorrow not tomorrow
definitely Sunday yes the Bronner brothers international beauty shown work
on something behind the scenes and you know I’ll be there it’s gonna it’s gonna
be lit whole lot of sexy brown sugar and I just got this in the mail yesterday
teeth whitening vials you know for those of you who know you know I do keep my
teeth white so I’m gonna be bleaching my teeth early in the morning so I could be
hugging up on brown sugar at the convention all right anyway um also on
the screen Japan approves human animal embryo
experiments let’s let’s get a little weird tonight I just sent a mo text and
he may or may not call in I’m not sure what he has a plan tonight but uh we may
touch on that and also Instagram let me say respectfully folks I don’t handle
business via Instagram DMS nor do I handle business via Twitter DMS I still
do it the via email this way I can keep track of everything put put you in the
snitch files if I have to not go to my fucking Instagram DM once a while I see
all this you know just new stories please don’t send me that shit send all
via email okay anyway let me just touch on this book in case you’re not the
speed TMZ sports has learned one of the jay-z will become part owner of an NFL
team it does not specify which team just yet sources connected to Jay with
different knowledge tell us Jay is going to have a significant ownership interest
in NFL team Wow huh now I’m not fully fully up to speed on how rock nation
works but to my understanding he does not have that much to do with the Roc
Nation sports division or players I mean he signs them and then he you know he
goes off and does his thing so I’ll let you you know bring up speed on that oh
and also uh hang on I want to mention this I want to ask you guys Carmelo
Anthony is he going to the Brooklyn Nets tangelo you out there that makes sense
to me I saw a video on ESPN YouTube channel saying that he was working out
with some of the Brooklyn Nets and we do know that Kevin Durant is out he’s got
an injury he’ll be out this the entire season so
so it makes sense if they sign Carmelo if you ask me you know volume shooter a
ball hog like KD maybe get the team in shape what’s at you
I let me get running the line I’m charged early hey Ronnie good evening is
that you good evening I’m George J Z I might have to ride with home tonight all
you have to speed on this story did you read through it I just I scanned
it yes I see here apparently they haven’t released the name of the team
yet but it looks like he’s going to have a significant ownership percentage and
this makes a lot of sense and I don’t know what the whole thing with he and
Colin Kaepernick is I know that they are associates I don’t know if they’re
friends or not you want to speculate early before we bring some people in do
you think that dumb on which particular team it might be or is it too much of a
reach I think that would be too much of a reach there are too many teams that it
could potentially be I think it’s probably better wait and see then to
speculate because it could be anything potentially okay he was laughing and you
know shucking and yucking with your commissioner you know at Wednesday’s uh
press conference and maybe that’s what that was about you know he just in the
back his mind said yeah I’m about to flip this and you know business-wise
again he’s doing things that are really just impressive I’ll just say impressive
um but III do want to know if sooner than later if which particular team this
man may not be left-handed if you’re out there serving you have any information
please shoot me a text hey also Ronnie I know you didn’t get a
chance to just yet but I reached out to Moe I may want to touch on Japan
human-animal embryo experiments okay okay
with regards to his smiling and his laughing you know he was carrying on as
if he’s already he checks some checks have already cleared Wow okay let’s
bring in some calls and guys I have a few cash apps and super chats left over
I’m sorry Daniel with the data Dana was gonna call in as well tonight it’s gonna
every coat um I’m sorry I hit the wrong button every
code 305 good evening 305 are you there hello yeah hey believe me who’s this
it’s Mike back off Lanyon okay Miami Florida it’s poppin’ yes yes yo listen
to me I got some okay what are you talking about the topic I’m gonna get to
the topic jay-z according to multiple yeah talked about with John so come up
with jay-z jay-z man that all that right there is just smoke and mirrors man the
same thing with the Brooklyn Nets when he got everybody hyped and charged for
that and then they came out with a third uniform blocking the cool gene shoutout
to biggie whatever like that it’s all employee for him just to get money
that’s it James you don’t go for the one own no no regular person hurry okay how
do you funny I don’t know I don’t know if I’m perfect how will do you hold you
I’m very poor okay okay now objectively speaking hip-hop promotes
ego-driven bolster ‘us you know attitudes you know get money get money
fuck y’all niggas you know I’m eating I’m eating this shit y’all niggas can’t
pronounce so why is it now that there’s hate towards a man who’s actually living
what 95% of the rappers are just fantasizing about why someone hate the
reason I feel like it’s haters because you care you making money off of the
sweat of people in the field okay case in point I’m that’s the name of the game
is it not Nicky Nicky Barnes Frank Lucas what math use a new jack city match the
name of the game I’m pumping these drugs on the block yeah but fuck y’all niggas
look at my brand new with a super fly black Caesar you loved those movies
don’t you huh Jake a man to me si si starting to fall into the hole the whole
ti pocket of all this van Gucci but let’s bang whoosh of three months like
huh what are you talking about though you told about banning Gucci let’s ban
him together period there’s no three months without timeframe so for him what
really bothered me when jay-z was like oh well you know what he did Colin
Kapernick you know it was a phase or I’m I’m not is not word for word
but that’s the way I took it let me go on record tonight and say again
motherfuck Colin Kaepernick fuckin welcome and I’m not from Brooklyn lived
in Brooklyn a lot of years but I’m respecting jay-z’s pimp hand tonight
took a couple of shots out on the last couple of nights
I’m respecting the pen pal give it last word you’re saying stop admiring the
drug dealers on the block what are you talking about they’re doing a brand new
fucking uh a bumpy Johnson movie with old-ass Forest Whitaker niggas want that
yeah let’s get charged huh my name is oh hey you know any of jay-z lyrics um
Ronnie I know some what does that he says um I’m not a businessman I’m a
businessman right yeah those are the lyrics that’s right
come on sorry do I know gjz where what do you think I am
well listen step up to the plate tonight I know you will but I’m just saying let
me see if I can get some Brooklyn niggas on the line step one a gleaming hello
good evening hello yes we come from will you come from so that’s what’s
going on charge separate we come from Brooklyn
all right tell these niggas tell these niggas eat a dick man come on come on
everybody needs to shut the fuck up to eat a dick
quite simply jay-z’s has made a Power Move man and got what the hair doe put
some bass to you voice nigga what part of Brooklyn you can hand out instead
look like rookie going from here it’s not jay-z’s business to teach these
other bum ass niggas business right or wrong never did nothing niggas right
good niggas they’re gonna be regular fellows regular niggas Hey giving out a
template yeah record you belong on the block with a package nigga heart nothing
not worrying about what I’m driving I’m living oh my god
and they lookin for the handout follow this I knew was a problem from moment
one you’re sort of the body language he was going to be uh consulting on the
halftime show wake up folks that’s a boss move you
keep your toe in then you kick the door down tell these hgl niggas eat a dick
man let’s go ain’t no in jiggle come on man months ago he took that nigga penny
pill and we focal feel sorry for him get him out of here they said okay he put
the snails now let’s get money now we get money sorry you’re stuttering and
fumblin thank you for calling let’s get him outta here I tried you know can we
get a Brooklyn nigga with some real bass in his voice man and tell these niggas
you know eat a dick Jigga man I have to respect
the power Oh wine are you there yeah I’m here okay
you want to jump in before I cannot respect this power move come on tell me
why now please because you know it’s silences traps voice it’s an innocence
movement it’s totally under cuts and underscores it you know from a business
standpoint this is great for him but in business you have to decide if you want
to do good business or bad business and some people are able to do bad business
and they can still look themselves in the mirror and that’s fine but you know
we all know that this was not a very well thought out Gill in terms of how
the optics would look I know he had some very good answers at the press
conference and the statement was even better that was released you know
prepared beforehand but you know this this just really seems very disingenuous
money if I can ask you again how old you I forget I don’t wanna put your age out
there young Lydia I I just turned thirty five percent thirty fuckin perfect
perfect the hood black America loves the loves to promote drug-dealing
proud to be ignorant bullshit this rat ass nigga Alpo just came home home a
year or so ago and they’re all on his dick why he’s a murderer and a former
drug dealer now I don’t give a fuck about him I don’t want no interview no
shit like that but you know they love the bullshit jay-z’s popping his call
and all of us said it’s a problem hip-hop love Donald Trump before he
became president he was the same person before before he became president al
Sharpton who my homie they used to hang out Russell Simmons
used to hang out with a trump I may have to snitch on Russell Simmons – man fuck
fuck give me a second Marty I’m a snitch on Russell Simmons tonight Russell came
on my show years ago hot 97 we’re talking behind the scenes Russell said
and I quote I have a fetish for pan face hos I said what
pan phase hoes that’s a Russell Simmons said now he was hanging with Trump at
that particular point in time Trump becomes president now he’s racing broke
out of here give me a second one George so there you go five six – good
evening judge a man shown to be NFL owner what say you
hi can you hear me hey good evening five six – oh hi oh wow – I wanted to comment
on jay-z I okay so I keep its to me it’s really annoying just to keep the only
thing that I’m getting out of this conversation is oh it’s a Power Move and
and he’s doing busy doing net keywords you only focusing on one person when
when Colin and and I’m and I’m and I don’t completely agree with everything
Colin did because I don’t think he should be taking the deal but when he
was on theme it was about an issue police brutality
where no one’s even talking about that anymore and if you notice in the cop in
the when he did the press conference that that word was not even used at all
then they they swapped out that word and then they inserted social justice what
does that is such a broad word that could apply to any group it could apply
to LGBTQ people I mean to me it just seemed like you just it just made like
it like it I can’t even take it seriously and I don’t it’s very it’s
very sad because I get frustrating in my people because it’s like we can’t focus
for two minutes we there’s a serious issue where black men are getting their
their brains beaten out on the street every day
why supremacist every day just the other day I mean it’s not it’s not just
because there’s too many issues with with especially with other men and
you’re just you’re jumping up and down for it but this guy he’s not doing
anything for you or your life or your community I mean it doesn’t make sense
to me okay so hang the second stay with me don’t rush
so you’re saying people should not celebrate jay-z’s business move this is
America land of capitalism you’re saying that Colin Kapernick who to my knowledge
you know took took a payout so he’s the one that’s been quite yes he’s posted up
with Instagram but he took a payout so you’re saying people should not respect
what jay-z did they should he should be they should take away his n-double-a-cp
award what what exactly I’m saying that why is everybody being so easily
distracted by something that doesn’t even matter to our community he is
irrelevant he is just a distraction got an inserted there so that it will mute
the whole entire conversation and we’re not talking about that anymore we’re
focused been on on him well what I mean is he’s irrelevant to the community he
has done nothing okay can I ask how old you didn’t what’s day two you come from
you don’t have to say say your name but how old you don’t mind me asking okay
there’s an article that came out in the griot you coming with the griot comm I’m
sure an op-ed only an idiot would be shocked that jay-z’s NFL deal leaves out
Colin Kaepernick you did you see that or anything on the route comm that you know
coincides with what you’re saying I have not seen it but I’m not shocked and
jay-z never does anything that had that he only does things that benefit him so
I would hang in a second yes stay with me stay with me the reason why I pointed
out that article and others is because you said that people not people only
focused on that no there are you know black if if I can use where black you
know black platforms that are you know looking at this from a different angle
they’re not just all riding jay-z’s tip you know but um and I don’t have to sit
here and defend jay-z but I’m gonna be objective tonight but now he has done a
lot of things charity in a lot of work with regards to philanthropy and and
other entertainers advising them and so on and so forth so you’re dismissing all
that and you’re saying it’s not that big a deal he’s a sellout
I guess yes yes because I well I’m of the belief that jay-z
and and I and I’ll tell you this when when the whole movement started with
with our most recent black moves black civil rights movement started remember
jay-z and beyonce were not concerned about anything that to do with black
people civil rights i was talking to one of my friends but not predicted i said i
guarantee Beyonce and jay-z are somehow someway going to jump onto this this
movement and insert themselves and try to put themselves in the forefront of
this movement stay relevant and that’s exactly what they did because she could
not say what she was with I mean the track she was putting on and focusing on
Bowie poppin or whatever she’s going she they both had something else you can’t
stay in that place okay you can’t stay in that place paganistic
Ronnie do you want to jump in and join the conversation Ronnie one yet
yes I have to agree with her you know this deal as I said it undercuts the
movement you know a halftime show music performance does nothing to prevent
another trial and oka steal a Walter Scott and Eric garner a Kelly Thomas
these are people who we saw killed needlessly on camera you know reaching
for their wallet or just simply standing there or running with their hands up so
when Jay spoke about the deal and he was asked specifically about Colin and you
know reference to the movement he said we’re past kneeling it’s time for action
so my question is why would you not approach him for action he’s already
doing the work somehow right well the the NFL is a better
organization to partner up with so what happened to the anthems that we all say
you know first you get the money then you get the power then you get the
respect you know the anthems that people swear by the anthems that people quote
the lyrics that people go – and then when it becomes a reality
ionizes something right there for me please for me and gaining his power he’s
losing respect okay so good point continue please continue I just you know
it’s you have to know that when you look at cap his motives are clear he’s doing
the work and I know a lot of people try to be dismissive of him and say you know
he got a check and he went silent but that is actually very incorrect he’s
never stopped doing the work he put out millions of dollars of his own cash to
organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist organizations that
assist former inmates organizations that are trying to end mass incarceration
Meals on Wheels programs mothers against brutality organizations he’s actually
doing the work we know that the NFL now saying that
they want to get involved in social justice is just a dog whistle it’s
disingenuous advantages and you know go ahead I’m sorry okay right so so there’s
no other way to look at this deal that he’s done with the with the NFL and then
whatever is happening with a minute and a team this is really just about dollars
and cents it’s not about social justice reform
okay Cole do you have the last word okay yeah I totally agree you know I I mean
look at all I mean all we need to do is look at the people that are around Jay
Z’s they don’t look well he does not benefit even people that are in close
proximity to him so how much more the community this is just beneficial for
him I don’t see how regulating who’s who’s going to be on the stage of our
Super Bowl performances is benefiting police brutality how are you buying
being a part owner of a team is benefiting police
his loin is benefiting police Batali and like I said they erased that word from
the entire conversation and inserted social justice which is a blanket term
which means nothing and which means nothing will be done and it’ll be the
same okay thank you for your call thank you so much okay
check in for me Rico 562 all right I think mo wants to get in on the line
hold on a second ah shit mo facts are you there sir every Co 703
how you doing stars everything going tonight how you don’t Ronnie mo I’m now
supposed to go live tonight where you’re saying due to technical difficulties
that happen but I’m glad to be here because I’m gonna piss everybody off
tonight come on I mean because I’m about to get out of cold hard truth Oh
first of all if you look at calling business start from the very beginning
the interfering give a rat’s ass about Colin Kaepernick protesting about social
justice issues what they gave a rat’s ass was about with him where he did it
he did it in in the middle of their military industrial complex commercial
did they have before every NFL football game called the national anthem where
they do the jet flyovers but they do the troupe the salute to the Troops and
they’re paid by the Department of Defense so when they did that I’m sure
the Department of Pizza the Department of Defense picked up the phone like what
the hell is going on here you got this guy taking the knee doing our commercial
I mean you can look it up I mean they had to head on and find choir even
though you’re taking this really far back and we kind of hang back I had to go back to come forward now it
were you fast-forward so you’re saying let’s say with Donald Trump so when
confident start taking me but did he say he wouldn’t vote nobody gave a rat’s ass
about cap because he wasn’t doing their political bidding no everybody turned on
him Steve and they turned on him everybody oh you don’t want to vote you
have no voice it was only until Donald Trump got into the picture and said you
sob taking me the everybody really got charged know about Kapernick again and
the thing was Donald Trump don’t give a rat’s ass about Kaepernick taking in me
he would spicy yet the only NFL owners because
they will let him buy the Buffalo Bills because they look at him it’s low-class
and they won’t let him in there always and it’s big for billionaire club okay
we know this and if I can ask you to bring it all the way mom oh I got other
calls to tank I’m gonna engage the conversation with you but let’s bring it
up to now jay-z suppose all right NFL owner
according to multiple reports okay so fast for fast word of that
everybody’s jay-z is supposed to have this commitment come on kappa new jay-z
don’t give a rat’s ass about calling cap in there because colin kaepernick
wouldn’t sound with boomer that’s what this is all about if you want to sound
with puma jay-z would have made a big deal about having common cabinet put
back into the NFL but now he’s not going on the go to bat for a nike competitor
you’re saying add person because Jay Z tried this on Colin Kaepernick but he
chose to go at Nike instead this is what this is all about so always the problems
about jay-z now let’s get to jay-z and why everybody is upstairs I’m gonna say
come up before you going in front to mind you want to comment on what Moe has
said this for most had a lot I’m gonna let him continue because that was really
you know that was just the background and the pretext to everything so I’m not
gonna well that’s Moe’s opinion we don’t
necessarily know if all of its true I appreciate mo you know going into detail
but let’s let’s fast-forward mode now jay-z according to multiple reports will
become an NFL owner Colin Kaepernick I’ve already said FM you know he his
deal or whatever his agreement entailed I don’t know just yet for me jay-z
should necessarily even have to get him a job what say you yeah it’s not jay-z
responsibility to get Colin Kapernick your job that’s not why I’m coming from
Colin Kaepernick took a bag just like jay-z took a bath so if anybody could be
mad at jay-z they should be mad at Colin Kaepernick
he’s the point I had with jay-z jay-z why do they hold on a second oh hold on
a second why should they be mad with Colin Kaepernick the CAHSEE took a deal
for the NFL just like jay-z bees he could he could have took it to trial
to try to prove collusion if you’re gonna put yourself in the light of a
Muhammad Ali you fly to our way out to the end
I’ll leave didn’t make a deal with the millions on with the military and say oh
I’ll go do tours but not you said do active duty well it’s also a very very
different situation but hang on a second mo let Ronnie speaking then we get to
the another call Ronnie responds yes he didn’t take a deal
he had a settlement you have to understand that this settlement was for
an employment matter that is separate and apart from the issue that he’s
actually protesting and also just because he has a settlement that doesn’t
exclude him from trying to continue to get back into the organization now
whether or not he wants to and why he even wants to is on him but he doesn’t
have to be quiet and go away just because he’s a settlement no what we’re
saying is if you i’m 2.0 try to make it if you’re going to be a fit with jay-z
for making a deal the just for salty making the deal I have my issues with
jay-z and now I was going to explain that but if you’re saying you’re upset
with jay-z for making a deal do you have to be upset with Colin Kaepernick I’m
gonna jump in because honestly what the conversations gonna have that was that
was yesterday’s show tonight we’re somewhere else but sit tight I’ve got to
go some cash apps and some more phone lines good evening – Gigi honey eyes
sending a cash Shep jay-z got ten toes on the line
okay thank you for your cash app also from Gigi honey eyes Netflix gems train
to a bus and n Kingdom you sane and Kingdom okay are you making a suggestion
maybe I’ll check that out after the show okay
also um hold on a second guys okay that’s email I have to respond to
that something else different okay okay I report me IRA sends in a cash app Jay
will be an owner okay oh he’s talking crazy about somebody else yeah I only
want to do that tonight man but thank you for your donation I’ll keep being
you oh gee that comes in from Joshua thank you sir for your donation
all right let’s get some other call callers on the line here let’s go to
area code four zero four grieving in 404 talking about Jay Z new reports he’s
gonna be an NFL owner are you there for four oh yeah I’m good Benny sir yeah man
Jay Z pulled another sucker move and I’m not feeling it well what’s the business
between this ownership in the minister or another half a percent of a percent
of a percent I mean you plan to gain dirty if I build him up like you some
big-time boss okay in this EDP decrease images and I thought she’s really doing
shit and I’m trying to make him keep pulling putting the same tricks over and
over again just like he had we deal with Tyler come on supporter black business
supported yeah we pictures of the bigger home thousand white okay every time let’s hold you sir I’m just being
objective I’m not you know riding for Jigga man I’m just I’m looking at it and
and I have to look at some of the you know let’s keep it real some of the
white business owners criminal empires and the way they came up and how they’re
celebrated not just by white people but by black people as well the movies how
black people love to see you know the Mafia kill each other yadda yadda yadda
but when it comes around the black people are now it’s a problem that’s a
problem give you last word though no it’s not that is a common trick trick
yeah with the call well I can’t get involved if they call don’t need it okay – sighs okay Thank You Cole man
thank you okay let me go to area code um 248 cleaving to for a talk my Jigga man
multiple reports say he met another Power Move are you there
240 nope water pill good evening hey yo yes sir good evening good evening
Yoga Massage you reckon okay peace yeah I’m gonna
make this real simple man all over the world there’s a currency war going on
during times of the Lord’s you got a fast he’s got to lay off spending yeah
do your fucking thing so cats can we can take this all across the board but this
is a financial war cats got to get their foot in the door cats got a start they
own just like the gentrification shit you gotta buy some property you can jump
in here the NFL with all that but she’s jumping right back where she was that
when jay-z came in the game he had to get out of the streets and get into the
corporate world now he’s in the corporate world he’s got to get out of
the corporate world and start the black hole somebody got to start the shit
motherfuckers don’t wanna start it fucking beat it’s late but y’all want to
get it poppin start your own shit all over the states the white boys are
starting this fucking our Rugby League in Detroit they’ve got to rugby rugby
shit popping imagine if you saw all these NFL cats small local teams doing
their thing no money dirty grimy and shit that’s what evolution that’s faster
we ain’t got to go to war physically violently you go do it
monetarily that’s what’s going on all over the world you crept down the
consolidation good points two points mine they went up the back away from all
this bickering things stated don’t want something like mine do you want to
respond to what the Kolar saying you guys so let me ask him directly do you
think this deal is a step in winning the war definitely not it’s a step for jay-z
to show that he’s always been in this corporate shit he needs to take that
motherfucking Universal flag off to God you take that motherfucker off his okay
I think he said he’s talking about the Sun Moon and stars okay um every code
I’m sorry I think Dana what’s going on the line Dana you there Daniel’s dad is
that you yes you can hear me hey good evening how
are you good how’s everybody doing I got what do you wanna start dating you and I
chopped them earlier briefly yeah our pleasure Mensa prankster campaign wait a
minute but we may not get to that tonight right now we’re talking about
another Jay Z Power Move the Japan approves women and yes so what the Jay Z
but the ownership I feel as though like I said the other day we need to respect
what he’s doing and celebrated but you know learn the blueprint you know people
upset he’s a sellout no he’s not he’s not a cool he’s a businessman he’s doing
business he’s building an empire we’re not gonna be billionaires a lot of us
not gonna be millionaires but still learn the blueprint stop being emotional
and then what people don’t realize they’re black suffering is profitable
but we are the only ones not making money off anybody else’s good one so we
need to start you know we need to start making money off our suffering it’s not
going away okay now please stop nothing is there
really that we want are we really saying that we want to top it off a black
people suffering is that what is that what we’re and the thing is that’s the
only issue I had with jay-z she said here and integrated another black man
Travis Scott and other people with big boys for wanting to take part in the
Superbowl when he knew he was cutting to deal with NFL if you want if he wasn’t
saying out of that I want had nothing to say about jay-z but one of the worst
things in the world is to be a hypocrite and that’s what you’re saying
dana is to say I’m for my people but then it’s what turn around exploit them
and we’ve seen this behavior with no you don’t understand what I’m saying so let
me let me break it down to understand because you just said to that calling
happening is just as much of a hypocrite as jay-z but what I’m saying is either
we want to pick a side if you want to be emotional or you want to get down to
business I’m saying get down to business now when it comes to when I say it’s
profitable our suffering death because if you talk about reparations anything
that has to do with money economic black economic empowerment
we need to capitalize off that not the lgbtq not the immigrant we do but
everybody else is profiting off of our suffering so I’m sure that what I’m
saying so with that logic then it was okay for
black people to own black people with slavery with legal yes I will rather be
all about black person because oh okay let me finish
yes because that lets the one-percent down all slaves they fought their family
members they didn’t no no no don’t-don’t-don’t black slave masters do
you use your history do your research on them right I dare my history I’ve done my
research and one of the Confederate units were black people in Louisiana
that fought to keep their black slaves so what you’ve just got online saying
okay top I don’t what you just got on the line said it’s okay for black people
to uh breath oppress other black people for monetary gain I say that so do not
see we’re not going to that you want to sit up and sit here we go
we need to be profiting off our suffering just like everybody else does
LGBT that’s all they do that’s why their policy we need to pop
it off what we suffer you need to understand that so you don’t want to
convey and comprehend that and that’s all understand ever cuz I would never
watch that is why you don’t have sex that is why you don’t understand okay
guys guys I want to pull it back in give me a second we’ll pull it back in I have
more calls to take all right so Dana with regards to the new report of jay-z
to become a part owner of NFL team you’re saying hey this is business fall
back stop hatin pretty much yeah you know learning what is he’s doing and
actually I was on choking I’ll show you two things earlier and he had a clip
about the tunnel in the history of the tunnel
everybody out they mouth kept saying jay-z jay-z maybe you have to understand
where he started from to where he’s at now don’t work
so he lunched and mastered his class you work ethic I think you said ethnic and
work ethic yes what I think what the ethic as an ethnic ethics
okay I’ll start with me you have to you have to work yourself up out of poverty
in the thoughts in the mind so it’s like okay now it’s going back here so you
totally support a person like jay-z selling cracks is all people profiting
off of them to put money his pocket you so you’re saying this is what you’re
supporting when you say we need a profit off our own this is the mentality he
said all alone we need to ditch fatherhood if it’s gonna be justified
need to be us it’s clearly people thought if a people don’t buy crack it
might will be for me you know if all did you have a bottle Daisy album I’ll let
you saw you I don’t know well hang on a second and modem oh what you’ve just
said about jay-z respectfully could be said about the Kennedys as well
Kennedy’s for me because the Kennedys were drug dealers
that’s not alleged right the Kennedys are celebrated the Kennedys pardon me
their family went from killing alcohol to this grand you know uh white family
in America good right well let me just show you how the white man thinks in
their mitts how the years just like the famous line the Godfather’s keep that
shit down in the nigger neighborhood that’s how they think that’s how they
think they don’t know what why we consumed with how they think we’re
talking about the reality of flipple doing with all the people to feed off
our all and usually wonder why our neighborhoods are so bad we can’t feed
off our home we got to have a culture we got to say you’re saying if you’re gonna
say our oh don’t sell it’s just something I look like you at least at
least be that that that considered that sounds great mode sounds great but but
but the biggest black drug dealers in American history did deal drugs to black
people and they will continue to deal drugs to black people hanging aside I’m
not saying oh hang on a second day no and let you finish up going to bring in
more calls Daniel give you the last word on this particular topic yes I just want
to say you know if you’re ever bored of jay-z album supported everything that
man says so please don’t come back telling me he sold raw there’s a lot of
people sold drugs because if the war on drugs were put in the white community
they will be selling drugs bidding on white people stop hanging on this man
stop judging this man and learn the blueprint and stop being emotional
thank you hey hang on mom I’m saying tonight to Dana
Thank You Dana have a break all right hold on a second guys I have a few other
people that want to get on the conversation sit tight guys I’ll be
right back all right all right if you not to speak
guys again JZ multiple reports he will becoming a part owner of NFL team that’s
we’re talking about tonight I’m gonna try to get to the other topic with
regards to Japan approving human animal embryo experiments just give us some
time and I’m going to go to cash app as well all right all right universe cell one good evening I think
I’ve seen some human human animals in my city I wouldn’t doubt it hey crystal
crystal says pick up three four seven Brooklyn people are bugging you see if I
can get crystal on the line is that the four seven where are you crystal it’s over here hey crystals at you three
four seven good what do you wanna jump in I’m great people are out of control
I’m from Brooklyn flaps I stand up what are you talking about this on the
Hingham ass motherfuckers think he’s on the same shit everybody else fucking
bitch but all of a sudden that’s a problem
the victims were jay-z is no I’m a Daisy fan not fun okay
you see him higher than black people you see his hope he was a full of black
people you’ve seen him out here putting black people on in positions executive
directors and vice president and sister not my money in black hands all the time
foundation he stand them at the car he’s running with prison reform he goes every
fucking thing I’m still young always want to fucking
drag each other down what is the problem okay
okay she’s talking about us he sold drugs okay great I’m not saying that’s
good that’s a problem right okay are you so drugs he says himself that you know
he sold drugs to his own people and that wasn’t good etc etc but can you not see
the man who’s glowing and helping yeah he’s evolved cares about a house on show
there’s gotta be more to this shit right fuck watch is that bullshit Kearney
every year mind you want to jump in hang on a second Cola stay with me Crystal
Ronnie want to respond to what crystal saying well from a business standpoint
there’s nothing wrong with what he did from an integrity standpoint and a
credibility standpoint it’s a very questionable move so I don’t think it’s
a fair assessment you’ll in both people who critique the deal as necessarily
haters it’s a fair question to ask what does this have to do with social justice
reform I don’t think that it does so a better move on his part would have been
to say you know this is nothing to do with social justice reform I’m gonna
pick the playlist for the halftime show and I’m gonna get a bag and I’m going to
get significant ownership and a team call it what it is but I don’t think I
don’t think that we gave him enough time to explain what’s happening and everyone
is jumping out the window but he’s doing that you don’t know what the fuck are
you doing you making power fucking move everybody so poverty-stricken you want
to follow you sit there saying fuckin spot let the motherfucker rise you don’t
even know how was gonna help you don’t know how it’s gonna help people you
don’t know what the fuck is gonna happen if he becomes part owner he make it he
might get to the position where he got the table make a decision and doing a
lot of shit this is just a foot in the door call him down everybody don’t got
to be on the fucking bottom forever let the motherfucker watch he’s been showing
us and proving to us that he’s right Yang’s making money what the fuck
why shouldn’t you make money make any money right I said on the bottom but I’m
talking to complaining on fucking sorry well the reality the reality of the
situation you know contrary with it some people think is that there are a lot of
people with big money who are very upset about this deal because they feel like
the NFL is pandering there are a lot of rich white Republicans you can go on Fox
News and look at the comment section right now who are very very angry about
this deal and feel that the NFL is pandering they too feel that it’s
disingenuous so this is not just you know a collection of the chitlin Network
people complaining and they’re they’re hating or jealous of him for getting a
bag this is people looking at a situation objectively and saying this is
nothing to do with social justice which one let’s go Christel keep going how I
used to watch her back in the day I used to watch it back in the day cuz it’s you
know just to see what’s going on just don’t give a fuck anymore
don’t care their size their point of view all it shouldn’t spoil shit so what
people are saying over there what up all them rich white men hating on Jane hate
in they don’t want him in the fucking door
so of course they’re gonna say pandering fuck panda pander pander to him us
whatever get that fucking money and spread it around the fuck the group do
your foundation cuz some kids in school they should that he’s been doing high
and some of us write the fuckin money around yeah we’ll have no problems with
Walmart all these other white motherfuckers Amazon what’s his name
Jeff Bezos you motherfuckers he hand over we send the check is really prime
coming hours a year for what what a three six or yellow Nadal trap mmm
didn’t blink an eye Chris I thank you for going in the way you did thank you
have a good evening okay no you hold on that crystal had two
last words – Cole – hold on a second she just went ten toes down hold on a second
mo people spending scrilla to get them on the line
my back to you hold on a second black race is cleaning sir he says Colin
should have been the only one getting paid off of this situation
jay-z can own whatever he wants but the way this came about is different okay
okay black racist thank you for your other he
sent in two donations thank you sir pimp-juice jr. says I’m pretty sure the
female caller did who sounded better in extremely okay I’m just not interested
but thank you mrs. Tiffany hey good evening jay-z is a token nigga for the
NFL one minute you rapping it against them and now you shucking and jiving
that was a Power Move he did it needs to be taken serious okay
snake Holly be cases Ronnie makes great points but let’s consider for a moment
that the team whole cosines flips the script and highest cap
checkmate or nah what do you think about that
Ronnie someone put your name into a snake Holly said that that is the
possibility and jay-z put the script in hi Kat what do you think company yeah he
could and he could and that would at this point because of the fact that he
didn’t already do that it would look like he’s just doing it for the optics
and to clean the situation ups and you know colonists made statements his
girlfriend is made statements we did make statements so it would look like he
didn’t himself to use the word that caller use pandering basically saying
look I got him a job no you want to jump in there was mo yeah I just want jumping
this mentality I’m hearing that black people they complained about something
and then they turn around and support the very same thing they wonder while
people don’t say it’s shooting the neighborhood
a black man seriously it’s because race pimps show up they get people all
outraged then they go behind closed doors they make deals like jay-z didn’t
they come out there everybody everything is OK the family got taken care of if
there’s no out we stand with it happens every time this is a mentality that we
have so we’re gonna say the doggie dog then
we can’t complain about who’s being oppressed then it mean you can’t have it
both ways hypocrisy and it’s in it’s cognitive dissonance that we have in our
mind that oh yeah we can explore each other we came to buy else exporters and
the white man looking at like if you sports your own nigga we call definitely
exploit you yeah Pam is sick I’m only bring some more calls and every kill six
four six good evening jay-z will become part owner of NFL team what say you six
four six Tom it up come on here yes bleeding yeah yeah what’s up what’s up
sup yeah and I just want to jump in I just want to say man people is hating on
Jay a lot of callers exposing themselves how are we supposed to answer corporate
America if somebody ain’t be on top to bring us in come on that’s where the
money is stuff that’s where the money is in America come on come on
people out there sleep they want to be broke that they want to be broke forever
stuff I’m respecting you know what what I’m seeing here in the last couple of
days me I have my my doubts on certain things but I mean I can’t just sit back
and say you know Colin Kapernick you should be in the NFL you know I just I
don’t think that he even had a game plan to be honest with you I think that it
has spiraled into something else but you know I’m hopeful what cigar cjz I have
met him up there exactly a lot of times but you know no game plan so I do
believe he’s a man of credibility where you going with it come on where was he
going with it with with it though where was he going with it like all right you
had a a viral moment but where we going with it you know I’m saying like at the
end of the day where’s the money gonna come from with how’s the money going to
be generating the Internet’s Corp is corporate America that’s the engine of
money in this country so you gotta get in the driver’s seat come on then you
come from where exactly sir right there mmm-hmm we come from New York City man
column Thank You Man that’s what’s up thank you
alright let me go back to super Chad gold conditioning sends in a super jet
what are all the callers hating on jay-z doing to help the movement question mark
he owes you nothing stop hating and get your own money up okay
and create change okay black racist are you a faggot and that jay-z is a goddamn
Judas but I’m not surprised at the outcome because the cracker
always gets dug up her hand okay says duh poor hand thank you sir
HR diva says the problem I have with jay-z is that he tries to act so Pro
black and interested in the black struggle but as yet making moves that
only benefit him I think that’s a common and I hate to say a common consensus but
a lot of people saying that Ronnie yes that jay-z is only doing this for his
own his own benefit yes this deal is very self-serving it doesn’t you know if
he truly wanted to get involved in the issues that Colin was trying to bring
light to he would have went and stood next to Colin instead he got in bed with
the NFL yeah okay hang on a second is a few more cash apps and then let’s come
back to the phone lines area code sit tight three four seven me go to
Hakeem how came 365 says I bet jay-z won’t own more than 2% of any NFL team
he’s on some suckers shit okay mr. Ellis says jay-z is the new Obama he
is killed he has the he meant to say has he has killed the cap movement and will
now kill the reparations movement hmm okay interesting Juicy J says jay-z took
the same exact deal he advised Jermaine Dupri not to take one year ago hashtag
Brooklyn took it mo was a Jermaine Dupri’s doing some deal and on that up
to speed on that a year ago what’s he talking about
I’m not don’t you man Dupree was talking about the Superbowl about you know the
artist performing in a Super Bowl I don’t know about him to trying to buy
into the NFL I’m not aware of it Ronnie anything on Jermaine Dupri was he
supposed to your deal the NFL then what there was
some talk that Jade French curve gotti and one other executive were trying to
do straining deal I mean he reached out with the third person
assuming deal with the NFL similar to the deal that sees doubt has with so
jay-z probably did that real you know the typical Brooklyn shit now I don’t
fuck with them that’s just bullshit and then and then circle back into the deal
yeah do you remember when Michael Jackson bought the Beatles catalog right
after he told him that it was for sale Paul McCartney told Michael Jackson
right thought he was his friend and then Michael double back and and bought out
the catalog a good portion of it someone claiming to be on stage setting in a
super chat Jigga man I want some Popeyes nah not for them okay that’s a listener
from way back thank you so much alright hang on a second guys let’s um
go to area code 3 1-3 we’re talking about jay-z new reports a new NFL owner
what say you sir your phone sounds like shit I got to move fast what are we
doing can we don’t you read it I’m pretty girl to make comments to watch –
Ronnie come on I want to know if she knows that Colin Kaepernick said at the
beginning of last season that he was no longer kneel before the season started
and then the mole without the facts I wanted to know that jay-z is the
president of Toma basketball so he never had an opportunity to try on the side
Colin Kaepernick once there with Nike for the past 10 years sir what do you
mean well no facts ok so I’ll go first ok
yes I know I’m aware of the fact that he made that statement what
is that it that have to do with anything so didn’t you come on do you think it
won’t either became keep it judge keep it good to give up all this oh he said a
master he don’t know anything I mean he said he said I won’t know any more to
give me a job listen are you listening anything that
he’s not going to kneel him saying that he’s not going to kneel it’s not the
same as I’m saying I’m going to stop doing all of the work that I’m doing I’m
kneeling like he said it’s brought awareness to the issue now is the time
to do the work and he’s been doing the work he continues to do the work and if
you have questions about the work and doing the millions of dollars that he
spent out of his own pocket then you should look further into it go ahead
walk away and I actually hold a sec I want you to finish up I wit with what
you said to Ronnie then I’ll let you a let mo address you go you saying sir and
then you say that colin kaepernick didn’t make it feel he right once he
made the agreement on the collusion that’s a deal let him respond his mother
always said if it’s a settlement or the agreement one came to deal and said i
want you this much if you closed the case the other said i’ll accept this
much so we shook hands and that was a deal okay alright hang on a second
Ronnie Ronnie hold on hold on a second right so you just said to moe he has no
facts and you said that Jay Z was always the president of Houma can you say that
again a sketball homo he’s a previous of Puma basketball and you said he never
said nothing never tried to say I call the Catholic Church okay so maybe hold
on sir JC just got the job this year okay it’s the president of Puma
basketball okay so because it’s all fire title of the article someone like his
biggest rivals reporting one is on colin kaepernick ahead of his adjust his new
just do it Tom campaign both Puma and Adidas were report to hoping to sign
Colin Kaepernick to endorsement deal before his blockbuster campaign with
Nike and that is September 4 2008 teen sir okay and I don’t thank you that
jay-z got the job as Nike as president Puma basketball but you saying there
wasn’t work and I quote was JC was trying to sign Colin Kaepernick and that
is the reason why he’s not doing anything so reg you’re worried anyway
here we go do you think he would go to bat for a
Nike asset to get him back in the league and I made the point if he was signed to
Puma that will be a part of it you saying the deal to get cap back into me
so you said I had no facts but then you got proven wrong sir but thank you for
cautioning know most you know that rock nation does not only support 98th elites
they support como Nike Adidas release one nation has a plethora of different
athletes under different umbrellas so you mean jay-z just going to support
only the ones that’s wearing Puma are you a philosopher better turn well how
would you read the terms of the settlement agreement I’ve never seen the
terms have you seen them I thought they were all destroyed well Ronnie can you let this man in mo
finish up I think we’re past the settlement Ronnie right let these guys
finish up because he’s talking to mo I think I don’t again of the clothes are
good right using and this difficulty the other point he said calling cabinet was
sound with Nike fourteen-year that is correct but his deal was up this year
that’s why they had to refinance to just do a carry but you know you you are you
gave it a good try sir try again for the Nike gift for that campaign came out in
218 so what do you mean that’s why I made 15 years they had to refine yeah
I’m saying keep it ain’t he just got the job and his job as president of Puma
basketball oh my ass I mean I’m Mikey asses it means with Paul
sir that’s why the county cabinet was not parted I’m clearly I’m correcting
I’m correcting your part about saying that Jay Z tried to sign him prior to
this sir okay sir all right that’s all okay you may be
trying to find him prior to this go lick your wounds and you’re saying come back
call back from the coffin no come on give me a people buy thank you sir thank
you okay okay we got some more cash apps coming through the Johnny Cash good
evening sir he says that called last show you missed me get me on the line
okay will you call it from Johnny Cash I do not see a phone number let me scroll
back up can you send me an email Johnny with your the phone number that you’re
calling in from profit made 99 could it be inserts ends in a cash app says jay-z
is a crab who made it out of the barrel salute wrong cat okay here’s what you
drew WW is on the line area code nine to nine let me see if I can get him on the
line right now good evening is that Andrew 99 Thank You
Mimi how are you not too bad how much you want timing on the under changing
situations please I feel like jay-z he knows hello
come on where you have the floor yeah not jay-z they make it boss movie he’s
making power we’ll see he knows what he’s going on he studied the 48 laws of
power and and he just knows what he’s doing like you know you we can’t get
upset with we what the mayor is doing only okay okay where you come from
what state okay so you had a lot to say in the cash but I’m giving you the floor
man don’t feel like you have to rush me go where you want to go you’re
supporting jay-z we’re talking about you know the impossible NFL team he might be
a owner of it’s a little late but go ahead well I was thinking like like the only
way you could bones break your bones regular man it’s breaking up better go
in good no you got to be you got to be into the system in order to fix it you
can’t do things from the outside you know what I mean like if you’re not in
in the room where all the white people you can you can’t really fix anything
you know okay is it uh sure part owner of is it a basketball team or is it a
football team I forget I sure am I know the Cleveland Cavaliers
Cavaliers okay and do this Serena but I’m so do the Williams sisters or one of
the Williams sisters arena or the other one do they own part of the Miami
Dolphins I forget all right you want to finish up so I’ll give you the last word I want to promote my channel is that
cool please yes sir well you would not go find me on on
Andrew pagan that’s PA GaN I got music up there and shout out the so fired
production take it easy the shadows I don’t do shadows but you know you could
get up I thank you man thank you sir oh okay a hand a second Elvis this chef
Rosenberg I see you let me just get some of these other cash steps out of the way
did you scroll up on deck good evening sir he says white Freemasons will send
jay-z to Prince Hall Lodge okay okay I don’t know about something yeah
okay whatever mom oh good evening sir mom who says if jay-z wanted to own
Rockefeller would be poppin I read that again if jay-z wanted to own Rockefeller
would be poppin okay okay you say so and um mom also says embryo experiments
are to get rid of blacks we haven’t even gotten to that hang on a sec Modi we
want to jump jump into this first MOU on the screen Japan approves human animal
embryo experiments that that is the second part of the show but we’ve been
talking about jay-z so much I haven’t even had time to go over the notes Moe
right I’m not sure I’m not surprised by this I brought this up on the show maybe
two nights ago over the cloning and in CRISPR people need to look that up thank
you CRI SP our CRISPR it’s a genetic Allah
gene editing where they can go inside the gene and make micro minor minor
changes to the gene and taking splice and do all these different things and
that’s why I brought it up about the woolly mammoth how they’re trying to
bring it back using elephant DNA you’re saying people ridicule me but then I
turn around and posted the receipts in the comments so that our video on what
they’re doing right now to things we need to be worried about 1i brought it
the other night is AI the second is this gene editing they’re doing they’re
playing God right now with these tools and they really don’t even understand
what happens when they create these these these beasts of what what they’re
really gonna be I mean what do you do what do you what animals are they splice
them together I mean that’s that’s some crazy stuff and the thing about science
is what they reported a second though I want to jump in here and if we can just
stay on what we have now as opposed to you always being right you told people
yada yada yada the reason why I’m asking you to start with this is because you
are a man of the Bible a man of God so now we have people playing God and I
think that they know exactly what they’re doing in terms of the chances
and the risk that they’re taking and I don’t think that they care can you jump
in from there they don’t care right they do right what and what they’re really
doing is they’re mimicking you there who they worship the fallen angels the
fallen angels did you see all kind of genetic splicing this and with it when
they were on earth I mean got to get to deep right now you’re going into the
world of folklore and can we just stick to science right now what science is
doing is taking things by their own hands so now you and men right because
they’re mimicking what they worship we’ve seen like a few you know about
sign you know what they that’s why I’m asking you a man of God Modi do you
cosign this because me that’s my question no no sorry not at all I mean
there’s only one most high you’re saying so do you have a problem with this this
is dangerous work here I have a very big problem with it um because man has a ego
but he doesn’t understand he thinks he knows what he’s doing but he doesn’t
really understand ramifications when you know we not that first domino down what
follows after that and once the Pandora’s Box is open then they say oh
crap and then you know then we have bigger problems okay we’ve seen this
week by our biological warfare and things that makes you think we had
things these things they create it and then they get out and sit among the
population and they you know Rick heavy ok Ryan do you want to jump in on this
or did you get a chance to go to this vertical and do we give the source yet
yes no you did not I think with regards to this the gene splicing and you know
combining the human and genes and with other animals you have to realize that
when you hear about something it’s already 10 years 20 years beyond the
time that it already began so when they tell us we’re getting ready to or we’re
going to they’ve already done it they’re already testing it and seeing
and working it out I just been been experimented with here in America Japan
is just the first country to approve it but they’ve been doing this in America
here ok I’m sorry yes they have been doing it and the
proper term for for a being that has you know the DNA
and the genes from two different species is a chimera and they’ve already done
this with humans and rats with humans and pigs I think the human pig embryo
lasted about four weeks so I feel like whatever we’re getting is stale
information and they already probably have these creatures walking around you
know okay inside of a lab okay hold on a
second area code six four six is that Elvis this yep Rosenberg knows I’m here
thank you for checking him and how are you this evening I’m very good thank you
for having me yes sir what do you wanna start I wanted to talk
about this jay-z situation and I also wanted to to put together or I don’t
know the word trust for the sea I wanted to take some information from what Byron
Island has done yeah Byron I mean he sued Comcast yes because
he was able to prove that Comcast did not spend any monies in a way where it
fell according to a law that was passed in like 1860 something yeah
and salute to Byron Allen because a lot of people don’t talk about his victories
but if you for those who followed the griot calm there’s always an update on
what he’s doing it in the end world of media okay yeah Byron Allen wandered
case and now there are armed comcast is you know they appealed it and it goes up
in November to the Supreme Court because it already
hit the Ninth Circuit and they won and what it basically is saying how if you
do not have black like 150 years ago when they passed this law they knew that
blacks didn’t have what it took to make it and need it to make sure and ensure
that they were okay so they put this law to play this role
was critical about like allowing the black man descendants of slaves here in
America to make money where they become an equal to the white man and he
actually won this case and now I’m thinking that the NFL don’t want no
smoke because while Comcast is done they can start heat by without and it’s
saying how he’s gonna sue every box very good point I appreciate you
bringing this up Elvis continue please yeah it’s like damn boy yo Byron Island
after November when he wins this case he is going to bench sue everybody
everybody’s getting sued who do not have black people in power or allowed to make
money not like produced something you know how the producer makes money but
the network it’s like like Michael Jackson made seven hundred million
dollars but Sony made seven billion dollars offer yeah so and Byron Allen if
I’m not mistaken I forget what you didn’t he approaches the Weather Channel
Ronnie can you confirm that yeah purchase the Weather Channel for like
three hundred and seventy million yeah cash money
crazy boy all I’m thinking is also we also have to remember that the NFL along
with the PGA golf are non-for-profit organizations so these are very small
people that know how to move money and they’re not trying to they not they
don’t want no smoke with Byron Islands attorney because all his attorneys
probably got four Lamborghinis and Ferraris this is real big money and
dad’s gonna say look at us look what we did
we got changing he’s an owner what you’re talking about we not done we
don’t get down like that so I just wanted to throw that in Thank You Man I
appreciate your time anybody want to respond what Elvis just said mo
yeah I think he’s saying by Holly you know he makes the real power moves with
what he’s doing in the media around so just this is saying that’s a good thing
okay thank you can I just say that this thing of maybe you know respectfully if
you could like maybe do a show on that hundred at zero law that happened that
would be amazing you know I would love to support a show like that okay I’m
sure we will come back around to that at some point next week because you burp a
very good point with regard to the NFL and why they’re you know probably you
know clacking at the knees and I’ll just use that term loosely right now you know
you know and shaking in their boots you know there’s a lot of truth to what you
just said about Byron Allen thank you for checking in man yeah I’m here for
the cause forget about thank you Miss Liu okay Oh mr. Shep Rosenberg on the
check-in hey so before we go to more tomorrow calls so mo let me ask you
again just with regards to the Japan approach of pork or me Japan approves
human animal embryo experiments so you said you’re against it mo because you’re
a man of faith and I respect that but do you think that right the what they’re
doing with regards to these embryos and other things can help mankind with
regards to disease and other things that will preserve life or in enhance life
and get rid of sickness so do you think it’s a necessary evil or or are you just
against all of this gene splicing and possible mutants and things of that
nature I’m not anti science but we started
splicing different genes of different animals and humans I think that’s when
you start crossing the line I mean like I said I’m not I’m not anti science you
know that’s what one of the no miss misunderstanding that people are safety
label with it’s just you have to be responsible with the science and when
you see I mean they’re doing some great things with science where you see
they’re growing organs they’re growing limbs Mountain limbs but ears and things
that thing is in Petri dishes which I’m not against that but when you talk about
human life actual human life that’s that’s nothing that’s precious and
nothing that’s with the threshold where I started it would become a gifted okay
I understand guys I think left-handed wants to chime in let me see if I can
find him on the line here when’s the homie left-handed I gotta ask
him about left hand the greedy answer is that you hello hey before we talk about
jay-z I have to ask you is there any truth to Carmelo Anthony possibly
joining the Brooklyn Nets I heard that he was working out with the Nets yeah
man he’s had some informal workouts with them these are out in LA I believe yes
and he’s working out with some Brooklyn that players know right now man no
Carmelo’s not on the radar I think it was going to be and I hate to say it
like this and I know cats gonna probably come down on me but I take the slope I
used to smoke up okay I’m a smoke eater bumper listen man I think right now is you know
they turning Carmelo Anthony into a charity case and I think some people
might just got the wrong way but none of me holler at me I’m not hard to get
along with are hard to reach but I think they turn to Carmelo into a charity case
now every time that he even triples a basketball and you might shoot a workout
with a player that are currently in the NBA always worked hours he’s one that
was so and so he may be linked up with this team he may be linked up with that
team let the shit play out because again we got you know the rest of some of the
deal with training camp is about to start a few weeks if you can link up
with a squad more power to if he’s on a roster on opening night then we could
talk about some things because he’s working out with players they’re not
that shit the fuck okay now I respect you I respect your
knowledge your death your understanding you’re always on top of things but let
me go on record right now and say fuck Deb
let me say fuck that bomb ass nigga I I think that he was part okay part of the
destruction of the New York Knicks of volume shooter you’ve heard me say that
a ball hog fuck fuck them I don’t give a goddamn
where he goes if he’s going on like a sucker so big he was on the New York
Knicks all he was about was just racking up the numbers he’s now complaining
harder than other team Jordan didn’t have a team either but Jordan learned
how to how to to pass the ball around he never learned how to use that so I just
want to say respectfully welcome I want to see that not for nothing don’t
nothing nothing be homie when we was out there when he was healthy you know when
do we you know it was you know when we was healthy you know I’m saying so
that’s another part of the shit that people not going to talk about but it is
what it is don’t know you are you are Brooklyn official Jigga man putting
putting this Mack down I just I have to respect you know he’s Brooklyn but I’ve
always said respectfully Brooklyn kids are grimy
cutthroat backstabbing so niggas it’s Friday night no talk about it like that experience I lived there I was blaming
me I was a cutthroat backstabbing snitch yeah so so the devil knows it’s all good
but but but the difference I learn the difference is I’ve never had business
partners buck was my only partner everybody else was a worker you know an
intern an investor but in terms of you know a partner
wow that was it but do you want to go you want stop them jay-z yeah we could
talk Jay oh listen man this crazy out of story turn you know from you know him
you know being a adviser so to speak in regards to more so sue our initiative
with the NFL now you know 24 hours later to him being you know a part owner
this is where my question is that jay-z okay what’s one of those 32 owners
okay we’re going to allow jay-z to say make us an offer because again the NFL
you know NFL teams those are family toys they get passed down the Giants with the
marriage the fuse with the room and I mean are the Bears with the Hat okay so
so which one of those orders are going to say you know what you know I know I’m
feeling with jay-z is doing yeah I think I’m gonna sell him a majority stink of
my spa who’s gonna do that but you know what I came up with one
stop I came up with one I had a smoke sign and I came up with one that it’s
mighty the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I think you know what’s going on with it was
going on with my squad right now with the ownership it’s got a shaky and
suspect you gotta mean say might be able to make an offer – don’t you know – to
that family say you know what let me not I mean but anybody else knows that some
the Giants to the other giant what God knows they won’t let them so I knew that
the less you pay a ticket to get in jay-z and Beyonce I know nothing about
their finances I’m sure they could get they could get backing a credit line of
three four five billion am I talking crazy I like to see it I like to see it
man but I think times are different I think that it is a reality Modi wouldn’t
jump in here with Joe come on okay where’s Molly okay was no that’s
possible and I thought I was the Carolina Panthers just because David
temperatures brought their team last year right us all right he’s irrelevant
in a new owner so he might be loose and to bring that star power to all turned
on to the Carolina Panthers and it makes sense would be to count on the Black
Panthers in okay so Jay jbjb puppy to the punch you beat me to the first cuz I was just
about to go there Jay like the Jose stuff every chance he
could get so I mean yeah you beat me to the punch
exactly and so it’s all good it’s all good no respect no I mean so yeah
another conversation there you guys talked about the arm the situation with
the supply and along with that that’s really really
interested in me I hold it up now I just want to jump in say peace to everybody
and respect everybody man right there I mean it will stop thank you okay hang on
a second Ronnie mo if you guys have more time let me go to super chat good
evening moment of clarity storage AZ is benefitting himself with this move he
definitely aside switching Brooklyn nigga and doing any moves with the NFL
isn’t pushing blacks forward okay AJ Rx is uh way black okay did you mean to say
why okay we said WH a why I’m gonna assume why black employees question mark
Jay Z blasted for all white title staff he said blasted bill a STD while seeking
black support this story broke in 2015 and the black community ignored it okay
okay honey cords good evening sir sends in a super chat ever since L said throw
three g’s in we can get down and split and split the wealth that’s when I found
I can do it myself Jay Z I’m on nine one seven okay how much sick let’s see if I
can find you nine one seven is that 100 Acre Woods good evening how do you
mammals pop always good know you’re from Brooklyn if I remember correctly yes AZ
now from Queen okay okay hey no I’m Brooklyn let’s go come on let’s go like
you can’t knock the hustle a he didn’t come into this game to be actively he’s
not he’s not here to wake people up and carry them and for people to believe
that he’s on that time I think you a little bit foolish for that he’s a
businessman and he’s gone to was in his best interest to make himself and his
family actually have generational wealth and
it’s kind of sad that people are trying to associate this with social justice
just because it’s with the NFL right maybe he’s gonna get money anyway he
started out as a young hustler in Brooklyn that was the basis of his
career and you could look nice to move snow
flakes down by the O’s you some flashy right like I was handing the quote from
the Sony do it all without big Earl he’s I ever since L said throw three G’s in
we can get down to split the wealth that’s when I found I could do it myself
so he’s not about like working together he’s about getting it on his own
leverage his popularity with music to level up yeah and you sound like a
Queens hater 100 words he’s not the Queen’s hitter right now why didn’t
wrestle Simmons from Queens LL Cool J Run DMC Nicki Minaj and a host of others
why didn’t they buy a sports team salt and pepper all them niggas the Jews crew
lied all the niggas make the move gentlemen make it it ain’t about that oh
he talked to me basically was always yoga schtick
you know doing his role and a snooze in the background but he tried to do you
wrote a book about that minion on your own yeah and then he started a credit
card processing company and ripped people off with allegedly Ronnie you
don’t know for certain don’t get me sued you might use magic RushCard hey Marv
Nancy are you there hole in a second all right honey echo is i’ma let you finish
it man the phone’s getting a backed up here i’ma let you finish it on jay-z go
ahead cloning thing as far as cloning is going we already knew that this was
coming they did hold it is back at high school on 33 now lady knows who’s coming
if you really want to help yourself and start learning about science learn about
the law and get yourself right y’all this belts more focused please thank you
okay hey Marv Nancy are you there area code 9
7 I’m here how is everybody
good evening thank you for being my name Bonnie yeah
thank you for being patient really good well I don’t want to talk about this JZ don’t want to talk about that I actually
wanted to talk about this this Japanese animal embryo when I saw
the topic I was like shit I’ve got the Google is I got to see what’s going on
so so basically what’s happening is they’re trying to bring human animal
hybrid to term because right now they’re not allowing them to bring them to time
but the whole purpose of this is to cure diseases and also for all these people
who are on the transplant list you can’t get organs so I actually think this is a
medical breakthrough I think it’s a great thing I’m down I’m I’m down for it
because you can is behind of the you know the rest of the world as far as
transplant donation nobody donates in Japan so all these
people millions of people are dying each year waiting on organs so why not create
this human hybrid thing and create these organs to save love so I’m for it if
it’s a possibility that they can cure diseases that I’m for it because they
have this experiment where these mutated mice that can’t create pancreas so they
created a pancreas using human cells and put it in a rack and use those cells put
it in a mouse it created a pancreas with these human fails right okay once they
created this pancreas they took this details from that same
Mouse put it in another mouse that had diabetes three days later it cured the
mouth of diabetes so I mean I’m Barney can you jump it with my Nancy I I have
to Google something if you guys can go ahead
take the conversation please yeah I was just going to say that you know while I
agree it is a medical and a scientific breakthrough it’s important to be
careful of the potential negative repercussions of this you know it’s
great that there will be people who can get organs harvested that they can look
into further into stem cell research and cheering other diseases but you know
what exactly are they going to do with these creatures if they do bring them to
term if they haven’t brought them to tear them already could this be you know
another class of people another race of people can we even call them people what
do you call them will they have human rights there’s so
many implications and questions and you know potential pitfalls that can come
from this right right relic because I know from
the article that I read on the Fox Alert calm they’re not allowing them to bring
them to turn but you do make a good point I wonder if they do bring them to
term are they gonna like just throw them in the trash or kill them on all four or
what because that is best I guess they would be like an ethical an ethical
moral issue well we’re gonna have a race of mutants to be exact along with the
the synthetic life-forms and humans so it’s gonna get crowded right if I we can
cure you of diabetes but you know by the way there’s a pig walking down the
street with a human say I’m okay with that
Moe do you want to jump in on that who is Melania yeah I think she got a
brother excellent when he was sort of Ronnie oh if they’re part human do they
get any human rights I mean I think that’s a valid question because if you
want to throw it let me say all morality out the window just gross human brain
all the way bodies Anke organs from now Japan has been growing skin and hair
from stem cells for a long time so this does it this isn’t far off from what
they’ve been doing nope
you exactly right but I’m just saying if we’re gonna talk more rapidly out the
window grow full-blown human bodies and you have all the organs you need period
oh yeah well if I can jump in and say the needs of the many far outweigh the
problem you hear what I said most the needs of the many far outweigh the
problems of the few I was not I was looking for a film that I really enjoyed
back in 2005 it was called the island with the Scarlett Johansson if anybody
saw that really really good film directed by Michael Bay so mo when you
asked well these mutants or half mutants have
humans have rights now they should have rights they should be cut kept on in a
place that if we need organs we can use those organs we can use them right and
well I’m being facetious but I’m being honest at the same time I’m being very
honest and real goes out the window I know and I what I’m saying is if we
say throw morality out the window just grow human bodies meant for harvesting
organs just do it just do it if you’re going to do please tell me have you
always have humans is better okay hey there’s only half human let me let me
just let me just jump in because you know I want to sort of thing where I got
this information from so it’s not like they’re gonna you know be using donkeys
or horses or towels or anything like that they’re starting this off with with
rats they’re doing it with rats and then they’re half they have to ask for
approval to move to pigs and sheep so it’s a good it’s a slow process and so
the guy dr. Nakata who’s doing this he’s waited 10 years for this to be approved
he’s been working on this for well over 19 years if I’m not mistaken but Tim I
appreciate you calling it I appreciate you don’t donation so you have nothing
to say by jay-z before I let you go you just want to skip right past to come on
the hot the hottest story I mean I think that I think I’m a runny nose last night
half cup about jay-z no tell us now was your money talking last month I mean
I just I just think James II you know he’s a hypocrite you know he he was like
basically he talked about it in the fourth floor about the NFL he doesn’t
need two NFL they need him you know and then meanwhile he paid he’s making this
undercover with the undercover Oh undercover deal so I’m just I mean
I’m not really a big jay-z fan but hey I can’t knock him for it give his money
but at the same I’m not gonna ride a big about it okay now hang on a second 1nc I
appreciate your support and I appreciate your pistol your perspective but now Oh
objectively speaking objectively speaking would you say that black people
who want to move away from other black people and move around white people
would you say that they’re hypocrites as well cuz I did the same thing a black
person get some money I got to get the fuck from around these niggas right
moving a white neighborhood come on let you finish up come on Betty what I mean hell I get around hypocrisy I guess good
well hypocritically are pop good shit and then when the money who in the money
fair way moving on up hey thank you for calling in mornin sir thank you so much
all right have a good night thank you she was very patient sent me some very
nice emails I appreciate that who’sa so my sister co-signing snitching
yeah and I’ve had some people work with me I’m not gonna say any names that have
assisted in the snitching behind-the-scenes don’t get me to talk
hang on a sec Fambrough sends in a super chat says uh started listening to mo say
you know what I’m saying after every two words
pay attention Modi was wrong to fam bro it’s a quirk I had to work on it so yeah
love sexy 71 says fu star oh and your ugly ass Thunderbird J got that Floyd
paper and we can’t tell him shit if he become an NFL owner he can give cap a
job what Kim o says hi who’s Kim Oh Kim oh sorry oh you talking about if that’s
Kim tell her I said hi she’s a wonderful human being that’s you talking I don’t
want to just assume but then now with regards to my Thunderbird that’s just
one of the classic cars that I have I put that one up on social media because
I had a little like a total story before with regards to you know the IRS you
know watching my social media platforms but thank you man thank you
kingmaker 75 says they man haven’t stepped on the field yet and already
what about where he came from the ceiling he’s broken this hip-hop history
that’s what he said he’s broke this baby let him F up first thank you sir
if I read that right okay Tony Piper said stop the false narrative on Shawn
Carter remember this is the same guy that put established rappers on the
shelf when he was head of Def Jam hashtag rat sir they all do that
everybody at a label at some point uh in a position of power has put a certain
project on the shelf it’s it’s the business of music you know you have to
follow the sometimes you have to follow the market trends it’s not about you
know whether the artist or the artist team or even the A&R thinks that the
project is you know experimental different creative sometimes you have to
follow the fucking numbers you say you know what you’ve just recorded is trash
and we’re just gonna bring this show should happen but thank you black races
also says calling should have been the only one getting paid
and point me that was the older cash at all right mom going to finish up with
you and take some more calls and anything else you want to promote mo
when’s the next time you’re going live when you’re channeling moolah very soon
you’re saying the next couple days once I get this computer on situation
resolved like I supposed to live tonight I apologize to my listeners I would like
to say this I just don’t understand him piracy you’re saying it will hit I
understand the hypocrisy if we’re going to be all-out capitalists sell
cigarettes the kids let’s invest in profit on prisons
let’s predatory Lin and open cash it all and check it on to check cashing stores
and support our people but it’s not then we gotta have some morals and I’ll be on
the side of the morals and that’s why that’s why I keep it thank you for
having me on star Thank You mo good night Ron in y’all take care thank you
sir Thank You Nate well still have more calls here Ronnie are you running you
got time to hang out you gotta go sure yeah okay are we are we missing anything
I know we spoke about some things earlier my laptop just died out I don’t
have the other child you hear anything we forgot to mention I know Eddie Murphy
doing the Dolomites movie I never care for dolomite and our Kelly reports
claiming claiming that he has some type of STD that can’t be good you know about
this or no no but I’ll look into it
oh my gosh you can find J Cole sent out a tweet what’d he say
Cole sent out a tweet to cop Colin Kaepernick sharing a video that
Colin had shared earlier in the day Amy said we haven’t forgotten and he
specifically added the NFL and said let the man work so that’s interesting
because he’s a rock Nation artist why doesn’t he just call his boss great what
is it Colin Kaepernick take his ass up to Canada if he loves football so damn
much you got the back from NFL football in Canada hang on a second Ronny tope a
1600 says Moe and Ronnie respect the caller he’s right uh-oh
okay so toe page says the the guy who called him was right and Moe
Ronnie was wrong okay thank you sir for your donation mahmu says shout out to
Ronnie aka our mommy okay is that a nickname of yours Ronnie our mommy what
is it no I’ve never heard that the first time
okay okay and I got Elvis the chef Rosenberg he called in hold on a second
okay Johnny Cash out says he’s on 904 I thought I picked that one up no Johnny
cashed out are you there sir every a code 904 yo sorry
hey what’s that man sound kind of far away can you come closer come closer
please okay you can uh yes sir much better go ahead okay so we’re talking
about Daisy and the rock made today so okay so first raise an NFL thing
right NFL thing if he’s gonna owner team I think you have to look at his wife’s
hometown team of the Houston Texans the owner McNair he passed away I think
about a year ago okay so that friend time you did stuff for ownership I think
that would be a practical new team and you might go to Houston Texas look out
for that look out for Houston Texas and their owner did have a race in common he
says they oh you should let the inmates run the asylum so because you know they
had a previous owner down here to clean up in a soda having a minority owner in
Houston that’s number one I’m gonna stay with me stay with me
don’t rush off the line now Beyonce is from Houston right right right
ah makes a lot of sense to me okay you got your third eye open right now come
on we’re going on the barge jay-z you have to watch a lot of what
Joker’s been saying you’ve been tracking is pretty good about how on top of that
that jay-z he understands that black people are
symbolic and they understand symbolism they don’t understand metric dollars in
oolitic a lot of us do but the masses who sway the majority but it’s not
always about is while walking in a cell Sunday ticket and all the neighbors
watching football you’re going to see I was in Camaro of the next football so I
packed my home throwing a football with a motherfucking reasonable doubt
instrumental in the background and hold talking on some goddamn you know rated
shit niggas don’t feel like oh oh well we’re back instead of being a GRB group
you got to see Meek Mill or these are ticket booths performed at half now how
will you sir respectfully healthier okay hang on a second again I’m just being
objective I’m not you know standing up with jay-z you know just but but here’s
the thing you know everybody’s not a boss
some people are workers some people have to accept that you know and the guys
making moves if you if you say or you think that he’s not making moves that
are you know credible okay I’m I won’t argue with you but um you know here in
America we celebrate the bullshit last word now man okay he’s gonna buy
minority ownership of the scene he’s not gonna buy like you’ve got to do another
person that move is going to be a figurehead in a minority owner a small
minority owner of a larger NFL ownership group now hang on a second stay with me
I’m I’m just I’m guessing this is a wild guess
well guess but do you think that they may give jay-z a very substantial amount
of stock an NFL team did NFL may say hey we want to make this
right and we’re gonna give you 10% or 15% here we are talking about money and
finances yada ya the NFL is fighting for its life that’s a fact they’re fighting
to stay alive they’ve got a lot of baggage they’ve got a history I can even
go back to Jimmy the Greek and his reckless comments do you think there’s a
chance that the NFL may give jay-z and Beyonce
part of a team absolutely the Houston Texas her hometown team okay
thank you man thank you cool everybody have a great night peace and everybody
gets a butter biscuit hey Ronnie did you see that that meme I was telling you
about who created that mean where there was a plate full of biscuits in front of
jay-z as he was talking to Roger Goodell so I made I thought it was crazy I was
laughing you know it’s pretty funny you see how long do you think before Blue
Ivy is headlining the Super Bowl halftime show I mention that yesterday
can we not bring Blue Ivy into this you know I slipped it in yesterday I don’t
want to you don’t focus on that you know just something you want to is
she doing music now yeah she had like a guest co-star on her father’s last album
okay she had a couple bars okay I have no idea if she may sign some deal with
Nickelodeon just like other people’s kid doing pow well we met are we gonna be
mad about that seriously no I don’t think anybody’s mad I think what a lot
of people are doing is calling into question his actual motives here money
money money dollars II sent you it’s really nothing
to be mad over it’s the American Way that’s capitalism know any other jay-z
of bars you want to reference Ronna you uh we’ve touched on this
earlier you said are you kidding me like like you like you know bars jay-z Boris
what’s painting out that are relevant to the conversation I think we we trying to
expose me for the Italian that I might possibly be Ronnie I didn’t say that I
didn’t say that I’m just I’m just we’re talking earlier you said you know Jay Z
bars I mean you’ve know them better than me I’m sure I mean I they’re on the
radio stations and I hear this stuff over and over but I mean I can’t say to
you that I know jay-z’s bars unless the music is playing yes the music is
playing I can give you some lyric okay let me finish up on a few concepts yeah
uh is it no did you tell mo to slow it down
salute old head okay thank you sir I’m seeing your name right no Elmo spelled a
little different but thank you mahmu says Byron Allen’s Byron Allen scoffs at
jay-z money hashtag boss okay low-key tea good evening sir he says
low-key tea pickup for 75 let me see if I can find you sir but you gotta give me
a minute I’m trying to get through some of these cash ebbs okay there you are
right there just sit tight stay in the queue please okay Ronnie sent me a email
Loki my moon says okay I made that one point
me portman going backwards here going backwards hey Nicole
good evening Nicole says seven seven three okay let me get you on the line
first for 75 good evening are you there foursome fire salute oh hey hey cleaning
salute how are you sir loki platform and i don’t agree with everything you say
but i definitely uh you shouldn’t nobody said the whole night and I’m upset and
it’s making me a real effect that it’s two types of people in this world
you know force or worker I just mentioned
KZ is a built-in but he’s gonna work it his whole career okay all jay-z is is a
mascot okay my question is why not jay-z’s if we’re talking about solving
the problem why not he built his own NFL lead in sine counter company people pay
to come see that oh you noticed and I feel like that’s a boss that’s the
biggest balls you could make wow you’re a real bullet
I’ll work with anybody else did you say build a new NFL league insane Kaepernick
you see you’re saying Kaepernick is what how do you know he’s almost ready to
retire in three or four years isn’t he cabinet but I just feel like a real boss
creating a whole brand everybody clowns in no foot
you know everything going over him but he has his own business when you see his
brand that pic when you think of things do you think are other people and they
come to find out you know after a while goes on it’s a facade so I just feel
like the solution is Brian wake up with other people you know other people with
money in the circle put their money together build early and the stock
whoever you want and don’t you think your biggest don’t you think people will
wanna sign don’t you think a lot of black athletes will wonder you know
we’re going to play in a big white back you listen I’m not opposed to that if
you know my history I’m always saying hey you know never mind the plantation
build your own nation you know that’s what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said
on multiple occasions but but a man of my age 55 years of age I’ve seen things
and when I speak about the other silence I’ll just say the other side and
and in today’s well the other side is not just white you have East Indians you
have Asians there’s a lot of other people on that other side now there are
things that are done if you know business and I’m sure you do um I’m a
high school dropout but you know we keep talking about jay-z jay-z jay-z and his
small amount of ownership yadda yadda yadda do you know the stock market have
you ever heard of a term called pump-and-dump right okay okay you have a lot of people
that that have facades as you just said a lot of companies and they do a lot of
switching and shifting I’ll just say that no to go lightly and they never
really have anything that’s solid so what jay-z’s doing I mean maybe to
the person who doesn’t understand you know stocks and trading and indifferent
you know importing and exporting maybe it might look like I he’s a fucking
fraud but he’s doing exactly what these goddamn white boys are doing in this
country okay all right there is this okay I started doing radio in 2000 not
the 90s that were I wasn’t I started doing radio in March of 2000 I was doing
a little overnight show in late 1999 oh go ahead maybe
you know a lot of years a week smoke okay you know I’m listening to the
conversation and I just you know if these young people want to sell they
Mama’s out for a dollar anything for the dollar then you know
like that’s fine if they want to support somebody that a fairly mom out for a
dollar then that’s fine but it’s dangerous
JV presenting himself that he has presented himself if somebody he’s down
for the cause every leader quote-unquote and it’s dangerous if he allowed him to
get away with that he’s dead it’s dangerous for for the entire community
and I tell you why who are the people on the front line of every movement every
moment the civil rights movement any justice movement we could think of it
it’s the young people right why in the world
what persons and jay-z say to the ownership bless their hearts they didn’t
even graduate high school why when we see Epstein and we say people are asking
well how did he get this money why would he give him a 71 million dollar house
what purpose does JZ serve to these people and why are they giving him this
accent outside of the fact that they know that the economy is about the tank
but the police departments across the country that they’re infiltrated with
Nazis and all right police officers they haven’t stopped shooting they’re going
to continue the shoot and it’s going to be time for the next generation to put
in that work what is jay-z going to do if we allow
the young people to think that he’s the one to be looking for leadership or to
be looking for as a hero okay I’m hearing everything you’re saying I’m not
disagreeing with what you’re saying but is there a question I mean because if
you’re talking about and I’m just I’m just guessing here if
you’re talking about what is the reason why jay-z is being given these
opportunities as opposed to being smart enough to take these opportunities is I
don’t think I don’t think jay-z is Lovell I don’t think he’s luck I don’t
believe in luck and you know sometimes I have to remind people I’m not lucky I’m
driven and I make it happen that’s why I subscribed to a certain philosophy what
are you what is it exactly were saying that he’s being he’s misleading and he’s
just a part of me I don’t have issue with you saying that absolutely I think
we do think he’s appalled and I don’t think that there’s any evidence I don’t
think his track record thinks that any you know how many black elites people
who are in the highest income earning brackets and who are brilliant have
brilliant business acumen why this Dean this is a this guy’s made way why if I
had to guess if I can jump in if I had to guess I would say that it has to do
part of quarter part of it has to do with black spending power
now black spending power does not necessarily represent wealth as you I’m
sure you know that but you know black spending power so when that black
spending power becomes threatened or jeopardized then you put people such as
as you already said jay-z and meek known these others on the front line am I
going in the right direction you’re saying but I’m saying that the
young people should be able to recognize you know no he’s not gonna do anything
he’s not gonna offer any job that’s not the purpose that he says just like
Barack Obama you know some type of mystical power to change anything that’s
alive yeah black rain on the low the lowest rung of the social hierarchy in
this country we’re gonna more than like you say that way but it’s going to
get real hot and it’s going to get time to fight and it’s going to be people
like this man telling these kids oh no just don’t do nothing or Charlemagne of
zombies tell them on y’all nd y’all need to go to therapy or you know what I’m
saying no we don’t need these guys clothes going ten toes down pay
attention about social justice and police performance the freedom fighters
the political prisoners from the fifties are soon in jail Roxie and we think that
Lilly’s going to show you the way these people are not here for you they’re for
their own opportunities and and and pockets and no I don’t respect a man not
not not on a personal level let him get his money but you know other than that
fucker well thank you I appreciate to : and I hope that you got everything out
that you want to say thank you so much for your donation as well okay thank you
hung up Ronnie you sent me some emails I’m trying to do a lot over here the
cash ah the superjet something you want to mention Ronnie no I just thank you an
article about the human pig embryo embryo that survived – they got it up to
four weeks so that’s from 2017 so this is something you know that in the works
in various countries yeah philip k dick one of my favorite writers from way way
back used to write about cloning and things of that nature and you know a lot
of that stuff is it’s very very fascinating to me so again the reason
why I love science fiction is because it presents the possibilities yet to come
so that movie that I referenced are the island have you ever seen that one
Ronnie Scarlett Johansson no I have not seen that way if you get time they may
have Netflix I’m not certain but the great movie well with regards to this
topic we’ll talk about let’s finish up with a few more cash apps hold on Neko
good evening Nico says it hit different Uncle Murda song of summer okay thank
you sir uncle murder good guy met him mom who says Knicks will suffer until
they get rid of owner okay okay Noel no Lex point me no Lex Nadine and no no Lex
saying fuck jay-z greedy bastard okay thank you did I say
those names right Nadine and no Lex okay okay Ronnie you sent me email about the
the greed of Russell Simmons I got it yeah the rush card debacle yeah what is
that so that was you know he sold it to the green doubt company for 150 million
sold it down the river like an old slave America you know she’s got to go with
some at some point you know who to Mencia
let me see bangla every killed three four seven and I gotta get out of here
soon guys it’s getting late no that’s the wrong number give me a
second hold on let me find turn NC a turn NC a– pardon me three four seven
ten NC is that you three four seven thank you for your Kashyap what’s poppin
nothing much I was just calling him bout the tactics jay-z you know he’s making
his money and as far as the community does with that but it’s like we don’t
know the whole story or why he may be and then you know talk about closed
doors having these interviews not being able to do it then that makes it look
even more it’s like they build enough for something it seemed like that was
going on to me but we’ll see what happens but you know
as a community we all need to do better as far as like
those social justice is concern we shouldn’t just really pay attention to
what celebrity was wrong because it’s affecting us you know every day and will
you know there are celebrities be they live through it but it’s just like the
money kind of separates them a little bit we’re down here like we’ll be in it
so I think we need to take more rocks until we need to talk about what needs
to be changed what if I can jump in and I can ask another objective question you
know and you talk about the quote-unquote black community and
generational wealth and things like that and consumer buying power you know a lot
of black folks don’t like to support other black folks that’s just a fact
that’s not you know a wild guess when assumption they don’t like to buy black
products that’s why you have black clothing brands and and other companies
that you know they tank the life it isn’t that long as a Gucci or Prada Ben
dia Manolo Blahniks Oh Jimmy Choo all that sort of jazz yeah yeah you’re
absolutely right the momentum to continue to serve our community it dies
off very fast and it’s kind of crazy to go out and spend what 14 trillion
dollars and you know and that’s not wealth that just pour money into other
people’s communities and then they talk about okay if every household is the
black community it’s seven dollars at the end of the day if you’re a single
person at seven dollars you’re basically cheating
well it’s 14 million people was to pool that seven dollars together you know
that’s almost 98 million dollars it sounds great they’re not going to do it
I mean it no I’m just I know I’m just no no I’m not saying I’m just bacon I’m
just glad people don’t like we looking at wealth it and they talk about how
much money he’s throwing out and if you can’t even imagine your world coming
together and eating something then you’re all the way long I know it’s not
gonna happen that you know I work you have to work with smaller groups and not
everybody can go like you see in the Bible
Hey only some so you know certain amount of people are going to get it
and unfortunately we all can’t get it and we won’t get it you just gotta keep
it moving yeah there’s a large amount of black people who don’t want to put their
money in a black bank right or wrong that’s true that’s true and right now
there’s only one black Mormon African American that has ownership in a bank
she’s the only person in America that oh a bay a portion of a bank that should
let people know something like oh yes I can you say that again because someone
sent me a list of the black banks and I was actually surprised to see more than
when I you know this is specific she’s the only one that actually owns a bank
now there may be black banks but there may be other people that’s involved in
it she’s like the only one in America that is an actual bank owner yeah
someone sent me a list a couple weeks ago about the number of black banks it
was in the 20s if I remember correctly but oh yeah yes or anything else you
want to say in closing 100 pretty much about the topic law in Japan my you know
it’s like people are worried about all there’s gonna be a whole new society
well if you look about it right now we have farm with child and chickens that
they’re sitting there waiting for somebody to eat you know so it’s not so
much I don’t feel like okay so they’re gonna try to create this organ if
they’re gonna house it and there’s this cattle or this pig or whatever they
gonna put it in my mind it’s not thinking all this is gonna be some new
species because in the article that I read they said well they’re concerned
about it getting to the brain cells yada yada
but they were like I guess the doctor the sciences he was like well that’s not
focused to get it to that point so they’re paying attention to it because
they’re not bill you’re not trying to create a whole society they’re trying to
create something that’s gonna you know say you live so um I think that there is
thoughts of creating a new society I’ll even get a little spooky on you
I think that well I think that they what and when I say they I’m talking about
people who don’t necessarily have the best intentions for society I think they
are thinking of places to farm to farm people for organs that that we may need
you know but thank you for your call all right you have a great night you too
know in a second hold on Ronnie um okay so make sure I get off the line
Ronnie hold on a second I missed some super chats holy smokes Darrell good
evening sir pardon me I forgot to get to your super chat
he says niggaz don’t understand paperwork or business MLK failed us
because of the same reason ask jay printz the devil is in the details okay
bitch gets your mind right thank you down upon me man I just somehow I missed
that crown king good evening he says Fu starts hi Rita nice she’d about to shut
Jigga man and the NFL down stops off showing J respect to those who stand
against white supremacy good man type nasheed I support him he knows that um who was that gonna say is Omar Johnson
dr. Umar Johnson so on YouTube I know he had some issues and then he got focused
on the school has he responded if anybody’s has seen dr. Kumar Johnson
talk my Jigga man can you please send me a link via email I would love to see
that see if he’s Aden starting to cool evening sir he says what’s wrong uh okay
okay Johnny Thank You Man just I’m not interested man Thank You Man I
appreciate that blue label multi media says salute at star let’s go thank you
sir gem star says star got the IG thought protein shaker okay he starts
promoting this is written crazy okay you’re
talking about where did I get this from me you guys always laugh at this it fits
right into the goddamn the little thing in in my truck I think I got that from
Dollar General Ronnie do you know what this is Anna and then there’s somebody
else on hit Elsa is like some Walt Disney shit what is this think those are
the Disney frozen the frozen Disney Princesses okay okay Thank You gem star
I have no idea I just I was in Dollar General I say that’ll fit right in my
goddamn truck give me that thank you thank you
and the last one here is it high C B bridge to New Jersey on the check-in
came to put some respect on the show show some love to the Starr report
salute and respect thank you very much okay okay Ronnie I’m going to shut it
down uh Wow we’re over two hours Ronnie thank you so much for your help you’re
gonna be around tomorrow tonight when you want to chop it up again absolutely
always around okay I’ll shoot your text after the show thank you so much again
for all of your your help all right thank you for having me thank you to
know Ronnie on the check-in okay me make sure I didn’t miss any cash apps okay
yeah we never got to the r.kelly supposedly some type of STD that’s
incurable maybe we’ll try and get to it tomorrow Bradley good evening sir thank
you for your cash absolute okay he says pickup 302 man I’m trying to get out of
here Bradley can’t kill me give me a second um see if I can find you ma’am a
VL thank you man for your cash app Gemini 209 says flew to the chat room
thank you makes sense cush cush cognac on the line
okay I do not see a phone number but I but thank you for your super chat Bradlee I read that one okay guys I
gotta get out of here it’s getting late let me see if I can I’ll have to do it
tomorrow I’m sorry hey see you guys tomorrow at
some point what’s tomorrow Saturday and again I’ll be at the Bronner brothers International Beauty Show this weekend
you guys know about this here in Atlanta huh it’s gonna be poppin got some business
gonna handle there and let me get Ronnie’s better on first big help to
this topic okay see you guys tomorrow take care be safe and good night you you

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “JAY-Z Will Become Part Owner of NFL Team

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  5. 46:18 that caller hit the nail on the fucking head! Dana also had a good point of these people and their emotions. Business is business. Jay is worth over a billion. Let that man do what he do!

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    I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell
    I am a hustler baby, I'll sell water to a well
    I was born to get cake, move on and switch states
    Cop the Coupe with the roof gone and switch plates
    Was born to dictate, never follow orders
    Dickface, get your shit straight, fucker this is Big Jay
    Will, not, lose, ever, fucker!


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  18. First Kap didnt take a pay out smh… If it was criminal case what the NFL deal was take an Alford plea. Meaning they said we guilty without admitting what they did. The money they gave him and Eric Reid was basically a paycheck for a year of missed work and Reid for 6 months missed work… So Kap didnt sellout.

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    This whole shit was dumb from the jump and now everybody looking stupid for supporting this.

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    hire ? somebody tell me who this benefits besides
    JZ family. Look if we hv wealth can we get something original?

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  30. Jay Z made a Sell Out move. Kap should have been in the news conference with Jay and Goodell and an articulated plan regarding what the NFL will do within the black American community related to police abuse, which started kneeling during the anthem.

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  32. Kap wasn’t on his way out of the league. He was on his way to losing the starting quarterback position and possibly be traded.

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